20948King's Hospital School33-481859-186833 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1859 - 1868.King's Hospital Records
20949King's Hospital School33-481858-185934 Committee & Board Agenda, 1858 - 1859.King's Hospital Records
20950King's Hospital School33-481869-187935 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1869 - 1879.King's Hospital Records
20951King's Hospital School33-481879-188936 Board Committee Agenda Book, 1879 - 1889.King's Hospital Records
20952King's Hospital School33-481889-189937 Committee Agenda, 1889 - 1899.King's Hospital Records
20953King's Hospital School33-481899-191238 Committee Agenda, 1899 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
20954King's Hospital School33-481899-191239 Committee Agenda, 1899 - 1912.King's Hospital Records
20955King's Hospital School33-481890-190540 Board Agenda, 1890 - 1905.King's Hospital Records
20956King's Hospital School33-481905-196841 Board Agenda Book, 1905 - July 1968.King's Hospital Records
20957King's Hospital School33-481912-194342 Committee Agenda, 1912 - 1943.King's Hospital Records
20958King's Hospital School33-481909-195043 Board Attendance Book, 1909 - 1950.King's Hospital Records
20959King's Hospital School33-481669-185543A Benefactors, List of, 1669 - 1855.King's Hospital Records
20960King's Hospital School33-481669-167544 Account Book concerned with building of first sch...King's Hospital Records
20961King's Hospital School33-481669-167645 Day Book, 1669 - 1676.King's Hospital Records
20962King's Hospital School33-481669-167746 Waste Book, 1669 - 1677.King's Hospital Records
20963King's Hospital School33-481669-167647 Accounts Book (separately listed) ,1669 - 1676.King's Hospital Records
20964King's Hospital School33-481676-167748 Book of Bonds for maintenance of King's Hospital,...King's Hospital Records