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Repository NameAdelaide Hospital
AddressManuscripts and Archives Research Library Trinity College Dublin Dublin 2
EircodeD02 PN40
Telephone(01) 896-1189
Telephone 2(01) 896-3384
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CommentThe records of the Adelaide Hospital were deposited in Trinity College Dublin's Department of Manuscripts and Archives in the early 2000s. A full catalogue listing is available online.

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18760Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/1-121838-2002The Adelaide Hospital Archive has been arranged into...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19172Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/6/1-61866-19986/ Education Research Instruments Lectures Fees Scho...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19173Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/1/1-21874-20031/ Foundation documents Adelaide Hospital titles, de...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19174Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/2/1-81838-19992/ Executive General Committee/Managing Committee/Bo...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19175Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/3/1-101880-20023/ Administration/Financial Bequests Receipts and ex...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19176Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/4c.1970-19874/ Plans and surveys Set of six slides illustrating ...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19177Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/5/1-7c.1900-19995 - Medical Patient registers Patient deaths Case fi...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19178Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/7/17/ Alumni Association of Old Adelaide Students.Adelaide Hospital Archive
19179Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/8/1-51859-19988/ Artefacts/Museum Paper items Non-paper items Dres...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19180Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/91987-19999/ Audio-visual material Recording of nurses' pr...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19181Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/10/1-41906-200910/ Photographs Adelaide Hospital Museum. [Yvonne] K...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19182Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/11/1-131858-200711/ Published items Annual reports Articles by Adela...Adelaide Hospital Archive
19183Adelaide HospitalTCD MS 11270/12/1-7c.1870-199912/ Scrapbooks/newspaper clippings Volume entitled &...Adelaide Hospital Archive