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20002Ballymena Central Library1983-1996
Coleraine Council Minutes:1983-19961998-2005Coleraine Borough Council Records
1187Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1151927-1983Note containing names and addresses of women deporte...Brother Allen Archival Collection
23852Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1051983Folder 14 Letters: Letter to Brother Allen from Jim ...Brother Allen Archival Collection
16819Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1911-1956
Preachers' Books, Clonbeg, including list of rea...Bolton Library Archive
15067Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1962-19831 bound folder, 'Camp Hall, House, Stationery...
15083Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1982-1983Receipts and Paid Bills,1982-1983.
15153Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1983-1987Details of Number 1 Account:30 September 1983-30 Sep...
6132Clare County Archives1981-1983Staff Development and Training Record, 1981 - 1983.Clare County Council
6038Clare County Archives1930-1983Minutes of Board of Health and Housing Committee, 9 ...County Clare Board of Health
23169Fermanagh County Museum, Enniskillen CastleFCM-1996-0961983A photograph of Joan Trimble after receiving Honorar...Joan and Valerie Trimble Papers
236Irish Film ArchiveAttracta1983'Attracta': Production Company: BAC Films Directo...
251Irish Film ArchiveDying for a Drink1983'Dying for a Drink': Production Company: Radharc D...
24540Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1977-1983Folder, minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 1977 ...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24555Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1983-1984Folder, Executive Council Minute book, February 1983...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24556Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1981-1983Folder, Executive Council Minute book, November 1981...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24559Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1983-1985Folder, Executive Council (Finance) Minute book, Jun...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24548Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1949
Folder, The Nurses Union of Ireland, Executive Commi...Irish Nurses' Organisation
24560Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1978-1983Folder, Executive Council (Finance) Minute book, Feb...Irish Nurses' Organisation
2258Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1551975-1983Archive of the Irish Theatre Company, 1975-1983, inc...Archive of Irish Theatre Company
13820Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.0712)1983Card, invitation. Dr Billy Cahill, chairman of Board...
13814Monaghan County Library Genealogy and Local History Department1979-1983Typescript, Monaghan Vocational Education Committee ...
21573Monaghan County Museum1867-1888
School Registers, CBS Monaghan, 1867-1888, 1940-1983
15256National Archives of Ireland 2001/1031865-1983National School records for St Brigid's and Lower Ro...National Schools, Private Accessions
15268National Archives of Ireland 2002/831940-1983National School records for St Louis' Rathmines, Dub...National Schools, Private Accessions
16470National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL)NIVAL/AAI1983-2002This collection represents a small proportion of the...Artists' Association of Ireland
1755National Maternity HospitalM/71977-1983Master's Report. February 1977-December 1983. Typscr...
1765National Maternity HospitalH/71964-1983House Committee Minute Book, January 1964-December 1...
14782National Women's Council of Ireland1983AIM Group for Family Law Reform, 'Modern Marriage, A...
14855National Women's Council of Ireland1983Council for the Status of Women, EEC Seminar October...
14865National Women's Council of Ireland1982
Mary Ena Walsh, 'Women in Rural Ireland: A Report of...
14889National Women's Council of Ireland1983'The International Soroptimist', volume 11 (March 19...
14891National Women's Council of Ireland1983'Equal Opportunities International', volume 2. no. 1...
14892National Women's Council of Ireland1983'Equal Opportunities International', volume 2, no. 2...
14948National Women's Council of Ireland1983Pauline Jackson, 'The Deadly Solution to an Irish Pr...
14977National Women's Council of Ireland1983Commission of the European Community, 'Women and Men...
18897Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/3/1-71983-19887 Authorised and Approved Officer's Orders - OFCC...Records of Offaly County Council
18924Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/8/1925-19837 Postage books:1: 1925 - 19372: 1937 - 19453: 1949 ...Records of Offaly County Council
21383OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre (OMARC)Box 46-691958-1983Folder of twelve letters, postcards, etc., from Rosa...Airfield Archive
6204Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland1596-1983Aghadowey Presbyterian Church: Photocopy of session ...
1106Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3875/1/21926-1983Ulster Girl Guides' Finance Committee:1: March 1...Girl Guides' Minute Books
6329Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1050c1899-1983Records of the Belfast and District Trades Union Cou...Trade Union Records
7357Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38141967-19835 folders and 1 volume of records relating to the No...
8745Public Record Office of Northern IrelandTP/291983Audio tape of British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC]...
6367Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/17661804-1983T/1766/1 Genealogical notes on the Heron and Hutton ...
6739Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/20861903-198323 volumes, c.3,000 case files, 850 letters and c.75...Bryson House Records
7307Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/36451963-19834 volumes and c.100 documents relating to the Ulster...
7339Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/37461983-1986Pedigree and genealogy of the Brooks family of Bella...
7390Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38951889-1983Records of Belfast Co-operative Society Limited, the...
2281RCSI Heritage CollectionsMercer's Hospital1734-1983Mercer's Hospital Records:Act for regulating the...Mercer's Hospital Archive
3894Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPamphlet Box 17B1983-19861 Letters from T D's and Senators, 1983-1984. 5 M...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
23742Representative Church Body LibraryMS607/1983-1984Financial Records: 16: Dinner money, telephone and l...Records of the Mageough Home, Dublin
22403Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1980-1983
Minutes of the Kathleen Lynn Memorial CommitteeRepor...Saint Ultan's Hospital
4363RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA42311983Day by Day: Women in the Army, 8 March 1983.Sound Archive
4364RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA42441983Day by Day: A Drug Addicts Story, 20 April 1983.Sound Archive
4365RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA42721983Day by Day: Writer Polly Devlin, 27 June 1983.Sound Archive
4366RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA42731983Day by Day: Test Tube Babies, 30 June 1983.Sound Archive
4367RTÉ Archive (Sound)D007421983Looking West: Experience of Missionary Nuns, 8 July ...Sound Archive
4368RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB14211983Talkback: Violence Against Women, 12 July 1983.Sound Archive
4369RTÉ Archive (Sound)A42761983Day by Day: Abortion Amendment, 5 September 1983.Sound Archive
4370RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB13551983On The Record: Maeve Binchy and Stuart Hood, 8 Septe...Sound Archive
4371RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA42761983Day by Day: Molly Keane Interview, 29 September 1983...Sound Archive
4372RTÉ Archive (Sound)A43181983Day by Day: Nell versus Council for the Status of Wo...Sound Archive
4373RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB15271983Women Today: Fairy Tales and Women, 24 November 1983...Sound Archive
4374RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB14841983Women Today: Unwanted Sexual Advances, 8 December 19...Sound Archive
6201RTÉ Archive (Television)D97008681983Women Talking: 12 August 1983, Alternatives to Marri...Television Programme Archive
6202RTÉ Archive (Television)D97008711983Women Talking: 19 September 1983, Women on Women.Television Programme Archive
6203RTÉ Archive (Television)D97008711983Women Talking: 10 October 1983, Fir as Gaeilge.Television Programme Archive
24735RTÉ Archive (Television)1983-1986'Women's Programme':31 October 1983, Vox...Television Programme Archive
24878RTÉ Archive (Television)19832 March 1983 'Today Tonight', No 364 Cleaning Women ...Television Programme Archive
24879RTÉ Archive (Television)19832 March 1983 'Today Tonight', No 385 International W...Television Programme Archive
24880RTÉ Archive (Television)19836 April 1983 'Folio' Molly Keane Profile.Television Programme Archive
24881RTÉ Archive (Television)19836 April 1983 'Wednesday Plus' Priests Housekeepers.Television Programme Archive
24882RTÉ Archive (Television)198312 April 1983 News Bulletin women soldiers leave for...Television Programme Archive
24883RTÉ Archive (Television)198316 April 1983 News Bulletin Legislation giving equal...Television Programme Archive
24884RTÉ Archive (Television)198319 April 1983 News Bulletin Baby Battering on Increa...Television Programme Archive
24885RTÉ Archive (Television)198328 April 1983 'Today Tonight' Equality in Education.Television Programme Archive
24886RTÉ Archive (Television)198312 July 1983 News Bulletin Silver Sisterhood.Television Programme Archive
24887RTÉ Archive (Television)198330 August 1983 News Bulletin Opposition Pro Life Ame...Television Programme Archive
24888RTÉ Archive (Television)198330 August 1983 News Bulletin Abortion Referendum.Television Programme Archive
24889RTÉ Archive (Television)198312 September 1983 News Bulletin Alternatives to Marr...Television Programme Archive
24890RTÉ Archive (Television)198315 September 1983 'Today Tonight' Marital Breakdown.Television Programme Archive
24891RTÉ Archive (Television)198319 September 1983 'Women Talking' Women on Women.Television Programme Archive
24892RTÉ Archive (Television)198312 December 1983 'Women's Programme' Sister of Dolor...Television Programme Archive
11971Sisters of the Irish Ursuline Union1786-1983
1 volume, National Training College for Teachers of ...Ursuline Convent Thurles
11878Sligo Archives ServiceShelf F1867-1983Rate Books for Sligo Borough, 1950-1952. Notices of...
10627UCD ArchivesFF/E/VII/884 (P176)1983Abortion Referendum 1983, series of press cuttings f...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10632UCD ArchivesFF/B/I/4/b/185 (P176)1983General Secretary, Frank Wall: Material relating to ...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10643UCD ArchivesFF/B/IX/5/514 (P176)1983-1984Correspondence between National Youth Organisers and...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
6224Ulster University Special Collections, Magee Campusc.1868-c.1983Collection of c.3000 photographic negatives of local...Photographic Collections
24177Union Theological CollegeRRH-L-1-11893-1983
Girls' Brigade booklet, 1893-1983 (Belfast, c198...
1044Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/2/1952-1983Rates South Ward 3B:30: 1952 - 195331: 1953 - 195432...Records of the Finance Department
1048Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/3/1976-1983Rates South Ward 4:63: 1976 - 197764: 1977 - 197865:...Records of the Finance Department
1051Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/4/1974-1983Rates Tower Ward:69: 1974 - 197570: 1975 - 197671: 1...Records of the Finance Department
1052Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/5/1906-1983Rates West Ward:1: 1906-190721: 1926-192722: 1927-19...Records of the Finance Department
1740Waterford City Archives1983-1985Operations Book, January 1983-2 July 1985.Waterford City and County Infirmary
5909Waterford City ArchivesAAC/1949-198301: Arts Advisory Committee Minutes, November 1949-J...Arts Advisory Committee
5942Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/6/1964-1983Rates Centre Ward:59: 1964 - 196560: 1965 - 196661: ...Records of the Finance Department
5946Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/8/1972-1983Rates Custom House B:21: 1972 - 197322: 1973 - 19742...Records of the Finance Department
5949Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/11/1981-1983Rates Added Areas West:1: 1981 - 19822: 1982 - 1983Records of the Finance Department
23657Waterford City ArchivesAAC/1976
04: Arts Advisory Committee Minutes 1976, 1982-1983...Arts Advisory Committee
19203Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1983Documentation relating to bye-laws concerning nuisan...Westmeath County Council