21146King's Hospital School232-236A1738-1827Mercer's School: 225 Mercer's School Mercer's Accoun...King's Hospital Records
21147King's Hospital School232-236A1856-1876225A Mercer's Account Book and Rent Roll, 1856-1876.King's Hospital Records
21148King's Hospital School232-236A1836-1855
225b Rent Receipt Book, 1836-1855 Rental and Account...King's Hospital Records
21149King's Hospital School232-236A1700-1709225E Paul Barry's aquitance book for payment of titl...King's Hospital Records
21150King's Hospital School232-236A1866225F Mercer's Rental, 1866.King's Hospital Records
21151King's Hospital School232-236A1877225G Mercer's Rental, 1877.King's Hospital Records
21152King's Hospital School232-236A1900226H Mercer's Rental, 1900.King's Hospital Records
21153King's Hospital School232-236A1829-1865226 Committee Book, 1829 - 1865.King's Hospital Records
21154King's Hospital School232-236A1829-1883227 Visitors Book, 1829 - 1883.King's Hospital Records
21155King's Hospital School232-236A1832-1893228 Minute Book, 1832 - 1893. Madam Mercer's Charity...King's Hospital Records
21156King's Hospital School232-236A1897-1968229 Minute Book, 1897 - 17 January 1968.King's Hospital Records
21157King's Hospital School232-236A1864-1882230 Account Book, 1864 - 1882.King's Hospital Records
21158King's Hospital School232-236A1866-1878231 Account Book, 1866 - 1878.King's Hospital Records
21159King's Hospital School232-236A1874-1901232 Account Book, 1874 - 1901.King's Hospital Records
21160King's Hospital School232-236A1950-1965232A Account Book, stationery, 1950 - 1965.King's Hospital Records
21161King's Hospital School232-236A1940-1949232B Account Book, stationery, 1940 - 1949.King's Hospital Records
21162King's Hospital School232-236A1859-1864233 Provisions list, 1859 - 1864 .King's Hospital Records
21163King's Hospital School232-236A1865-1931234 Admissions, 1865 - 1931.King's Hospital Records
21164King's Hospital School232-236A1961-1968234A Fee Register, 1961- 1968.King's Hospital Records
21165King's Hospital School232-236A1864-1871235 Day Book, 1864 - 1871.King's Hospital Records
21166King's Hospital School232-236A1915-1966236 Birth Certificate, Record Book, 1915 - 1966.King's Hospital Records
21167King's Hospital School232-236A1917-1966236A Examination Marks Book, 1917 - 1966.King's Hospital Records