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Repository NameCavan County Archives
AddressJohnston Central Library Farnham Street Cavan
EircodeH12 A3T1
Telephone(049) 4378500
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CommentThe information listed from this repository and included in the original Directory was extracted from some lists available in the archive. Where no lists existed, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list of the material. Due to time constraints, not all items in this repository were examined individually. We are grateful for the assistance of provided by Josephine Brady, the County Librarian and Tom Sullivan.

35 Results

14393Cavan County Archives1807-1851Cavan Assizes, 1807-1851. 1 volume, contains the nam...Cavan Grand Jury Records
14394Cavan County Archives1886-19231 volume, Register of the Board of Health Officials,...Cavan Board of Health and Public Assistance
14395Cavan County Archives1911-19121 volume, Cavan Rural District: Register of Dairymen...Cavan Rural District Register of Cowkeepers, etc.
14396Cavan County Archives1945-19591 volume, Cavan Drama Festival, manuscript Minute Bo...Cavan Drama Festival
14398Cavan County Archives1953-19561 volume, Cavan Clubs' Theatre programmes, 1953-...Cavan Drama Festival
14399Cavan County Archives1946-19761 volume, Cavan Drama Festival programmes, 1946-1976...Cavan Drama Festival
14400Cavan County Archives1889Printed volume, County of Cavan Summer Assizes, 1889...Cavan Grand Jury Records
14401Cavan County Archives1949
2 volumes, Printed, Fourth Annual Report of the Cava...
14402Cavan County Archives1995Printed, 1 volume, Shercock Drama Festival, 1995.
14403Cavan County ArchivesBG44/AJ/11852-18981 volume, manuscript, Ballyconnell Dispensary Commit...County Cavan Poor Law Union Records
14404Cavan County Archives1958
6 volumes, Typescript, Annual reports of the County ...
14405Cavan County ArchivesCCC/11899-1994Deals with the business of Cavan County Council, inc...Cavan County Council Minutes
14407Cavan County ArchivesCCCA/F/51969-1986c.31 March 1969-31 March 1986. Accounts book contain...Cavan Agricultural Committee
14408Cavan County Archives1915-1956Rate Books for County Cavan, arranged by electoral d...Cavan County Rate Books
14409Cavan County ArchivesCTComm1829-1900Includes correspondence, minute books, leases, wills...Cavan Town Commissioners
14410Cavan County ArchivesBH1921-1955Collection includes, among other items, Minutes, Acc...Cavan Board of Health and Public Assistance
14411Cavan County ArchivesNE1856-2002Includes roll books, registers, visitation books, re...Cavan National School Records
14412Cavan County ArchivesBG1843-1928Includes Poor Law records for Bailieborough, Bawnboy...County Cavan Poor Law Union Records
14413Cavan County ArchivesRDC1899-1925Includes Minute Books and associated records for Bai...Cavan Rural District Councils
14414Cavan County ArchivesP3-P301700-2001Cavan County Archives Service holds a number of coll...Cavan County Archives Private Collections
14463Cavan County Archives1968-1998Throughout 2017 and 2018, 100 people from the Cavan ...Voices of the Troubles
14464Cavan County Archives1816Digitised copy of Charlotte Brooke's Reliqu...Charlotte Brooke Reliques of Irish Poetry
14465Cavan County Archives1911Register of Cowkeepers, Dairymen & Purveyors of ...Cavan Rural District Register of Cowkeepers, etc.
14466Cavan County Archives1799-1850Digitised copy of estate rental, lands owned by a Mi...Enery Estate Rental
14467Cavan County Archives1880-1889Tenants living in the Barony of Clankee, County Cava...Tenants in the Barony of Clankee, 1880s
14468Cavan County Archives1850-1899Photograph album from the Farnham Estate, including ...Farnham Photograph Album
16935Cavan County ArchivesGJ/91856-1859c. Spring 1856-Spring 1859. Volume containing presen...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16936Cavan County ArchivesGJ/8 1818-1848[c. 1818-1848] Accounts book containing details of m...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16937Cavan County ArchivesGJ/7 1810-1817c. spring 1810- summer 1817. Presentment book for ba...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16938Cavan County ArchivesGJ/6 1810-1817c. spring 1810-summer 1817. Presentment book for bar...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16939Cavan County ArchivesGJ/5 1809-1817c. summer 1809- summer 1817 Presentment book for bar...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16940Cavan County ArchivesGJ/4 1809-1817c. summer 1809- summer 1817 Presentment book for bar...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16941Cavan County ArchivesGJ/31810-1817c. spring 1810-summer 1817 Presentment book for baro...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16942Cavan County ArchivesGJ/2 1809-1817c. summer 1809- summer 1817 County at large presentm...Cavan Grand Jury Records
16943Cavan County ArchivesGJ/11794-1817c. 1794-1817 Ledger containing accounts kept by Coun...Cavan Grand Jury Records