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Repository NameKilkenny Local Studies Department
AddressKilkenny County Library Headquarters John's Green House John's Green Kilkenny City
EircodeR95 YH61
Telephone(056) 779-4160
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CommentThe information listed from this repository has been extracted from a list available in the archives. The list was compiled by Honora Faul and we are grateful for her assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

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3339Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/A1839-1922Minute Books:1. June 1839-January 18442. January 184...Callan Poor Law Union
3340Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC49/BB/1441914-1925Callan Rural District Council Miscellaneous Minute B...Callan Rural District Council
3341Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/AA1846-1922Rough Minute Books:1. April 1846-January 18472. July...Callan Poor Law Union
3342Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC49/BB/1501911-1917Callan Rural District Council Finance Book, April 19...Kilkenny Rural District Council
3343Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/BC1898-1917Letters from Poor Law Commissioners and Local Govern...Callan Poor Law Union
3344Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/B1858-1925Outward Letter Books:1. December 1858-February 18662...Callan Poor Law Union
3345Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/AK1919-1921Callan Rural District Hospital, Committee Minute Boo...Callan Rural District Council
3346Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC49/BB/1481904-1925Callan Rural District Council, Inward and Outward Le...Callan Rural District Council
3347Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57A1850-1911Minute Books:12. August 1850-February 185115. Februa...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
3348Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57/AA1855-1968Rough Minute Books:1. September 1855-April 18572. Ma...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
3349Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57/AL1886-1898Sanitary Committee Minute Books:1. January 1886-May ...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
3350Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57/AK1900-1909Minute Books under the Medical Charities Acts:1. Apr...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
3351Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57AN/11883-1897Castlecomer Poor Law Union, Contagious Diseases Anim...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
3352Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG57/AE/11910-1919Castlecomer Poor Law Union, Orders and Circulars fro...Castlecomer Poor Law Union
3353Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57A1899-1900Minute Books:1. July 1899-October 19002. May 1907-Se...Castlecomer Rural District Council
3354Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57/AA/11921-1925Rough Minute Book:September 1921-November 1925Castlecomer Rural District Council
3355Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57/AL1903-1913Sanitary Committee Minute Books (under Labourers'...Castlecomer Rural District Council
3356Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57/AE/11919-1925Financial Minute Book, July 1919-June 1925.Castlecomer Rural District Council
3357Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57/11905-1922Miscellaneous Volume (Book of completed forms, decla...Castlecomer Rural District Council
3358Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/A1842-1922Minute Books:6. September 1842-May 18437. June 1843-...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3359Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/AA1842-1922Rough Minute Books:1. July 1842-March 18442. Decembe...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3360Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/AJ1852-1899Dispensary Minute Books:1. April 1852-November 18982...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3361Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/AL1886-1899Sanitary Committee Minute Books:1. January 1886-1895...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3362Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/AM/11878-1895Kilkenny Poor Law Union, Contagious Diseases Animals...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3363Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/CB/11893-1927Personal Ledger, 1893; 1914-1927Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3364Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/CM/11911-1928Clerk's Petty Cash Accounts and Journals, Septem...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3365Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/FA/11910-1913Master's Report Book, April 1910-August 1913.Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3366Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/BC-BG1893-1919Letters from the Local Government Board:1. January 1...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3367Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG101/J-JD1898-1919Medical Charities Letters:1. 1898 - 18992. February ...Kilkenny Poor Law Union
3368Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC101A1899-1925Minute Books:1. October 1899-December 19012. January...Kilkenny Rural District Council
3369Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC101/B/11900-1920Kilkenny Rural District Council, Outward Letter Book...Kilkenny Rural District Council
3370Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC101/BC-BG1897-1917Labourers' Acts and Sanitary Minutes and Miscell...Kilkenny Rural District Council
3371Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG150/A1857-1919Minute Books:21. October 1857-March 185822. April 18...Thomastown Poor Law Union
3372Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC150/A1899-1926Minute Books:1. October 1899-June 19002. July 1900-J...Thomastown Rural District Council
3374Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG159/A1852-1922Minute Books:16. May 1852-May 185317. May 1853- May ...Urlingford Poor Law Union
3378Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC53/A/11921-1925Minute Book:December 1921-June 1925Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council
3379Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG159/L1888-1899Sanitary Committee Minute Books:1. October 1888-Janu...Urlingford Poor Law Union
3380Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG159/AM/11880-1899Minute Books, Contagious Diseases Animals Act:Januar...Urlingford Poor Law Union
3381Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG159/CM/11893-1922Clerks Petty Cash Accounts and Journals, January 189...Urlingford Poor Law Union
3382Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG159/B; RDC159/1867-1911Urlingford Poor Law Union and Rural District Council...Urlingford Local Authority Records
3383Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG159/BC1851-1862Letters from the Poor Law Commissioner and Local Gov...Urlingford Poor Law Union
3384Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC159/A1899-1925Minute Books:1. July 1899-June 19002. July 1900-June...Urlingford Rural District Council
3385Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC159/CB/11898-1927Personal Ledger:March 1898-May 1927Urlingford Rural District Council
3386Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC159/AA/11899-1900Rough Minute Book:April 1899-March 1900Urlingford Rural District Council
3387Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC159/AK/11922-1924Minutes of Proceedings of Urlingford Rural District ...Urlingford Rural District Council
3388Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC159/CQ/11892-1893Miscellaneous Account Book, Personal Ledger containi...Urlingford Rural District Council
3389Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC132/A1899-1926Minute Books:1. September 1900-May 1917 (Quarterly M...New Ross Rural District Council
3390Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC132/CB/11912-1927Personal Ledger:April 1912-December 1927New Ross Rural District Council
3391Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC160/A1899-1923Waterford Rural District (No.2) Council Minute Books...Waterford Rural District Council
11691Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/B/61290-1310Grant from Johanna and Agatha, daughters of Martin d...
11692Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/B/131427Grant to the Prior and convent of the Black Friars, ...
11693Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/11231-1586'Liber Primus Kilkenniensis', First Minute B...
11694Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/31656-1687Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 'White Book...Kilkenny Corporation
11695Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/41690-1717Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 'Clasped Book&...Kilkenny Corporation
11696Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/51717-1730Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 23 December 1717-2...Kilkenny Corporation
11697Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/61730-1760Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 5 December 1730-25...Kilkenny Corporation
11698Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/71760-1775Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 29 September 1760-...Kilkenny Corporation
11699Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/81775-1826Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 9 September 1775-3...Kilkenny Corporation
11700Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/91826-1843Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 16 May 1826-23 Oc...Kilkenny Corporation
11701Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/101843-1851Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 25 November 1843 ...Kilkenny Corporation
11702Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/131877-1897Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 1 October 1877-5 ...Kilkenny Corporation
11703Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/141897-1899Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 3 May 1897-19 Sep...Kilkenny Corporation
11704Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/161900- 1907Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 2 July 1900-4 Febr...Kilkenny Corporation
11705Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/171907-1919Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 19 February 1907-...Kilkenny Corporation
11706Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/181919-1920Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 3 March 1919-4 Oc...Kilkenny Corporation
11707Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/141920-1927Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 9 November 1920-1 ...Kilkenny Corporation
11708Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/191927-1933Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 7 March 1927-19 Ju...Kilkenny Corporation
11709Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/201933-1941Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 20 June 1933-24 Ju...Kilkenny Corporation
11710Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/211941-1952Kilkenny Corporation, Minute Book, 30 June 1941-23 D...Kilkenny Corporation
11711Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/221754-1775Kilkenny Corporation, Day Book, 1 July 1754-23 Septe...Kilkenny Corporation
11712Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/231900-1905Kilkenny Corporation, Weekly Minute Book, 26 June 19...Kilkenny Corporation
11713Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/241905-1914Kilkenny Corporation, Weekly Minute Book, 26 Septemb...Kilkenny Corporation
11714Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/251914-1920Kilkenny Corporation Weekly Minute Book:7 July 1914-...Kilkenny Corporation
11715Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/261892-1920Kilkenny Corporation, Committee Minute Books:June 18...Kilkenny Corporation
11716Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/271905-1920Kilkenny Corporation, Committee Minute Book, April 1...Kilkenny Corporation
11717Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/281901-1938Kilkenny Corporation, Committee Minute Books:March 1...Kilkenny Corporation
11718Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/11875-1876Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Santitary Authority...
11719Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/21917-1918Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11720Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/31920-1923Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11721Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/41923-1924Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Sanitary Authority, 30 Ju...
11722Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/51924-1927Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11723Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/61929-1931Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11724Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/71931-1934Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11725Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/81934-1938Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11726Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/91938-1941Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Committee,...
11727Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/101941-1942Weekly Minutes of Kilkenny Urban Sanitary Authority,...
11728Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/111939-1942Weekly Minutes of Urban Sanitary Authority, 8 March ...
11729Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/E/121942-1945Weekly Minutes of Urban Sanitary Authority, 24 July ...
11730Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/F/11544-1661Proceedings of Corporation of Irishtown, 1544-1661.
11813Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/F/2-41661-1718Proceedings of the Corporation of Irishtown:CR/F/2 1...
11814Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/G/1-41826-1833Tithe Applotment Books:1. Parish of St Mary's, N...
11815Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/31760-1987'Grand Roll of Feemen of the City of Kilkenny...
11816Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/41796-1811Notebook containing summaries of Deeds, 9 July 1796-...
11817Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/61873Corporation Rentals for the city of Kilkenny, Irisht...
11818Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/81875-1879Registry of Summonses, Kilkenny City Petty Session, ...
11819Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/111932-1947Register of the 'Cathedra Schola Cantorum', ...
11820Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/121935-1957Ledger of St Mary's Choral Society, 1935-1957, e...
11821Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/H/141963-1980Visitor's Book, August 1963-September 1980.
11822Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/I/1Lease: fee farm made to Geoffrey Roth and Margaret K...
11823Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/I/5Lease to Margaret Fleming, the daughter of Nicholas ...
11824Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/I/221592Lease past to Lettise Walshe, widow, of a messuage w...
11825Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/I/301595Lease past to Katherin Ronan of Kellis (Kells) singl...
11826Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/I/921701Lease for ever, past to Elizabeth Haydock, widow, of...
11827Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/I/991730-1750Lease and its counterpart, past to Mary Cormick, wid...
11828Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/J/201586Receipt from 'beale Clery' widow, to Richard...
11829Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/J/49Order from the Mayor, William Baxter, to Stephen Hay...
11830Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/K/911714Evidence given by William Ryan, Confectioner and Cat...
11831Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/K/931716Letter of Attorney of Ebezer Warren to his 'dear...
11832Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/J/1101720
Letter of Attorney of Mrs Anne Sherighley to Captain...
11833Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/M/11775-1862Typescript extracts from Corporation Minute Books:17...
11834Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/M/21852-1891Typescript extracts from the Minutes of Evidence giv...
14462Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentGJ1 - GJ63A1836-1898Presentments, covering the period between 1836-1898.Kilkenny Grand Jury Records