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14252Alexandra College1945-19791 volume, detailing Sports Points Charts, c.1945-197...
14253Alexandra College1945-1959Sports Prize Winners, 1945-1959.
14324Alexandra College1892-1922Alexandra College, Hockey Club, Minute Book, 1892-19...
20000Ballymena Central LibraryCollection of several hundred photographs of the Cou...
16508British Broadcasting Corporation, Northern Ireland (BBC NI)1960-1990Contains over 13,000 clips depicting life in Norther...BBC Rewind
14386Clare County Archives1920-1970Michael Joe Glynn Collection:Includes photographs of...Clare County Library Photographic Archive
14387Clare County Archives1900-1999Miscellaneous Collections:Miscellaneous photos depic...Clare County Library Photographic Archive
17050Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box F18561796.04/16/1856 Letter from Bishop D Vaughan, Nenag...Bishop W. Keane Papers
19484Cloyne Diocesan Archive (RC)Box D18521795.05/42/1852 Letter from Revd T. Murphy, Queensto...Bishop Timothy Murphy Papers
16946Cork Folklore Project1900-2001Includes the following interviews (conducted between...Life Journeys: Living Folklore in Ireland Today
24062County Museum, DundalkLot 561900Women at racing event, Dundalk, c.1900.Photographs
12961Donegal County ArchivesCH/SR/D/81961This box includes the following material: A number ...Maureen Wall Collection
12962Donegal County ArchivesCH/SR/D/11This box includes the following material: A number ...Maureen Wall Collection
21211Dublin City Library and ArchiveDCSA11919-2008ISAD (G) Collection Level DescriptionThe collectionD...Maids of the Mountain Hockey Club
21212Dublin City Library and ArchiveDSCA/0091938-2008Collection Level DescriptionDCSA/009/1 Papers relati...Records of Miss Harriet Celina ('Ena') Brooks, 1923-2013
21213Dublin City Library and ArchiveDCSA/13/11898-1999Irish Hockey Union Minute Books:Scope and Content: C...Irish Hockey Association Archive
21214Dublin City Library and ArchiveDCSA/01620thThe collection consists of material mainly gathered ...Irish Hibernian Athletics Association
21215Dublin City Library and ArchiveDCSA/0221964-2015System of arrangement:This collection has been divid...The Irish Ramblers Club
21216Dublin City Library and ArchiveDCSA/261920-1967The collection includes 70 photographs including Iri...Muckross Hockey Club
19859Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1880-1997Photographs of the High School, Dublin, and the Dioc...Erasmus Smith Archives
19877Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1911-1952Cricket Score Book, Sports fixtures cards, sports pr...Erasmus Smith Archives
19902Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1870Letters; marks books; address books; registers; admi...Erasmus Smith Archives
19927Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1955-1996Contemporary material relating to the running of the...Erasmus Smith Archives
227Irish Film ArchiveSpencer Freeman1920-1970Spencer Freeman Collection: Dún Laoghaire, et...Spencer Freeman Collection
233Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 511960'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 51': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
237Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/General McKeown1962Amharc Éireann/General McKeown is home, etc.:...Gael Linn Collection
242Irish Film Archive1930's/Straffan Show1930-19391930s/Straffan Show:Footage on a country gymkhana in...
258Irish Film ArchiveThe Hennessy Handicap'The Hennessy Handicap': The film mixes the...
265Irish Film ArchiveMcCabe Collection: Reel McCabe Collection: Reel 21 - 'Clones, Family, Ca...
285Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann: Old Nordic1960'Amharc Éireann: Old Nordic Feast': ...Gael Linn Collection
302Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 2201963'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 220': Product...Gael Linn Collection
307Irish Film Archive1968'Physical Education in Ireland': Production...
286Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 801960'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 80': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
287Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Young Farmer1961'Amharc Éireann/Young Farmer of the Year ...Gael Linn Collection
289Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 1861962'Amharc Éireann/Emgran 186': Product...Gael Linn Collection
299Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Basketball1961'Basket Ball': Production Company: Gael Lin...Gael Linn Collection
300Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Mansion House1962Amharc Éireann/Mansion House: All Ireland Dan...Gael Linn Collection
361Irish Film ArchiveIreland's coast of a thousand1970'Ireland's coast of a thousand welcomes'...
381Irish Film ArchiveShillelagh Sports'Shillelagh Sports': Production Company: Wi...
438Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 1911963'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 191': Product...Gael Linn Collection
301Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Basketball1962Amharc Éireann/Basketball Minor Finals - Kerr...Gael Linn Collection
303Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 161959'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 16': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
304Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Gael Linn 1959Amharc Éireann/Gael Linn Camogie Cup, etc.: ...Gael Linn Collection
305Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 781960Amharc Éireann/Eagran 78 Production Company:...Gael Linn Collection
312Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/National Senior1960'Amharc Éireann/National Senior Boxing...Gael Linn Collection
313Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 241959'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 24': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
314Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Senior Cross Co1961'Amharc Éireann/Senior Cross Country Cham...Gael Linn Collection
316Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 1471962'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 147': Product...Gael Linn Collection
317Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/FG Ard Fheis1962'Amharc Éireann/Dublin Fine Gael Ard Fhei...Gael Linn Collection
324Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Rose of Tralee1962'Amharc Éireann/Rose of Tralee Selected&#...Gael Linn Collection
326Irish Film ArchiveIrish Pictorial Review/Ed1949'Irish Pictorial Review', Edition number 2: ...
329Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 2231963'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 223': Product...Gael Linn Collection
333Irish Film ArchiveFlight from the snipe grass1984'Flight from the snipe grass': Production C...
345Irish Film ArchiveNext Please1948'Next Please': Production Company: Hibernia...
351Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 261959'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 26': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
352Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 531960'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 53': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
419Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann: Eagran 731960'Amharc Éireann: Eagran 73': Product...Gael Linn Collection
420Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 791960'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 79': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
421Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 801960'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 80': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
422Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 801961'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 80': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
426Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Tribute1961'Amharc Éireann/Tribute Paid to Congo Dea...Gael Linn Collection
429Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Dublin: Rose of1962'Amharc Éireann/Dublin: Rose of Tralee Se...Gael Linn Collection
430Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Antrim: Pony Ex1962'Amharc Éireann/Antrim: Pony Express Ride...Gael Linn Collection
432Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 1721962'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 172': Product...Gael Linn Collection
434Irish Film ArchiveIrish Pictorial Review/Ed. 21949'Irish Pictorial Review/Edition number 2': ...
14450Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1942-1945The ITA Topographical and General Survey was underta...Irish Tourist Association Topographical and General Survey
13648Kilmainham Gaol Museum20TC-1D24-101923Address from the Listowel Camogie Club to Austin Sta...Civil War
5858King's Hospital School290-291290 Programmes charter day, carol services, sports d...King's Hospital Records
21126King's Hospital School1928-1936Folder regarding 'The Peatt's: Mercers' very own Hoc...Mercer's 250 Anniversary
21201King's Hospital School254-2811946-1970
King's Hospital Hockey Club Minutes:275 1946 - 1...King's Hospital Records
1836Leitrim Local Studies Departmentc.1920-c.1976The following lists the names of some of the individ...Interviews
12690Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1413.12)Photograph, black and white print. A game of bowls i...
12897Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1309.19)Photograph, black and white, glossy. Not titled. Gro...
13201Limerick MuseumAQNO (0000.1837)1872-1873, 1882Print. The Mayor of Limerick Weds the Shannon,1872. ...
13685Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1308.71)1924Photograph, black and white, glossy. Titled Kenilwor...
13686Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1308.70)1924Photograph, black and white, glossy. Titled Kenilwor...
14116Louth County Archives1930-1939Minute Book of Dundalk Rowing Club, 3 October 1930-6...
14557Mayo Local History Department1950The collection covers several aspects of life in Cou...Lyons Photographic Collection
14562Mayo Local History Department1942-1945Mayo County Library have digitised records from the ...Irish Tourist Association Topographical and General Survey
20175Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox C/32 Meath Hunt Fund.Mountainstown Documents
20177Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox C/34 Letter from Watson stating time of arrival of hou...Mountainstown Documents
20179Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox C/190436 List of members and statement of Meath Hunt rent ...Mountainstown Documents
20229Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox I/38 Deed granting hunting rights to Chris Mulvany, At...Mountainstown Documents
20299Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentBox A/1903-19044 Account for keeping filly, 1903-1904.Mountainstown Documents
22815Methodist Historical Society of IrelandBlack and white framed photograph of an unidentified...
13732Military ArchivesA/0117E1916
Accounts of Military Operations 1916 Offaly Area, It...
4653National Archives of Ireland2/9981936Procedure of Saorstát regarding issue of pass...Department of Foreign Affairs
6970National Archives of IrelandFS 1834/11834Correspondence relating to the Horan family (mother ...Free Settlers Papers, 1828-1857
6973National Archives of IrelandCRF1836 M251836Petition of Marcella Mite, under sentence of transpo...Convict Reference Files, 1836-1922
6976National Archives of IrelandGPOTR2, folio211838Honora McCarthy, aged 60, County Cork, sentenced to ...Transportation Registers, 1836-1857
6977National Archives of IrelandGPOTR2, folio331838Bridget Ganly, aged 18, County Down, sentenced to 7 ...Transportation Registers, 1836-1857
11302National Archives of Ireland102/231937Consular Section Files: Passport for Mrs Thomas Kell...Department of Foreign Affairs
11305National Archives of Ireland102/621937Consular Section Files: Miss Nora Cronin, nurse in t...Department of Foreign Affairs
11347National Archives of Ireland202/9491940Passport Application, Miss Maeve Mulchay, 1940.Department of Foreign Affairs
11363National Archives of IrelandFilms1-371954-1959Passport Office Reference Cards: 1954-1959, Biannni ...Department of Foreign Affairs
11364National Archives of IrelandFilms1-451960-1965Passport Office Reference Cards, 1960-1965, Aalders,...Department of Foreign Affairs
11447National Archives of IrelandCSORP/1920/8726File on the case of Mary Duffy, an American citizen,...Chief Secretary's Office Registered Papers
13079National Archives of IrelandPPC17181822Petition of Mary Kinsly, Harriet Gordon and Catherin...Prisoners' Petitions and Cases, 1778-1836
13099National Archives of IrelandPPC35261830Petition of Mary Rooney, sentenced to 7 years transp...Prisoners' Petitions and Cases, 1778-1836
13101National Archives of IrelandFS 1831/11831List of transported convicts by county, with names a...Free Settlers Papers, 1828-1857
13122National Archives of IrelandGPOTR7, folio2171847Anne Mannion, aged 11, County Galway, sentenced to 1...Transportation Registers, 1836-1857
13123National Archives of IrelandGPOTR7, folio2881847Ellen Murphy, aged 16, Co. Wexford, sentenced to 7 y...Transportation Registers, 1836-1857
13124National Archives of IrelandFS 1847/21844
Petition of Margaret Murphy, requesting that she and...Free Settlers Papers, 1828-1857
14373National Archives of Ireland1788-1868The National Archives holds a wide range of records ...Transportation Database, 1778-1868
9289National Library of IrelandMs232571873-1885Minute Book of Carlow Raquet Court Company which inc...FitzMaurice Papers
9699National Library of IrelandMs178291866-1869Five copies of letters to his parents from J S Casey...
10067National Library of IrelandMs16065Address book of Foxrock Golf Club [Ladies], early 20...
10888National Library of IrelandMs216041840Draft of a petition of Henrietta Arnauld, Lismore, t...Hodson Papers
21339National Photographic ArchivePOOLEIMP; POOLEWP[c.1884-1954].All Imperial (POOLEIMP) and Whole Plate (POOLEWP) gl...Poole Photographic Collection
21344National Photographic ArchiveNPA IND1912-2001Material is ordered according to numbers originally ...Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Collection
5420Newtown School, WaterfordA1/27Reports regarding games, health, etc., to School Com...
5466Newtown School, WaterfordCB/911925International Hockey, 1925.
5525Newtown School, WaterfordReports regarding games, health, etc., to School Com...
14727North Down Museum1874-c.19405 files of c.1500 photographs, mainly of the County ...
19776North Down Museum1877-c.1959Several thousand photographs of County Down, 1870s-1...County Down Photographic Collection
18917Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/4/1-31916-1919Printed Material: Tullamore Technical School - 3 Boo...Records of Offaly County Council
18830Offaly ArchivesOCL P1051891-1904Softbound copy book containing minutes of the Tullam...Minutes of Tullamore Lawn Tennis Club
18836Offaly ArchivesOH OHS701908-1910Scrapbook containing photographs, drawings, colour i...Photograph Album of E. Homan Mulock, Ballycumber House
11864OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre (OMARC)Boxes 87,901903-1993Motoring: Irish Veteran and Vintage Car Club Boxes 8...Airfield Archive
7347Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/37671900-1930Minute books of Newcastle Lawn Tennis and Croquet Cl...
7367Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38321927-19702 minute books of Ulster Council of the Irish Lawn T...
6804Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2334c.1929-1960Collection of c.1,700 photographs from the Belfast T...Belfast Telegraph Archive
6828Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24491847-1945c.600 documents and c.200 glass plate negatives rela...
7037Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/26181912-1916This collection of c.330 glass plate negatives and c...Henderson Photographic Archive
7363Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38231891-19403 volumes and 1 bundle of records relating to Downsh...
7387Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38881909-1914Minute book of Osbourne Hockey Club, Belfast, 1909-1...
8695Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/829/11891-1904Extracts from volume 3 of the records of Downshire L...
7416Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/39821905-199327 volumes and c200 documents of Ulster Women's Hock...
7436Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40501969-1990Minutes of meetings of various sporting organisation...
7505Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/562/1665-1826D/562/1-38 Correspondence of Massereene family, incl...Foster-Massereene Papers
7849Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1065/1885-1929T/1065/3 Copies of genealogical notes on the Armstro...
8449Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/27171759-1920This collection includes genealogical notes on the C...Rose-Clelland Papers
2276RCSI Heritage Collections1940Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ladies' Ho...
853Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP4631932-1961Shelf 42C Dublin Friends' Badminton Club 1943, phot...Photographic Collections
857Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP796c1930sFolder Shelf 42C Dublin Badminton Club, c1930s, inc...Photographic Collections
867Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP978a1932-1933Folder Shelf 42C Dublin Badminton Club, 1932-1933.Photographic Collections
868Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP977-977aFolder Shelf 42C Dublin Badminton Club, no date.Photographic Collections
869Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP464-464a.1929-1930Shelf 42C Dublin Friends' Badminton Team, winners o...Photographic Collections
1203Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP7271961Dublin Badminton Club, 1961. League Shield winners.Photographic Collections
4344RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA2381978Talking Sport: The Feminine Angle, 24 February 1978.Sound Archive
4359RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB10001989Talking Sport: Women in GAA, 29 October 1989.Sound Archive
4378RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB16701984Talking Sport: Female Irish Athletes in Olympics, 11...Sound Archive
22557RTÉ Archive (Sound)199319 June 1993, Playback: Bloomsday and Soccer.Sound Archive
24637RTÉ Archive (Television)19651 May 1965 News, Rosemary Smith Home After Winning R...Television Programme Archive
24648RTÉ Archive (Television)196719 April 1967 Ladies Soccer Team in Waterford.Television Programme Archive
24654RTÉ Archive (Television)19671 July 1967 News Jacqueline Kennedy at Curragh Derby...Television Programme Archive
24665RTÉ Archive (Television)196815 September 1968 'Sports Final' Camogie.Television Programme Archive
24674RTÉ Archive (Television)196924 July 1969 'Sport in Action', Irish International ...Television Programme Archive
24678RTÉ Archive (Television)19699 September 1969 'Sports Final' Soccer Camogie.Television Programme Archive
24713RTÉ Archive (Television)197113 September 1971 'Gaelic Report' Camogie Final Win ...Television Programme Archive
24724RTÉ Archive (Television)197321 March 1973 'Tangents' Women's Rugby.Television Programme Archive
24729RTÉ Archive (Television)19728 September 1972 News Bulletin, Mary Peters Welcome ...Television Programme Archive
24730RTÉ Archive (Television)19727 October 1972 News, Special Race for Lady Jockeys a...Television Programme Archive
24749RTÉ Archive (Television)19732 December 1973 'Sunday Sports Review' Women's Rugby...Television Programme Archive
24751RTÉ Archive (Television)197321 January 1973 News, Dublin Girl Signed Up as A Pro...Television Programme Archive
24763RTÉ Archive (Television)197415 September 1974 'Sunday Sports Show' All Ireland C...Television Programme Archive
24775RTÉ Archive (Television)197415 November 1974 News, Newtownards Mary Peters Parac...Television Programme Archive
24793RTÉ Archive (Television)197523 May 1975 'Sports Stadium' Only Lady Sports Editor...Television Programme Archive
24818RTÉ Archive (Television)19773 April 1977 'Sports Scene' Women's Hockey.Television Programme Archive
24840RTÉ Archive (Television)197914 July 1979 'Sports Stadium' Hurling Ladies Golf.Television Programme Archive
24869RTÉ Archive (Television)198116 November 1981 'Youngline' Woman Jockey.Television Programme Archive
24877RTÉ Archive (Television)198222 October 1982 'Ireland's Eye', Mary O'Connor Marat...Television Programme Archive
24896RTÉ Archive (Television)198413 February 1984 'Today Tonight' No. 507 Discriminat...Television Programme Archive
24901RTÉ Archive (Television)19849 September 1984 All Ireland Camogie Final Dublin an...Television Programme Archive
24905RTÉ Archive (Television)19849 May 1984 News Bulletin Punchestown Races Ladies Da...Television Programme Archive
24908RTÉ Archive (Television)198416 June 1984 News Bulletin Bloomsday Women's Road Ra...Television Programme Archive
24912RTÉ Archive (Television)19849 August 1984 News Bulletin Ladies Day Dublin Horse ...Television Programme Archive
5222RTÉ Stills Library0405/0971974A picture of women's doubles match in progres at...Illustration Library
6979Sligo Archives ServiceF.C./D.2/431838Names of convicts in Sligo gaol awaiting transportat...
24279Stranmillis University College, Belfast1922-1962Box file which includes copies of The Blue Bird, a S...
19846Tipperary Studies1735-1927Cooke of Borrisoleigh collection     ...Cooke of Borrisoleigh Collection
22742Tower Museum, Derry-Londonderry1955-1967Photographs, including those of women members, of th...
22768Tower Museum, Derry-LondonderrySelection ticket for Derry Ladies' Hockey Club, no d...
22789Tower Museum, Derry-LondonderryIncludes women representation in news, politics, spo...Northland (Digital Film Collection)
10344Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs109451925Photograph album of a lawn tennis tournament held at...
10555Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs8265/491931[?T] J. O'Keefe, Gaelic Athletic Association, Cr...Pearse Family
10585Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs8265/244W. MacCarthy, London, to Mrs M Pearse, telling her t...Pearse Family
18629Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives Department TCD MS 11425/3/2/61977-1998Includes correspondence from:Arkless (née Boy...Mountaineering Ireland, Joss Lynam
9815UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/8821933Letter to Aileen Ryan at Clonmeen from her brother S...Grehan Estate Collection
9823UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/10401916Letter to his sister Magda ('Magitt') congra...Grehan Estate Collection
2075UCD ArchivesP123(1-56)1905-1915Includes letters from Michael Collins' sister Ma...Michael Collins Papers
2864UCD ArchivesAAC11838-1970Albert Agricultural College Papers. The Collection i...Albert Agricultural College Papers
16520UCD ArchivesP461743-1795Depositions before, presentments by, and recognizanc...Dublin Grand Jury Records
12595Ulster Folk and Transport Museum1890-1960Collections located in the Museum Library: William ...Photographic Collections
6225Ulster Museum, Belfastc1890-1930c20 volumes of personal and excursion diaries of the...
8773Ulster Museum, BelfastZpc1900-1959Collection of c5000 postcards. The following is a s...Ephemera
18426University of Galway ArchivesP51To be listed.Minute Book of the County Galway Hunt
23353Waterford City ArchivesC1/1896180: Waterford Hunt: Assembly of Hunt outside O'Sull...Photographic Collections