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3407Donegal County ArchivesCH/SR/BV/R5/1749-1979Miscellaneous records:199. Register of Motor Cars an...
11811Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/8/676-6801749
Murray Stewart estate South Donegal 1749Murray Stewa...Murray Stewart South Donegal Estate Survey and Rentals
5082Irish Architectural Archive97/84/Box 301749-1836Documents mainly of a legal nature relating to lands...Castletown Papers
17Irish Dominican Congregation ArchivesA291749Roman Catholic chapels in Dublin in 1749, 1 copy.Dominican Archives, Cabra
21098King's Hospital School161-1791745-1749174 Corn Account Book, 1745 - 1748/1749.King's Hospital Records
21099King's Hospital School161-1791749-1753175 Corn Account Book, 1749 - 1753.King's Hospital Records
21108King's Hospital School180-1951721-1740
183 Pupils, list of, 1721 - 1740 and 1747 - 1749.King's Hospital Records
21186King's Hospital School254-2811670
255 Miscellaneous, School:13 Draft list of Benefacto...King's Hospital Records
20089Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DI/174918a Lease of land at Largy to John Williamson by Joh...Mountainstown Documents
20094Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DI/174922 Lease of land at Largy by John Pepper, Ballyhoe t...Mountainstown Documents
20110Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DII/174942 Lease of lands at Largy by John Pepper, Ballyhoe ...Mountainstown Documents
20113Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DII/174927 Lease between John Pepper, Ballyhoe, Joseph Reed,...Mountainstown Documents
20117Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox DII/174931 Lease of land by John Pepper, Ballyhoe, of land a...Mountainstown Documents
22895Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1747-1749
Archival box 5, contains, for example: Sermons by Re...
15170National Archives of Ireland11461749-1960W.J. Shannon & Co. solicitors. Miscellaneous family ...Selection of Private Accessions, 1980-2002
15324National Archives of Ireland 99/56/2/11749Smyth family. Copy lease for lives by Beverly Smyth,...Family and estate records. 1611-1948
2877National Library of IrelandMs4091749-1791List of subscriptions to the minister and the charit...
2918National Library of IrelandMs86301749-1840Documents and letters relating to the Roche family o...Roche Papers
6844Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3480/32/11747-1749Medical Prescription Book of a Dublin doctor or apot...
6786Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/22491749-1818The Hamilton papers include: Reproduction portraits ...Hamilton Papers
7796Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/609/1(G/1)1749-1776Microfilmed letter to Richard Levinge of High Park f...Levinge Papers
7932Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1254/11749Transcript copy of a letter from Honourable Katherin...
7945Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/12871749-1798This collection of c.220 documents includes, for exa...
8268Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2241/21749Copy of a sworn declaration of John MacBratney, Kill...
8626Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/562/11749Copy letter from Mrs Southwell to her son describing...
8646Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/6351613-1749Photostats of 16 documents of the Draper's Company r...
8734Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/978/11749Copy of a letter from Catherine Southwell, Kilkennym...
1334Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMMVI/L11749-1804Wills and Inventories: Certificates of Removal, Will...County Wexford Monthly Meetings
5183Representative Church Body LibraryD6/471749List of pew-holders and pew rents in St George's Chu...Diocese of Dublin
1874UCD ArchivesS6/21 (1-280)1749-1958This collection divides into two groups, the first a...Rice of Mountrice, Co. Kildare and Wrightson Papers
18396University of Galway ArchivesLE81749-1917Consists of 23 items, with little continuity, includ...The Papers of the Kirwans of Castlehackett, county Galway