20914King's Hospital School1-16a1669-17391 Account Book, 1669-1739.King's Hospital Records
20915King's Hospital School1-16a1674-17302 Board Minute Book, 1674-1730.King's Hospital Records
20916King's Hospital School1-16a1669-16932a Building Committee Book, 1669 - 1693.King's Hospital Records
20917King's Hospital School1-16a1726-17463 Board Minute Book, 1726-1746.King's Hospital Records
20918King's Hospital School1-16a1726-17444 Board Order, mainly dealing with admissions and ap...King's Hospital Records
20919King's Hospital School1-16a1716-17265 Board Order Book, 1716 - 1726.King's Hospital Records
20920King's Hospital School1-16a1775-17776 Board Agenda Committee, 1775 - 1777.King's Hospital Records
20921King's Hospital School1-16a1779-18017 Board Minute Book, 1779-1801.King's Hospital Records
20922King's Hospital School1-16a1798-18238 Committee Book, 1798 - 1823.King's Hospital Records
20923King's Hospital School1-16a1829-18449 Committee Book, 1829-1844.King's Hospital Records
20924King's Hospital School1-16a1842-184410 Noddstown Committee, 1842-1844.King's Hospital Records
20925King's Hospital School1-16a1802-182911 Board Minute Book, 1802 - 1829.King's Hospital Records
20926King's Hospital School1-16a1841-185612 Board Minute Book, 1841-1856.King's Hospital Records
20927King's Hospital School1-16a1844-185713 Committee Book, 1844 - 1857King's Hospital Records
20928King's Hospital School1-16a1857-188714 Committee Minute Book, 1857 - 1887.King's Hospital Records
20929King's Hospital School1-16a1856-190515 Board Minute Book, 1856 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20930King's Hospital School1-16a1887-191116 General Committee Book, 1887 - 1911.King's Hospital Records
20931King's Hospital School1-16a1912-194016a General Committee Minutes, 1912-1940.King's Hospital Records