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14328Alexandra College1874
16294Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1961Material on the Advisory Council for Eduation relati...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16309Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1961Material relating to the Irish Centre, London, inclu...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
16858Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1870-1961Roll of Registered Vestrymen, 1870-1961, Clonoulty, ...Bolton Library Archive
15103Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1955-1961Cash Book, 1955-1961.
6137Clare County Archives1959-1961Financial Statement Receipt Book, 1959-1961, 2 volum...Clare County Council
6147Clare County Archives1961-1962Register of weekly wages and monthly pensions, 1961 ...Clare County Council
20678Clare County Archives1891-1961Register of mortgages, (Kilrush Town Commissioners a...Kilrush Urban District Council
20713Clare County Archives1961-1971Postage Account Book, 1961 - 1971.Kilkee Town Commissioners
23006Cork City and County ArchivesU346 (Misc. records)1961-1971
Monthly Report Books, 1961-1971, 1972-1979St Monica's Home for the Blind, Infirmary Road, Cork
23817Cork City and County Archives1929-1961Rate Collection Books, 1929 -1961Cork City Council Records - Miscellaneous
13788Cork Public MuseumAQNO1995:321961Letter dated 6 November 1961 from Mary Chambers, the...
3441Donegal County ArchivesCH/SR/D/191935-1961Miscellaneous:Letter relating to rent concerning lab...
12961Donegal County ArchivesCH/SR/D/81961This box includes the following material: A number ...Maureen Wall Collection
19924Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1922-1961Rents Books of the Erasmus Smith Trust; 5 items, 192...Erasmus Smith Archives
8790Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/2-I1932-1961Material relating to committee meetings, Minute Book...Fingal Local Authority Records
182Irish Film ArchiveIreland: The Tear and The1961'Ireland: The Tear and The Smile': A non-fi...
287Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Young Farmer1961'Amharc Éireann/Young Farmer of the Year ...Gael Linn Collection
288Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 1171961'Amharc Éireann/Emgran 117': Product...Gael Linn Collection
299Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Basketball1961'Basket Ball': Production Company: Gael Lin...Gael Linn Collection
314Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Senior Cross Co1961'Amharc Éireann/Senior Cross Country Cham...Gael Linn Collection
315Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Shannon Air Dis1961'Amharc Éireann/Shannon Air Disaster: 83 ...Gael Linn Collection
321Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 861961'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 86': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
322Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/FG Ard Fheis1961'Amharc Éireann/Dublin Fine Gael Ard Fhei...Gael Linn Collection
323Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Dublin Students1961'Amharc Eireann/Dublin Students Ban the Bomb'...Gael Linn Collection
422Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 801961'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 80': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
423Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Eagran 931961'Amharc Éireann/Eagran 93': Producti...Gael Linn Collection
424Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Co. Mayo Fleadh1961'Amharc Éireann/County Mayo Fleadh Ceoil ...Gael Linn Collection
425Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Shannon Air Dis1961'Amharc Éireann/Shannon Air Disaster; 83 ...Gael Linn Collection
426Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Tribute1961'Amharc Éireann/Tribute Paid to Congo Dea...Gael Linn Collection
427Irish Film ArchiveAmharc Éireann/Bord Iascaigh1961'Amharc Éireann/Bord Iascaigh Mhara: Pres...Gael Linn Collection
1368Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/131/9/08A1958-1961Letter from Helen Gunnis to Lee Trainer, Walt Disney...Jimmy O'Dea Collection
2228Irish Theatre ArchiveITA/1801932-1961Plays written by Mother Mary Joseph Lemass , PO of t...Mother Mary Joseph Lemass, PO plays and papers
20876Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1925-1961Old Age Pension Committee Minute Book, January 1925-...Naas Poor Law Union
20897Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1959-1961Coal Issue Book, May 1959 - April 1961Kildare County Council
20904Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1961-1963Incoming/Outgoing calls Record Book, November 1961 -...Kildare County Council
20794Kilmore Diocesan Archives (RC)1787-1864
Convent of Poor Clares Cavan and Ballyjamesduff:5: V...Kilmore Diocesan Archives
21164King's Hospital School232-236A1961-1968234A Fee Register, 1961- 1968.King's Hospital Records
21196King's Hospital School254-2811932-1961265 Board of Entrants for signed exams, 1932-1961.King's Hospital Records
21199King's Hospital School254-2811952-1961268 Mark Book, Inter, Leaving, Entrance and Forms, 1...King's Hospital Records
21200King's Hospital School254-2811961-1968269 Mark Book, Form only, 1961 - 1968.King's Hospital Records
5488Laois Local StudiesB5/dvi/383-4091951-1961Nurses Report Books, 6 November 1951-23 June 1961, 2...Laois Local Authority Records
5691Laois Local StudiesB2/B/1934-1961Ballinakill Rate Books:126. 1934-1935127. 1935-19361...Laois Local Authority Records
5695Laois Local StudiesB2/H/1937-1961Castletown Rate Books:153. 1934-1935154. 1937-193815...Laois Local Authority Records
5698Laois Local StudiesB2/K/1930-1961Rate Book, Durrow:185. 1930-1931186. 1935-1936187. 1...Laois Local Authority Records
5699Laois Local StudiesB2/L/1934-1961Rate Book, Emo:199. 1934-1935200. 1937-1938   &...Laois Local Authority Records
5704Laois Local StudiesB2/8/1935-1961Rate Book, Rathdowney:245. 1960-1961, Rural and Urba...Laois Local Authority Records
21628Laois Local StudiesC/1961-196285. Rate Collection, Abstract, District No 2, 1961-1...Laois County Council
21629Laois Local StudiesC/1961-1962Abstract of Rate Collector:86. 1961-196287. [no date...Laois County Council
21631Laois Local StudiesC/1949-1961Secretary's Imprest Account Book, October 1949-July ...Laois County Council
21688Laois Local StudiesB5/di/1943-1961These records are closed.Shaen Sanatorium:Record of ...Laois Local Authority Records
22355Leitrim Local Studies Department1952-1961Misc. 57. Leitrim County Committee of Agriculture, A...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
13789Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1465.06)1916
Letter, manuscript, from Maighread Ní Dalaigh...
1096Loreto ArchivesBoxes 14-211838-1961Typescript of life of Mary Ward (for girls) by M.M. ...
14527Mayo Local History Department1961-1976Expenditure Ledgers, 7 volumes, 1961-1976Castlebar Urban District Council
14537Mayo Local History Department1901-1961Minute Books, 38 volumes, 1901-1961Ballina Urban District Council
14538Mayo Local History Department1901-1961Receipt and Expenditure Accounts Ledger, includes de...Ballina Urban District Council
20272Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1960-1961Sales Book, January 1960 - January 1961.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
22825Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1879-1961Athlone Methodist Circuit: Records, 1879-1961 Minute...
2124Monaghan County Museum1944-1961Collection Book 'Labourer's Cottages Purchase Scheme...
3913National Archives of IrelandT315D1916-1961.Industrial and Provident Societies. Dublin Guild of ...Registry of Friendly Societies
3915National Archives of IrelandT351L1921-1961Industrial and Provident Societies. Irish National T...Registry of Friendly Societies
3916National Archives of IrelandT332D1919-1961Industrial and Provident Societies:Irish Women's...Registry of Friendly Societies
4672National Archives of Ireland410/15/219/1/21961Dr Metz, Cologne: proposed recruitment of girls from...Department of Foreign Affairs
4716National Archives of Ireland1916-1961National School Registers Roll No. 14162 County Cava...Department of Education
4726National Archives of Ireland97/19/21872-1961National School Register, Cormeen, County Monaghan, ...Department of Education
4736National Archives of IrelandA25/1551959-1961Provision of Maternity Unit at Boyle District Hospit...Department of Health
4738National Archives of IrelandAD33/301954-1961Establishment of Rehabilitation Centre for female ex...Department of Health
4739National Archives of IrelandB129/9611959-1961Food Hygiene Regulations Appeal. Mrs Maureen O'S...Department of Health
4741National Archives of IrelandS16/11961Request from Miss Maura Solan, Cloone, Carrick-on-Sh...Department of Health
4743National Archives of IrelandS116/51961-1963Doctors and Midwives providing services under the Ma...Department of Health
4745National Archives of IrelandSM12/391960-1961County Kerry [?] Limerick Maternity and Infant Medic...Department of Health
4771National Archives of IrelandAA 611/611961To ask Minister for Social Welfare if he is aware of...Department of Social Welfare
4932National Archives of IrelandH10981/52/Volume11951-1961Postal Service Files: conversion of of female POCB t...Department of Tourism, Transport and Communications
4934National Archives of Ireland1650/55/Part21959-1961Wages and overtime rates for postal staff, 1959-1961...Department of Tourism, Transport and Communications
4937National Archives of IrelandB9555/53/Part21961-1975Postal Service File relating to office cleaning arra...Department of Transport, Energy and Communications
11326National Archives of Ireland324/3711960-1961Sister Maryanna Req, assistance to travel for a cour...Department of Foreign Affairs
11414National Archives of IrelandH10/14/1/volume 21957-1961St Joseph's Clonsilla, Home for Female Mental De...Department of Health
11419National Archives of IrelandL121/461961-1962Employment of Public Health nurses as psychiatric so...Department of Health
11420National Archives of IrelandM11/291956-1961Galway: Outdoor Nursing Services and Domiciliary Mid...Department of Health
11422National Archives of IrelandCD12/611961Question asked by L. Cosgrave relating to cost of li...Department of Social Welfare
11423National Archives of IrelandIA1/611960-1961Workers' Union of Ireland, resolution seeking dental...Department of Social Welfare
11424National Archives of IrelandIA13/611961Exchange of Women's Insurance Cards, July 1961: inst...Department of Social Welfare
11425National Archives of IrelandIF/10/611961Kildare County Council Health Services Section, St M...Department of Social Welfare
15245National Archives of Ireland 2001/661961-1972National School records for Tramore, Co. Waterford.National Schools, Private Accessions
11989National Archives of IrelandGIS/1/1791961-1962File of speeches by P.J. Hillery, Minister for Educa...Government Information Service
12234National Archives of Ireland98/17/6/11947-1961Irish Housewives Association, Consumer Bodies Produc...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
12237National Archives of Ireland98/17/71961-1992Irish Housewives Association, Press Cuttings and Pho...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
15264National Archives of Ireland 2002/781961-1965National School records for St Thomas, Dublin.National Schools, Private Accessions
11175National Gallery of Ireland LibraryAB1051928-1961Miscellaneous documents relating to the Hugh Lane Pi...
9513National Library of IrelandMs26788c1957-1961Letters from Eileen McGowan, daughter of O'Donovan R...Sean Ó Luing Papers
9743National Library of IrelandMs183321938-1961Correspondence of Frank Gallagher and Mrs Childers w...Frank Gallagher Papers
409National Maternity HospitalF/21951-1961Finance Committee Agenda Book, December 1951-Septemb...
465National Maternity HospitalF/91961-1970Finance Committee Agenda Book, October 1961-July 197...
1746National Maternity HospitalAR/71961-1970Annual Report of the National Lying-In Hospital, Jan...
18873Offaly ArchivesOCL ETC35/6/1-21945-19612 Monthly Financial Statements - ETC35/6/1: April...Records of Edenderry Town Commission
18875Offaly ArchivesOCL ETC351961-19701 Register of Water Rent Charges - ETC35/8: 31 Ma...Records of Edenderry Town Commission
18987Offaly ArchivesOCL TUDC11/10/1924-19617 Files:1: 5 June 1924 - 10 February 1954, correspon...Records of Tullamore Urban District Council
21365Our Lady's Hospital, Ennis1868-1961Financial Statement Books:1868-18751875-18821882-189...
6842Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3479/21961-1970Records of the Northern Ireland Council of Social Se...
6557Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/15811781-1961Papers of the Pollock family of Ballymoney, County A...
6587Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16791861-1961c50 documents relating to the Dunlop family of Londo...
6594Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16931772-1961c50 documents comprising of manuscript copies of gra...
7407Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/39531950-1961File of East Down Women Unionist Association papers,...
7448Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/4069/17/61961Photograph of Mrs Waring's house, Waringstown, C...
6299Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBG/5/1840-1961Ballymoney Board of Guardians Minute Books: BG/5/A/1...Ballymoney Board of Guardians
6623Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/17541921
This collection of c60 documents includes genealogic...
6814Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/23701951-1961Records of Glenmore Bleach Works, Hilden, Lisburn, C...
6849Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/34861921-1961Registers of stocks and stockholders of Workman, Cla...
6999Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/24881907-196117 letters from Sister Freda Crane, British General ...
7009Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/25211836-1961Collection of Evans, Davies, Tate and Purdon family ...
7099Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/27761959-1961This collection includes a registered book of names ...Pawnbroking Association Papers
7434Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40381728-1961Records relating to Walpole Brothers Limited, linen ...
7681Public Record Office of Northern IrelandLA/35/1845-1961The records of Enniskillen Borough Council include, ...Enniskillen Borough Council Records
8086Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/17101895-1961Typescript copies of a family history of the McWilli...
8113Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/18321700-1900
Pedigree of the Barton family, Boa Island, County Fe...
8278Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/22711775-1961Pedigree of the Hobson and Cherry families, Belfast ...
8385Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2579/1-101961-1968Copies of 10 printed missionary newsletters giving d...
8403Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/26211829-1961Collection of 75 documents, including, for example: ...
8457Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2733/1925-1961T/2733/1 Typed copy of a history of the Dinsmore fam...
21479Queen's University Belfast Special Collections and ArchivesMS741961MS 1/247 Letter from C.S. Lewis to Anne Waller. Pres...QUB Miscellaneous Manuscripts
853Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP4631932-1961Shelf 42C Dublin Friends' Badminton Club 1943, phot...Photographic Collections
1069Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1789-1961Location Long Case, Cupboard D, Top Shelf: 10 Lette...Deed Boxes, Miscellaneous, New Shelf Head Lists
1203Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP7271961Dublin Badminton Club, 1961. League Shield winners.Photographic Collections
1234Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP9641961Conferences and Youth Meetings: Group Photograph of ...Photographic Collections
23550Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491961-1973Literature Department Minute Book, 16 November 1961-...Mothers' Union Collection
23551Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491952-1961Literature Department Minute Book, 20 June 1952-16 N...Mothers' Union Collection
23686Representative Church Body Library1961-1977Box 9 Committee Minute Books, Boys' Home, Grand Cana...Mrs Smyly's Homes
23738Representative Church Body LibraryMS607/1959-1961
Financial Records: 12/ Debit Analysis Books: 1: 1959...Records of the Mageough Home, Dublin
22389Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1872-1961The College of Physicians in Account with the Bank o...Kings and Queens College of Physicians
22480Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1961-19661 volume of Ophthalmic/Benn Hospital Minutes:1961-19...
22664Services Industrial Professional Technical Union (SIPTU)1961Buncrana branch register, 1961Irish Transport and General Workers Union
22049St Dympna's Hospital, CarlowIE DA SDH1952-1961Washing Materials Issued:March 1952-July 1961St Dympna's Psychiatric Hospital, Carlow
22051St Dympna's Hospital, CarlowIE DA SDH1952-1961Washing Materials Issued:March 1952-July 1961St Dympna's Psychiatric Hospital, Carlow
13769Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1996.1221951-1961One notebook containing the Minutes of the South Tip...
13790Tipperary Museum of Hidden HistoryAQNO1996.1231961-1972One notebook containing the Minutes of the South Tip...
6455Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs62151961-1962Typescript copy of `The Sons of Usnach' found in the...Synge Papers
10407Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCD Ms 109601917-196110960/1, Praier of Picus Mirandula unto God (Thomas ...Ina Boyle Papers
3675UCC Special Collections & ArchivesU2681848
Death certificate of Hannah Green, aged 15, daughter...
16519UCD ArchivesUCDA P2771946-1961Clann na Poblachta Files of statements, reports and ...Papers of Patricia Coghlan
5357UCD Special CollectionsKav/B/871959-1961Personal Correspondence, 1948-1967: Letters from Loa...Kavanagh Collection
4575Waterford City Archives1958-1961Nurses Day Duty Book, 16 January 1958-15 October 196...Waterford City and County Infirmary
4604Waterford City Archives1938-1961Register of Dental Patients (Mr Gallagher), 3 Januar...Waterford City and County Infirmary
19204Westmeath County Archives Department1961-1978Delvin sewerage scheme, 1961-1978Westmeath County Council
19215Westmeath County Archives Department1954-1961 Westmeath County Council Excepted Employment Regist...Westmeath County Council
19224Westmeath County Archives Department1938-1961Register of Separate Charges:[12 August 1938]-31 Mar...Westmeath County Council
19262Westmeath County Archives Department1940-1961Westmeath County Council Petty Cash Book:8 February ...Westmeath County Council
19379Westmeath County Archives Department1961-1965Athlone Urban District Council Miscellaneous Receipt...Athlone Local Authority Records
19422Westmeath County Archives Department1961-1970Athlone Urban District Council Interim Receipt Book ...Athlone Local Authority Records