20932King's Hospital School17-321941-196717 Committee Book Minutes, 1941 - 1967.King's Hospital Records
20933King's Hospital School17-321905-195818 Board Minute Book, 1905 - 1958.King's Hospital Records
20934King's Hospital School17-321958-196719 Board Minute Book, 1958 - 1967.King's Hospital Records
20935King's Hospital School17-321908-196720 Index of Board and Committee Minutes, 1908 - 1967...King's Hospital Records
20936King's Hospital School17-321856-190821 Board Committee Index Book, 1856 - 1908.King's Hospital Records
20937King's Hospital School17-321839-185522 Committee of Accounts, 1839 - 1855.King's Hospital Records
20938King's Hospital School17-321858-186423 House Committee Book, 1858 - 1864.King's Hospital Records
20939King's Hospital School17-32188424 Report of Special Committee, 1884.King's Hospital Records
20940King's Hospital School17-32194325 Estate Sub-committee Minute Book, 1943.King's Hospital Records
20941King's Hospital School17-321892-190526 Education Committee Book, 1892 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20942King's Hospital School17-321950-196027 Visiting Governor's Report Book, 1950 - 1960.King's Hospital Records
20943King's Hospital School17-321875-187628 Committee of Accounts, 1875 - 1876.King's Hospital Records
20944King's Hospital School17-321884-190029 Headmaster's Report Book, 1884 - 1900.King's Hospital Records
20945King's Hospital School17-321900-191130 Headmaster's Report Book, 1900 - 1911.King's Hospital Records
20946King's Hospital School17-321911-192731 Headmaster's Report Book, 1911 - 1927.King's Hospital Records
20947King's Hospital School17-321852-187632 Board Minutes, 1852 - 1876.King's Hospital Records