A list entitled, 'Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Resources for the Study of Women's History' (A Preliminary Guide) compiled by Clodagh Harvey is available in the Museum.

The Ulster Folk Park and Transport Museum was created in 1958 and its purpose was defined as 'illustrating the way of life, past and present, and the traditions of the people of Northern Ireland'.
The specific resources available for the study of women include the following.

Collectors' field notebooks and oral history project pamphlets.

The archive boxes of collectors' field notebooks (boxed under the letter V) were compiled during the 1950s and 1960s for each of the nine counties of Ulster, and recorded from both men and women. Material recorded from women specifically is to be found for counties Tyrone, Londonderry, Fermanagh, Donegal, Down, Antrim and Armagh. Some of the subject areas covered in this material include the following: childbirth and abortion: buttter making and milking: children's place in the home: cooperative dairies and creameries: customs associated with new babies: dress (women and children): famine food: funerals: housekeeping and household furnishings: marriage and dowries: quilting: school: body snatching: threshing: bleach greens: changelings, fairies and banshees: cures and charms: dialects: eating customs: Maria Edgeworth: food and recipes: herd girls: needlework and patterns: milking customs: runaways: new babies: stories: wages: dances: divining: emigration: flowering: fortune telling: illness and health: hiring fairs: pedlars and tramps: postal services: songs and poetry: smuggling: table manners: weavers.

Pamphlets: Lower Ormeau Oral History Project.
In 1990 and 1991 the Northern Ireland Community Education Association sponsored an oral history project in the Lower Ormeau area of Belfast. Filed worker Jill McKenna recorded personal reminiscences from four women in the area, and selections from these are presented in a series of four pamphlets. Subjects include cures, linen and laundries, the Blitz and others.

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CommentThe information listed was extracted from a list `Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Records for the Study of Women's History (A Preliminary Guide)' by Clodagh Harvey. We are grateful to Ms Harvey for providing us with a copy of her list. We are also grateful for the assistance provided by Linda Ballard.