CollectionIrish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
Collection DescriptionThe Irish Housewives Association (IHA) was formed in 1942, to gain recognition for the right of housewives to play an active part in society. Dr. Hilda Tweedy was the custodian of these records for many years. She was a founder member, and a lifetime member, of the IHA.
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Irish Housewives Association, Press Cuttings and Photographs [these occupy one box, are not all Irish Housewives Association and are sorted roughly into date order]:
1961-1968; 1972-1974, press cuttings (Irish Housewives Association and IAW), including obituary of Molly Shillman, 1 file
1968; 1970; 1983-1989, press cuttings, 1 file
1970s-1980s, press cuttings relating to the Employment Equality Agency, women and the church and other topics, 1 file
1974-1976, press cuttings (Irish Housewives Association International Sub-Committee, IAW, CSW), 1 notebook
1991, press cuttings, women generally with Patrick Hillery, and peace, 1 file
1992, press cuttings relating to abortion, wives co-ownership, 1 file
1940s-1990s, photographs.

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