21168King's Hospital School237-257A237 Map of part of County Dublin showing exchange of...Morgan's School
21169King's Hospital School237-257A1892-1914238 Masters' Report Book, 1892 - 1914.Morgan's School
21170King's Hospital School237-257A1893-1956239 Visitors' Book, 1893 - 1956.Morgan's School
21171King's Hospital School237-257A1893-1912240 Doctors' Reports, 1893 - 1912.Morgan's School
21172King's Hospital School237-257A1909-1947241 Minute Book, 1909 - 1947.Morgan's School
21173King's Hospital School237-257A1947-1958242 Minute Book, 1947 - 1958.Morgan's School
21174King's Hospital School237-257A1924-1957243 Estate Account Book, 1924 - 1957.Morgan's School
21175King's Hospital School237-257A1924-1958244 Estate Account Book, 1924 - 1958.Morgan's School
21176King's Hospital School237-257A1914-1949245 Abstract of Business, 1914 - 1949.Morgan's School
21177King's Hospital School237-257A1925-1949246 Agenda Book, 1925 - 1949.Morgan's School
21178King's Hospital School237-257A1938-1948247 Cash Book, 1938 - 1948.Morgan's School
21179King's Hospital School237-257A1941-1956248 Cash Book, 1941 - 1956.Morgan's School
21180King's Hospital School237-257A1941-1956249 Payments Book, 1941 - 1956.Morgan's School
21181King's Hospital School237-257A1949-1958250 Monthly Meeting, 1949 - 1958.Morgan's School
21182King's Hospital School237-257A1947-1956251 Fees Book, 1947 - 1956.Morgan's School
21183King's Hospital School237-257A1955-1957252 Fees Book, 1955 - 1957.Morgan's School
21184King's Hospital School237-257A253 Take Over Papers, no date .Morgan's School