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14260Alexandra College1850-1975Petitions for money in the interest of higher educat...
14264Alexandra College1850-1975Printed material on Oxford Colleges for Women.
13854Armagh County Museum1965/126c1850Valentine, c.1850.
8752Ballymena Central LibraryU/A(BMO)362.51844-1850Ballymoney Board of Guardian Minutes, copied from th...Ballymoney Board of Guardian Records
8766Ballymena Central LibraryU/Lo/(COL)362.51845-1850Coleraine Board of Guardian Minutes, copied from the...Coleraine Board of Guardian Records
8761Ballymoney LibraryU/A-BMO-362.51844-1850Ballymoney Board of Guardian Minutes, copied from th...Ballymoney Board of Guardian Records
20011Ballymoney Library1844-1850File of extracts from the Minute Books of Ballymoney...
16205Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1850-1859J/20: An invite from Frances Anne, Lady Londonderry,...The Rosse Papers
16212Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1846-1850
K/36B: Includes typescript copies of letters from th...The Rosse Papers
16756Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1822-1850Lismore Estate:Letter Book, 1822-1850 with index to ...Bolton Library Archive
16770Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1850-1862Lismore Estate?Letter Book, 1850-1862, 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
16836Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1850-1877Clonbeg Burial Register 1850-1877, 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
16839Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1850-1877Clonbeg parish, Baptismal Register, 1850-1877, 1 vol...Bolton Library Archive
16843Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1845-1850Marriage Register, Ballintemple, 1845-1850, 1 volume...Bolton Library Archive
16902Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1757-1834
Vestry Minute Books, Shronell: 1757-1834, with inser...Bolton Library Archive
14466Cavan County Archives1799-1850Digitised copy of estate rental, lands owned by a Mi...Enery Estate Rental
14468Cavan County Archives1850-1899Photograph album from the Farnham Estate, including ...Farnham Photograph Album
14379Clare County Archives1850-1950Butler-Graham Photograph Collection:Contains photogr...Clare County Library Photographic Archive
14382Clare County Archives1850-1950Killaloe Heritage Centre Collection:A large collecti...Clare County Library Photographic Archive
16956Clare County Archives1850-1865
Rough Minute Books:August 1850 - March 1851March 185...Corofin Poor Law Union
16955Clare County Archives1850-1924Minute Books:March 1850 - August 1850August 1850 - M...Corofin Poor Law Union
17009Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18501796.05/1/1850 Letter, enclosure, Revd. M Sheehan, ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17010Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18501796.05/2/1850 Handwritten extracts from A Gould's ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17011Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18501796.05/3/1850 Letter, Revd. M Sheehan, Youghal to ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17108Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box J18501796.06/56/1858 Note `Foundation of the Convent of ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17012Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18501796.05/4/1850 Letter, Revd. M O'Brien, Mitchelstow...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17013Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18501796.05/5/1850 Letter. Revd. M O'Brien, Mitchelstow...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17014Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D1796
1796.05/6/1850 Letter, Revd T. Lee, Macroom, to Revd...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17015Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18501796.05/7/1850 Letter, Revd M. O'Brien, Mitchels...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17029Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18501795.06/1/1850 Letter Angelina Gould Youghal to Rev....Timothy Murphy Papers
17030Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18501795.07/16/1850 Letter from a parishioner of Mr Davi...Timothy Murphy Papers
17031Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18501795.05/60/1850 Letter from the Rev. O'Hea, Rosscarb...Timothy Murphy Papers
17032Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box B18501795.03/2/1850 Letter from Bishop Murphy, Adelaide t...Timothy Murphy Papers
22996Cork City and County ArchivesU140/Class E/1850-1851Day82/11 Medical Reports 1850-1851; invitation to Mr...Dowden Papers
23221Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1850P/C 61 L. Dubos, Brentford Butts, Seagrave Place, Bo...Thomas Hewitt Papers
19861Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1650-1850Material relating to the establishment of the Trust ...Erasmus Smith Archives
19869Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1850-1940Letters, grazing agreements, ejectments, documents f...Erasmus Smith Archives
19908Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1850-1881Governmental and Royal Commission reports and bills ...Erasmus Smith Archives
1435Fingal County ArchiveGJ/4/1-GJ/4/201836-1850Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/4/1 1836 Easter Presentme...County of Dublin Grand Jury
5637Galway County Council ArchivesGPL/41850-1895Minute Books:1 24 May 1850 - 25 January 18512 7 Febr...Mountbellew Poor Law Union
20479Galway County Council Archives1850-1887Town Commissioners, Minute Books:May 1850-June 1859 ...Ballinasloe Urban District Council & Town Commissioners
532Irish Church Missions1850-1967Salary List: January 1928-November 1937. Cash Book,...
5134Irish Jesuit ArchivesJ27/1845-1850Various:159 10 May 1845 -[ ] 1850. A file relating t...Papers of Fr Matthew Russell, SJ (1834 - 1912)
5595Irish Labour History Museum1850-1894Minute Books, 1850-1894.Society of St Anne and Dublin Operative Bakers Friendly Society
2233Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/461850-1899
Picture postcards of popular actors issued as 'S...Picture postcards of popular actors
21725Kerry Diocesan Archives (RC)E59 1850Cholera in Cahirciveen, Mother Joseph, 1850.Bishop Cornelius Egan, 1825 - 1856
21727Kerry Diocesan Archives (RC)E62 1850Mother Joseph, 1850.Bishop Cornelius Egan, 1825 - 1856
3347Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57A1850-1911Minute Books:12. August 1850-February 185115. Februa...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
20994King's Hospital School65-82185078 Chadwicks Noddstown, 1850.King's Hospital Records
1669Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentBG122/CA/1842-1850
Accounts, General Ledgers:1 - 1842-18462 - 1846-1848...Mohill Poor Law Union
126Limerick ArchivesLA BG/71/A1850-1922Minute Books:1. April 1850 - November 18502. Novembe...Croom Board of Guardian Records
127Limerick ArchivesBG 71/AA1850-1886Rough Minute Books:1. April 1850 - November 18502. N...Croom Board of Guardian Records
1780Louth County ArchivesBG/80/AA/1843-1850Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 208 Apr...Dundalk Poor Law Union
18589Maynooth University and St Patrick's College, MaynoothPP/151674-1850Consists of leases, mortgages and a marriage settlem...The Molyneux Archive
20295Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox A/c.1850-c.186017 L.E.S. Scott versus Williams, 7 documents, 1850s ...Mountainstown Documents
22824Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1850-1865Athlone and area Methodist Circuit: Records, 1850-18...
1844Monaghan County Library Genealogy and Local History Department1850-1957County Infirmary, Monaghan:Matron's Daily Regist...County Monaghan Local Authority Records
21515Monaghan County Museum1850K1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21516Monaghan County Museum1850L1-2 Photocopy letter and envelope. Unsigned to Mart...Moorehead Letters
21517Monaghan County Museum1850M1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21518Monaghan County Museum1850N1-3 Photocopy letter and envelope. E.I. Foster to M...Moorehead Letters
21590Monaghan County Museum18501988 103a-b3 letter dated 12 /Feb/ 1850 and signed M...Moorehead Letters
765National Archives of Ireland999/680/1850-19065: 8 May 1850, Transfer, appointment and declaration...
3930National Archives of Ireland1850Maps and Plans: Hospital Etching of the Chapel Ceili...Royal Hospital Kilmainham
11417National Archives of IrelandHA130/11850-1963Dublin: Foundling Hospital Estate, Workhouse Book, 1...Department of Health
11513National Archives of Ireland1823-1850Miscellaneous Receipts for Mrs Byrne, 1823-1850.Byrne Papers
15328National Archives of Ireland 99/56/5/61850Carhampton Papers. Portarlington and members of the ...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
15499National Archives of Ireland 999/113/41850Copy surrender of lease for remainder of 300 years b...Small Private Accessions
15616National Archives of Ireland999/2301620-1850Family tree and genealogical notes concerning the Av...Small Private Accessions
23991National Archives of IrelandCIF L3/1850 1850William Lavery assault on his wife. It was noted tha...Criminal Index Files
1509National Library of IrelandMs21061836-1850Journal of three tours of the Continent by Helen For...
1519National Library of IrelandMs20811850-1950An album belonging to an unidentified male containin...
1525National Library of IrelandMs22701850-1899Extracts of letters from Mrs Catherine Foran of Otta...
1547National Library of IrelandMs30691850-1899'The tragedy of Murty Oge O'Sullivan Beare, shot May...
1701National Library of IrelandMs133401779-1850Rent Roll and other documents.These include: Rent Ro...
2363National Library of IrelandMs12932c1850Susanna Barclay, medical receipts. Indexed book of r...
2498National Library of IrelandMs13400c1850Documents, mainly letters to Lord and Lady Monteagle...Monteagle Papers
2433National Library of IrelandMs36391838-1850Commonplace Book entitled 'Odds and ends, or sna...
2507National Library of IrelandMs130771850-1916Letters and other documents which include: Six lette...Casement Papers
2594National Library of IrelandMs43291825-1850Wages' Book of male and female servants employed by ...
2646National Library of IrelandMs80011850-1899A large collection of letters to John O'Leary from v...
2681National Library of IrelandMss10000-100061850-1950A large collection of letters to Edmund Downey, main...Edmund Downey Papers
2751National Library of IrelandMs20956c1844-1850Letters to John D'Alton from his daughter Johanna of...D'Alton Papers
2971National Library of IrelandMs89171791-c1850Documents relating to the estates of the Hutchinson ...Hutchinson Papers
3076National Library of IrelandMs10074c1850Statement of costs in the case of the estate of Rich...
3078National Library of IrelandMs14089c1850List of leases relating to the estates of the 4th Ea...
3527National Library of IrelandMs118811815-1850Account book of Slane Dispensary, 1815-1850.Townley Hall Papers
3620National Library of IrelandMs127661850Ennistymon (County Clare) Union Letter Book, mostly ...
3731National Library of IrelandMs133461824-1850Correspondence of Maria Edgeworth and Thomas Spring-...Monteagle Papers
6912National Library of IrelandMs189611850-1861Rent Ledger of the estate of Charles Joseph Lynch, P...
6922National Library of IrelandMs126121849-1850Westport Poor Law Union Minute Book, 10 November 184...
9003National Library of IrelandMs13645(11-15)1809-1850Letters to and from Maurice O'Connell, correspondent...O'Connell Papers
9052National Library of IrelandMs13895c1850-1859Eleven letters to Mrs John Woulfe Flanagan (nee Susa...O'Loghlen Papers
9094National Library of IrelandMs14336c1830-1850Account book recording wages, domestic and farm expe...
9239National Library of IrelandMs155581850Xerox copies of two letters from William Cleburne, C...
9267National Library of IrelandMs157631837-1843
Correspondence of Viscount and Lady Hardinge, 1837-1...
9282National Library of IrelandMs229971850-1950Autograph letter to James Swaine [? County Carlow] f...
9542National Library of IrelandMs29777(7)1830-1850Census of tenants and undertenants, Ballytiglea, 183...Bruen of Oakpark (County Carlow) Papers
9731National Library of IrelandMs182461849-1850Account of surveys of holdings in County Longford, s...Dimond Papers
10076National Library of IrelandMs161341850-1851Renal of the estate of Lord Monck, County Wexford, 1...
10107National Library of IrelandMs164181841-1850Rent Ledger of the Bray, Calary and Kilmacanoge area...Hodson Papers
10753National Library of IrelandMs19921-19922c.1850-1880Two Registers of tenants of the estates of the Dukes...Leinster Papers
10783National Library of IrelandMs206051850-1851Includes copies of letters relating to Arabella [Arb...Rowan Papers
10787National Library of IrelandMs206271827-1850Letters to and by Michael Studdert, Rehy Park, Kilru...Studdert Papers
10893National Library of IrelandMs21708[c1850?]Letter from 1st Marquis of Dufferin of Ava relating ...
10935National Library of IrelandMs22249[c1850?]Letter from M Martin, Dublin to [Mary --?] concernin...
11020National Library of IrelandMs17778c1850-1860Lyrical poems mostly copies of compositions by Miss ...
11584National Library of IrelandMs122091850Ballina Poor Law Union Minute Book, c2 February 1850...
11590National Library of IrelandMs123731850-1851Castlebar Poor Law Union Minute book, 25 May 1850-11...
11602National Library of IrelandMs57391849-1850Minute book of Newport Union of Poor Law Commissione...
11613National Library of IrelandMs122101850-1851Ballina Poor Law Union Minute book, 6 July 1850-1 Fe...
11954National Library of IrelandMss12473-124811850-1860Claremorris Poor Law Union Minute Books: Ms12,473 1...Claremorris Poor Law Union
11853OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre (OMARC)Boxes 26-451850-1996Children's Sunshine Home: Photographs Boxes 26-4...Airfield Archive
21396Our Lady's Hospital, Cork1850-1890Copies of a newspaper advertisements, 1850-1890, for...
16692Presentation Sisters Congregational Archives1850-1930E. Administration. A small section which includes ac...Presentation Convent, Dublin
6309Public Record Office of Northern IrelandCOM/c.1850-1968Ministry of Commerce files of the Northern Ireland G...Northern Ireland Ministry of Commerce Papers
6345Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/32391850-1946The records of O'Kane Solicitors, Belfast, include t...
6336Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1088c1810-1850D/1088/22; D/1088/26 Letters about the Ulster Femal...Mark Cassidy Papers
6619Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/17481764-1850This collection includes the correspondence and pape...Tennent Papers
6811Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/23621850-1930Typescript copy notes and papers of Helena Richardso...
7918Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1209/11630-1850Copy pedigree of the Spence family, County Fermanagh...
7924Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1233/1c1850Copy of a map of Hamiltonsbawn, County Armagh, showi...
8315Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2397/11830s-1850sCopies of sketches of settlements in Victoria and Ta...
7052Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2651c.1720-c.1850c.400 documents relating to the Ker family of Portav...Ker Papers
7063Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/26821850-1963This collection of papers relating to the Blake fami...
7242Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3330c.1850-1960This collection includes: 4 letters written by Janet...Baird Papers
7360Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38191850-1920The McDonnell papers consist of c850 documents and 5...
7545Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/906/1850
D/906/365/1 An account of an Irish woman's visit...Perceval Papers
7741Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/131850-1865Microfilmed copies of 4 volumes which include lists ...
7773Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/331850-1872Microfilmed copies of emigrant letters from Joseph a...Barr Family Papers
7804Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/65/21850Microfilmed copy of the commonplace book of press cu...Rowan-Hamilton (Killyleagh) Papers
7937Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1268/1-6c.1740-c.1850Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Downpatrick, Co...
8098Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1738/11714-c.1850Copy of a volume which includes burial entries for t...
8203Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2054/11850Copy of a letter from Mrs Nolan, Clara Upper, County...
8237Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2150/11850-1950Genealogical notes on the Anderson family, Sixmilecr...
8322Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2418/1850-1899Copies of the Lawrence photographs from the National...
7825Public Record Office of Northern IrelandSCH/1850-1970School records, including many girls' schools, 1...School Records
8381Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/25711850-1925Copies of personal correspondence relating to the Ri...
8430Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2663c1850-c1912This collection of 24 documents includes, for exampl...
8483Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2799/1850-1936This collection of c.30 documents includes, for exam...
8555Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/32521823-1850Copy of a letter from Ann Crawford, Bombay, India, t...
8578Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/36641850Copy of a letter from Marianne Gurd, Montreal, Canad...
8666Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/7151758-1850
This collection includes the following: A copy of a ...
482Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 7B1685-1850Miscellaneous: 16 Letter from Ann Wigham to Olive G...Handlists/Portfolio
484Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 8B1687-18508 Report from Limerick Women's Meeting to Munster M...Handlists/Portfolio
671Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryQMI/B91841-1850Women's Meeting Minutes and Epistles from America, 1...Leinster Quarterly Meetings
1123Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMss Box 40-411750-1850Mss Box 40: Leaves from Diary of Mary Leadbeater, no...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
1285Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1850-1950Art: Edith Webb, 1854-1924, portrait in oils unframe...Museum Collection
1286Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1800-1850Art: Sarah Deaves, born 1800, and her daughter Sally...Museum Collection
4193Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryDeed Box XIV/Folder 3:61850Elizabeth Haughton, Carlow: Signature to surrender o...Deeds
11123Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMM/XVIM6/Reel 421816-1850Richhill Monthly Meeting, marriage certificates, 181...
2186Representative Church Body LibraryMs5901850-1899Commonplace book of Anne Elizabeth Maguire, (?Trim, ...Anne Elizabeth Maguire
2195Representative Church Body LibraryMs1731741-1850Letters and papers of the Ussher family of County Wa...Letters and papers of the Ussher family
23717Representative Church Body Library1850-1955Loose material in cardboard box.Typescript history o...Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
13850Sligo Archives Service1850Rental of the estate of Godfrey Brereton in the baro...Brereton Estate
13851Sligo Archives ServiceEstates volume 51850Rental of the Sligo estate of Henry Irwin (with maps...Irwin Estate
13852Sligo Archives ServiceEstates Volume 5c1850Rental of the estate of Jeremiah Jones in the barony...Jones Estate
13853Sligo Archives Servicec1850Rental of the late Owen Lloyd, c. 1850.Lloyd Estate
24320Tipperary County Archives1850-1858Minute Book, General Committee Clonmel Corporation: ...Clonmel Corporation
13140Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1995.4961850Lease, Viscount Lismore to Grace Heffernan, Coolanur...
13141Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1995.5041850Lease, Viscount Lismore to Ellen Flynn, Bantyre, 185...
3079Tipperary Studies1850-1923Minute Books:June 1850-May 1851May 1851-April 1852Ap...Borrisokane Poor Law Union
19788Tipperary Studies1850-1906Workhouse Record of Births:1850-1906Borrisokane Local Authority Records
19789Tipperary Studies1850-1851Borrisokane Poor Law Union Rough Minute Book 1850-18...Borrisokane Poor Law Union
6883Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs7337/1-871815-1850Family correspondence of Louisa Clements, wife of He...Clements Papers
6897Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs51111822-1850Autograph Album of poems and drawings kept by Elizab...Arnold Family
10207Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs64261850-1860Commonplace Books of Catherine Eliza Groves (1830-19...Groves Papers
10349Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss10047/20c.1806-c.1850Correspondence of Helena Perceval, later Graves, fro...Graves Papers
10377Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10354/15-161850-1950Xeroxes of photographs of Ms Margaret Dobbin (1786-1...
10411Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs51161798
Account of the rebellion of 1798 in Wexford dicated ...Arnold Family
10420Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5007b1850-1898`The Book of Sundays; being a record of certain Sund...Arnold-Forster
2349UCD ArchivesP231728-1850A small collection of papers mainly of Richard Lalor...Sheil and Lalor Families
24156Union Theological College1850Notes on Mrs Magee's bequest of £5000 each to the H...
24181Union Theological CollegeRRB-2-15A 1850-1890
J.T. Carson, 'The Rev. James Foster of Newmills,...
18410University of Galway ArchivesLE28c.1850-c.1899Bound volume containing a rental of the lands of Wil...Rental of the lands of William and Thomas H. Burke
13142Waterford and Lismore Diocesan Archives (RC)1850-1859Contents of box marked 1850-1859 includes: Dispensat...
9934Waterford County Archivesc1850-19202 tin deed boxes containing case papers relating to ...Lismore Castle Papers
19187Westmeath County Archives Department1849-1850Mullingar Poor Law Union Reports:9 August 1849-28 Fe...Mullingar Poor Law Union
19298Westmeath County Archives Department185024 Copy of settlement on the marriage of Robert Gerr...Howard Bury Papers
22795Wicklow Library and Archives1850-1915Rathdrum Workhouse, Indoor Admissions and Discharge ...Rathdrum Poor Law Union