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Collection DescriptionThe family firm of A.H. Poole operated as commercial photographers in Waterford during the years 1884-1954. This large collection of glass plates contains studio portraits of people from Waterford and reflects the social and economic life of the city [NLI].
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Resource is partially digitised.

All Imperial (POOLEIMP) and Whole Plate (POOLEWP) glassplate negatives are catalogued and digitised online here. There are also microfilmed indexes of the photographer's day books. Poole Cabinet is covered by two main indexes dating 1884-1899 and 1899-1949. These indexes provide client names and subjects in rough alphabetical order and negative number. Date spans are denoted by these prefixes--X (bulk dates ca. 1891-ca. 1901), O (bulk dates ca. 1901-ca. 1928), D (bulk dates ca. 1912-ca. 1922), K (bulk dates ca. 1922-ca. 1936), and R (bulk dates ca. 1936-1949). One index book covers the Poole Whole Plates and Poole Imperial material. Whole Plates dating 1901-1954 and Poole Imperial 1901-1943. These indexes provide a chronological/numerical listing of plates, including subject and original negative number. The original Books are located on shelves 1389 and 1401.

Organised by size: Poole Cabinet ca. 17 x cm 12 or smaller (ca. 60000); Poole Whole Plates 17 x cm 22 (ca. 4600); Poole Imperial 25 x cm 30 (ca. 1800); Poole Large 30 x cm 35 (ca. 63).

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Century19th, 20th
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CommentThe information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archives. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.