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Repository NameKing's Hospital School
AddressOld Lucan Road Palmerstown County Dublin
EircodeD20 V256
Telephone(01) 643-6500
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1787King's Hospital School1745-19671 List of Headmistresses and Matrons of Mercers Scho...Mercer's School
1788King's Hospital SchoolMercer, Mary: Will certified copy in Bursar's of...Mercer's School
1789King's Hospital School5/1742
5/ 1910 Scheme for regulation of the charity: Record...Mercer's School
1791King's Hospital School5/196615 Mercers's school. Memorandums regarding merge...Mercer's School
1793King's Hospital School1890-1970Mercer School Photographs: Collection of c.500 photo...Mercer School Photographs
5547King's Hospital School300-3011872-1968300 Abstract of Accounts, 1872Auditor's Report, ...King's Hospital Records
5854King's Hospital School216-2311818-1958216 Letter Books, incoming, 1861 - 1861. 217 Prescr...King's Hospital Records
5858King's Hospital School290-291290 Programmes charter day, carol services, sports d...King's Hospital Records
20914King's Hospital School1-16a1669-17391 Account Book, 1669-1739.King's Hospital Records
20915King's Hospital School1-16a1674-17302 Board Minute Book, 1674-1730.King's Hospital Records
20916King's Hospital School1-16a1669-16932a Building Committee Book, 1669 - 1693.King's Hospital Records
20917King's Hospital School1-16a1726-17463 Board Minute Book, 1726-1746.King's Hospital Records
20918King's Hospital School1-16a1726-17444 Board Order, mainly dealing with admissions and ap...King's Hospital Records
20919King's Hospital School1-16a1716-17265 Board Order Book, 1716 - 1726.King's Hospital Records
20920King's Hospital School1-16a1775-17776 Board Agenda Committee, 1775 - 1777.King's Hospital Records
20921King's Hospital School1-16a1779-18017 Board Minute Book, 1779-1801.King's Hospital Records
20922King's Hospital School1-16a1798-18238 Committee Book, 1798 - 1823.King's Hospital Records
20923King's Hospital School1-16a1829-18449 Committee Book, 1829-1844.King's Hospital Records
20924King's Hospital School1-16a1842-184410 Noddstown Committee, 1842-1844.King's Hospital Records
20925King's Hospital School1-16a1802-182911 Board Minute Book, 1802 - 1829.King's Hospital Records
20926King's Hospital School1-16a1841-185612 Board Minute Book, 1841-1856.King's Hospital Records
20927King's Hospital School1-16a1844-185713 Committee Book, 1844 - 1857King's Hospital Records
20928King's Hospital School1-16a1857-188714 Committee Minute Book, 1857 - 1887.King's Hospital Records
20929King's Hospital School1-16a1856-190515 Board Minute Book, 1856 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20930King's Hospital School1-16a1887-191116 General Committee Book, 1887 - 1911.King's Hospital Records
20931King's Hospital School1-16a1912-194016a General Committee Minutes, 1912-1940.King's Hospital Records
20932King's Hospital School17-321941-196717 Committee Book Minutes, 1941 - 1967.King's Hospital Records
20933King's Hospital School17-321905-195818 Board Minute Book, 1905 - 1958.King's Hospital Records
20934King's Hospital School17-321958-196719 Board Minute Book, 1958 - 1967.King's Hospital Records
20935King's Hospital School17-321908-196720 Index of Board and Committee Minutes, 1908 - 1967...King's Hospital Records
20936King's Hospital School17-321856-190821 Board Committee Index Book, 1856 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
20937King's Hospital School17-321839-185522 Committee of Accounts, 1839 - 1855.King's Hospital Records
20938King's Hospital School17-321858-186423 House Committee Book, 1858 - 1864.King's Hospital Records
20939King's Hospital School17-32188424 Report of Special Committee, 1884.King's Hospital Records
20940King's Hospital School17-32194325 Estate Sub-committee Minute Book, 1943.King's Hospital Records
20941King's Hospital School17-321892-190526 Education Committee Book, 1892 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20942King's Hospital School17-321950-196027 Visiting Governor's Report Book, 1950 - 1960.King's Hospital Records
20943King's Hospital School17-321875-187628 Committee of Accounts, 1875 - 1876.King's Hospital Records
20944King's Hospital School17-321884-190029 Headmaster's Report Book, 1884 - 1900.King's Hospital Records
20945King's Hospital School17-321900-191130 Headmaster's Report Book, 1900 - 1911.King's Hospital Records
20946King's Hospital School17-321911-192731 Headmaster's Report Book, 1911 - 1927.King's Hospital Records
20947King's Hospital School17-321852-187632 Board Minutes, 1852 - 1876.King's Hospital Records
20948King's Hospital School33-481859-186833 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1859 - 1868.King's Hospital Records
20949King's Hospital School33-481858-185934 Committee & Board Agenda, 1858 - 1859.King's Hospital Records
20950King's Hospital School33-481869-187935 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1869 - 1879.King's Hospital Records
20951King's Hospital School33-481879-188936 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1879 - 1889.King's Hospital Records
20952King's Hospital School33-481889-189937 Committee Agenda, 1889 - 1899.King's Hospital Records
20953King's Hospital School33-481899-191238 Committee Agenda, 1899 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
20954King's Hospital School33-481899-191239 Committee Agenda, 1899 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
20955King's Hospital School33-481890-190540 Board Agenda, 1890 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20956King's Hospital School33-481905-196841 Board Agenda Book, 1905 - July 1968.King's Hospital Records
20957King's Hospital School33-481912-194342 Committee Agenda, 1912 - 1943.King's Hospital Records
20958King's Hospital School33-481909-195043 Board Attendance Book, 1909 - 1950.King's Hospital Records
20959King's Hospital School33-481669-185543A Benefactors, List of, 1669 - 1855.King's Hospital Records
20960King's Hospital School33-481669-167544 Account Book concerned with building of first sch...King's Hospital Records
20961King's Hospital School33-481669-167645 Day Book, 1669 - 1676.King's Hospital Records
20962King's Hospital School33-481669-167746 Waste Book, 1669 - 1677.King's Hospital Records
20963King's Hospital School33-481669-167647 Accounts Book (separately listed) ,1669 - 1676.King's Hospital Records
20964King's Hospital School33-481676-167748 Book of Bonds for maintenance of King's Hospital,...King's Hospital Records
20965King's Hospital School49-641742-174549 Building Committee Book, 2 July 1742 - 7 August 1...King's Hospital Records
20966King's Hospital School49-64174250 Account Book on work done on 1742 building, 1742.King's Hospital Records
20967King's Hospital School49-641742-174551 Carpenters Account, 1742 - 1745.King's Hospital Records
20968King's Hospital School49-641742-174452 Sawyers Accounts, 1742 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
20969King's Hospital School49-641742-174553 Labourers work book on building, 1742-1745.King's Hospital Records
20970King's Hospital School49-6454 Masons Mad Barrow Lime-Kiln .King's Hospital Records
20971King's Hospital School49-641742-174455 Building expenditure, 1742 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
20972King's Hospital School49-641773-177456 Building account, 1773 - 1774.King's Hospital Records
20973King's Hospital School49-641776-178557-57A. Account Books (2) in connection with erectio...King's Hospital Records
20974King's Hospital School49-641776-178058 Stones Gravel, 1776-1780.King's Hospital Records
20975King's Hospital School49-6459 Accounts regarding stones gravel etc. Building of...King's Hospital Records
20976King's Hospital School49-641773-178060 Ironmongers Books, 1773 - 1780.King's Hospital Records
20977King's Hospital School49-641777-177861 Carters Day Book, Blackhall Place Building, 1777 ...King's Hospital Records
20978King's Hospital School49-641778-178062 Carters Day Book, Blackhall Place Building, 1778 ...King's Hospital Records
20979King's Hospital School49-641780-178163 Carters Day Book, Blackhall Place Building, 1780 ...King's Hospital Records
20980King's Hospital School49-641670-168064 Rent Accounts, 1670 - 1680.King's Hospital Records
20981King's Hospital School65-8265 Contemporary copies of early deed, no date.King's Hospital Records
20982King's Hospital School65-82172966 Rental 'cc' maps, 1729.King's Hospital Records
20983King's Hospital School65-821645-184567 Abstract of Deeds and Leases by Goddard Identific...King's Hospital Records
20984King's Hospital School65-821669-168368 Rent Ledgers, 1669 - 1683.King's Hospital Records
20985King's Hospital School65-821730-174669 Rent Ledger, 1730 - 1746.King's Hospital Records
20986King's Hospital School65-821746-177470 Rent Ledger, 1746-1774.King's Hospital Records
20987King's Hospital School65-821774-177971 Rent Ledger, 1774 -1779.King's Hospital Records
20988King's Hospital School65-821779-179372 Rent Ledger, 1779-1793.King's Hospital Records
20989King's Hospital School65-821793-182273 Rent Ledger, 1793-1822.King's Hospital Records
20990King's Hospital School65-821823-182974 Rent Ledger, 1823-1829.King's Hospital Records
20991King's Hospital School65-821829-183775 Rent Ledger, 1829-1837.King's Hospital Records
20992King's Hospital School65-821837-185676 Rent Ledger, 1837-1856.King's Hospital Records
20993King's Hospital School65-821859-188077 Rent Received Book, 1859 - 1880.King's Hospital Records
20994King's Hospital School65-82185078 Chadwicks Noddstown, 1850.King's Hospital Records
20995King's Hospital School65-821858-186879 Annual Accounts, 1858 - 1868.King's Hospital Records
20996King's Hospital School65-821869-188580 General Accounts, 1869-1885.King's Hospital Records
20997King's Hospital School65-821886-190181 Ledger, 1886-1901.King's Hospital Records
20998King's Hospital School65-821902-190882 Ledger, 1902 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
20999King's Hospital School83-991909-192183 Ledger, 1909 - 1921.King's Hospital Records
21000King's Hospital School83-991922-193984 Ledger, 1922 - 1939.King's Hospital Records
21001King's Hospital School83-991940-195785 Ledger, 1940 - 1957.King's Hospital Records
21002King's Hospital School83-991739-174686 Annual Accounts, 1739 - 1746.King's Hospital Records
21003King's Hospital School83-991771-179287 Agents Accounts, 1771 - 1792.King's Hospital Records
21004King's Hospital School83-991793-180988 Agents Accounts, 1793 - 1809.King's Hospital Records
21005King's Hospital School83-991838-183989 Agents Accounts, Mr A. Home, 1838 - 1839.King's Hospital Records
21006King's Hospital School83-991840-184490 Agents Accounts, King's Hospital, 1840 - 1844.King's Hospital Records
21007King's Hospital School83-991827-182891 Agents Accounts, 1827 - 1828.King's Hospital Records
21008King's Hospital School83-991819-182092 Agents Accounts, 1819 - 1820.King's Hospital Records
21009King's Hospital School83-991827-182893 Draft Account, 1827 - 1828.King's Hospital Records
21010King's Hospital School83-991830-183794 Agents Accounts, 1830 -1837.King's Hospital Records
21011King's Hospital School83-991838-183995 Receipts Expenditure, 1838 - 1839.King's Hospital Records
21012King's Hospital School83-991838-183995A Receipts Expenditure, 1838 - 1839.King's Hospital Records
21013King's Hospital School83-99183896 Rental, 1-28 September 1838.King's Hospital Records
21014King's Hospital School83-99183897 Income and Expenditure, 1 January - 28 September ...King's Hospital Records
21015King's Hospital School83-99187698 Draft Ledger, 1-27 June 1876.King's Hospital Records
21016King's Hospital School83-99193999 Report by G.W. Tulloch FCA Revised balance sheet,...King's Hospital Records
21017King's Hospital School100-1151814-1827115 Monthly Accounts, 1814 - 1827.King's Hospital Records
21018King's Hospital School100-1151792-1800114 Monthly Accounts, 1792 -1800.King's Hospital Records
21019King's Hospital School100-1151790-1794113 Monthly Accounts, 1790 - 1794.King's Hospital Records
21020King's Hospital School100-1151779-1790112 Monthly Accounts, 1779 - 1790.King's Hospital Records
21021King's Hospital School100-1151744-1757111 Monthly Accounts, 1744 - 1757.King's Hospital Records
21022King's Hospital School100-1151737-1744110 Account Book, 1737 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
21023King's Hospital School100-1151733-1738109 Monthly Accounts, 1733 - 1738.King's Hospital Records
21024King's Hospital School100-1151729-1737108 Monthly Accounts, 1729 - 1737.King's Hospital Records
21025King's Hospital School100-1151729-1737107 Monthly Accounts, 1729 - 1737.King's Hospital Records
21026King's Hospital School100-1151726-1729106 Monthly Accounts, 1726 - 1729.King's Hospital Records
21027King's Hospital School100-1151874-1891105 Journal, 1874 - 1891.King's Hospital Records
21028King's Hospital School100-1151858-1874104 Journal, 1858 - 1874.King's Hospital Records
21029King's Hospital School100-1151838-1858103 Day Accounts Book, 1838 - 1858.King's Hospital Records
21030King's Hospital School100-1151752-1759102 Day Book, 1752 - 1759.King's Hospital Records
21031King's Hospital School100-1151737-1740101 Day Book, 1737 - 1740.King's Hospital Records
21032King's Hospital School100-1151729-1735100 Day Book, 1729 - 1735.King's Hospital Records
21033King's Hospital School116-1301738-1744116 Monthly Accounts, 1738 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
21034King's Hospital School116-1301738-1744117 Monthly Accounts September Account Book, 1738 - ...King's Hospital Records
21035King's Hospital School116-1301796-1807118 Trade etc Accounts, 1796 - 1807.King's Hospital Records
21036King's Hospital School116-1301807-1813119 Milk Book, 1807 - 1813.King's Hospital Records
21037King's Hospital School116-1301817-1829120 Butter, Beer, Potatoes and Meat, 1817 - 1829.King's Hospital Records
21038King's Hospital School116-1301823-1827120A Bread Accounts, 1823-1827.King's Hospital Records
21039King's Hospital School116-1301738-1756121 Cash Book, 1738 - 1756.King's Hospital Records
21040King's Hospital School116-1301794-1810122 Cash Book, 1794 - 1810.King's Hospital Records
21041King's Hospital School116-1301801-1810123 Cash Book, 1801 - 1810.King's Hospital Records
21042King's Hospital School116-1301810-1811124 Account of receipts and payments, 1810 - 1811.King's Hospital Records
21043King's Hospital School116-1301815-1817125 Cash Book, 1815 - 1817.King's Hospital Records
21044King's Hospital School116-1301817-1823126 Account of receipts payment, 1817 - 1823.King's Hospital Records
21045King's Hospital School116-1301823-1829127 Account of receipts payment, 1823 - 1829.King's Hospital Records
21046King's Hospital School116-1301858-1874128 Cash Book, 1858 - 1874.King's Hospital Records
21047King's Hospital School116-1301876-1878129 Cash Book, 1876 - 1878.King's Hospital Records
21048King's Hospital School116-1301892-1908130 Cash Book, 1892 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
21050King's Hospital School131-1441932-1954144 Accounts for payment, 1932 - 1954.King's Hospital Records
21051King's Hospital School131-1441908-1932143 Accounts for payment, 1908 - 1932.King's Hospital Records
21052King's Hospital School131-1441890-1908142 Accounts for payment, 1890 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
21053King's Hospital School131-1441876141 Accounts for payment from 26 January 1876 .King's Hospital Records
21054King's Hospital School131-1441885-1987140 Quarterly Accounts, September 1885 - 12 December...King's Hospital Records
21056King's Hospital School131-1441965-1971139A Cash Book, 1965 - 1971.King's Hospital Records
21057King's Hospital School131-1441954-1965139 Cash Book, April 1954 - October 1965.King's Hospital Records
21058King's Hospital School131-1441939-1954138 Cash Book, 1939 - 1954.King's Hospital Records
21059King's Hospital School131-1441923-1939137 Cash Book, 1923 - 1939.King's Hospital Records
21060King's Hospital School131-1441908-1922136 Cash Book, 1908 - 1922.King's Hospital Records
21061King's Hospital School131-1441959-1970135A Cash received Book, 1959 - 1970.King's Hospital Records
21062King's Hospital School131-1441951-1958135 Cash received Book, 1951 - 1958.King's Hospital Records
21063King's Hospital School131-1441940-1950134 Cash Received Book, 1940 - 1950.King's Hospital Records
21064King's Hospital School131-1441924-1940133 Cash Received Book, 1924 - 1940.King's Hospital Records
21065King's Hospital School131-1441968-1971132A Petty Cash Book, 1968 - 1971.King's Hospital Records
21066King's Hospital School131-1441908-1968132 Petty Cash Book, 1908 - 1968.King's Hospital Records
21067King's Hospital School131-1441908-1923131 Cash Received Book, 1908 - 1923.King's Hospital Records
21068King's Hospital School145-1601858-1905160 Copies of accounts furnished to Erasmus Smith Bo...King's Hospital Records
21069King's Hospital School145-1601876-1880159 Bank Account, 1876 - 1880.King's Hospital Records
21070King's Hospital School145-160158 Account with banks, Stuart W Lane.King's Hospital Records
21071King's Hospital School145-1601959-1966157A Wages Book, 1959 - 1966.King's Hospital Records
21072King's Hospital School145-1601944-1951157 Wages Book, 1944 - 1951.King's Hospital Records
21073King's Hospital School145-1601933-1934156 Wages Book, 1933 - 1934.King's Hospital Records
21074King's Hospital School145-1601921-1932155 Wages Book, 1921 - 1932.King's Hospital Records
21075King's Hospital School145-1601912-1920154 Wages Book, 1912 - 1920.King's Hospital Records
21076King's Hospital School145-1601909-1912153 Wages Book, 1909 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
21077King's Hospital School145-1601794-1807152 Wages Salary, 1794 - 1807.King's Hospital Records
21078King's Hospital School145-1601783-1794151 Officers Receipt Book, 1783 - 1794.King's Hospital Records
21079King's Hospital School145-1601956-1967150 Receipts expenditure, 1956 - 1967.King's Hospital Records
21080King's Hospital School145-1601927-1956149 Receipts expenditure, 1927 - 1956.King's Hospital Records
21081King's Hospital School145-1601918-1920148 Receipts expenditure, 1918 - 1920.King's Hospital Records
21082King's Hospital School145-1601912-1920147 Receipts expenditure, 1912 - 1920.King's Hospital Records
21083King's Hospital School145-1601909-1912146 Receipts expenditure, 1909 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
21084King's Hospital School145-1601954-1959145 Accounts for payment, 1954 - 1959.King's Hospital Records
21085King's Hospital School161-1791835-1859161 Memorandum of account furninshed to Governors of...King's Hospital Records
21086King's Hospital School161-1791805162 Subscriptions half-yearly by relatives, August 1...King's Hospital Records
21087King's Hospital School161-1791727-1729163 Corn account, 1727 - 1729.King's Hospital Records
21088King's Hospital School161-1791729-1731164 Corn ledger, 1729 - 1731.King's Hospital Records
21089King's Hospital School161-1791729-1732165 Corn Ledger, 1729 - 1732.King's Hospital Records
21090King's Hospital School161-1791732-1736166 Corn Ledger, 1732 - 1736.King's Hospital Records
21091King's Hospital School161-1791736-1737167 Corn Ledger, 1736 - 1737.King's Hospital Records
21092King's Hospital School161-1791738-1742168 Corn Ledger, 1738 - 1742.King's Hospital Records
21093King's Hospital School161-1791738-1744169 Corn Ledger, 1738 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
21094King's Hospital School161-1791745-1759170 Corn Ledger, 1745 - 1759.King's Hospital Records
21095King's Hospital School161-1791718-1724171 Corn Account Book, 1718 - 1724.King's Hospital Records
21096King's Hospital School161-1791732-1736172 Corn Account Book, 1732 - 1736.King's Hospital Records
21097King's Hospital School161-1791742-1745173 Corn Account Book, 1742 - 1744/1745.King's Hospital Records
21098King's Hospital School161-1791745-1749174 Corn Account Book, 1745 - 1748/1749.King's Hospital Records
21099King's Hospital School161-1791749-1753175 Corn Account Book, 1749 - 1753.King's Hospital Records
21100King's Hospital School161-1791753-1756176 Corn Account Book, 1753 - 1756.King's Hospital Records
21101King's Hospital School161-1791756-1758177 Corn Account Book,1756 - 1758.King's Hospital Records
21102King's Hospital School161-1791760-1762178 Corn Account Book, 1760 - 1762.King's Hospital Records
21103King's Hospital School161-1791761-1779179 Corn Account Book, 1761 - 1779.King's Hospital Records
21104King's Hospital School180-1951880-1942180 Register of Pupils, 1880-1942.King's Hospital Records
21105King's Hospital School180-1951946-1967180A Register of Pupils, 1946 - 1967.King's Hospital Records
21106King's Hospital School180-1951675-1829181 Pupils Register of, 1675 - 1829.King's Hospital Records
21107King's Hospital School180-1951675-1825182 Pupil, educated , list of, 1675 - 1825.King's Hospital Records
21108King's Hospital School180-1951721-1740
183 Pupils, list of, 1721 - 1740 and 1747 - 1749.King's Hospital Records
21109King's Hospital School180-1951736-1776184 Pupils, list of, 1736 - 1776.King's Hospital Records
21110King's Hospital School180-1951766-1776185 Pupils, list of, 1766 - 1776.King's Hospital Records
21111King's Hospital School180-1951799-1829186 Pupils, administration lists, 1799 - 1829.King's Hospital Records
21112King's Hospital School180-1951829-1867187 Pupils Register of, 1829 - 1867.King's Hospital Records
21113King's Hospital School180-1951852-1857188 Pupils Register of, 1852 - 1857.King's Hospital Records
21114King's Hospital School180-1951838-1845189 Report Book weekly, 1838 - 1845.King's Hospital Records
21115King's Hospital School180-1951846-1852190 Report Book weekly, 1846 - 1852.King's Hospital Records
21116King's Hospital School180-1951852-1860191 Report Book, Weekly school, 1852 - 1860.King's Hospital Records
21117King's Hospital School180-1951860-1869192 Report Book, 1860 - 1869.King's Hospital Records
21118King's Hospital School180-1951869-1877193 Report Book, 1869 - 1877.King's Hospital Records
21119King's Hospital School180-1951877-1886194 Report Book, 1877 - 1886.King's Hospital Records
21120King's Hospital School180-1951886-1896195 Report Book, 1886 - 1896.King's Hospital Records
21121King's Hospital School1995Folder regarding Mercer's 250 Anniversary: Questionn...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21122King's Hospital SchoolRecollection of Mercer's School, no date.Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21123King's Hospital School1896-1939Folder containing the recollecions of 6 ex-pupils, c...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21124King's Hospital School1918-1923Folder containing the recollecions of 6 ex-pupils, c...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21125King's Hospital School1995Folder recollections of Fanny and Lottie Coates inte...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21126King's Hospital School1928-1936Folder regarding 'The Peatt's: Mercers' very own Hoc...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21127King's Hospital SchoolFolder regarding Mercer School memorabilia includes,...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21128King's Hospital School196-2151852-1877196 Report Book Monthly, 1852 - 1877.King's Hospital Records
21129King's Hospital School196-2151927-1928200 Roll Books, 13 and 1 Mark Book 1927 - 1928.King's Hospital Records
21130King's Hospital School196-2151908-1941201 Fee Register, 1908 - 1941.King's Hospital Records
21131King's Hospital School196-2151942-1962202 Fee Register, 1942 - 1962.King's Hospital Records
21132King's Hospital School196-2151928203 Fee Register, 19 September - June 1928.King's Hospital Records
21133King's Hospital School196-2151868-1871203A Fee Register, 1968 - 1871.King's Hospital Records
21134King's Hospital School196-2151895-1908204 Pupils alphabetical list of, 1895 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
21135King's Hospital School196-2151895-1908205 Register of certificates, marriages, births and ...King's Hospital Records
21136King's Hospital School196-2151802-1817206 Letter Book, 1802 - 1817.King's Hospital Records
21137King's Hospital School196-2151843-1858207 Letter Book, 1843 - 1858.King's Hospital Records
21138King's Hospital School196-2151858-1874208 Letter Book, 1858 - 1874.King's Hospital Records
21139King's Hospital School196-215209 Letter Book, no date.King's Hospital Records
21140King's Hospital School196-2151874-1883210 Letter Book, 1874 - 1883.King's Hospital Records
21141King's Hospital School196-2151887-1908211 Letter Book, 1887 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
21142King's Hospital School196-2151908-1912212 Letter Book, 1908 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
21143King's Hospital School196-2151912-1914213 Letter Book, 1912 - 1914.King's Hospital Records
21144King's Hospital School196-2151914-1919214 Letter Book, 1914 - 1919.King's Hospital Records
21145King's Hospital School196-2151909-1919215 Letter Book, 1909 - 1919.King's Hospital Records
21146King's Hospital School232-236A1738-1827Mercer's School: 225 Mercer's School Mercer's Accoun...King's Hospital Records
21147King's Hospital School232-236A1856-1876225A Mercer's Account Book and Rent Roll, 1856-1876.King's Hospital Records
21148King's Hospital School232-236A1836-1855
225b Rent Receipt Book, 1836-1855 Rental and Account...King's Hospital Records
21149King's Hospital School232-236A1700-1709225E Paul Barry's aquitance book for payment of titl...King's Hospital Records
21150King's Hospital School232-236A1866225F Mercer's Rental, 1866.King's Hospital Records
21151King's Hospital School232-236A1877225G Mercer's Rental, 1877.King's Hospital Records
21152King's Hospital School232-236A1900226H Mercer's Rental, 1900.King's Hospital Records
21153King's Hospital School232-236A1829-1865226 Committee Book, 1829 - 1865.King's Hospital Records
21154King's Hospital School232-236A1829-1883227 Visitors Book, 1829 - 1883.King's Hospital Records
21155King's Hospital School232-236A1832-1893228 Minute Book, 1832 - 1893. Madam Mercer's Charity...King's Hospital Records
21156King's Hospital School232-236A1897-1968229 Minute Book, 1897 - 17 January 1968.King's Hospital Records
21157King's Hospital School232-236A1864-1882230 Account Book, 1864 - 1882.King's Hospital Records
21158King's Hospital School232-236A1866-1878231 Account Book, 1866 - 1878.King's Hospital Records
21159King's Hospital School232-236A1874-1901232 Account Book, 1874 - 1901.King's Hospital Records
21160King's Hospital School232-236A1950-1965232A Account Book, stationery, 1950 - 1965.King's Hospital Records
21161King's Hospital School232-236A1940-1949232B Account Book, stationery, 1940 - 1949.King's Hospital Records
21162King's Hospital School232-236A1859-1864233 Provisions list, 1859 - 1864 .King's Hospital Records
21163King's Hospital School232-236A1865-1931234 Admissions, 1865 - 1931.King's Hospital Records
21164King's Hospital School232-236A1961-1968234A Fee Register, 1961- 1968.King's Hospital Records
21165King's Hospital School232-236A1864-1871235 Day Book, 1864 - 1871.King's Hospital Records
21166King's Hospital School232-236A1915-1966236 Birth Certificate, Record Book, 1915 - 1966.King's Hospital Records
21167King's Hospital School232-236A1917-1966236A Examination Marks Book, 1917 - 1966.King's Hospital Records
21168King's Hospital School237-257A237 Map of part of County Dublin showing exchange of...Morgan's School
21169King's Hospital School237-257A1892-1914238 Masters' Report Book, 1892 - 1914.Morgan's School
21170King's Hospital School237-257A1893-1956239 Visitors' Book, 1893 - 1956.Morgan's School
21171King's Hospital School237-257A1893-1912240 Doctors' Reports, 1893 - 1912.Morgan's School
21172King's Hospital School237-257A1909-1947241 Minute Book, 1909 - 1947.Morgan's School
21173King's Hospital School237-257A1947-1958242 Minute Book, 1947 - 1958.Morgan's School
21174King's Hospital School237-257A1924-1957243 Estate Account Book, 1924 - 1957.Morgan's School
21175King's Hospital School237-257A1924-1958244 Estate Account Book, 1924 - 1958.Morgan's School
21176King's Hospital School237-257A1914-1949245 Abstract of Business, 1914 - 1949.Morgan's School
21177King's Hospital School237-257A1925-1949246 Agenda Book, 1925 - 1949.Morgan's School
21178King's Hospital School237-257A1938-1948247 Cash Book, 1938 - 1948.Morgan's School
21179King's Hospital School237-257A1941-1956248 Cash Book, 1941 - 1956.Morgan's School
21180King's Hospital School237-257A1941-1956249 Payments Book, 1941 - 1956.Morgan's School
21181King's Hospital School237-257A1949-1958250 Monthly Meeting, 1949 - 1958.Morgan's School
21182King's Hospital School237-257A1947-1956251 Fees Book, 1947 - 1956.Morgan's School
21183King's Hospital School237-257A1955-1957252 Fees Book, 1955 - 1957.Morgan's School
21184King's Hospital School237-257A253 Take Over Papers, no date .Morgan's School
21185King's Hospital School254-2811683
254 Miscellaneous: 1c Committee report regarding rep...King's Hospital Records
21186King's Hospital School254-2811670
255 Miscellaneous, School:13 Draft list of Benefacto...King's Hospital Records
21187King's Hospital School254-2811947-1970256 Visitor's Book, 1947 - 1970.King's Hospital Records
21188King's Hospital School254-2811928-1955257 Pupils' Address Book, 1928 - 1955.King's Hospital Records
21189King's Hospital School254-281257A Pupils' Address Book, no date.King's Hospital Records
21190King's Hospital School254-2811932
258 Valuation and Inventory, 1932, 1939, 1960.King's Hospital Records
21191King's Hospital School254-2811950-1969259 Chemist's Account Book, 1950 - 1969.King's Hospital Records
21192King's Hospital School254-2811965-1968260 Headmaster's Account,1965 - 1968.King's Hospital Records
21193King's Hospital School254-2811840261 Governors, List of, 1840.King's Hospital Records
21194King's Hospital School254-281262 Tenement valuation, no date.King's Hospital Records
21195King's Hospital School254-2811890-1940
263 Admission for 1890 - 1940. Numbered 1-909 and ap...King's Hospital Records
21196King's Hospital School254-2811932-1961265 Board of Entrants for signed exams, 1932-1961.King's Hospital Records
21197King's Hospital School254-2811913-1934266 Mark Book, Inter, Leaving, Entrance and Forms, 1...King's Hospital Records
21198King's Hospital School254-2811934-1958267 Mark Book, Inter, Leaving, Entrance and Forms, 1...King's Hospital Records
21199King's Hospital School254-2811952-1961268 Mark Book, Inter, Leaving, Entrance and Forms, 1...King's Hospital Records
21200King's Hospital School254-2811961-1968269 Mark Book, Form only, 1961 - 1968.King's Hospital Records
21201King's Hospital School254-2811946-1970
King's Hospital Hockey Club Minutes:275 1946 - 1...King's Hospital Records
21202King's Hospital School5/1743-19677 List of Headmistresses, 1743[1745]-1967.Mercer's School
21203King's Hospital School5/1829-18338 Mercer's Visitors Report Book, 1829-1833.Mercer's School
21204King's Hospital School5/18329 Mercer's School Board Minutes, 1832-[?]. Details o...Mercer's School
21205King's Hospital School5/185210 Mercer's School Board Minutes, 1852, regarding mi...Mercer's School
21206King's Hospital School5/186211 Mercer's School Board Minutes. Contains report of...Mercer's School
21207King's Hospital School5/188512 Mercers's School Board Minutes, 1885 amalgamation...Mercer's School
21208King's Hospital School5/1989-196813 Mercers's School Board Minutes, 1989 - 1968.Mercer's School
21209King's Hospital School5/186614 Mercers's School Quarterly Abstract of Expenditur...Mercer's School
21210King's Hospital School/516 Mercer School uniform from Iris Ridgeway, navy -d...Mercer's School