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6209Linen Hall Library1970-1997Archival box, labelled Peace and Reconciliation Grou...Northern Ireland Political Collection
6955Linen Hall Libraryc.1980-c.1999There are two archival boxes with material specifica...Ephemera
6953Linen Hall LibraryArchival box 1 containing leaflets, pamphlets, offpr...Northern Ireland Political Collection
6957Linen Hall Libraryc.1970-c.1999The are c.170 items relating to women and politics i...
12474Linen Hall LibraryAmongst the women's periodicals held by the Nort...Northern Ireland Political Collection
13815Linen Hall Library1980-1988Archival box 1 Northern Ireland Women's Rights M...Ephemera
5268National Archives of Ireland1943-1944File containing appeal application by Mary Moloney, ...Court of Criminal Appeal
5269National Archives of Ireland1948-1949The People versus Sabatino Capaldi and Margaret Mill...State Files, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court
5270National Archives of Ireland1942-1943Indictment 106 The Attorney General versus Mary Malo...State Files, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court
12230National Archives of Ireland98/17/5/11941-1992Irish Housewives Association Correspondence General ...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
23982National Archives of IrelandCourt of Criminal Appeal 36/561956Mary Ann Cadden, 1956. Abortionist, accused and conv...Department of Justice
12237National Archives of Ireland98/17/71961-1992Irish Housewives Association, Press Cuttings and Pho...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
25091National Archives of Ireland1893-1894(Limerick) The Queen v John Halpin. Halpin had prov...Crown Files at Assizes 1893-1894
25092National Archives of IrelandCSO/RP/1917/6421 1917The file requests advice from the government regardi...Chief Secretary's Office Registered Papers
25093National Archives of Ireland60/1945 1945Woman involved in a number of cases for providing ab...Court of Criminal Appeal
1947National Library of IrelandMs32291913-1949Includes letters to Miss Rachel Mahaffy, Dublin; Mis...
13812National Library of IrelandThe archives contain over 200,000 press cuttings fro...Irish Queer Archive
14948National Women's Council of Ireland1983Pauline Jackson, 'The Deadly Solution to an Irish Pr...
14958National Women's Council of Ireland1982'Magill' (July, 1982), contains article by Pat Brenn...
14959National Women's Council of IrelandLeaflet, 'Oppose the Constitutional Amendment' (Wome...
14960National Women's Council of IrelandAnti-Amendment Campaign, 'It's life that needs amend...
21447Police Museum (PSNI)1934-1941
A letter regarding the employment of women police an...
7581Public Record Office of Northern IrelandDIO(RC)1/1785-c.1900These records have been copied from Clogher Roman Ca...Diocese of Clogher (Roman Catholic) Records
6274Public Record Office of Northern IrelandBELF/Belfast Crown and Peace, Crown files, many relating ...Crown and Peace Records
4313RTÉ Archive (Sound)BB2541Gay Byrne Show: Young couple and abortionSound Archive
4348RTÉ Archive (Sound)AA8581979Abortion the Lonely Crisis: Documentary, 4 April 197...Sound Archive
4369RTÉ Archive (Sound)A42761983Day by Day: Abortion Amendment, 5 September 1983.Sound Archive
22540RTÉ Archive (Sound)199514 March 1995, Pat Kenny Show: X Case Sentence reduc...Sound Archive
22541RTÉ Archive (Sound)199515 March 1995, X Case Reactions.Sound Archive
22577RTÉ Archive (Sound)198510 March 1985, Liveline: Dr. Wendy Savage Case.Sound Archive
22588RTÉ Archive (Sound)198629 December 1986, Day by Day On: Wendy Savage.Sound Archive
22634RTÉ Archive (Sound)199216 May 1992, Playback: Bishop Casey Affair Abortion.Sound Archive
22646RTÉ Archive (Sound)199213 November 1992, Cross Currents: Women priests and ...Sound Archive
24594RTÉ Archive (Television)199218 February 1992 News: Abortion Injunction European ...Television Programme Archive
24788RTÉ Archive (Television)19753 April 1975 News, Ireland Bishops consider Preventi...Television Programme Archive
24887RTÉ Archive (Television)198330 August 1983 News Bulletin Opposition Pro Life Ame...Television Programme Archive
24888RTÉ Archive (Television)198330 August 1983 News Bulletin Abortion Referendum.Television Programme Archive
24734RTÉ Archive (Television)1992-1998X -Case:17 February 1992, News: Rape Victim High Cou...Television Programme Archive
24735RTÉ Archive (Television)1983-1986'Women's Programme':31 October 1983, Vox...Television Programme Archive
5253RTÉ Stills Library0408/0921992Groups of pro-choice and anti-abortion demonstrators...Illustration Library
10627UCD ArchivesFF/E/VII/884 (P176)1983Abortion Referendum 1983, series of press cuttings f...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
10632UCD ArchivesFF/B/I/4/b/185 (P176)1983General Secretary, Frank Wall: Material relating to ...Fianna Fáil Party Collection
12485Ulster Folk and Transport MuseumA list entitled, 'Ulster Folk and Transport Muse...