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19179Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/8/1-51859-19988/ Artefacts/Museum Paper items Non-paper items Dres...Adelaide Hospital Archive
14598Belfast Central LibraryST241856
Manuscript letter from Walter Strickland to J.F. Big...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
16205Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1850-1859J/20: An invite from Frances Anne, Lady Londonderry,...The Rosse Papers
16734Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1859-1954Register of Marriages, Donohill, 1859-1954, 1 volume...Bolton Library Archive
16935Cavan County ArchivesGJ/91856-1859c. Spring 1856-Spring 1859. Volume containing presen...Cavan Grand Jury Records
20738Clogher Diocesan Archives (RC)Box 511859-1959Printed, 'One Hundred Years in Ireland, 1859-1959, S...Clogher Diocesan Records (RC)
533Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.07/9/1859 Letter. Margaret Leslie, Ballymore to...Bishop W. Keane Papers
14154Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.07/9/1859 Letter. Margaret Leslie, Ballymore to...Bishop W. Keane Papers
14156Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796/7/15/1859 Letter. Ms A M Purcell to Bishop Kea...Bishop W. Keane Papers
14157Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796/6/4/1859 Letter. Sister M J McCarthy, Mercy, Q...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16990Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.06/5/1859 Letter. Sister M. Aloysius, Presentat...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16991Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.06/7/1859 Letter. Sister M J McCarthy, Mercy, ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16992Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.06/8/1859 Letter. Sister M J McCarthy, Mercy, ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16994Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.05/49/1859 Letter. Revd. J Cullinan, Queenstow...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17116Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/103/1859 Letter from Revd T. Ahern, Kilnamar...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16993Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.04/9/1859 Letter. Bishop John Brigg, York, to ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16995Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.07/22/1859 French. Letter. Jules D'Andris, ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
16996Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796.06/13/1859 Letter. Sister M Aloysius, Presenta...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17023Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box L18591796/7/11/1859 Letter. Ellen Walden, Queenstown, to...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17117Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/109/1859 Letter from Revd T. Ahern to Bishop...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17118Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/122/1859 Letter from Revd P. Burton and C.T....Bishop W. Keane Papers
17119Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/16/1859 Song of Fermoy Presentation childre...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17120Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/135/1859 Letter from Revd J. Fitzpatrick, Mi...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17121Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/137/1859 Letter of Revd M. O'Brien, Mitc...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17122Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/17/1859 Letter from Sister M.J. McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17123Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/18/1859 Letter from M. Augustine Keane, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17124Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/19/1859 Letter Revd T. Murphy, Youghal, to B...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17125Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/20/1859 Letter from Sister M. Magdalen, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17126Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/145/1859 Letter from Revd M. Kennefick, Rath...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17127Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.08/15/1859 Letter from S. Wigmore, Liscarrol, t...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17128Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/21/1859 Letter from Angelina Goold (Sister M...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17129Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/154/1859 Letter from Revd M. O'Brien, Mi...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17130Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/22/1859, Sister M Magdalen, Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17131Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/23/1859 Letter of Sister M Patrick of Jesus...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17132Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/25/1859 Letter of Sister M J McCarthy, Quee...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17133Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/159/1859 Letter of Revd. M O'Brien, Mitchel...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17134Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/26/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17135Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/27/1859 Letter from Sister M J Croke, Charl...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17136Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/28/1859 Letter from Sister M A Dnne, Charle...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17137Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/29/1859 Letter from Sister M C Hughes, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17138Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M185922 July 1859 Letter from Sister M A Dunne, Charlevi...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17139Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/31/1859 Letter from Sister M Aloysius, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17140Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/186/1859 Letter from Revd. T Ahern to Bisho...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17141Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/186/1859 Letter from Revd. T Ahern to Bisho...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17142Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/32/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17143Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/34/1859 Letter from Sister M Magdalen, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17144Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/195/1859 Letter from Revd. S Ashlin, Richmo...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17145Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/202/1859 Letter from Revd. M O'Brien, Mitch...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17146Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/35/1859 Letter from Sister M A Smith, Prese...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17147Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.07/56/1859 Bill for household items from J Hac...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17148Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/36/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17149Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/37/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17150Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.06/38/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19627Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/39/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Lo...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19628Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.05/238/1859 Letter from Revd. T Murray, Glanta...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19629Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/39/1859 Letter from M A Smith, Presentation,...Bishop W. Keane Papers
17151Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box M18591796.05/222/1859 Letter Rev. T Murphy, Youghal, to ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19630Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/41/1859 Letter from Sister M Magdalen, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19631Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/42/1859 Letter from Sister M J McCarthy, Qu...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19632Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/43/1859 Letter from Sister M Patrick, Prese...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19633Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/46/1859 List of Sisters in Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19634Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/47/1859 List of Sisters in Loreto Convent, ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19635Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/48/1859 List of Sisters in Mercy Convent, M...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19636Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/49/1859 List of Sisters in Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19637Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/50/1859 List of Sisters in Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19638Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/51/1859 List of Sisters in Mercy Convent, C...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19639Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/52/1859 List of Sisters in Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19640Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/53/1859 List of Sisters in Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19641Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/54/1859 List of Sisters in Presentation Con...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19642Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/55/1859 Letter from Sister M Teresa, Mercy ...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19643Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/57/1859 Letter from Sister M C Hennessy, Pr...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19644Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.05/280/1859 Letter from Revd. T Ahern, Kilnama...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19645Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/58/1859 Letter from Sister M Catherine, Pre...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19646Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.05/292/1859 Letter from Revd. A Peyton, Blarne...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19647Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/59/1859 Letter from Sister M C Hughes, Pres...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19648Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.06/60/1859 Letter from Sister M Catherine, Pre...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19649Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box N18591796.05/304/1859 Letter from Revd. J Cullinan, Quee...Bishop W. Keane Papers
23254Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1859254: Letter from Lady Beecher to Richard Dowden in w...Dowden Papers
23256Cork City and County ArchivesU140/ClassD/1859252: Letter from Cornelia Hogan, Dublin, to the Secr...Dowden Papers
24036Cork City and County ArchivesU1961859Box 7 Contains legal documents, many which relate to...Colthurst Papers
11804Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/8/6/6681859-1915Lifford [or Stranorlar?] Minute Book, Donegal County...
22944Down and Connor Diocesan Archive (RC)A-T1859
L. Information relating to lay organisations, for ex...
12826Elphin Diocesan Archives (RC)1859-1861
Box marked: Section III C. Workhouses/ Reforms Prin...
19884Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1833-1859Rough Committee Book of the Trust, 3 items, 1833-185...Erasmus Smith Archives
19894Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1859-1930Letters, vouchers and rentals regarding the western ...Erasmus Smith Archives
19900Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1859-1962Letters; staff appointments; scholarships; accounts;...Erasmus Smith Archives
1456Fingal County Archive94/P/30-97/C/21859-1988Small Collections, Box No 394/P/30 A.C. Tynan Record...Small Collections
5636Galway County Council ArchivesG/01/121844-1859Rough Minute Books:1 14 June 1844 - 11 July 18452 24...Gort Poor Law Union
23203Good Shepherd Sisters1859-1972Apostolate:ii) St Joseph's Reformatory, 1859 to ...
23205Good Shepherd Sisters1859Correspondence, 1859
12129Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1859-1919Minute Books:25 March 1859-25 March 186117 May 1893-...Celbridge Poor Law Union
20948King's Hospital School33-481859-186833 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1859 - 1868.King's Hospital Records
20949King's Hospital School33-481858-185934 Committee & Board Agenda, 1858 - 1859.King's Hospital Records
20993King's Hospital School65-821859-188077 Rent Received Book, 1859 - 1880.King's Hospital Records
21085King's Hospital School161-1791835-1859161 Memorandum of account furninshed to Governors of...King's Hospital Records
21162King's Hospital School232-236A1859-1864233 Provisions list, 1859 - 1864 .King's Hospital Records
13168Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.4909)1859Letter, Lord Inchiquin to Robert O'Brien, 25 Septemb...
13169Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.4913)1859Letter, William Smith O'Brien, Cahermoyle, Newca...
1774Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1844-1859Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 115 Oct...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1775Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1859-1867Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 132 May...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5533Louth County ArchivesBG/80/CC /1961855-1859Dundalk Union Ledger, 1855 - 1859.Dundalk Poor Law Union
5739Louth County Archives178-1971859-1920Ardee Union Treasurer's Ledger: 178 1896 - 1897 179...Ardee Local Authority Records
20297Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox A/18592 Rent receipt and letter, 1859.Mountainstown Documents
22862Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1859-1873Lurgan Methodist Circuit: Records and accounts, 1859...
21537Monaghan County Museum1859AE1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 4 March 1859....Moorehead Letters
21538Monaghan County Museum1859AF1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 12 March 1859...Moorehead Letters
21540Monaghan County Museum1859AH1-3 Photocopied letter and envelope, 3 May 1859. S...Moorehead Letters
21541Monaghan County Museum1859AI-2 Photocopied letter and envelope, 28 July 1859. ...Moorehead Letters
21579Monaghan County Museum1859-1890Rental, Hollywood Estate (Crawford), 1859-1890
551National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1859-1870Rathdown Poor Law Union Minute Books:A31 Half year e...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
680National Archives of IrelandBG/40/1849-1859Balrothery Poor Law Union Minute Books:BG/40/A1-7 mi...Balrothery Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
799National Archives of Ireland999/739/1807-18596: 21 May 1807, copy settlement on the marriage of M...
8856National Archives of IrelandT113431859Wills and Other Testamentary Records: Dorothea Lewis...
8875National Archives of Ireland1045/5/6/81855-1859Register of Reports on the State of the Health and E...Protestant Orphan Society
10015National Archives of Ireland1859-1862Petty Sessions Order Books Ardara, County Donegal: 8...Petty Sessions Records
15366National Archives of Ireland 99/56/10/12/211859Papers relating to King's County. Letters of adminis...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
15367National Archives of Ireland 99/56/10/12/221859Papers relating to King's County. Letters of adminis...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
946National Library of IrelandMs111101859-1877Rentals of the joint estates of the Earl and Countes...Grogan Papers
950National Library of IrelandMs111861859Five documents relating to the Poor Law Commission,...Mayo Papers
1487National Library of IrelandMs15591859-1876Drafts of the minutes of the weekly meetings of Plea...
1927National Library of IrelandMss4472-44731798
An original and a photostat copy of a narrative of t...
1957National Library of IrelandMs48471746
Copies of Mrs Caroline Hamilton's family reminiscenc...Wicklow Papers
2383National Library of IrelandMs269791859-1860Letters to Mrs Blake from the Atlantic Royal Mail St...Blake of Ballyglunin Park Papers
2426National Library of IrelandMs878-8841825-1859Combined Diary and Commonplace Books of Lady Sydney ...
2753National Library of IrelandMs20958c1859-1865Letters to John D'Alton from his daughter Nanny (Sis...D'Alton Papers
2757National Library of IrelandMs209671827-1859Three letters to, and concerning, Kate D'Alton, 1827...D'Alton Papers
2899National Library of IrelandMs 85531841-1859Rentals and miscellaneous documents, includes, among...
2926National Library of IrelandMs8654c1853-1859Letters from Lucy C O'Brien to her husband, William ...William Smith O'Brien Papers
2930National Library of IrelandMs8663c1859Miscellaneous letters, 1859 with a number undated. T...William Smith O'Brien Papers
3467National Library of IrelandMs105011859-1884Letters to P J Smyth, these include 62 letters from ...P.J. Smyth Papers
3534National Library of IrelandMss12002-120041828-1859Three Account Books of Mary Trench, 1828-1859.Domvile Papers
6908National Library of IrelandMs18914c1859-1875Documents relating to Helena Kenny, Dublin, (late of...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
9052National Library of IrelandMs13895c1850-1859Eleven letters to Mrs John Woulfe Flanagan (nee Susa...O'Loghlen Papers
9089National Library of IrelandMs143111859-1871House, garden and farm accounts, relating to an esta...
9090National Library of IrelandMs143151858-1859Rentals and accounts, estate of Mrs Sarah Roberts, C...
9092National Library of IrelandMs143331859-1866Domestic accounts, 1859-1866 [at Dromconora, County ...O'Loghlen Papers
9445National Library of IrelandMs24650(1-2)1808-1859Tenants' proposals, memorials, etc., mainly addresse...Villiers-Stuart Papers
9720National Library of IrelandMs181561859Letter signed Emma Isabel from the US Consulate at M...Devoy Papers
10837National Library of IrelandMs211841859-1870Photocopies of four rent receipts and associated ite...
11598National Library of IrelandMs127191856-1859Ballina Union Account Ledger, March 1856-March 1859.
11601National Library of IrelandMs127171859-1860Ballinrobe Poor Law Union Ledger, March 1859-Septemb...
11612National Library of IrelandMs123451858-1859Belmullet Poor Law Union Minute Book, 13 November 18...
11624National Library of IrelandMs122211859-1860Ballina Poor Law Union Minute Book, 30 July 1859-28 ...
12259National Library of IrelandMss12380-123941859-1870Castlebar Poor Law Union Minute Books, September 185...Castlebar Poor Law Union
18886Offaly ArchivesOCL GJ1/31836-1840
Coroner's Report BooksRecords of King's County Grand Jury
6835Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2458/31859-1860Book recording offences committed in Dundalk, County...
7142Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/29361859-1965Papers of Miss Felicitie Ferguson of Newcastle, Coun...
7534Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/8121857-1859Graham Indian Mutiny Papers. There were seven adult ...Graham Papers
7888Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/11301622-1859Copies of notes on the Holmes family of Belfast, inc...
7990Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1439/11595-1859Genealogical notes relating to the Chambers family, ...
8030Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/15621859-1884c.52 documents relating to Clogher Diocesan Widows&#...
8120Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/18511859-1879T/1851/3 Copy of a letter from rejected suitor, Eph...
8128Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1873/4-71858-1859Copies of 4 letters from J C Boyd, Royal School, Por...
8170Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1978/1-31859-1865Copies of 3 letters from J N Armstrong, Crofton, New...
2282RCSI Heritage CollectionsMercer's Hospital1846-1859Manuscript Case Books of Richard Butcher, surgeon to...Richard Butcher Case Books
1314Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1859-1860Scrap Books: Personal Collection of verse, etc., 'Ra...Museum Collection
1253Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMMII/H1-21859-1888Schools and Education: MMII/H1 First Day School Com...Dublin Monthly Meeting
5313Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMMIV/G11788-1859Sufferings and Tithes: Account of the Sufferings of ...Moate Monthly Meeting
5321Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMMVI/F1-21680-1859Testimonies: MMVI/F1 Testimonies, Disownments and A...County Wexford Monthly Meetings
23691Representative Church Body Library1859-1932Box 14 Registers, 1859-1932.Mrs Smyly's Homes
24932Royal Irish Academy of Music 1858-1859
2: 20 April 1858 - 11 March 1861, relating to commit...
12114St Louis' Heritage CentreMO38/GB81859Photograph of St Louis Convent, Monaghan, 1859.
12117St Louis' Heritage Centre43LHAC/GB16-46LHAC/GB161859-1862
Material relating to the founders of St Louis Order:...
19793Tipperary Studies1839-1859Rough Minute Books:May 1839-September 1842April 1848...Clonmel Poor Law Union
10226Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs73011859-1862Sketch Book of Gertrude Caroline Lucy Markham, after...Clements Papers
10308Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs20661798
Includes a Memoir of 1798 by Mrs Barbara Lett, (1777...
10419Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5000-50011859-1921Correspondence of Hugh Oakley, Arnold Forster and hi...Arnold-Forster
10434Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs64391859Letters to Polly Anne Opkins from 'Opkins from H...Groves Papers
11161Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5097/1-201852-1859Letters to Robert O'Brien relating to estate matters...O'Brien Family
11204Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentV/123/A1859-1866Rentals of Tara Hill Estate, 1859-1866.Courtown Papers
11263Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss7762-77721858-1859Letters from Mary Ward, nee King (1827-1889), artist...Hamilton Papers
11267Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss7762-72/21191859Meditations, by [Eliza Mary Hamilton?], 16 October 1...Hamilton Papers
11282Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10247/1/13411859Letter of George Robert Wynne to his niece, 1859.Wynne Family Papers
11948Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss1827-18361859-1903Correspondence of William Edward Hartpole Lecky, inc...Lecky Papers
24109Union Theological College1859James McCosh, 'The Ulster revival and its physiologi...Union Theological College Pamphlet Collection
24110Union Theological College1859John Brown, 'Family order and instruction' (Belfast,...Union Theological College Pamphlet Collection
24111Union Theological College1859'Way of a man with a maid' (no author noted, 1859).Union Theological College Pamphlet Collection
13142Waterford and Lismore Diocesan Archives (RC)1850-1859Contents of box marked 1850-1859 includes: Dispensat...
9921Waterford County ArchivesBG/WTFD1839-1859Volumes of sealed orders from the Poor Law Commissio...Waterford Poor Law Union
6029Westmeath County Archives Department1820-1859Housekeeping Account Book, 1820 - 1832. Rentals of ...
19189Westmeath County Archives Department1858-1859
Mullingar Poor Law Union Porter's Books: [includ...Mullingar Poor Law Union
19320Westmeath County Archives Department1859146 Charles B Marley Esq. 1st part, George Henry Ki...Howard Bury Papers
5305Wexford County Archive1859Lease of Summer Hill, Miss Mary Rances Devereux to R...