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14314Alexandra College1856-1939File on Henrietta White, 1890-1932:Various typescrip...
16421Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1856Letter of Sister M. de Sales, St Malachy's, Dund...Most Reverend John Dixon Archive
16439Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1856Material related to the Dominicans - Sienna Convent:...Most Reverend John Dixon Archive
16441Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1855
Miscellaneous:Letter of Ann Mullin, Ballygawly, addr...Most Reverend John Dixon Archive
19106Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 11856A letter from Dean H.V. Tighe objecting on principle...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
19107Armagh Robinson LibraryVolume 11856A letter from Revd B. Newcombe, Drogheda, asking for...Primate J.G. Beresford Papers
14598Belfast Central LibraryST241856
Manuscript letter from Walter Strickland to J.F. Big...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
4479Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1261856-18941a Personal letter written by O'Donovan Rossa oh...Brother Allen Archival Collection
16725Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1856-1953Register of Baptisms, Donohill, 1856-1953, 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
16736Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1856-1911
Register of Marriages, Doon: 1877-c1923 1856-1911.Bolton Library Archive
16764Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1836-1856Lismore Estate:Rent Ledger, 1836-1856, [place?], 1 v...Bolton Library Archive
14411Cavan County ArchivesNE1856-2002Includes roll books, registers, visitation books, re...Cavan National School Records
16935Cavan County ArchivesGJ/91856-1859c. Spring 1856-Spring 1859. Volume containing presen...Cavan Grand Jury Records
4261Church of Ireland CentreMs6931856-1862Signature Book of those who visited the Society'...Records of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland
4429Clare County Archives379.1581856-1902Kilfenora Female National School:Observation Book, 1...
17047Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.04/2/1856 letter from Bishop T Murphy, Fermoy,...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17049Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.07/10/1856 Letter from Mrs Ashlin, Birmingham,...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17050Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.04/16/1856 Letter from Bishop D Vaughan, Nenag...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17051Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.04/17/1856 Letter from Bishop T Murphy, Fermoy...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17052Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.07/12/1856 letter and envelope from W Duhig, B...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17053Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.06/3/1856 Letter from Sister M Teresa Maher, M...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17054Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.06/4/1856 Plan of ground floor of convent, encl...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17055Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.06/5/1856 Plan of 2nd storey of convent, enclos...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17048Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.07/9/1856 letter from Joseph Coppinger, Dundru...Bishop W. Keane Papers
23219Cork City and County ArchivesU15B/1856P/A55 St Luke's male and female infant daily sch...Thomas Hewitt Papers
18548Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:8 February, Margaret Aylward, Dubl...Cullen Papers
18549Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 185610 February, (Incomplete) Agnes M. ...Cullen Papers
18550Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:17 February, Misses Aylward and O&...Cullen Papers
18551Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:18 March, Walter Crofton, Governme...Cullen Papers
18552Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:26 March, 6 Reports of the Dublin ...Cullen Papers
18553Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:31 March, Anne Scully to cardinal ...Cullen Papers
18554Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:27 April, The Misses Jennings, Dub...Cullen Papers
18555Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File I, Laity)1856January-June 1856:4 June, Emily Eustace, Dublin to A...Cullen Papers
18558Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File II, Nuns)1855-18561 January 1856, Female Orphan House, Harold's Cr...Cullen Papers
18559Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File II, Nuns)185628 January 1856, Mary of Immaculate Conception, Lake...Cullen Papers
18560Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File II, Nuns)18563 February 1856, M. F.X. Julia Lynch, Carmel, Loughr...Cullen Papers
18562Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File II, Nuns)18568 May 1856, Frances Ball, Rathfarnham, to Archbishop...Cullen Papers
18563Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File II, Nuns)185616 August 1856, Sr M. Fides McOwen, Carmel, Blanchar...Cullen Papers
18561Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB4 (File II, Nuns)18568 February 1856, M. F.X. Julia Lynch, Carmel, Loughr...Cullen Papers
21919Galway Diocesan Archives (RC)1856-1881Box 19 Papers of Bishop John McEvilly 1856-1881.
22251Irish Jesuit ArchivesJ27/1855-18562 Letter from [ ], Belfast to Fr Russell concerning ...Papers of Fr Matthew Russell, SJ (1834 - 1912)
20926King's Hospital School1-16a1841-185612 Board Minute Book, 1841-1856.King's Hospital Records
20929King's Hospital School1-16a1856-190515 Board Minute Book, 1856 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20936King's Hospital School17-321856-190821 Board Committee Index Book, 1856 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
20992King's Hospital School65-821837-185676 Rent Ledger, 1837-1856.King's Hospital Records
21147King's Hospital School232-236A1856-1876225A Mercer's Account Book and Rent Roll, 1856-1876.King's Hospital Records
3755King's Inns LibraryE/10/11846-1856Servants' Wage Book, 1846-1856.Records of the Honorable Society of King's Inns
1665Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentBG122/A/1856-1866Minute Books:16 - December 1856 - July 185717 - July...Mohill Poor Law Union
1667Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentBG122/A/1-151843-1856Minute Books:1 - November 1839 - July 18432 - Novemb...Mohill Poor Law Union
12126Limerick Diocesan Archives (RC)1856-1931Letters and documents not pertaining to Dr O'Dwy...Rev. Dr F.T.O. Dwyer Papers
13159Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.1681)1856Letter, Catherine Hayes to John Rogers. Belfast, 16 ...
1768Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1856 -1865Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 18 November 1...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5731Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1839 -1856Minute Books:1 July 1839- April 18432 January 1843 J...Dundalk Poor Law Union
14144Louth County Archives1855-1856Killany Tenants Rent Book, 1855-1856.
5671Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/84/AA/1856 - 1863Rough Minute Books:1 January - December 18562 Januar...Dunshaughlin Poor Law Union
5673Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/128/A/1839-1856Minute Books:1 July 1839 - January 18443 October 184...Navan Poor Law Union
5674Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBG/128/A/1856-1866Minute Books:19 January 1856 - August 185620 August ...Navan Poor Law Union
20612Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox E/185623 Lease of land to William McKeever at Yellowleas (...Mountainstown Documents
22869Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1856-1865Rathmines Methodist Chapel: Account book, 1856-1865
13125Monaghan County Library Genealogy and Local History Department1847-1856Rough Minute Books of the Carrickmacross Union: 1851...
707National Archives of IrelandBG/78/1840-1856Registers of Admission and Discharge:G1 5 May 1840G2...North Dublin Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
4009National Archives of Ireland1050/31815-1856.Minute Books of the Boardroom Meetings of the Truste...Molyneux Home for the Blind
4010National Archives of Ireland1050/41856-1872Minute Books of the Boardroom Meetings of the Truste...Molyneux Home for the Blind
4101National Archives of IrelandVIC/9/4-51856-1880Peace Preservation Acts, 1856-1880, 34 volumes and 6...Police and Crime Records
14026National Archives of IrelandAccession no. 11411856-1976National School Records for various schools in Dubli...
899National Library of IrelandMs52631852-1856Miscellaneous papers which include letters to Denis ...
1564National Library of IrelandMs34591856Miscellaneous correspondence which includes two lett...
1964National Library of IrelandMs44761856-1864Wages and domestic accounts book of Mrs Tottenham of...
1997National Library of IrelandMs56761737-1856Household and wages accounts of the Pakenham-Mahon f...Pakenham-Mahon Papers
2414National Library of IrelandMs89041742-1856Material relating to the families of Purefoy of Offa...
3001National Library of IrelandMs94231836-1856Receipts for wages paid by the Dowager Lady Midleton...Brodrick Papers
3606National Library of IrelandMs131081836-1856Correspondence of Aubrey de Vere and his father and ...De Vere Papers
3613National Library of IrelandMs131181845-1856Forty letters by Aubrey de Vere to Miss I Fenwick, 1...De Vere Papers
3737National Library of IrelandMs134081856Includes two letters of Florence Nightingale to Lady...Monteagle Papers
6903National Library of IrelandMs188991856-1868Letters to John Barrymore Macnamara, Ennistymon from...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
9155National Library of IrelandMss14889-148901856-1860Notes on religious subjects compiled by Hannah Jane ...Inchiquin Papers
9350National Library of IrelandMs238241856-1867Account of the Marchioness of Ormonde as executrix a...Ormonde Papers
9732National Library of IrelandMs182481856-1857Cash book detailing outgoings to servants and others...Dimond Papers
10741National Library of IrelandMs198131856-1871Diary of Frances Jane, Countess of Ormonde, 1856-187...Ormonde Papers
10980National Library of IrelandMs228251856-1857
Correspondence of the Talbot family, Mount Talbot, C...
11598National Library of IrelandMs127191856-1859Ballina Union Account Ledger, March 1856-March 1859.
11609National Library of IrelandMs123421856Belmullet Poor Law Union Minute Book, 22 March 1856-...
11620National Library of IrelandMs122171855-1856Ballina Poor Law Union Minute Book, 4 August 1855-2 ...
11621National Library of IrelandMs122181856Ballina Poor Law Union Minute Book, 2 February 1856-...
11622National Library of IrelandMs122191856-1857Ballina Poor Law Union Minute book, 2 August 1856-31...
19098Newry City LibraryQ41.65.81856-186314 volumes of bound, typescript and handwritten pape...The Crossle Papers
4803Newtown School, WaterfordSchool Safe/131856-1883General Meeting and Committee Rough Minutes, 1856-18...
5468Newtown School, WaterfordCB/931856-1872Collection of Papers of Jos Wright, 1856-1872.
20035Newtown School, WaterfordF1-161856-1882F/4 Miscellaneous Reports, 1856-1882.Quaker Papers
20044Newtown School, WaterfordF1-161856F/14 Quarterly Meeting Rules, 1856.Quaker Papers
18884Offaly ArchivesOCL SCH/11856-1965Roll books; daily report books; a district inspector...Records of Killyon National School
7021Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/25561856-1964Records of Ephriam Brown and Son, Estate Agents, Bel...
7167Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/300/2/1/85/51856Lease of limestone quarries in Glynn, County Antrim,...Killen Papers
8139Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1891/11856-1941
Manuscript pedigree of the Crockett family, Castlede...
8415Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/26351817-c18563 volumes of transcripts of [Douglas?] family letter...
6328Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/10471853
D/1047/1 Emigrant letter from Mrs Jane Fleming, New...
6515Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1364/1856
D/1364/J/21 Letters from William Young, Fenaghy, Cou...Young Papers
6532Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1449/1856D/1449/12/351-364 Letters from Laura C. Arbuthnot to...Lenox-Conyngham Papers
6578Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16481856-18695 family letters of the Mary Parke, Bessbrooke, Coun...
6673Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/18821856-1945This collection contains the business records of Wil...
7114Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/28081856-1916The papers of Professor John Kells Ingram, scholar, ...
7124Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/28461856-1919Collection of c4600 papers and 15 volumes, 1856-1919...Lady Theresa Londonderry Papers
8165Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/19691805-1856This collection includes, for example: Copies of 4 l...
8187Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/20181856-1894This collection of c50 documents includes: T/2018/3 ...
8346Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2477/11682-1856
Genealogy of the Ferguson family, Newtownards area o...
8395Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2608/21854-c1856This collection includes, for example: T/2608/2/8 C...
890Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1856-1947Art: Maria Jane Wright, 1856-1947: Twenty-eight colo...Museum Collection
3550Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMM/XIIK2/Reel 191820-1856Settlement and Removal Register, Lisburn Monthly Mee...
3551Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMM/XIIK3/Reel 191856-1883Settlement and Removal Certificates, Lisburn Monthly...
21498Religious Society of Friends, Ulster Quarterly Meeting Archive 1856-1897Lisburn meeting burial certificates, 1856-1897.
21500Religious Society of Friends, Ulster Quarterly Meeting Archive 1835-1856Lisburn proceedings of Quarterly and Yearly Meetings...
6188Religious Society of Friends, WaterfordBox41848-18564 1848 Epistle from London Yearly Meeting of Women ...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
10043Representative Church Body LibraryB21856Marriage Licence awarded to Henry Reddin and Margare...St Fin Barre's Cathedral Cork Archive
23718Representative Church Body Library1816-1856Killea Parish: Combined Register, 1816-1855 Register...Waterford Cathedral
25070Royal Irish Academy12/R/1707-1763
12/R/9/ Volume 1, letters 1707-1763, indexed. Includ...James, Earl of Charlemont Correspondence
25102Royal Irish Academy24/O/35-37a-c1851-185624/0/37b The Punch Pocket Book, Diary and Memoranda ...G.H. Kinahan
835Royal Irish Academy of Music 1120/1-291856-1943Minute Book of Governing (and Routine Committee), 18...
24321Tipperary County Archives1856-1895Minute Book, Clonmel Town Commissioners: 1856-1866 1...Clonmel Corporation
19795Tipperary Studies1840-1856Rate Books:Abington: July 1852 November 1852 July 18...Nenagh Poor Law Union
19854Tipperary Studies1856-1896Nodstown National School, Cashel, Co. Tipperary. Ins...Tipperary National School Registers and Roll Books
10272Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5089b1842-1856Two letters to the Honourable Grace O'Brien, 1842, 1...
10411Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs51161798
Account of the rebellion of 1798 in Wexford dicated ...Arnold Family
11155Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5089b1842-1856Two letters to the Honourable Grace O'Brien: 1842 18...O'Brien Family
24107Union Theological College1828-1856'Belfast Town Mission', 1st, 3rd and 13th Annual Rep...Union Theological College Pamphlet Collection
13161University of Galway ArchivesP61856-1858Diary of a Man of Leisure. Diary of [ ], formerl...
5887Waterford City Archives1856-1858Court of Conscience records, 1856 - 1858. At back of...Town Clerk Records
5884Wicklow Library and Archives1856-1893Record of Paying Orders Drawn: An account of the sev...Grand Jury Records