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'Clare Boylan: In her own image', the author discusses her life and work with Judith Elliot, with extracts from her work and contributions from Marina Warner, Maeve Binchy and Brid Brennan, transmitted 6 May 1984, reference 1466 TBE18/141U025.

Sara Perceval tells Olenka Frenkiel about her fashion design business, transmitted 1 November 1981, reference 1460 TBE43/140U704.

Play by Bernard MacLaverty, entitled 'The daily woman' read by Brid Brennan giving an account of a Belfast daily woman's first experience of prostitution in Belfast, transmitted 15 April 1985, reference 636 TBE37/747G199.

Series of 6 radio programmes, entitled 'A women's place', looking a woman in the community and including programmes on:
'Feminism', transmitted 4 September 1990, reference 2164.
'Independence', transmitted 11 September 1990, reference 2165.
'Childbirth', transmitted 18 September 1990, reference 2166.
'Women's Centres', transmitted 2 October 1990, reference 2167.
'Women and Religion', transmitted 9 October 1990, reference 2168.
'Politics', transmitted 16 October 1990, reference 2169.

Programme on musician Dorothy Parke, transmitted 26 February 1982, reference 1461 YBE04/060U819.

Programme on author, Molly Keane, transmitted 7 February 1982, reference 1445 TBE05/140U788.

Programme entitled 'O Rare Amanda' on the novelist and poet, Amanda McKittrick Ros, transmitted 3 January 1982, reference 1446 TBE01/140U798.

Programme on author, Janet McNeill, transmitted on 6 January 1985, reference TBE02/141U105.

Programme on soprano, Heather Harper, transmission date, not noted, reference 673, TBE17/700U496.

Programme on writer, Mary Beckett, transmission date not noted, reference 679 TBE25/700U504.

Programme on author, Maeve Binchy, transmitted 7 January 1979, reference 754 TBE25/140U362.

Programme on politician, Sile de Valera, a member of the European Parliament who talks about the problems of being a public figure as part of the 'Public V Private' series, transmitted 16 August 1982, reference 807 SBE23/165U606.
Interview with athlete, Mary Peters, transmitted 31 July 1971, reference 212 TBE30/UG226.

Interview with author, Jennifer Johnston, transmitted on 11 September 1976, reference 477 BBE29.

Interview with harpist, Mary O'Hara, transmitted 28 March 1982, reference 768 SBE10/164U567.

Interview with horse rider, Lucinda Green, transmitted 12 June 1983, reference 1545 SBE/166U216.

Interview with soprano, Heather Harper, transmitted 21November 1981, reference 1439 SBE44/164U329.

'The Women of Tears', an unpublished short story by Norrie Hearne about superstition, ghosts and fairies and meeting the woman of sorrows, part of the 'Morning Story Series', transmitted 3 September 1987, reference 2106 TLN726/87HY0931.

'Women's Writes', a programme in which Tasmin Hargreaves traces the growth of women's publishing and women's presses such as Virago in London and Arlen House in Dublin, transmitted 18 March 1984, reference 2036 TBE11/141U003.

'From the Green Room', a programme in which Gloria Hunniford interviews Siobhan McKenna about her love of the city of Belfast, the theatre in Ireland and her career as an actress, transmitted 3 December 1973, reference 2116 TBE45/UT577.

Author Jennifer Johnston as part of the 'Public V Private' series talks about the pressure of being in the public eye, transmitted 25 July 1979, reference 476 TBE30162U486.

Author Edna O'Brien, as part of the 'Explorations II' series talks about her life, her influences and Ireland as recorded in her book, 'Mother Ireland', transmitted 19 March 1981, reference 758 TBE10/O4OU354.

'Marie Heaney 'Recollections', as part of the 'Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland' series, talks about her childhood in Arboe and her memories of the Second World War, transmitted 12 October 1983, reference 1493 TBE40/040U650.

'The wreck of the Hesperus - Medbh McGuckian', as part of the 'Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland' series, the poet recalls her childhood in Belfast, reference 1479 TBE09/041U05U.

David Hammond in a programme entitled, 'Sarah Makem', part of the 'Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland' series, talks of Makem's life in Keady in County Armagh and her knowledge of Irish songs, ballads and hymns, transmitted 12 June 1985, reference 1536 TBE11/040U755.

Katherine Kavanagh, as part of the series 'Literary Widows' talks about her life, her late husband Patrick Kavanagh and her life since his death, transmitted 23 October 1977, reference 736 BBE22/160U922.

Eileen O'Casey, as part of the series 'Literary Widows', talks about her life as wife of Sean O'Casey and about her work as a writer and lecturer and her life since the death of her husband, transmitted 30 October 1977, reference 726 BBE22/160U925.

Peggy Macken, as part of the series 'Literary Widows', talks about her life as wife of Walter Macken and about her life since the death of her husband, transmitted 9 October 1977, reference 724 BBE22/160U924.

'Agnes Jones', a semi-dramatised production for schools about Agnes Jones' involvement in workhouse reform and the naming of the nurses training school in Londonderry workhouse in her memory, part of the part of the 'Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland' series, transmitted 6 February 1981, reference 549 TBE03/040U403.

'Nurse', part of the 'Today and Yesterday in Northern Ireland' series, a schools programme about nursing, highlighting the change in attitude towards this profession, transmitted 13 March 1981, reference 521 TBE10/040U408.

'Faces of Ireland', a series of 6 programmes of poetry, prose and song on aspects of Irish life, with numerous female contributors, transmitted 18 January-26 June 1976, references 770-775.

'Somerville and Ross', a programme of their literary work, transmitted 9 February 1975, reference 83 TBE04/UT798H.

'Theresa', a short story about a woman's struggle to bring up a black baby in a white, Catholic community, written by Mary Beckett, transmitted 2 May 1980, reference 917 TBE16/206A115.

Series entitled 'Belfast Villages' which includes programmes on 'Sandy Row', 'Ballyhackamore', 'The Docks', 'Ligoniel', 'Tiger's Bay', 'Smithfield' and 'Ballynafeigh' with interviews with many women talking about their work and experiences living in these localities, transmitted 7 November 1981-19 December 1981, references 1802-1808.

Play entitled 'Alice of Kilkenny' by Ian Rodger, set in Ireland in 1324 and telling the story of Alice Kyleter, a moneylender who, with Petronilla De Meath, was tried for witchcraft, part of the 'Saturday Night Theatre' series, transmitted 4 November 1978, reference 847 TBE42/140V549.

'Sean Rafferty visits Clandeboye', a programme which includes an interview with the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, transmitted 29 October 1984, reference 2138 TBE43/168U087.

'Sean Rafferty visits Baronscourt', a programme which includes an interview with the Duchess of Abercorn, transmitted 8 October 1984, reference 2140 TBE40/168U84

Programme on Shelagh Richards, actress and director, transmitted 27 May 1979, reference 634 TBE22/140U646.

Programme on Maud Gonne entitled, 'Cathleen Ni Houlihan', transmitted 6 May 1979, reference 788 TBE18/140U461.

Programme on Marjorie Proops, agony aunt, transmitted 12 July 1982, reference 747 TLN22/165U055.

Programme on Harriet Sheehy, wife of Frank O'Connor talking about their life together and her life since being widowed, part of the 'Literary Widows' series, transmitted 2 October 1977, reference 721 BBE22/16OU923.

Programme on Angela Lansbury, actress and author, who talks about her Irish connections, transmitted 15 April 1984, reference 1550 TBE15/141U022.

Programme on Christina Reid, author, who talks about her life and works, transmitted 16 April 1986, reference 1512 TBE14/141U226.

Programme on the life and works of Elizabeth Bowen, author, transmitted 21 June 1981, reference 1452 TBE25/140U681.

Programme on the contribution made to Irish literature by Kate O'Brien, author, transmitted 4 April 1982, reference TBE14/040U761.

Programme on the 19th Century Irish actress, Harriet Smithson Berloiz, entitled 'La Belle Irlandaise', transmitted 16 October 1983, reference TBE41/140U968.

Programme on 'Literary Wives', including interviews with Judith Elliott, Beatrice Behan, Patricia Cockburn and Theodora Fitzgibbon, transmitted 6 October 1985, reference 1542 TBE40/141U171.

Programme on author, Maeve Binchy, transmitted 7 April 1985, reference 1518, TBE14/141U132.

Programme on the composer Joan Trimble, transmitted 18 June 1985, reference 1511 SBE23/061U253.

Programme on author, Clare Boylan, transmitted 6 May 1984, reference 1466 TBE18/141U025.

Programme entitled 'The Spinning Women', in which various women talk about their employment in the linen industry, transmitted 17 February 1977, reference 653 BBE06/160U658.

Programme entitled 'Saidie's Battles for God' in which Saidie Patterson, trade unionist and campaigner for the textile workers in Belfast during the 1930s talks about her life and the influence on Methodism on her work, transmitted 14 November 1981, reference 1492 TBE45/100U890.

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