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11663Abbey Theatre ArchiveBoxO/ATC/Fin/71913-1919'First Company Cash Book' recording income f...
13332Armagh County Museum1992.831913-19192 items, Minute Books of the Armagh Bohemian Club co...
20010Ballymoney Library1896-1940​​​​​​Scrapbook belonging to the playwri...George Shiels Collection (Ballymoney)
16508British Broadcasting Corporation, Northern Ireland (BBC NI)1960-1990Contains over 13,000 clips depicting life in Norther...BBC Rewind
14386Clare County Archives1920-1970Michael Joe Glynn Collection:Includes photographs of...Clare County Library Photographic Archive
12601Cork City and County ArchivesU3131834-1851(i) Miscellaneous posters, 39 items. Theatre Royal, ...
22957Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1913-c.192014: Theatre post cards and programmes, mainly visiti...J.T. Horne Collection
22958Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1933-194313: Scrapbook, costs and programmes of Opera House p...J.T. Horne Collection
22959Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1924-193312: Scrapbook, costs and programmes of Opera House p...J.T. Horne Collection
22960Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1912-192411: Scrapbook, costs and programmes of Opera House p...J.T. Horne Collection
22963Cork City and County ArchivesU201/19118: Scrapbook, Opera House programmes, 1911, 1 volume...J.T. Horne Collection
22964Cork City and County ArchivesU201/19137: Critiques of performances at the Opera House, Aug...J.T. Horne Collection
22965Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1908-19096: Scrapbook containing reviews and cuttings from ne...J.T. Horne Collection
22966Cork City and County ArchivesU201/19105: Cuttings, with annotations by J.T. Horne, 1910, i...J.T. Horne Collection
22967Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1909-1911
4: Newscuttings taken from the Examiner and the...J.T. Horne Collection
22968Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1905-19103: Scrapbook mainly clippings on Shakespearean produ...J.T. Horne Collection
22969Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1907-19092: Scrapbook, mainly on Opera and classical music. E...J.T. Horne Collection
22995Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1845DAy80/70 Notice of a public ball, 1 November 1845.Dowden Papers
22996Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1850-1851Day82/11 Medical Reports 1850-1851; invitation to Mr...Dowden Papers
1178Cork Public MuseumAQNO1987:281965-1974Programmes from Cork Opera House Everyman Theatre. F...
6256Derry Central Library1870s-1960sCollection of c.2,500 photographs relating to the ci...
19857Derry Central Libraryc.1980-c.1999Collection of local history files comprising of pres...
189Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann: Dublin1960'Amharc Éireann: Dublin stars attend char...Gael Linn Collection
221Irish Film ArchiveMy Vocation - Single Voic1978'My Vocation - Single Voice': Production Company: R...
232Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 411960'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 41': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
327Irish Film ArchiveTomkins/Butlins Movienews1952Tomkins, John/Butlins Movienews - lifesaving: Newsr...
380Irish Film ArchiveJitterbug'Jitterbug': Film from the Roden collection...
386Irish Film ArchivePortrait of Dublin1952'Portrait of Dublin': Production Company: I...
1147Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/141930Announcement for Eileen Mermion dancing with Jimmy O...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1148Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/501971Article listing, biographies of some of the players ...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1149Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/4/197-2271960-1991Ursula's Doyles later career, 36 photographs, c....Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1359Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/26Printed photographs of Jimmy O'Dea and Louis Ell...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1150Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/9/22-291965-1971Correspondence regarding Ursula O'Dea, c.1965-19...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1360Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/45Relating to Ursula Doyle's career, 32 items. For...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1361Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/471970Printed photograph, captioned, Maureen Potter pictur...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1362Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/491970Review of Molly Malone lunch and cabaret at Jury'...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1363Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/511971Review of the 'Golden Years' a musical by Do...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1364Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/3/54B-D1973Article about Ursula Doyle's career, 4 sheets, i...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1365Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/4/118-1411940-1960Ursula Doyle's Early Career, 25 photographs, c.1...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
1366Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/4/142-1531959-1964Jimmy and Ursula O'Dea, 12 photographs c1959-196...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
2229Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/81950sMemorabilia of Miss Eve Watkins' acting career, ...Eve Watkins
1368Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/9/08A1958-1961Letter from Helen Gunnis to Lee Trainer, Walt Disney...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
2222Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/45Album of picture postcards of actors. Postcards of a...Album of picture postcards of actors
2223Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1281940s-1985Shelagh Richards, Abbey actress and producer for RT&...Shelagh Richards
2224Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/61945-1952Plays, lyrics, production notes, posters, programmes...Dublin University Players
2232Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/36Photo from the first night of 'Mrs Howard's ...Séamus de Búrca
2233Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/461850-1899
Picture postcards of popular actors issued as 'S...Picture postcards of popular actors
2241Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/751800-1899
Press cuttings, Queen's Theatre, Dublin, 19th to...Press cuttings, Queen's Theatre, Dublin
2227Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1461970-1986Papers and photos relating to the Brendan Smith Thea...Brendan Smith Theatre Academy
2238Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/701975-1976Notes towards a history of the Olympia Theatre, gath...Olympia Theatre
2242Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/77-791930s-1970sMatthew Murtagh collection: Press cuttings: Gate The...Press cuttings, Gaiety Theatre
2243Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/151970sCollection of programmes and posters relating to the...Irish Ballet Company
2244Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/16-19, 201930s-1970sProgrammes for Gaiety, Abbey and Gate Theatres and v...Gate Theatre
2245Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/791960s-1970sDublin Theatre Festival: press cuttings, 1960s-1970s...Dublin Theatre Festival
2261Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/162Visitors' Book from a guest house at 20 O'Co...
2257Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1541918-1950Letter from manager of the Queen's Theatre (Dubl...Queen's and Theatre Royal
13670Kilmainham Gaol Museum20MS-1B55-091923Invitation to Ceilidh Mór, 29 July 1923. Ceil...Civil War
14480Laois Local Studies1950-1975Images documenting life in Laois and particularly Po...Redmond Photographic Collection
12556Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.2907)Photograph, print. Miss Ada Rehan, actress, in costu...
6208Linen Hall Library1791-1998Belfast Literary Society: 1 box containing 3 bound v...
14557Mayo Local History Department1950The collection covers several aspects of life in Cou...Lyons Photographic Collection
5848Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/N/1931-1941Amenities, General:1 July 1931 - March 1941. Tourism...Navan Urban District Council
22863Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1885-1896Lurgan Musical Society: 1 file of membership lists, ...
3931National Archives of Irelands48701892Letter from H. Caddell , RM, to Mr Davies enclosing ...Crime Branch Special Records
12071National Archives of Ireland98/7/I-XIX1916-1985Company Records: 98/7/I 1916-1926 'Some of Our ...Irish Girl Guides
2217National Library of IrelandMs1809 -18501910-1919Detailed diaries of visits to lectures, theatre, mu...Joseph Holloway's diaries
2216National Library of IrelandMs4292-43131883-1943Indexed and annotated scrapbooks of W J Lawrence, c...Papers relating to the history of the Irish theatre
9120National Library of IrelandMs147381837A book of riddles, enigmas, charades and conundrums ...Inchiquin Papers
9332National Library of IrelandMs23522List of persons to be invited to balls [held at Kilk...Ormonde Papers
21339National Photographic ArchivePOOLEIMP; POOLEWP[c.1884-1954].All Imperial (POOLEIMP) and Whole Plate (POOLEWP) gl...Poole Photographic Collection
21340National Photographic ArchiveNPA LCAB; LIMP; LROY; LNS1865-1914The Lawrence Photographic Collection is made up of s...Lawrence Photographic Collection
21344National Photographic ArchiveNPA IND1912-2001Material is ordered according to numbers originally ...Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Collection
5448Newtown School, WaterfordBA/61931-1994List of Plays, Concerts, etc., 1931-1994.
18917Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/4/1-31916-1919Printed Material: Tullamore Technical School - 3 Boo...Records of Offaly County Council
7480Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/41441988-199621 documents relating to the West Belfast Community ...
6502Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1292/1897-1937D/1292/C/2 A prospectus of the 'Ladies School...Wilkinson Papers
8556Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/32541933-1935Copy of an autobiographical memoir of Sarah Allgood,...
6540Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1501/1-6c.1900Photographs of musical comedy artists, including Mrs...
6641Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1794c1900-c19585 postcard albums and a small parcel of postcards, t...
6827Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24411956-196915 volumes and 292 documents relating to the Lyric T...
6854Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/34971891-1937c40 documents and 1 file of programmes, handbills, l...
7267Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/354/1757-1809D/354/1052 Letter from Elizabeth Merrifield, Newry, ...Mussenden Papers
7417Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3985c1900-1930s2 photographs of the actress Miss Margaret Greenlee,...
7424Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/39991924-1992Collection of c.1000 programmes relating to theatric...
7553Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/961/1c.1900-c.1914Minute book of Belfast Footlights Amateur Dramatic C...Anderson Papers
14066Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMss Box 79/Folder 21946Letter two sheets. 16 July 1946. Parties and entert...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlet Boxes, etc.
4049Royal Irish Academy3/A/2-31833-18353/A/2 Dublin Festival Choral Society, Minute Book, ...
24623RTÉ Archive (Television)196320 August 1963 News Preparations for Rose of Tralee ...Television Programme Archive
24719RTÉ Archive (Television)19724 May 1972 'That's Entertainment', The Rose of Trale...Television Programme Archive
24733RTÉ Archive (Television)19725 December 1972 'Tangents' Interview with Moira Shea...Television Programme Archive
24759RTÉ Archive (Television)197425 July 1974 News Rose of Tralee Preparations.Television Programme Archive
24761RTÉ Archive (Television)19744 September 1974 News Rose of Tralee Winner.Television Programme Archive
24795RTÉ Archive (Television)197511 July 1975 News Galway Rose Queen Competition.Television Programme Archive
24796RTÉ Archive (Television)19755 August 1975 News Rose of Tralee Finalists Visit Le...Television Programme Archive
24797RTÉ Archive (Television)197528 August 1975 Rose of Tralee Contestants visit Cork...Television Programme Archive
24798RTÉ Archive (Television)197531 August 1975 News Rose of Tralee Selected at Festi...Television Programme Archive
24799RTÉ Archive (Television)19753 September 1975 News Rose of Tralee Festival Select...Television Programme Archive
24801RTÉ Archive (Television)19758 October 1975 News Galway The Heart of Galway Girl ...Television Programme Archive
24804RTÉ Archive (Television)197524 October 1975 News Dublin final of Miss Ireland co...Television Programme Archive
24832RTÉ Archive (Television)19787 June 1978 News Pretty Girls at Cailin Gaelach Fest...Television Programme Archive
24902RTÉ Archive (Television)198422 August 1984 News Bulletin Contestants Rose of Tra...Television Programme Archive
24904RTÉ Archive (Television)198428 April 1984 Euro Country Music Philomena Begley.Television Programme Archive
22661Services Industrial Professional Technical Union (SIPTU)No 7 Branch:Minute Books branch committee, 1945-, ro...Irish Transport and General Workers Union
11878Sligo Archives ServiceShelf F1867-1983Rate Books for Sligo Borough, 1950-1952. Notices of...
7632South Eastern Education and Library Board Local History CollectionIR792.0941611925Printed pamphlet by Francis Joseph Bigger entitled, ...Local Studies Collection
19849Tipperary Studies1967-1968Comhairle Ceili Newsletter No. 1, December 1967Comha...Comhairle Céilí Newsletter, 1967-1969
22789Tower Museum, Derry-LondonderryIncludes women representation in news, politics, spo...Northland (Digital Film Collection)
22744Tower Museum, Derry-Londonderry1947-1990Collection of theatrical programmes, photographs and...
10391Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10066/1941931Diary kept by Shelah K. Richards [Abbey actress, the...Denis Johnston Papers
18808Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCD MS 115481912-197911548/1/1-40 Diaries of Lily (Lilo) Stephens, n&eacu...Diaries of Lily Stephens and her daughter Ann Porter, née Stephens
2353UCD ArchivesLA281916-1980The bulk of the collection consists of theatre progr...May Craig Collection
24406UCD ArchivesP241911-1971Theatre, film & radio papers: Taibhdhearc na Gaillim...Ernest Blythe Papers
6254Ulster Folk and Transport Museumc.1970-1990s'Clare Boylan: In her own image', the author...BBC Northern Ireland Radio Archives
6217Ulster University Archive & Special Collections, Coleraine CampusSTEL 41901-c1980sStelfox Papers: Box file of letters labelled 'Co...Arthur Wilson Stelfox Papers
6224Ulster University Special Collections, Magee Campusc.1868-c.1983Collection of c.3000 photographic negatives of local...Photographic Collections
18426University of Galway ArchivesP51To be listed.Minute Book of the County Galway Hunt
18427University of Galway ArchivesP601939Opening souvenir programme for the Estoria Cinema, G...Estoria Cinema, Galway
19269Westmeath County Archives Department1946-1962Granting of licences under Cinematography Act, 1901:...Westmeath County Council