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14691Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1950-1984A box containing the following minute books and mate...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
23860Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1051917-1984Folder 18 Letters: Mass card in the memory of Mrs Ka...Brother Allen Archival Collection
16835Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1813-1869
Magorban Vestry Minute Books: 1813-1869, very bad co...Bolton Library Archive
15072Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1970-19841 bound folder, circulars, 1970-1984.
15093Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1965-19841 bound folder, 'Parents' Day', circular...
19768Contemporary Music Centre1984-2011The catalogue can be accessed here. Includ...Children's and Female Voice Repertoire
14426Cork City and County Archives627/CCH(1923) 1924-1963 (1984)Outline: Records of Managerial Correspondence and Or...St Finbarr's Hospital (South Cork County Home and Hospital)
23834Cork City and County Archives1888-1984Rates Department, General Valuation of Properties, C...Cork County Council Records - Miscellaneous
19066Cultural Heritage Services Library, Armagh1984-2007Minute Books:January 1984 to December 2007Armagh Urban District Council Records
23132Fermanagh County Museum, Enniskillen Castle1915-1972
Curator's file of 1984 exhibition material on the wr...
1591Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/70-97/LA/1/741877-1984Registers of land, 1877-1952:97/LA/1/70  Regist...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
266Irish Film ArchiveWaterbag1984'Waterbag': Producer/Director: Joe Comerford An e...
333Irish Film ArchiveFlight from the snipe grass1984'Flight from the snipe grass': Production C...
5578Irish Labour History Museum1917-1984Rule Books: Union, 1920-1967 Pensions and benevolent...Irish Women Workers' Union
24539Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1984-1987Folder, minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 1984 ...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24554Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1984-1985Folder, Executive Council Minute book, June 1984 to ...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24555Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1983-1984Folder, Executive Council Minute book, February 1983...Irish Nurses' Organisation
2226Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1521984-1985Catalogue of exhibition of Miss Wendy Shea's cos...Wendy Shea
5868Kerry Diocesan Archives (RC)KM/28 1984Pastoral 'Pro-Life, One Year Later', 1984.Bishop Kevin McNamara, 1976-1984
13827Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.0750)1984-1991Leaflet, advertising. Southill Development Co-Operat...
13821Limerick MuseumAQNO (1984.063)1984Postcard, colour, Cappamore, 1984. Four scenes: Brid...
13822Limerick MuseumAQNO (1984-064)1984Postcard, colour, Cappamore, 1984. Convent of Mercy.
6218Linen Hall Library1984-1999Copies of 'Women's News: Ireland's Femin...
14496Mayo Local History Department1933-1984Register of Interments, 17 volumes, 1933-c.1984, som...Mayo County Council
14532Mayo Local History Department1984-1985Register of mortgages, 1984-1985.Castlebar Urban District Council
2125Monaghan County Museum1984Various Labourer's Act Documents (Large Collecti...
4725National Archives of Ireland999/801/11897-1984National School Registers: Warrenmount Convent, 1897...Department of Education
11354National Archives of Ireland438/18/51951-1984Film on Evie Hone, 1951-1984.Department of Foreign Affairs
12772National Library of IrelandBox 31974-1984
Records of the Irish Countrywomen's Association date...Irish Countrywomen's Association
1756National Maternity HospitalM/81984-1990Master's Report, January 1984-November 1990. Typescr...
1766National Maternity HospitalE/101984-1985Minute Book of the Executive Committee. Includes min...
14772National Women's Council of Ireland1984'Parent v Parent: A Review of the Legal, Social and ...
14774National Women's Council of Ireland1984'The Situation of Women in Europe' (May 1984). The ...
14890National Women's Council of Ireland1984Bernard Shaw, 'The Fabian Society: Its Early His...
14954National Women's Council of Ireland1984Women and Labour History in Ireland, programme for c...
14969National Women's Council of Ireland1984NUPE, Northern Ireland Division, 'Proposed Strategie...
5463Newtown School, WaterfordCA/6-71970-1984Old Scholars News, 1970-1984.
18904Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/6/21938-19841 Register of slaughter licences - OFCC10/6/2: 30...Records of Offaly County Council
7383Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38661926-1984Records of the Drawing Room Circle, a women's litera...Drawing Room Circle Papers
6988Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24601869-1984Guest lists and invites for matron's dance organ...
7324Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/36911960-1984c.150 documents comprising of minutes, correspondenc...
7341Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/37541915-198474 page typed biography of John Dick Pinkerton by hi...
7344Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/37611964-1984Records of Belfast Housing Aid Society, including: A...
7885Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1127/1-461787-1984This collection of c47 documents includes the follow...
6206Rathfriland Library1928-19843 photocopied sheets with the title, 'The Irish ...
1246Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP9331984John and Edith Wigzell warden, 1984, at Quaker House...Photographic Collections
2175Representative Church Body LibraryMs5191832-1984Minutes, 1862-1950; accounts, 1845-1984; application...Cork Protestant Orphan Society
23742Representative Church Body LibraryMS607/1983-1984Financial Records: 16: Dinner money, telephone and l...Records of the Mageough Home, Dublin
23743Representative Church Body LibraryMS607/1984-1994Financial Records: 17/ Miscellaneous Accounts Books ...Records of the Mageough Home, Dublin
22402Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1913-1969
Minute Books: 1919 1923-1952 1970-1984  The ear...Saint Ultan's Hospital
4375RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB16861984Gay Byrne Show: Ann Lovett Report, 7 February 1984.Sound Archive
4376RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB16891984Gay Byrne Show: Ann Lovett Letters, 9 February 1984.Sound Archive
4377RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA28421984Gay Byrne Show: Letters on Ann Lovett incident, 23 F...Sound Archive
4378RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB16701984Talking Sport: Female Irish Athletes in Olympics, 11...Sound Archive
4380RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA43701984Pat Kenny Show: Susan Hampshire, 12 July 1984.Sound Archive
4381RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA43721984Pat Kenny Show:Test Tube Babies, 13 July 1984.Sound Archive
4382RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA43921984Pat Kenny Show: Castaway Lucy Irvine, 22 August 1984...Sound Archive
4383RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA43821984Pat Kenny Show: Julia O'Faolain, 30 August 1984.Sound Archive
4384RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA41471984Saturdayview: Sex Education in Schools, 27 October 1...Sound Archive
4385RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA38521984Women Today: Andre Sheehy Skeffington, 19 November 1...Sound Archive
4386RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA38531984Women Today: Anglo-Irish Women Writers, 21 November ...Sound Archive
4387RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA38531984Women Today: Women in Politics, 26 November 1984.Sound Archive
4388RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA38541984Women Today: Women in the Third World, 4 December 19...Sound Archive
22523RTÉ Archive (Sound)19846 December 1984, Women Today: North South Women .Sound Archive
24576RTÉ Archive (Television)198431 January 1984, 'Folio': Fay Weldon on She Devil.Television Programme Archive
24893RTÉ Archive (Television)198430 January 1984 News Bulletin Women's Group for Disa...Television Programme Archive
24894RTÉ Archive (Television)198431 January 1984 'Women's Programme' Euro Parliament ...Television Programme Archive
24895RTÉ Archive (Television)19846 February 1984 Coping with Marital Breakdown 'Radha...Television Programme Archive
24896RTÉ Archive (Television)198413 February 1984 'Today Tonight' No. 507 Discriminat...Television Programme Archive
24897RTÉ Archive (Television)198414 February 1984 News Bulletin EEA Employment Guidel...Television Programme Archive
24898RTÉ Archive (Television)198420 February 1984 News Bulletin Northern Ireland Sexu...Television Programme Archive
24899RTÉ Archive (Television)198415 March 1984 'Access' Avon Arlington Factory.Television Programme Archive
24901RTÉ Archive (Television)19849 September 1984 All Ireland Camogie Final Dublin an...Television Programme Archive
24902RTÉ Archive (Television)198422 August 1984 News Bulletin Contestants Rose of Tra...Television Programme Archive
24903RTÉ Archive (Television)198425 April 1984 News Bulletin Women Schools Principals...Television Programme Archive
24904RTÉ Archive (Television)198428 April 1984 Euro Country Music Philomena Begley.Television Programme Archive
24905RTÉ Archive (Television)19849 May 1984 News Bulletin Punchestown Races Ladies Da...Television Programme Archive
24906RTÉ Archive (Television)198431 May 1984 News Bulletin Women Anti Reagan Protest.Television Programme Archive
24907RTÉ Archive (Television)19843 June 1984 News Bulletin Women Arrested Peace Camp.Television Programme Archive
24908RTÉ Archive (Television)198416 June 1984 News Bulletin Bloomsday Women's Road Ra...Television Programme Archive
24909RTÉ Archive (Television)198427 July 1984 News Bulletin Clinic Female Sterilisati...Television Programme Archive
24910RTÉ Archive (Television)198430 July 1984 News Bulletin Striking British Miners' ...Television Programme Archive
24911RTÉ Archive (Television)19841 August 1984 News Bulletin Miners' Wives Meet Dubli...Television Programme Archive
24912RTÉ Archive (Television)19849 August 1984 News Bulletin Ladies Day Dublin Horse ...Television Programme Archive
13705Sligo Archives Service1928-1984Sligo County Council Register of Applicants for Crim...Sligo County Council
13192St Senan's Hospital, Enniscorthy1868-1984Register of Insurances c.1940-c.1970. Surgeon/Denti...
24281Stranmillis University College, Belfast1922-19843 bound registers of students at Stranmillis College...
10240Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs105781975
Typescript with manuscript amendments of 'Man on...
10365Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs102951854-1984Correspondence and rough notes of Patricia Hutchins ...Hutchins-Joyce
21952UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751984Box 2 comprises of legal documents, for example, rel...
10611UCD ArchivesFF/B/1/4/a/128-173 (P176)1979-1984Constituency Files during Frank Wall's time as G...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10630UCD ArchivesFF/D/V/786 (P176)1984-1991Minute Book of Ard Fheis Committee Meetings, includi...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10639UCD ArchivesFF/B/IX/1/484 (P176)1984-1986General Correspondence of Mary O'Shea, includes ...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10643UCD ArchivesFF/B/IX/5/514 (P176)1983-1984Correspondence between National Youth Organisers and...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10648UCD ArchivesFF/B/1/4/c/249-251 (P176)1984-1991Personal Correspondence of Frank Wall as General Sec...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
24398UCD ArchivesP1451956-1984Minute book of the St Francis Xavier’s Ladies Cent...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
17276Ulster University Archive & Special Collections, Coleraine Campus1926-1984Copies of miscellaneous letters, written to and from...John Hewitt Collection
4566Waterford City Archives1936-1984Registers of Surgical Extern Patients, c1936-c1984.Waterford City and County Infirmary
5920Waterford City ArchivesAAC 151962-1984Arts Advisory Committee Correspondence: General Corr...Arts Advisory Committee