Repository: Tipperary County Archives

Repository NameTipperary County Archives
AddressCarriageen Business Park Clonmel County Tipperary
Telephone0761 06 5000
CommentThe list here was provided by the archivist Rachel Granville. We are grateful for her assistance.

50 Results

24284Tipperary County Archives1921-1942Clonmel Corporation Finance Committee Minutes:23 Jun...Clonmel Corporation
24285Tipperary County Archives1923Finance and Housing Committee, 29 January 1923-23 No...Clonmel Corporation
24286Tipperary County Archives1887-1891Index for Streets and Finance Committee Book:22 July...Clonmel Corporation
24287Tipperary County Archives1889-1896Finance and Streets, Sanitary and Public Health and ...Clonmel Corporation
24288Tipperary County Archives1878-1889Streets and Finance Committee Book:17 May 1878-25 Ju...Clonmel Corporation
24289Tipperary County Archives1842-1843Finance and Law Committee Reference Book, 1842-1843.Clonmel Corporation
24290Tipperary County Archives1875-1940File of Returns of Officials and Members, 1875-1940.Clonmel Corporation
24291Tipperary County Archives1887-1981Roll of Members of Council:25 November 1887-16 June ...Clonmel Corporation
24292Tipperary County Archives1842-1990Corporation Minute Book:1 November 1842-8 July 18451...Clonmel Corporation
24293Tipperary County Archives1781-1842Box containing:Corporation Minute Book, 24 June 1786...Clonmel Corporation
24294Tipperary County Archives1849-1948Index Book to General Minutes Clonmel Corporation:17...Clonmel Corporation
24295Tipperary County Archives1842-1849'Index to the Reformed Corporation':1 Novemb...Clonmel Corporation
24296Tipperary County Archives'Minutes Demising Corporation Lands'. This c...Clonmel Corporation
24297Tipperary County Archives1744-1900A large volume, double-sided, dated 1900, lists:a. b...Clonmel Corporation
24298Tipperary County Archives1750-1770Index to Corporation Minutes, c.1750 - c.1770Clonmel Corporation
24299Tipperary County Archives1919-1944General Purposes Committee, Minute Books:15 July 191...Clonmel Corporation
24300Tipperary County Archives1919-1920Minute Book, General Committee, 16 January 1919-19 N...Clonmel Corporation
24301Tipperary County Archives1911-1920
Minute Book, Housing Committee, 7 July 1911-27 Novem...Clonmel Corporation
24302Tipperary County Archives1886-1897Burial Board, Minute Book, 27 August 1886-6 April 18...Clonmel Corporation
24303Tipperary County Archives1879-1882Town Hall Committee Book, Minute Book, 10 April 1879...Clonmel Corporation
24304Tipperary County Archives1881-1882Public Health Committee, Minute Book, 13 May 1881-29...Clonmel Corporation
24305Tipperary County Archives1897-1899Minute Book, Parliamentary Committee, 13 January 189...Clonmel Corporation
24306Tipperary County Archives1880-1914Clonmel Urban Sanitary Authority, Minute Book:6 Sept...Clonmel Corporation
24307Tipperary County Archives1896-1919Minute Book, Standing Committee Clonmel Corporation:...Clonmel Corporation
24308Tipperary County Archives1942-1947Register of County Manager's Orders, 1942-1947.Clonmel Corporation
24309Tipperary County Archives1920Report of Inquiry into Housing Conditions, May 1920.Clonmel Corporation
24310Tipperary County Archives1943Register of Unpaid Bills, 1943.Clonmel Corporation
24311Tipperary County Archives1896-1907Stock Ledger, 1896-1907.Clonmel Corporation
24312Tipperary County Archives1870-1945Estate Rental, 1870-1945.Clonmel Corporation
24313Tipperary County Archives1889-1906Departmental Orders, 1889-1906.Clonmel Corporation
24314Tipperary County Archives1882-1910Minute Book, Butter Market Committee, 1882-1910.Clonmel Corporation
24315Tipperary County Archives1908-1913Minute Book, Law Committee.1908-1913.Clonmel Corporation
24316Tipperary County Archives1915-1916
Minute Book, Borough of Clonmel Local Representative...Clonmel Corporation
24317Tipperary County Archives1917-1922Minute Book, Maternity and Child Welfare Committee, ...Clonmel Corporation
24318Tipperary County Archives1899-1911Minute Book, 'No. 1' Clonmel Corporation of ...Clonmel Corporation
24319Tipperary County Archives1918-1919Draft Minute Book Clonmel Corporation, 24 May 1918-4...Clonmel Corporation
24320Tipperary County Archives1850-1858Minute Book, General Committee Clonmel Corporation: ...Clonmel Corporation
24321Tipperary County Archives1856-1895Minute Book, Clonmel Town Commissioners: 1856-1866 1...Clonmel Corporation
24322Tipperary County Archives1829-1842Rent Roll of the Clonmel Corporation, 'n 12 L...Clonmel Corporation
24323Tipperary County Archives1887-1911Minute Book, General Committees, 24 October 1887-21 ...Clonmel Corporation
24324Tipperary County ArchivesRental Book of Clonmel Corporation, no date.Clonmel Corporation
24325Tipperary County Archives1858-1925Envelope entitled 'Wills, Assignments, Declarati...Clonmel Corporation
24326Tipperary County Archives1691
Envelope entitled Charities: Deed regarding Clonmel ...Clonmel Corporation
24327Tipperary County Archives1911-1932Tuberculosis Register Medical Officer of Health, 8 A...Clonmel Corporation
24328Tipperary County Archives1900Corporation of Clonmel, Deeds and Documents: Schedul...Clonmel Corporation
24329Tipperary County ArchivesClonmel Corporation Title Documents: Archival boxes ...Clonmel Corporation
24330Tipperary County Archives1973-1978Clonmel Corporation Minute Book, 6 November 1973-11 ...Clonmel Corporation
24331Tipperary County Archives1914-1915Clonmel Corporation Rate Books, 1914-1915, 2 volumes...Clonmel Corporation
24332Tipperary County Archives1887
Clonmel Corporation, Roll of Members, November 1887-...Clonmel Corporation
24333Tipperary County Archives1943-1997Clonmel Corporation County Manager's Order Books...Clonmel Corporation