Repository: Mayo Local History Department

Repository NameMayo Local History Department
AddressMayo County Library John Moore Road Castlebar County Mayo
Telephone(094) 904-7953
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CommentThe information listed from this repository, which was gathered in the late 1990s, has been extracted from tentative administrative lists available in the archives. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

81 Results

14482Mayo Local History Department1899-1989Minute Books, 52 volumes, 1899-1989Mayo County Council
14483Mayo Local History Department1942-1990Manager's Orders, 53 volumes, 1942-1990Mayo County Council
14484Mayo Local History Department1948Registers of Established Officers and Servants (supp...Mayo County Council
14485Mayo Local History Department1901-1932Quarterly Statement Books, 42 volumes, 1901-1932Mayo County Council
14486Mayo Local History Department1919-1927Temporary Staff Account Book, 1919-1927Mayo County Council
14487Mayo Local History Department1918Workmen's Wages Account Book, 1918Mayo County Council
14488Mayo Local History Department1936-1959Diseases of Animals Act, Tuberculosis Record Book, 1...Mayo County Council
14489Mayo Local History Department1943-1972Financial Statement Book, Expenditure Loans, 1943-19...Mayo County Council
14490Mayo Local History Department1943-1969Register of Lands, 1943-1969Mayo County Council
14491Mayo Local History Department1940-1967Scrap Book containing advertisements, 1940-1967Mayo County Council
14492Mayo Local History Department1930-1979Sheep Dip Register, 3 volumes, 1930-1979Mayo County Council
14493Mayo Local History Department1937-1982Register of Dairymen, 1937-1982Mayo County Council
14494Mayo Local History Department1948-1966Register of Insurances, 1948-1966Mayo County Council
14495Mayo Local History Department1962-1966
Register of Licences granted under the Pharmacy and ...Mayo County Council
14496Mayo Local History Department1933-1984Register of Interments, 17 volumes, 1933-c.1984, som...Mayo County Council
14497Mayo Local History Department1941-1988Register of Electors, c.55 volumes, 1941-1988 with g...Mayo County Council
14498Mayo Local History Department1927-1942Minute Book, Library Committee, 1927-1942.Mayo County Council
14499Mayo Local History Department1935-1980Services Files, for example, files relating to water...Mayo County Council
14500Mayo Local History Department1949-1965Housing Department, general files, c.1949-1965.Mayo County Council
14501Mayo Local History Department1945-1980General Purpose, general files, c.1945-1980s, includ...Mayo County Council
14502Mayo Local History Department1965-1980Roads Department, files on various road schemes, con...Mayo County Council
14503Mayo Local History Department1904-1965Motor Tax Section, Registers of Registration and Lic...Mayo County Council
14504Mayo Local History Department1904-1921Motor Tax Section, Register of Motor Licences, 1904-...Mayo County Council
14505Mayo Local History Department1943-1982Financial Records, 1943-1982, these include:Seed &am...Mayo County Council
14506Mayo Local History Department1933-1953Board of Health and Public Assistance for County of ...Mayo Board of Health
14507Mayo Local History Department1917-1918Financial Statement Book, Receipts, 1917-1918Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14508Mayo Local History Department1908-1912Labourers Cottages Ledger, 1908-1912Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14509Mayo Local History Department1903-1904
Minute Books:13 June 1903-25 July 190427 May 1912-20...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14510Mayo Local History Department1901-1911Executive Sanitary Officers Record and Report Book, ...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14511Mayo Local History Department1903-1923Estimate of Demands made to County Council, 1903-192...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14512Mayo Local History Department1903-1921Register of Cases of Infectious Diseases, 1903-1921Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14513Mayo Local History Department1909-1923Sanitary Sub-Officers Weekly Record of Work, 2 volum...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14514Mayo Local History Department1910-1926Labourers Cottages Rent Collectors Report Sheets, 19...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14515Mayo Local History Department1917-1925Executive Sanitary Officers Record and Report Book, ...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14516Mayo Local History Department1855-1922Scrapbook of Newspaper Cuttings, 1855-1922Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14517Mayo Local History Department1902-1904Recommendations as to Proposals for Payments, 1902-1...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14518Mayo Local History Department1906-1918Public Notice Book (counterfoil), Sanitary Board, 19...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14519Mayo Local History Department1907-1925Ledgers, 13 volumes, 1907-1925Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14520Mayo Local History Department1908-1912Labourers' Acts Ledger, 1908-1912Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14521Mayo Local History Department1900-1904Financial Statement Book, Expenditure, 1900-1904Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14522Mayo Local History Department1915
Statement Books:19151917Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14523Mayo Local History Department1925-1928Area Proposal/Tender Committee Minutes, 13 July 1925...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14524Mayo Local History Department1901-1968Minute Books, 13 volumes, 1901-1968Castlebar Urban District Council
14525Mayo Local History Department1942-1999Manager's Orders, 1942-1999Castlebar Urban District Council
14526Mayo Local History Department1896-1933Deeds and Conveyances, 1896-c.1933Castlebar Urban District Council
14527Mayo Local History Department1961-1976Expenditure Ledgers, 7 volumes, 1961-1976Castlebar Urban District Council
14528Mayo Local History Department1969-1971Rate Book, 1969-1971Castlebar Urban District Council
14529Mayo Local History Department1952-1973Register of Interment Charges, 1952-1973Castlebar Urban District Council
14530Mayo Local History Department1958-1975Financial Statement Books, Receipts, 6 volumes, 1958...Castlebar Urban District Council
14531Mayo Local History Department1940-1989Administrative Files, 1940s-1980s, includes Road Fil...Castlebar Urban District Council
14532Mayo Local History Department1984-1985Register of mortgages, 1984-1985.Castlebar Urban District Council
14533Mayo Local History Department1909-1916Account Books, 2 volumes, 1909-1916Castlebar Poor Law Union
14534Mayo Local History Department1900Minute Book, June 1900-September 1900.Castlebar Poor Law Union
14535Mayo Local History Department1901-1918Minute Books:7 December 1901-15 November 19027 Novem...Castlebar Rural District Council
14536Mayo Local History Department1899-1903Damp Press Letter Book, 1899-1903.Castlebar Rural District Council
14537Mayo Local History Department1901-1961Minute Books, 38 volumes, 1901-1961Ballina Urban District Council
14538Mayo Local History Department1901-1961Receipt and Expenditure Accounts Ledger, includes de...Ballina Urban District Council
14539Mayo Local History Department1942-1962Manager's Orders Registers, 2 volumes, 1942-1962Ballina Urban District Council
14540Mayo Local History Department1940-1970Administration files relating to housing, sanitary s...Ballina Urban District Council
14541Mayo Local History Department1917-1981Rentals of Artisans' Dwellings, 16 volumes, 1917...Ballina Urban District Council
14542Mayo Local History Department1905-1958Expenditure Account Book relating to roads, water sc...Ballina Urban District Council
14543Mayo Local History Department1963-1972Analysis Books, Housing and Salaries, 3 volumes, 196...Ballina Urban District Council
14544Mayo Local History Department1937-1968Day Books being a record of receipts and expenditure...Ballina Urban District Council
14545Mayo Local History Department1925-1930
Expenditure Books, 11 volumes:1925-19301936-1963Ballina Urban District Council
14546Mayo Local History Department1925-1955General Ledgers recording details of revenue and loa...Ballina Urban District Council
14547Mayo Local History Department1903-1909Damp-press Letter Book, outgoing letters, 1903-1909.Ballina Urban District Council
14548Mayo Local History Department1869-1890Ballina Town Commissioners:Rate Books, 5 volumes, 18...Ballina Urban District Council
14549Mayo Local History Department1880-1894
Town Court Books being registers of proceedigns take...Ballina Urban District Council
14550Mayo Local History Department1883Swinford Poor Law Union:Minute Book, 1883Local Authority Records
14551Mayo Local History Department1844-1899Minute Books:June 1844-February 1846September 1847-J...Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
14552Mayo Local History Department1841-1913Workhouse Financial Records, 1841-1913.Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
14553Mayo Local History Department1855-1914Letter Books, 1855-1914Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
14554Mayo Local History Department1900-1921Legal Matters and Workhouse Administration,1900-1921...Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
14555Mayo Local History Department1874-1926Outdoor Relief and Workhouse Infirmary records, 1874...Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
14556Mayo Local History Department1840-1940Includes images from Mayo; for example, a photo of a...Sexton Photographic Collection
14557Mayo Local History Department1950The collection covers several aspects of life in Cou...Lyons Photographic Collection
14558Mayo Local History Department1870-1940The collection is comprised of photographs depicting...Wynne Photographic Collection
14559Mayo Local History Department1854Digitised copy of Encumbered Estates Court Records f...Incumbered estates/Landed Estates Court
14560Mayo Local History Department1860-1891Mayo County Library holds copies of the following En...Incumbered estates/Landed Estates Court
14561Mayo Local History Department1834-1913Estate Rental Records:James D.H. Browne: Claremorris...Mayo Estate Rentals
14562Mayo Local History Department1942-1945Mayo County Library have digitised records from the ...Irish Tourist Association Topographical and General Survey