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14250Alexandra College1943-1953Diary of School Events, 1943-1953.
16263Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1952-1953Material relating to Health Act (1953) and Bills of ...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16278Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1951-1953Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16279Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1953Material relating to the Health Scheme, 1948-1952, i...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16293Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1953-1954Material relating to Northern Ireland education, inc...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
14687Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1953A bound volume used by Mrs Gribbon as a photograph a...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
6952Belfast Central Library1953-1955A large collection of BBC radio scripts, 282 scripts...BBC Scripts
16230Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1953-1958N/42: Bundle of Adeline, Countess de la Feld's j...The Rosse Papers
16231Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1917-1953N43/1-9: Adeline, Countess de la Feld's diaries,...The Rosse Papers
23879Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter to Mollie from Caitlín Brugha, Christmas 195...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23880Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter to Mollie from Bob, Dublin, 1953, reference m...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23881Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter to Mrs Monteith from Brighid Kelly, Coleraine...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23953Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 5 February 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23954Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Envelope containing letter from Bob to Florrie, 10 F...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23955Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 26 February 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23956Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Envelope containing letter from Bob to Florrie, 19 M...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23957Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 23 March 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23958Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 27 March 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23959Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 9 April 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23960Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 20 April 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23961Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 29 April 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23962Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 2 May 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23963Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie, 2 September 1953.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23964Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841953Letter from Bob to Florrie cover written on carbon p...Brother Allen Archival Collection
24481Brother Allen ArchiveBox 2021953Envelope and letter from Mrs Deady to Br Allen, Clon...Brother Allen Archival Collection
16725Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1856-1953Register of Baptisms, Donohill, 1856-1953, 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
16746Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1869-1953Register of Burials, Pallasgreen, 1869-1953, 1 volum...Bolton Library Archive
16784Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1925-1953Cashel and Emly, Pass Book, c1925-1953, 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
16891Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1879-1953Baptismal Register, Kilbehenny, 1879-1953 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
15040Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1948-1953Logbook of Company at Rathfarnham, November 1948-Jun...
15138Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1952-19531 envelope, Receipts, 1952-1953.
15154Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1951-19531 folder, Receipts, 1951-1953.
14398Cavan County Archives1953-19561 volume, Cavan Clubs' Theatre programmes, 1953-...Cavan Drama Festival
6140Clare County Archives1941- 1953Ledger, 1941 - 1953.Clare County Council
6141Clare County Archives1941 - 1953Day Book, 1941 - 1953.Clare County Council
6143Clare County Archives1946-1953County Council General Ledgers, 1946-1953.Clare County Council
6153Clare County Archives1949-1953Salaries and Pension Register, 1949-1953.Clare County Council
6169Clare County Archives1953-1954Summary of Expenditure and Suspense Account, 1953-19...Clare County Council
20673Clare County Archives1953-1982Manager's orders register of, relating to Kilrush, 1...Kilrush Urban District Council
20675Clare County Archives1953-1975Schedules of Uncollected rates, 1953-1975.Kilrush Urban District Council
20692Clare County Archives1953-1959Rough minute book, 1953-1959.Ennis Urban District Council
7561Down County MuseumDB1091953-1954Ministry of Food ration book belonging to Elizabeth ...
19882Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1870-1953Letters to the Trust of a general nature, i.e. cover...Erasmus Smith Archives
1645Fingal County ArchiveRB/670-RB/6801953-1957Agricultural Grant Sheets:RB/670 1953-1954RB/671 195...Local Authority Records
32Irish Dominican Congregation ArchivesA581953'The Standard', 19 June 1953, on Hanoria Mag...Dominican Archives, Cabra
196Irish Film ArchiveThe Long Walk1953'The Long Walk': Amateur film in three sections. I...
247Irish Film ArchiveFrom Time to Time1953'From Time to Time': Production Company: Edwards a...
250Irish Film ArchiveFrom Time to Time1953'From Time to Time': Production Company: Ed...
387Irish Film ArchiveFlaxen Heritage1953'Flaxen Heritage': Production Company: Majo...
20022Irish Labour History Museum1920-1953Union of Professional and Technical Civil Servants:R...Fórsa (IMPACT)
20861Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1953-1956 County Home, Athy:Case Register and Dietary Re...Kildare Board of Health Records
20882Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1934-1953Burial Board Ledgers, April 1934-October 1953.Kildare County Council
20894Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1952-1953Diet Class Book, August 1952 - March 1953Kildare County Council
5701Laois Local StudiesB2/N/1935-1953Rate Books, Mountrath:217. 1935-1936223. 1949-195022...Laois Local Authority Records
5708Laois Local Studies282-2831948-1953Salary Public Assistance Expenditure Books:282. 1948...Laois Local Authority Records
5710Laois Local Studies304-3091934-1953Blind Welfare Scheme:304. Home Assistance Expenditur...Laois Local Authority Records
5687Laois Local StudiesE/1936-1953General Registers:94. Register of Food Premises, 195...Laois County Council
5689Laois Local StudiesB2/B/1930-1953Rate Book, Athy Rural District Council:114. Rate Boo...Laois Local Authority Records
5697Laois Local StudiesB2/J/1934-1953Rate Book, Coolrain:175. 1934-1935176. 1936-1937177....Laois Local Authority Records
5706Laois Local StudiesB2/S/1930-1953Rate Book, Slievemargy:265. 1930-1931266. 1933-1934 ...Laois Local Authority Records
21616Laois Local StudiesC/1920-195373. Financial Statement Expenditure Book, 1920-1953.Laois County Council
21654Laois Local Studies273-2811944-1953276. Home Assistance, Expenditure Consolidated List,...Laois Local Authority Records
21656Laois Local Studies273-2811947-1953278. Consolidated General Receipt Book, Public Assis...Laois Local Authority Records
21657Laois Local Studies273-2811951-1953279. Home Assistance List, Half Yearly Consolidated ...Laois Local Authority Records
21658Laois Local Studies273-2811951-1953280. General Receipt Book, Public Assistance Section...Laois Local Authority Records
21659Laois Local Studies273-2811952-1953281. Public Assistance, Statement Book Expenditure,1...Laois Local Authority Records
21678Laois Local Studies1945-1953Consolidated Account Book, Home Assistance Officers ...Laois Local Authority Records
14506Mayo Local History Department1933-1953Board of Health and Public Assistance for County of ...Mayo Board of Health
5765Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC/1911-1953Mill Accounts:F1 February 1911 - August 1915F2 Augus...F. and J. Clayton Company Records
5777Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/A/1902-1953Minute Books:1 April 1902-March 19062 April 1906 - S...Navan Urban District Council
5799Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/E/1913-1953Navan Urban District Council Valuations and Rates. V...Navan Urban District Council
20259Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1940-1953Cash Receipts, January 1940 - October 1953.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20262Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1940-1953Order Book, January 1940-October 1953.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20283Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1953-1960Day Book, October 1953-August 1960.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20284Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1945-1953Creditors' Book, January 1945-June 1953.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20320Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/D/1938-1953Payments files chiefly with reference to routine exp...Navan Urban District Council
20321Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/D/1938-1953Order Books: 120 May - August 1938 121 May - August ...Navan Urban District Council
20343Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC/1920-1953Invoices:F47 August 1939-September 1944F48 January 1...F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20374Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/195336 January 1953. Bill of Quantities for housing sche...Navan Urban District Council
20380Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/ (Individual Houses)195342 February 1953. Architectural plan of proposed res...Navan Urban District Council
20562Meath Local Studies and Family History Department1924-1953Meath County Council: the Combined Hospital Record a...Meath County Board of Health
21226Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1949-1953Waterworks Sewerage, Reports and Inspections, Genera...Navan Urban District Council
21227Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1949-1953Waterworks Sewerage, Reports and Inspections, Genera...Navan Urban District Council
733National Archives of IrelandBG/79/1951-1953Provision Check Books:FG1 January 1951 - July 1951FG...South Dublin Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
738National Archives of IrelandBG/79/1953-1962Pension Books:FL1 April 1953 - May 1954FL2 March 195...South Dublin Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
3751National Archives of Ireland5/18/18/Poultry1953-1963Association of Instructors in Poultry Keeping and Bu...Department of Agriculture
3833National Archives of IrelandE1/17/11953Department of Industry and Commerce. E1 File Series:...Department of Industry and Commerce
4654National Archives of Ireland301/7/491953Mrs E. de Depret, née Margaret Agnes Flanagan...Department of Foreign Affairs
4659National Archives of Ireland305/57/112/10/61950-1953Technical assistance project, number 44/7. Poultry d...Department of Foreign Affairs
4697National Archives of Ireland410/15/1751953Miss Eileen Wixted, regarding employment in England,...Department of Foreign Affairs
4699National Archives of Ireland414/3/21953Mrs M.D. Tighe, Southsea, England. Correspondence re...Department of Foreign Affairs
4928National Archives of IrelandTIL18/2/21937-1953International Labour Office, nineteenth session, rat...Department of Labour and Labour Court
4930National Archives of IrelandTIL2211953-1957International Labour Organisation, meeting of expert...Department of Labour and Labour Court
4997National Archives of Ireland1045/13/1-101898-1953Records of the Children's Home [for Girls], Sunnysid...Protestant Orphan Society
5561National Archives of Ireland999/451953-1959Radio Symphony branch, 1953-1956, including minutes,...Union of Professional and Technical Civil Servants
5611National Archives of Irelands3655C/21953National Gallery, Appointment of Governors and Guard...Department of An Taoiseach
11293National Archives of Ireland366/65/91951-1953Visit to Ireland of Mrs L. Lyons, journalist, 1951-5...Department of Foreign Affairs
11360National Archives of Ireland438/2571953-1954Application by Miss Eithne M. O'Sharkey for fina...Department of Foreign Affairs
11362National Archives of IrelandFilms1-161948-1953Passport Office Reference Cards, 1948-1953: Aalders,...Department of Foreign Affairs
11406National Archives of IrelandA4/1671952-1953Kanturk District Hospital: treatment of tuberculosis...Department of Health
11411National Archives of IrelandA124/12 A1953Joint committee of Women's Societies and Social Work...Department of Health
11429National Archives of IrelandS6871953-1955Emigration of young Irish girls to Britain, 1953-195...Department of Environment
15465National Archives of Ireland 999/451953-1956Records of the Radio Éireann Symphony Orchest...Small Private Accessions
2601National Library of IrelandMs45771921-1953A letter from Arthur Griffith in Mountjoy Jail to Ma...
2728National Library of IrelandMs208271952-1953Statement of accounts of the Cork and Waterford bran...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
2729National Library of IrelandMs208281949-1953Typescript and manuscript reports by the Honorary Se...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
9750National Library of IrelandMs183521938-1953Letters to Gallagher from Robert O'F. Wynne and ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9754National Library of IrelandMs183641931-1953Documents relating to legislation on adoption, inclu...Frank Gallagher Papers
10687National Library of IrelandMs17062(ii)1941-1953Letters to F.S. Bourke, mostly on bibliographical an...F.S. Bourke Collection
10719National Library of IrelandMss19578-195821929-1953Household, farm and general expenses, including serv...Clonbrock Papers
10811National Library of IrelandMs193531949-1953Minute Book of the annual general meetings of the Ad...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10812National Library of IrelandMs193541949-1953Minute Book of the national council of the Adoption ...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10896National Library of IrelandMs21715c1918-1953Letters to Frank J Hugh O'Donnell relating to his p...
10906National Library of IrelandMs21818c1948-1953Twelve autograph letters of Clifford Bax to Clifford...
12772National Library of IrelandBox 31974-1984
Records of the Irish Countrywomen's Association date...Irish Countrywomen's Association
411National Maternity HospitalF/51942-1953Finance Committee Minute Book, July 1942-December 19...
458National Maternity HospitalNMH/471953-1955File concerning the cost and specifics of updating t...
463National Maternity HospitalNMH/551953-1962Correspondence file relating to the building and equ...
494National Maternity HospitalCR/61953-1955National Maternity Hospital Medical and Clinical Rep...
1758National Maternity HospitalMR/41953-1959Matron's Report, October 1953-December 1959. Han...
1759National Maternity HospitalMR/31947-1953Matron's Report, August 1947-September 1953. Han...
4817Newtown School, WaterfordSchool Safe/211953-1963Executive Committee Minutes, 1953-1963.
4824Newtown School, WaterfordArchive Room Safe1953-1963Committee Minutes, 1953-1963.
6216North Down Museum1953-1992Bangor Borough Council, (known as North Down Borough...Bangor Borough/ North Down Borough Council Records
1811Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/20031822-1953This collection of c.1000 Crawford family papers inc...
6365Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1761/11690-1953Transcripts of gravestone inscriptions in the Shanki...
6993Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24741951-1953This collection includes the minute book of the Fall...
7780Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/45/21953Microfilmed copies of letters from Brigid Kelly to S...
6524Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1411/11942-1953Bundle of ration books for food and clothing belongi...
6718Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/19681801-195330 documents comprising of title deeds, marriage set...
6782Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/22291948-c.1953Pedigrees and genealogies of the Gordon family, Coun...
7002Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24971953-1962This collection of 12 documents includes: Correspond...
7304Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/36401863-1953Downpatrick Primitive Methodist Chapel, County Down:...
7366Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38301953Records relating to the formal investigation onto th...
7447Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40681953-19862 minute books for the 'Good Companion', a Woman's I...
7486Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/41601666-1953The papers of the Tipping family of Bellurgan Park, ...Tipping Papers
7488Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/4165c.1852-1953This collection of 52 documents relates to the Facon...
7616Public Record Office of Northern IrelandHA/131953-1957Northern Ireland Ministry of Home Affairs files, HA/...Northern Ireland Ministry of Home Affairs Records
7911Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1195/11804-1953Copy of a skeleton abstract of pedigrees relating to...
8195Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2035/1844-c.1953This collection of c.24 documents have been copied f...
8254Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2198/1-31887-1953Pedigree, complied in 1913, and copies of 2 letters ...
8295Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2331/1-31911-1953Copies of the papers of Doctor Helen Waddell includi...
8419Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/26421734-1953c300 documents, comprising of correspondence, geneal...Greer Papers
1297Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1953Friends' Relief Work: Cross of Merit of the Federal ...Museum Collection
1323Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMMII/P1-71700-1953Committee and Charities: MMII/P1 Committee for the ...Dublin Monthly Meeting
2207Representative Church Body LibraryMs5501861-1953111 volumes of material which includes a Minute Book...Nenagh Young Men's Christian and Literary Association
23696Representative Church Body Library1927-1953Box 19 Elliott Home, 1927-1953.Mrs Smyly's Homes
23548Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491950-1953General Council Book, 16 November 1950-c.1953, many ...Mothers' Union Collection
22449Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1944-1953Royal Victoria Hospital Board of Management Minutes:...
22466Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1953-1973Medical Staff Committee Minutes of Claremont Street ...
22489Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1953-19714 volumes of Royal Victoria Hospital Group Medical A...
5192RTÉ Stills Library0015/0231953Maud Gonne MacBride and Sean MacBride with family, 2...Illustration Library
13776Sligo Archives ServiceS./R1953-1965Attendance Register of the Sligo branch of the Briti...
12112St Louis' Heritage CentreMCG15/GB30-MCG20/GB301950
Photographs relating Mother Columbanus Greene, Monag...
22769Tower Museum, Derry-Londonderry1953An invitation for Mrs S. Orr from the Ulster Special...
10321Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss4509-45311923-1925
23 Sketchbooks of Estella Frances Solomons, mostly u...O'Sullivan/Solomons Collection
11906Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs108131953-1962Papers of the Pike Theatre, 18 a Herbert Lane, Dubli...
9974UCC College ArchivesSecOfile/3598/Box 25/81950-1953File relating to Meath County Council scholarships, ...Secretary's Office
3640UCC Special Collections & ArchivesUC/DC 391953-1955Four letters from Mairin Chevasse to Corkery in Engl...The Papers of Daniel Corkery
18470UCC Special Collections & ArchivesGB MIC464; T3131; IE BL/E1215-195391 boxes & 147 bound volumes. The Villiers-Stuar...Villiers-Stuart Collection
21969UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU1751953-1958Box 19 contains 5 Rent Books of Bernard Dooly and So...
17272UCD ArchivesUCDA P3391953-1954Five holograph letters (two incomplete) and one post...Papers of Muriel MacSwiney
24402UCD ArchivesP1451902
Annual reports Father Matthew Union, 1902–38; 1977...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
18431University of Galway ArchivesP921953-1963A complete run of "Teangadoir: Focal i dtaobh litrio...Teangadoir
23580University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP2/1953311. Letter from the Home Office, Whitehall, 27 Nove...The Daly Papers
4537Waterford City Archives1952-1953Minute Book of Waterford City and County Infirmary, ...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4538Waterford City Archives1953-1955Minute Book of Waterford City and County Infirmary, ...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4559Waterford City Archives1947-1953Register of Extern Medical Patients, 4 July 1947-1 J...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4560Waterford City Archives1953-1958Register of Extern Medical Patients, 1 January 1953-...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4573Waterford City Archives1945-1953Nursing Superintendents' Report Book, 2 April 1945-1...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4574Waterford City Archives1953-1966Nursing Superintendents' Report Book, 24 November 19...Waterford City and County Infirmary
5964Waterford City ArchivesTNC 13/11944-1953Social Schemes: 27 January 1944 - 17 December 1953. ...Records of the Town Clerk
19209Westmeath County Archives Department1948-1953Estimates, 1948-1953Westmeath County Council
19235Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1953Labourers' Cottages, increase in rent due to rat...Westmeath County Council
19238Westmeath County Archives Department1953-1968Register of Loans under Small Dwellings Acquisition ...Westmeath County Council
19419Westmeath County Archives Department1953-1960Files related to housing:27 June 1953-27 April 1960Athlone Local Authority Records
19425Westmeath County Archives Department1916-1953Medical Officer's report of all children born in...Westmeath County Council