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Repository NameIrish Labour History Museum
AddressBeggars Bush Haddington Road Dublin 4
EircodeD04 DP27
Telephone(01) 668-1071
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CommentA partial list of the contents of the Irish Labour History Archive is available through the Irish Labour History Society (see link).

18 Results

5560Irish Labour History Museum1901-1920Dublin Municipal Officers Association: Minute Books:...Fórsa (IMPACT)
5566Irish Labour History Museum1932-1970Public Service Executive Union (PSEU):Minute Books, ...Fórsa (Public Service Executive Union - PSEU)
5567Irish Labour History MuseumComhaltas Cana:Minute Books: Inland Revenue Movement...Fórsa (Public Service Executive Union - PSEU)
5568Irish Labour History MuseumIrish Customs and Excise Union:Minute Books, 1930-. ...Fórsa (Public Service Executive Union - PSEU)
5569Irish Labour History MuseumSocial Welfare Officers Association:Minute Books: Du...Fórsa (Public Service Executive Union - PSEU)
5570Irish Labour History Museum1919-c.1965Minute Books: Annual General Meetings and Annual Con...Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland
5571Irish Labour History Museum1923
Files: Minutes: executive, finance, general purposes...Fórsa (Civil and Public Service Union - CPSU)
5573Irish Labour History Museum1925-1938Administrative Records. Files, 1925-1938 including:...Transferred Officers Protection Association
5574Irish Labour History Museum1951-1958Files, 1951-1958 including: Annual conferences, orga...Post Office Clerical Association
5575Irish Labour History MuseumMss10/WN1925-1952Documents and correspondence received in capacity as...William Norton Papers
5578Irish Labour History Museum1917-1984Rule Books: Union, 1920-1967 Pensions and benevolent...Irish Women Workers' Union
5579Irish Labour History MuseumMss10/PTWU1923-1990Minute Books: Executive, 1916- Special Committee , 1...Postal and Telecommunications Workers Union, formerly Post Office Workers
5581Irish Labour History Museum1929-1970Some of the Minute Books of the Workers' Union o...Workers Union of Ireland
5587Irish Labour History Museum1927-1960Minute Books: Council, 1928-1960 Executive, 1932-196...Dublin Council of Trade Unions
5594Irish Labour History Museum1914-1970Irish Tax Officials Union:Rule Books, 1935, 1929, 19...Fórsa (IMPACT)
5595Irish Labour History Museum1850-1894Minute Books, 1850-1894.Society of St Anne and Dublin Operative Bakers Friendly Society
20021Irish Labour History Museum1920-1971Irish Local Government Officials Union:Minute Books:...Fórsa (IMPACT)
20022Irish Labour History Museum1920-1953Union of Professional and Technical Civil Servants:R...Fórsa (IMPACT)