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7565Down County MuseumDB21742-c.1815Photocopy of a rent book for Ballyhosset, County Dow...
1789King's Hospital School5/1742
5/ 1910 Scheme for regulation of the charity: Record...Mercer's School
20965King's Hospital School49-641742-174549 Building Committee Book, 2 July 1742 - 7 August 1...King's Hospital Records
20966King's Hospital School49-64174250 Account Book on work done on 1742 building, 1742.King's Hospital Records
20967King's Hospital School49-641742-174551 Carpenters Account, 1742 - 1745.King's Hospital Records
20968King's Hospital School49-641742-174452 Sawyers Accounts, 1742 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
20969King's Hospital School49-641742-174553 Labourers work book on building, 1742-1745.King's Hospital Records
20971King's Hospital School49-641742-174455 Building expenditure, 1742 - 1744.King's Hospital Records
21092King's Hospital School161-1791738-1742168 Corn Ledger, 1738 - 1742.King's Hospital Records
21097King's Hospital School161-1791742-1745173 Corn Account Book, 1742 - 1744/1745.King's Hospital Records
22849Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1742Report on the progress of Methodism in Coleraine, 17...
12192National Archives of IrelandCrossle/Kilkelly1741
Copybooks and loose pages, some typescript, giving d...
1494National Library of IrelandMss1715-17171742-1800Typescript copies of letters to and from William Cop...
1507National Library of IrelandMs20481742-1801Photocopy of registry of births, marriages and death...
2414National Library of IrelandMs89041742-1856Material relating to the families of Purefoy of Offa...
2533National Library of IrelandMss1715-17191742-1800Typescript copies of letters to and from William Cop...
3021National Library of IrelandMss 9635-96361742-1750, 1753-17732 rent ledgers of George Lattin, Mauricetown, County...Mansfield Papers
9603National Library of IrelandMs297311742-1782Quit rent receipts, Colclough estate, 1742-1782.Colclough Papers
7510Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/619/21/B/23-431741-1742Letters about a dispute between Sir Nicholas Bayley ...Anglesey Papers
8006Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1472/21742-1900Pedigree of the Perceval family, Downpatrick, County...
8686Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/7841742-1930This collection includes the following: Copy genealo...
18462UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/BC/MB1742-1992The Murphy’s Brewery material falls into three...Murphy Brewery Collection
24081Union Theological College1742Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough, 'Accoun...Union Theological College Pamphlet Collection