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CommentThe information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the library. The lists were compiled by library staff and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually. Formerly Tipperary Joint Libraries.

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1674Tipperary Studies1842-18991 Spring Assizes 18424 Summer Assizes 18455 Summer 1...Tipperary Grand Jury Records
1678Tipperary Studies1900-1912Absract of County Liabilities and Expenditure for ha...Tipperary Local Authority Records
1679Tipperary Studies1899-1925Borrisokane Rural District Council Minute Books:1 Ju...Borrisokane Rural District Council
1680Tipperary Studies1899-1925Borrisokane Poor Law Union Treasurers Receipt and Pa...Borrisokane Poor Law Union
1681Tipperary Studies1899-1924Cashel Rural District Council Minute Books:1 April 1...Cashel Rural District Council
1682Tipperary Studies1900-1925Clogheen Rural District Council Minute Books:1 April...Clogheen Rural District Council
1683Tipperary Studies1899-1925Tipperary Number 2 Rural District Council Minute Boo...Tipperary Number 2 Rural District Council
1684Tipperary Studies1899-1924Thurles Poor Law Union Minute Books:May 1839-May 184...Thurles Poor Law Union
1685Tipperary Studies1899-1925Slieveardagh Rural District Council Minute Books:1 A...Slieveardagh Rural District Council
1686Tipperary Studies1900-1925Nenagh Rural District Council Minute Books:1 Septemb...Nenagh Rural District Council
1687Tipperary Studies1899-1920Gortnahoe Rural District Council Minute Books:1 July...Gortnahoe Rural District Council
1688Tipperary Studies1899-1928Clonmel Rural District Council Minute Books:1 April ...Clonmel Rural District Council
1689Tipperary Studies1760-1800
Minutes of Library Committee Meetings: 1927-1932 193...
1690Tipperary Studies1834-1942Clonmel District Lunatic Asylum Minute Books:1 Novem...Clonmel District Lunatic Asylum
1691Tipperary Studies1788-18893 volumes Thurles Estate Rentals, 1843, 1863, 18581 ...
3079Tipperary Studies1850-1923Minute Books:June 1850-May 1851May 1851-April 1852Ap...Borrisokane Poor Law Union
3080Tipperary Studies1887-1911Awards (8 pieces) relating to Labourers' Acts, 1...Borrisokane Local Authority Records
3081Tipperary Studies1844-1923Minute Books:March 1844-January 1845January 1845-Nov...Cashel Poor Law Union
3082Tipperary Studies1839-1924Minute Books:March 1839-December 1843January 1884-Ma...Clogheen Poor Law Union
3083Tipperary Studies1839-1924Minute Books:May 1839-March 1842March 1842-January 1...Clonmel Poor Law Union
3084Tipperary Studies1839-1924Minute Books:May 1839-September 1843September 1843-J...Nenagh Poor Law Union
3085Tipperary Studies1839-1923Minute Books:June 1839-February 1843February 1843-Fe...Roscrea Poor Law Union
3086Tipperary Studies1839-1923Minute Books:June 1839-June 1842June 1842-July 1843A...Tipperary Poor Law Union
19486Tipperary Studies1849Rate Books:Ardmayle Rate Book 1849Ardsallagh Valuati...Cashel Poor Law Union
19784Tipperary Studies1942-1945Annacarty and Donohill Irish Tourist Association Rep...Tipperary Irish Tourist Association Reports
19785Tipperary Studies1899-1925Treasurer's Receipts and Payment Books:Loan Acco...Borrisokane Local Authority Records
19786Tipperary Studies1909-1923Union Ledgers:April 1909-November 1911April 1921-Mar...Borrisokane Local Authority Records
19787Tipperary Studies1894-1924Indoor Relief Registers:April 1894-September 1898Jan...Borrisokane Local Authority Records
19788Tipperary Studies1850-1906Workhouse Record of Births:1850-1906Borrisokane Local Authority Records
19789Tipperary Studies1850-1851Borrisokane Poor Law Union Rough Minute Book 1850-18...Borrisokane Poor Law Union
19790Tipperary Studies1831-1869Rough Minute Books:3 September 1831-3 May 184020 Jan...Cashel Poor Law Union
19791Tipperary Studies1879-1892Contagious Diseases (Animals) Minutes:January 1879-N...Cashel Poor Law Union
19792Tipperary Studies1873Burial Board Minutes:March 1873-November 1873Cashel Poor Law Union
19793Tipperary Studies1839-1859Rough Minute Books:May 1839-September 1842April 1848...Clonmel Poor Law Union
19794Tipperary Studies1852-1899Dispensary Committee Minute Books:Clonmel District, ...Clonmel Poor Law Union
19795Tipperary Studies1840-1856Rate Books:Abington: July 1852 November 1852 July 18...Nenagh Poor Law Union
19796Tipperary Studies1852-1923Newport Dispensary Committee Minutes, April 1852-Oct...Nenagh Poor Law Union
19797Tipperary Studies1839-1890Letters from the Poor Law Commissioners and Local Go...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19798Tipperary Studies1839-1849
Orders from the Poor Law Commissioners and Local Gov...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19799Tipperary Studies1909-1924Letter Books - Out:June 1909-April 1915April 1915-No...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19800Tipperary Studies1890Papers relating to the implementation of Labourers&#...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19801Tipperary Studies1907-1915Union Ledgers:April 1907-March 1909April 1911-March ...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19802Tipperary Studies1899-1924Indoor Relief Registers:September 1899-January 1902N...Roscrea Poor Law Union
19803Tipperary Studies1849-1869Rough Minute Books:October 1849-May 1850March 1851-N...Tipperary Poor Law Union
19804Tipperary Studies1879-1898Dispensary Committee Minutes:Bansha District, Octobe...Tipperary Poor Law Union
19805Tipperary Studies1912-1915Minute Book of Boarded and Hired Out Children:Novemb...Tipperary Poor Law Union
19806Tipperary Studies1889-1895Labourers' Acts, Rough Minutes:October 1889-1895Tipperary Poor Law Union
19807Tipperary Studies1872
South Riding of the County of Tipperary. An Abstract...
19808Tipperary Studies1899-1923Thurles Rural District Council Minute Books:1 Novemb...Thurles Rural District Council
19809Tipperary Studies1900-1924Thurles Rural District Council Quarterly Minute Book...Thurles Rural District Council
19810Tipperary Studies1911-1916Correspondence, Local Government Board and Thurles R...Thurles Rural District Council
19811Tipperary Studies1919-1925Thurles Rural District Council Rate Books:1919-19201...Thurles Rural District Council
19812Tipperary Studies1842-1898Rate Books:Ballycahill: January 1842 November 1843 D...Thurles Local Authority Records
19813Tipperary Studies1902-1912Outward Letter Books.: January 1902-July 1906 Decemb...Thurles Poor Law Union
19814Tipperary Studies1878-1923Letters from the Local Government Board:January 1878...Thurles Poor Law Union
19815Tipperary Studies1899-1915Financial Statements, Expenditure, March 1903-March ...Thurles Poor Law Union
19816Tipperary Studies1907-1921Union Ledgers:April 1907-March 1909April 1909-March ...Thurles Poor Law Union
19817Tipperary Studies1848-1924Indoor Relief Registers:November 1849-February 1850O...Thurles Poor Law Union
19818Tipperary Studies1869-1900Register of Deaths in the Workhouse: October 1869-Se...Thurles Poor Law Union
19819Tipperary Studies1847
Medical Relief Register:19161847 (photocopy)  Thurles Poor Law Union
19820Tipperary Studies1886-1951Thurles Workhouse, Indoor Registers:1886-18901887-18...Thurles Poor Law Union
19821Tipperary Studies1860-1908Thurles Workhouse, Porter's Books:18601862-19631...Thurles Poor Law Union
19822Tipperary Studies1890-1891
Personal Ledgers:1890-18911899-1907  Thurles Poor Law Union
19823Tipperary Studies1853General Correspondence, 1853, from the Poor Law Boar...Thurles Poor Law Union
19824Tipperary Studies1841-1870Thurles Fever Hospital, Account Book:1841-1870  ...Thurles Poor Law Union
19825Tipperary Studies1886-1892Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Guardians as ...Thurles Poor Law Union
19826Tipperary Studies1919Medical Relief Register:1919Thurles Poor Law Union
19827Tipperary Studies1853
Nenagh Poor Law Union Burial Rate BooksArdcroney Bur...Nenagh Poor Law Union
19828Tipperary Studies1839-1843Rough Minute Books:1839-1843Thurles Poor Law Union
19829Tipperary Studies1902-1925Slieveardagh Rural District Council Quarterly Minute...Slieveardagh Rural District Council
19830Tipperary Studies1909-1925Slieverardagh Rural District Council, Register of Te...Slieveardagh Rural District Council
19831Tipperary Studies1900-1920Gortnahoe Rural District Council Quarterly Minute Bo...Gortnahoe Rural District Council
19832Tipperary Studies1906-1915Clogheen Rural District Council Quarterly Minute Boo...Clogheen Rural District Council
19833Tipperary Studies1839-1843Valentine Maher, Turtulla, Thurles, Co. Tipperary:Es...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19834Tipperary Studies1787-1798Rent Roll of the Estates of Lord Milton, Tipperary C...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19835Tipperary Studies1869Rental of the town and lands of Ballinamoe, Ballymoy...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19836Tipperary Studies1853Rental and particulars of the town and lands of Rath...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19837Tipperary Studies1872Rental and particulars of part of the lands of Bally...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19838Tipperary Studies1860Rental of the lands of Rodeen, Garrane, part of the ...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19839Tipperary Studies1860Rental of the lands of Rodeen, Garrane, part of the ...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19840Tipperary Studies1869Rental and particulars of part of the lands of Modre...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19841Tipperary Studies1857Rental and particulars of the demesne of Kilcommon, ...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19842Tipperary Studies1868Rental and particulars of the lands of Cooleeshill, ...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19843Tipperary Studies1857Rental and particulars of the lands of Milford and t...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19844Tipperary Studies1853Rental and particulars of the lands situate in the C...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19845Tipperary Studies1853Rental of Otway estate, Several townlands situate in...Tipperary Landed Estates Records
19846Tipperary Studies1735-1927Cooke of Borrisoleigh collection     ...Cooke of Borrisoleigh Collection
19847Tipperary Studies1970-1979Michael Murphy Clonmel images 1970sIncludes images o...Michael Murphy Clonmel Images, 1970s
19848Tipperary Studies1902-1917The DEDs covered in this release are: Abington ...North Tipperary Cancelled Valuation Books
19849Tipperary Studies1967-1968Comhairle Ceili Newsletter No. 1, December 1967Comha...Comhairle Céilí Newsletter, 1967-1969
19850Tipperary Studies1882-1892Ardmayle National School Examination Roll Books:1882...Tipperary National School Registers and Roll Books
19851Tipperary Studies1872-1922Ballydrehid NS Irish class 1911-12Ballydrehid NS boy...Tipperary National School Registers and Roll Books
19852Tipperary Studies1863-1920Borrisofarney School Boys Register 1864-1920Borrisof...Tipperary National School Registers and Roll Books
19853Tipperary Studies1899-1902Gortagarry National School Roll Book 1899 - 1902Tipperary National School Registers and Roll Books
19854Tipperary Studies1856-1896Nodstown National School, Cashel, Co. Tipperary. Ins...Tipperary National School Registers and Roll Books