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13618Armagh County Museum1974/1051949-1960Minute Book, 'The Armagh Players', covers meetings f...
16248Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1949Material relating to Sacred Congregation of Religiou...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16295Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1949Material relating to the Northern Ireland Council of...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16296Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1949Material relating to the Northern Ireland Council of...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
23928Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841949Letter from Bob to Florrie, 11 February 1949.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23929Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841949Letter from Bob to Florrie, 4 April 1949.Brother Allen Archival Collection
23932Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841949Envelope containing letter from Pat to Florrie, 25 M...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23933Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1841949Envelope containing letter from Bob to Florrie, 5 Ju...Brother Allen Archival Collection
24482Brother Allen ArchiveBox 2021949Envelope and letter from Mrs Deady to Br Allen, Clon...Brother Allen Archival Collection
16788Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1877-1949
Cashel Clerical Union Minute Books:1877-18821882-190...Bolton Library Archive
15030Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1946-1949Ring-Folder entitled Camp, containing correspondence...
15032Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1949Ring-Folder entitled Reference, August 1949-October ...
15059Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1949-1950Bundle of Receipts, October 1949-September 1950.
15145Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland19491 envelope, Receipts relating to the Number 1 Accoun...
15147Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1949Company Records, 1949, name and address of guides in...
14401Cavan County Archives1949
2 volumes, Printed, Fourth Annual Report of the Cava...
16463Central Catholic Library1922-1938
Central Catholic Library, Annual Reports, printed:1-...
6149Clare County Archives1949-1952Register of Salaries and Pensions, 1949-1952.Clare County Council
6153Clare County Archives1949-1953Salaries and Pension Register, 1949-1953.Clare County Council
6167Clare County Archives1949-1957Labourers Cottage, Rent Collection Book, 1949 - 1957...Clare County Council
6049Clare County Archives1936-1949Minutes of Clare County Board of Health, General Ass...County Clare Board of Health
20690Clare County Archives1949-1952Manager's orders, register of, regarding housing, 19...Ennis Urban District Council
5572Communications Workers Union1943-1949Minute Books:Resident and National Executive, 1949-R...Communications Union of Ireland
14431Cork City and County ArchivesH/ER/11936-1949"Supplied by Registrar General for Ireland for ...Erinville Hospital Memorandum Book of Deaths
20772Cork Public MuseumAQNO1995:5/54-581949Letter from T.F. Burns of Hollis and Carter Ltd., pu...
20773Cork Public MuseumAQNO1995:5/54-581949Letter from M. O'Connell to Hollis and Carter, Ltd.,...
20774Cork Public MuseumAQNO1995:5/54-581949Letter from Hollis and Carter, Ltd., publishers, Lon...
20775Cork Public MuseumAQNO1995:5/54-581949Letter from Hollis and Carter, Ltd. publishers, Lond...
20776Cork Public MuseumAQNO1995:5/54-581949Copy letter from M. O'Connell to Hollis and Carter L...
3438Donegal County ArchivesSR/D/11867-1949Miscellaneous Records:Minutes of meeting of Book Sel...
3246Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA5/211940-1949Minutes of the School Attendance Committee responsib...Dún Laoghaire Borough
20491Galway County Council Archives1948-1949Galway County Council, Public Health Accounts, 1 Mar...Galway County Board of Health and Public Assistance
180Irish Film ArchiveOur Country1940-1949'Our Country': A non fiction film. A short ...
195Irish Film ArchiveHoly Ghost Fathers/1940s1940-1949'Holy Ghost Fathers/1940s': A film about British Gu...
197Irish Film ArchiveMovitone News: Dublin Gre1949'Movitone News: Dublin Greets Papal Nunico':...
208Irish Film ArchiveThe Waters of Providence1949'The Waters of Providence': A film about th...
209Irish Film ArchiveIrish Pictorial Review/Ed1949'Irish Pictorial Review'/Edition number 2: ...
240Irish Film ArchiveTomkins, John/Dundrum Tro1949'Tomkins, John/Dundrum Troop': Producer/Director: J...
363Irish Film ArchiveMovietone News: Papal Nuncio1949'Movietone News: Dublin Greets Papal Nuncio'...
211Irish Film ArchiveGrisewood-McEvoy/1940s1940-1949Grisewood-McEvoy/1940s: Amateur footage of convent ...
326Irish Film ArchiveIrish Pictorial Review/Ed1949'Irish Pictorial Review', Edition number 2: ...
434Irish Film ArchiveIrish Pictorial Review/Ed. 21949'Irish Pictorial Review/Edition number 2': ...
5150Irish Jesuit ArchivesMACE/MCAU/1940-194934 'Apothecaries Hall Shares: William's Prop...John MacErlean SJ research on Mother Catherine McAuley (1778-1841).
5571Irish Labour History Museum1923
Files: Minutes: executive, finance, general purposes...Fórsa (Civil and Public Service Union - CPSU)
24548Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1949
Folder, The Nurses Union of Ireland, Executive Commi...Irish Nurses' Organisation
2233Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/461850-1899
Picture postcards of popular actors issued as 'S...Picture postcards of popular actors
2256Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1491900-1949Photograph of music hall star, May Murnane.
21860Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1949Tralee Fever Institution, Expenditure, 1949.Kerry County Council
21861Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1949County Home Provision Book, 1949.Kerry County Council
20843Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1949-1954Register of Patients Sent to Mental Hospital:10 Marc...Kildare Board of Health Records
20877Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1934-1952
Revised Valuation List, Athy Town:1934-19351934-Octo...Kildare County Council
21161King's Hospital School232-236A1940-1949232B Account Book, stationery, 1940 - 1949.King's Hospital Records
21176King's Hospital School237-257A1914-1949245 Abstract of Business, 1914 - 1949.Morgan's School
21177King's Hospital School237-257A1925-1949246 Agenda Book, 1925 - 1949.Morgan's School
21181King's Hospital School237-257A1949-1958250 Monthly Meeting, 1949 - 1958.Morgan's School
5712Laois Local Studies316-3221931-1949Health Board General Account: 316. 1931 317. 1934 3...Laois County Council
21631Laois Local StudiesC/1949-1961Secretary's Imprest Account Book, October 1949-July ...Laois County Council
21636Laois Local StudiesB2/9/1945-1946
Rate Book: 110. 1945-1946 111. 1948-1949 113. 1954-1...Laois Local Authority Records
21684Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1951328. Infectious Diseases Allowances Expenditure Book...Laois County Council
21685Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1951329. Expenditure Health, Sanitary and Housing, 1949-...Laois County Council
21686Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1950330. Expenditure Book, 1949-1950.Laois County Council
21709Laois Local Studies1949-1952Treasurer's Cash Book of Laois County Council, 1949-...Laois Local Authority Records
22335Leitrim Local Studies Department1912-1949Misc. 35. Civil Bill Book, Quarterly Sessions, Manor...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22334Leitrim Local Studies Department1944-1949
Misc. 34. Swanlinbar Session Books, October 1944 - S...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22352Leitrim Local Studies Department1949-1957Misc. 54. County Committee of Agriculture, Livestock...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
20025Limerick ArchivesP11809-1949Ballot Books.21. April 1830 - March 1896.22. May 189...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
13615Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1466.15)1916
Letter, typescript; New Ireland Assurance Company, L...
13616Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1385.1)1949Photograph, black and white negative; Muintir na Tir...
440Longford Archives and Local Studies1839-1949Minute Books:28 June 1839 - 18 March 184330 March 18...Longford Poor Law Union Records
14470Longford Archives and Local Studies1913-1949Longford UDC Minute Books:3 June 1913 - 23 January 1...Longford Urban District Council Records
14500Mayo Local History Department1949-1965Housing Department, general files, c.1949-1965.Mayo County Council
6008Meath Hospital, incorporating The National Children's HospitalMH/PC/031949-1955Meath Hospital: Urological department photographs, 1...
5779Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/A/1925-1949Rough Minutes and Working Papers, 57 bundles of agen...Navan Urban District Council
5811Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1944-1949Miscellaneous.44 November 1944. Architectural plan f...Navan Urban District Council
5816Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1926-1949Housing Rents, Correspondence:97 1937-1949. 33 lette...Navan Urban District Council
20277Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1938-1949Invoice Book, c.September 1938-c.January 1949.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20279Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1949-1952Weavers' Book, May 1949-November 1952.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20282Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1926-1949Accounts Book, February 1926-December 1949.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20103Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DII/194935 Lease of same as (34) by Francis Argon to Samuel ...Mountainstown Documents
20264Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1906-1931
Cash receipts: July 1949 - August 1960 August 1906 -...F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20347Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1949
8 April 1949 - January 1950.Navan Urban District Council
20382Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1949Micellaneous:46 October 1949. Architectural plan of ...Navan Urban District Council
20384Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/ (Housing Apps, Corres1942
47 September 1942-November 1949 . Forty-nine letters...Navan Urban District Council
20409Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/ 1949-1952Housing Applications (Correspondence):73 February 19...Navan Urban District Council
20561Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1949-1951Housing Rents, Arrears and Termination of Tenancies:...Navan Urban District Council
21221Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1949Waterworks Sewerage, General Correspondence: 5 15 Ma...Navan Urban District Council
21226Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1949-1953Waterworks Sewerage, Reports and Inspections, Genera...Navan Urban District Council
21227Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1949-1953Waterworks Sewerage, Reports and Inspections, Genera...Navan Urban District Council
21278Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/L/1948-1949Benefit Services, Allotments, Applications and Relat...Navan Urban District Council
21313Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/L/1933-1949Benefit Services, Relief of Unemployment Schemes, Fi...Navan Urban District Council
21331Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/L/1945-1949Benefit Services, School Meals Scheme: 61 March 1945...Navan Urban District Council
22838Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1906-1920
Sandy Row Primitive Methodist Church, Belfast:Collec...
2115Monaghan County Museum1985:3A-B1927-1949Rate Books Monaghan County Council, 1927-1947.
605National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1942-1949Provision Check Account Books (Board of Assistance):...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
610National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1916-1949Porter's Books:FN39 March - August 1930FN40 Augu...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
734National Archives of IrelandBG/79/FGA11949-1951Summary of Provisions Issued: August 1949 - Septembe...South Dublin Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
611National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1937-1949Porter's BooksFN57 November 1937 - June 1938FN58...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
4079National Archives of IrelandDUB54/B1887-1949Operations Register, 14 volumes, 1887-1949.Records of the Mater Misercordiae Hospital
4665National Archives of Ireland348/7/2591949-1965Enquiry regarding markets in USA for Ladies' Apparel...Department of Foreign Affairs
4671National Archives of Ireland353/28/321949 -1950Rent allowance, Róisín O'Doherty, ...Department of Foreign Affairs
4689National Archives of Ireland14/441949Miss Margaret Lalor, 'Dawn Beauty Queen of Irela...Department of Foreign Affairs
4927National Archives of IrelandIR601949-1954Industrial Relations Act, 1946, Paragraph 2 (1) (a) ...Department of Labour and Labour Court
5257National Archives of Ireland8/144/11944-1949Infanticide Bill, 1944. Correspondence relating to t...Department of Justice
5258National Archives of Ireland8/144A1944-1949Infanticide Bill, 1949 Contains an assessment of the...Department of Justice
5269National Archives of Ireland1948-1949The People versus Sabatino Capaldi and Margaret Mill...State Files, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court
5620National Archives of Irelands3250B1923
Obscene Publications, International Convention 1923,...Department of An Taoiseach
8871National Archives of Ireland1045/5/5D51949Orphan Case Files: Case File of Margaret Ellis, 2 Se...Protestant Orphan Society
11292National Archives of Ireland365/341949Mrs Josephine Mc Neil, Member of CRC, visit to Franc...Department of Foreign Affairs
11295National Archives of Ireland366/1221949Visit of women journalists to Éire, 1949.Department of Foreign Affairs
11322National Archives of Ireland316/27/2571949Miss Evelyn Wain, Queensland, Australia. Request for...Department of Foreign Affairs
11336National Archives of Ireland338/451946-1949Visit of Bishop Dignan, Irish postulants for Canadia...Department of Foreign Affairs
11355National Archives of Ireland438/311949Cultural Relations Committee, Nuala Ní Aifein...Department of Foreign Affairs
11356National Archives of Ireland438/571949File on Irish Country Women's Association display of...Department of Foreign Affairs
11415National Archives of IrelandH5/4/3c1949-1954Heatherside Sanatorium, Cork, new nurses home, 1949-...Department of Health
12239National Archives of Ireland98/17/91949-1992International Alliance of Women, Congresses: 1 1949...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
15251National Archives of Ireland 2001/821949-1994National School records for Ardara (Wood School), Co...National Schools, Private Accessions
15267National Archives of Ireland 2002/831887-1949National School records for St Mary's Infants, Dubli...National Schools, Private Accessions
1947National Library of IrelandMs32291913-1949Includes letters to Miss Rachel Mahaffy, Dublin; Mis...
1990National Library of IrelandMs73681900-1949Photostat copy of an undated letter from G W Russel...
2729National Library of IrelandMs208281949-1953Typescript and manuscript reports by the Honorary Se...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
2731National Library of IrelandMs20831c1949Printed and duplicated rules of the Adoption Society...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
2732National Library of IrelandMs20832c1949Publicity material produced by the Adoption Society ...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
9303National Library of IrelandMs23431(a)July 1949Minute Book of a committee formed to organise a dram...Le Brocquy Papers
9355National Library of IrelandMss23899-239101878-1949Head Rent, Tithe Rent Charges and City Rent Books of...Ormonde Papers
10112National Library of IrelandMss16515-165171916-1949Three Cash Books of Lady Poe and Miss Isabel Poe, He...
10702National Library of IrelandMs 172441942-1949Fourteen letters to Johnson, 1942-1949, corresponden...Thomas Johnson Papers
10811National Library of IrelandMs193531949-1953Minute Book of the annual general meetings of the Ad...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10812National Library of IrelandMs193541949-1953Minute Book of the national council of the Adoption ...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10814National Library of IrelandMs19356c1949-1952Register of members of the Adoption Society (Ireland...Adoption Society (Ireland) Papers
10887National Library of IrelandMs215981949Typescript copy of a statement prepared for An Buro ...Grace Plunkett Papers
10937National Library of IrelandMs22289c1949-1958Letters to Michael J Lennon from South Africa relati...Lennon Papers
87National Maternity HospitalH/121932-1949House Committee, Agenda Book, April 1932-June 1949
279National Maternity HospitalNMH/361945-1949Proposed Infants Welfare Scheme, correspondence file...
283National Maternity HospitalNMH/401949-1951Correspondence relating to the purchase of medical e...
413National Maternity HospitalNMH/431949-1957File relating to the conversion of basement rooms (f...
414National Maternity HospitalNMH/441949Report of Sub-Committee on Medical Staffing, Februar...
462National Maternity HospitalNMH/35/11949Revised plan at north end of front block of new Hosp...
493National Maternity HospitalCR/51949-1952National Maternity Hospital Medical and Clinical Rep...
460National Maternity HospitalNMH/521949-1950File concerning building work at no 1 Holles Street,...
4826Newtown School, WaterfordArchive Room Safe1926-1949Visitors' Book, 1926-December 1949.
5404Newtown School, WaterfordA1/91949-1951Executive Committee, 1949-1951: Newtown School, Wate...
5437Newtown School, WaterfordAB/241949-1962Letters to Friends, etc., regarding early applicatio...
5447Newtown School, WaterfordBA/51949-1959Diary, 1939-1949.
5509Newtown School, Waterford1949-1951Executive Committee, 1949-1951: Newtown School, Wate...
20038Newtown School, WaterfordF1-161944-1949F/7 Cul le Grein lease to Margaret Beale, 1944-1949.Quaker Papers
21346Our Lady's Hospital, Ennis1899-1931
Paying Patients' Ledgers:1899-1910February 1910-...
16553Presentation Sisters Congregational ArchivesDON1/541949Letter from Rev Richard Ronayne, secretary to the Bi...Presentation Sisters South West Province - St Joseph's Convent, Doneraile
16554Presentation Sisters Congregational ArchivesDON1/531949Receipt signed by Sr M. Benignus Martin, superior, P...Presentation Sisters South West Province - St Joseph's Convent, Doneraile
1820Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/20231838-1949The papers of the Moutray family of Favour Royal in ...
6334Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/10831944-1949D/1083/6-7 Letters from Fenella Boyle to her uncle...Charlemont Papers
7473Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/41281914-19492 minute books of Lisburn Temperance Institute, Coun...
8059Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/16301641-1949Transcripts of tombstone inscriptions, Tickmacrevan ...
8376Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2557/8c1949Copy of Porter family pedigree, last entry dated 194...
6276Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/10/1839-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Coleraine Board of Guardian Records
6284Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/18/1839-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Limavady Board of Guardian Records
6287Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/20/1844-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Lisnaskea Board of Guardian Records
6277Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/11/1839-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Cookstown Board of Guardian Records
6293Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/26/1843-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Omagh Board of Guardian Records
6290Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/23/1842-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Magherafelt Board of Guardian Records
6298Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/4/1848-1949All board of guardian records are closed for 100 yea...Ballymena Board of Guardian Records
6590Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16871943-1949D/1687/2 A time and wages book of Lisdoart Flax Mil...
6740Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/20921691-1949Papers of the Ward family, Viscount and Viscountess ...
6743Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/20931892-1949c.30 documents comprising of letters and papers of t...
6820Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24091941-19494 letters from the Right Revd. Robert Jefferson, Bis...
7006Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/25131746-1949c.1,100 documents of Johnston Solicitors, Draperstow...
7171Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/30071612-1949The Belmore papers consist of 36,400 documents and 2...Belmore Papers
7200Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/30781250-1949The papers of the Fitzgerald family, Earls of Kildar...Leinster Papers
7579Public Record Office of Northern IrelandDEV/71941-1949Department of Economic Development, 'R' File...Department of Economic Development Records
7667Public Record Office of Northern IrelandLA/221899-1949Local Authority records are closed for 30 years from...Castlederg Rural District Council Records
7706Public Record Office of Northern IrelandLA/59/1899-1949Local Authority records are closed for 30 years from...Newtownabbey Urban District Council Records
7840Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1032/11600-1949A copy of a genealogical tree of the Wilkin family, ...
8116Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1837/1948-1949T/1837/1 Printed pedigree of the Workman family, Kil...
8279Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2274/1949-1964T/2274/3 Copy of a memoir of Thomas Watters, 1840-19...
8316Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/23981945-1949Copies of 19 letters from Doctor Agatha R Crawford t...
13676Queen's University Belfast Special Collections and Archives1923-1949Queen's University of Belfast. Women Graduates' Ass...
856Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP4101940-1949Young Friends' Conference in Blackrock in 1940s.Photographic Collections
11090Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPM/WicI/A11942-1949Minutes of Bray Preparative Joint Meeting, 1942-1949...
2183Representative Church Body LibraryMs5471948-1949Correspondence about an Irish conference to follow t...Irish Christian Fellowship
23683Representative Church Body Library1873-1949Box 6 Pamphlets, 1873-1939; Minute Books, 1896-1949.Mrs Smyly's Homes
22075Representative Church Body LibraryB51873-1949St Peter's Parish, Registers of Baptisms:March 1...St Fin Barre's Cathedral Cork Archive
23532Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491946-1949Minute Book of Departmental Committee, Young Members...Mothers' Union Collection
23555Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491944-1949Agenda Book of the Executive committee of the Mother...Mothers' Union Collection
25081Royal Irish Academy12/Y/151945-1949Eight letters from Erwin Schroedinger of the Dublin ...Margaret MacDonnell Papers (deposit)
24919Royal Irish Academy of Music 1949-19504/7 8 February 1949 - 16 June 1950, contains typed a...
24973Royal Irish Academy of Music 1120/161949-19555: 24 October 1949 - 5 January 1955, attendance book...
22445Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1941-1949Killowen Hospital Minutes:1941-1949
22447Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1949-1970Royal Victoria Hospital League of Nurses Editorial S...
22450Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1949-1964Royal Victoria Hospital Committee Minutes:1949-19501...
22451Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1949-1973Belfast [Royal] Hospital Management Committee Minute...
22463Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1938-1947
Benn Hospital, Belfast, Minutes:1938-19471948-1949Bo...
22464Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1949-1950
Board of Management Minutes of Belfast Ophthalmic an...
22492Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1817-1949Royal Victoria Hospital Finance Minutes, which note ...
22501Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1881-1936
4 bound, volumes of handwritten Royal Hospital Medic...
13617Sligo Archives ServiceS/R1949-1960Minute Book of the Sligo branch of the British Legio...
11884Sligo Archives ServiceShelf A1940-1949Sligo Borough Rate Books:1940-1941 east ward (2)1940...
21991St Canice's Hospital, Kilkenny1934-1935
Farm and Garden Book:1934-19351949-1950St Canice's District Lunatic Asylum
24219Sunbeam HouseBox no. 1341901-1949Sunbeam House residents born before 1930Minute book ...
10189Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss7540-75451942-1949Diaries of Dr Elinor Dorothy Price: 1942-1944 1948-1...Dr Elinor Dorothy Price Papers
9962UCC College ArchivesSecO/file3188/Box20/101936-1949Applications for positions as clerks and typists, Un...Secretary's office
9969UCC College ArchivesSecO/file3531/Box 54/6/21948-1949File relating to pensions for widows of full time st...Secretary's Office
3654UCC Special Collections & ArchivesUC/DC696-6981949-19502 letters and 1 note from Elizabeth Rivers relating ...The Papers of Daniel Corkery
9884UCC Special Collections & ArchivesUC/COC/I/A/II/181949Typescript notes from Kathleen O'Flatherty, Cork Uni...Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin Papers
9801UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/5411946-1949Material concerning Major Grehan's continuing as...Grehan Estate Collection
18464UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/L/SOR1949-1987Includes: 6. [n.d.] Notebook inscribed ‘Eibhlis...Seán Ó Riordáin Collection
2344UCD ArchivesUCDA P131921-1949Collection includes:Gaol Diary, 1923, with reference...Lily O'Brennan
24400UCD ArchivesP1451949-1960Correspondence, lists, circulars, newspaper cuttings...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
18374University of Galway ArchivesA30c.1900-c.1949Material relating to the religious and historical pu...Dr. Helena C. Concannon Collection
18601University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP/1 (Section F)1901-1949Section F: Desmond Windham Otho FitzGerald (1901-194...The Glin Papers
4586Waterford City Archives1949-1951Outpatient X-Ray, March 1949-November 1951.Waterford City and County Infirmary
4597Waterford City Archives1949-1950X Ray Receipts Book, 27 September 1949-27 October 19...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4612Waterford City Archives34/11949-1960Cheque Journal, 4 January 1949-August 1960.Waterford City and County Infirmary
5551Waterford City ArchivesLA1/3/C/11946-1949Waterford and New Ross Port Sanitary Authority, Minu...Waterford Corporation Archives
5909Waterford City ArchivesAAC/1949-198301: Arts Advisory Committee Minutes, November 1949-J...Arts Advisory Committee
23315Waterford City ArchivesP30/194922: Notebook with rough notes on inmates includes ru...Michael Walsh Asylum
23348Waterford City ArchivesP27/1940-1949Minute Books, Waterford County Council and City Bran...Minute Books Waterford County Council and City Red Cross Society
23349Waterford City ArchivesP27/1943-1949Minute Books, Waterford County Council and City Bran...Minute Books Waterford County Council and City Red Cross Society
23363Waterford City ArchivesC1/1949286: Mayor Teddy Lynch Photographer: Anne Brophy Ope...Photographic Collections
11285Waterford County ArchivesBox 91949-1951
Box containing miscellaneous deeds, forming part of ...Lismore Castle Papers
11456Waterford County ArchivesBox 111949-1951
Includes, among other documents, routine letters rel...Lismore Castle Papers
19197Westmeath County Archives Department1918-1949Certificates of Death, 1918-1949.Westmeath County Council
19213Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1951Particulars of lodgements received from County Surve...Westmeath County Council
19235Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1953Labourers' Cottages, increase in rent due to rat...Westmeath County Council
19263Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1949Westmeath County Council Paying Patients Register, P...Westmeath County Council
19272Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1970Bookings Book regarding town hall, Mullingar:1949-19...Westmeath County Council
19274Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1968Home Assistance and Expenditure Books:31 March 1949-...Westmeath County Council
19364Westmeath County Archives Department1901-1949Athlone Urban District Council Minute Books:October ...Athlone Local Authority Records
19374Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1962Athlone Urban District Council Capital Ledger Accoun...Athlone Local Authority Records
19385Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1949Athlone Urban District Council Water Sales Book:31 M...Athlone Local Authority Records
19387Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1965Athlone Urban District Council Ledgers of Public Sla...Athlone Local Authority Records
19396Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1965Athlone Urban District Council Requirement Book: [in...Athlone Local Authority Records
19397Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1952Westmeath County Council Direct Labour Account Book:...Athlone Local Authority Records
19433Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1950Longford/Westmeath Joint Library Committee Statistic...Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee
5873Wicklow Library and Archives1899-1949Rathdrum Rural District Council Minute Book:August 1...Rathdrum Rural District Council
22800Wicklow Library and Archives1884-1949Labourers' Cottages Ledger:13 April 1884 - 22 Ap...Rathdrum Rural District Council