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5190RTÉ Stills Library0011/0291982Maud Cotter, Irish Artist 1982 Copyright Guiness Pea...Illustration Library
5191RTÉ Stills Library0015/018Maud Gonne MacBride, no date. Copyright National Lib...Illustration Library
5192RTÉ Stills Library0015/0231953Maud Gonne MacBride and Sean MacBride with family, 2...Illustration Library
5193RTÉ Stills Library0015/025Maud Gonne MacBride, charcoal drawing by Sarah Purse...Illustration Library
5194RTÉ Stills Library0015/0161904Major John MacBride, Maud Gonne and son Sean, 1 Janu...Illustration Library
5195RTÉ Stills Library0015/0201934Frank Aiken, Fianna Fail, TD for County Louth, on hi...Illustration Library
5196RTÉ Stills Library0335/0531957Three women ironing clothes in the Court Laundry, Du...Illustration Library
5197RTÉ Stills Library0335/0651912A group photograph of staff of Court Laundry, Dublin...Illustration Library
5198RTÉ Stills Library0281/0431972Women sweeping water in the street after floods caus...Illustration Library
5199RTÉ Stills Library0272/0101967Women patients making baskets as part of the occupat...Illustration Library
5200RTÉ Stills Library0265/0611898Four women sitting in a garden, Ireland 1898.Illustration Library
5201RTÉ Stills Library0259/0271960Traditionally dressed women and children in Algeria ...Illustration Library
5202RTÉ Stills Library0259/040Czechoslavakian women dressed in traditional folk co...Illustration Library
5203RTÉ Stills Library0259/0471906Two women, one standing at the gate, outside a stone...Illustration Library
5204RTÉ Stills Library0259/0521900Women dressed in traditional Irish clothing in c.190...Illustration Library
5205RTÉ Stills Library0262/0061938Titled 'Parlaimnt na mBan' (Parliament of Women), wo...Illustration Library
5206RTÉ Stills Library0266/021Pilgrims at Tobar na Molt, Ardfert, County Kerry. Th...Illustration Library
5207RTÉ Stills Library0266/0691908-1909A group photograph of a Gaelic League class, Dublin ...Illustration Library
5208RTÉ Stills Library0006/0661977Dr Hazel Boland, founder member of the Council for t...Illustration Library
5209RTÉ Stills Library0504/031Mrs Charlotte Despard, 1844-1939, suffragette, with ...Illustration Library
5210RTÉ Stills Library0506/0051922Cathal Brugha on Republican uniform lying in state i...Illustration Library
5211RTÉ Stills Library0506/0691928A crowd of well-wishers welcome Princess Mary at the...Illustration Library
5212RTÉ Stills Library0016/0351985Nuala Fennell, Minsiter for State for Women's Affair...Illustration Library
5213RTÉ Stills Library0620/037Rows of tables covered with sheets, clothing, etc., ...Illustration Library
5214RTÉ Stills Library0021/0381964Three women check fruit at Scott's Jam Factory in Ar...Illustration Library
5215RTÉ Stills Library0021/0391954A picture of woman checking strawberries at a jam fa...Illustration Library
5216RTÉ Stills Library0107/0191930Catherine Booth seeing off her sister Mary, who was ...Illustration Library
5217RTÉ Stills Library0114/0451932Women wearing white sashes wait on the street for a ...Illustration Library
5218RTÉ Stills Library0119/098A young women holds a black flag during a women's ma...Illustration Library
5219RTÉ Stills Library0003/0801920Members of the Irish Women's Worker's Union ...Illustration Library
5220RTÉ Stills Library0149/0071981Erin Pizzey, Women's Rights Campaigner, 1981.Illustration Library
5221RTÉ Stills Library0172/0791930Blueshirts, men and women at Kinsale, County Cork, c...Illustration Library
5222RTÉ Stills Library0405/0971974A picture of women's doubles match in progres at...Illustration Library
5223RTÉ Stills Library0256/030Traveller women and their children, the women use th...Illustration Library
5224RTÉ Stills Library0256/0301971A 'Women Libber's' demonstration at Connolly Station...Illustration Library
5225RTÉ Stills Library0256/0471975A 'Women Libber's' demonstration protesting in favo...Illustration Library
5226RTÉ Stills Library0492/0561975Women demonstrating about inequality in pay, Dublin ...Illustration Library
5227RTÉ Stills Library5008/0671998Nora Byrne, Chairwoman of the National Women's Counc...Illustration Library
5228RTÉ Stills Library0188/011Members of the Derry's Women's Peace Committee inclu...Illustration Library
5229RTÉ Stills Library0335/043A group of women sewing in a room at 50 Dawson Stree...Illustration Library
5230RTÉ Stills Library0260/0331960Student nursing nuns being shown a full skeleton in ...Illustration Library
5231RTÉ Stills Library006/0131971Sister Benvenuta (Margaret MacCurtain) Order of Prea...Illustration Library
5232RTÉ Stills Library0105/007Female members of the Wesley Deaconess Order shortly...Illustration Library
5234RTÉ Stills Library0113/046Mother Teresa.Illustration Library
5235RTÉ Stills Library0165/0931982Nuns walking along the pier at Dun Laoghaire, Dublin...Illustration Library
5236RTÉ Stills Library0008/0121985Mary Banotti, Fine Gael MEP, 1985.Illustration Library
5237RTÉ Stills Library0300/0191985Pauline Bewick and Mary Lavin, 1985 Copyright 'Irish...Illustration Library
5238RTÉ Stills Library0003/0011994Jean Kennedy-Smith, US Ambassador to Ireland with Ma...Illustration Library
5239RTÉ Stills Library0501/0831911Visit of George V King of Great Britain and Ireland ...Illustration Library
5240RTÉ Stills Library0506/0011922Funeral of Cathal Brugha with Mary MacSwiney and the...Illustration Library
5241RTÉ Stills Library0019/061Mary MacGuigan, mother of escapee, Francis MacGuigan...Illustration Library
5242RTÉ Stills Library0018/082Mrs Mary MacGee, who challenged the Irish constituti...Illustration Library
5243RTÉ Stills Library0037/061Mother Mary Martin, founder of the Irish Medical Mis...Illustration Library
5244RTÉ Stills Library0040/0301987Mary Flatherty,TD, Fine Gael, Dublin 1987.Illustration Library
5245RTÉ Stills Library0112/0631963Mrs Mary Wharton, who worked for the Little Buses of...Illustration Library
5246RTÉ Stills Library0125/0521985Mary Doyle, Armagh prison hunger striker, 1985Illustration Library
5247RTÉ Stills Library0133/080Senator Mary Davidson Copyright 'Irish Times'.Illustration Library
5248RTÉ Stills Library5004/0891997Mary Henry, Independent Senator, 31 May 1997.Illustration Library
5249RTÉ Stills Library0162/0561979Mary Holland, Irish journalist, 1979Illustration Library
5250RTÉ Stills Library0310/002Hens being fed outside farm buildings by women, 19th...Illustration Library
5251RTÉ Stills Library0310/008A woman feeding hen in a shed at An Grianán, ...Illustration Library
5252RTÉ Stills Library0258/0421978Minna Criblen and Desmond Broderick protesting outsi...Illustration Library
5253RTÉ Stills Library0408/0921992Groups of pro-choice and anti-abortion demonstrators...Illustration Library