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Archival box, labelled Peace and Reconciliation Groups, Box 2:
This box includes leaflets and pamphlets of Women Together, the Peace Pledge Union and the Peace Train. The Women Together information includes the following:

Flyer entitled 'The peace day is not an end but a beginning', no date, early 1970s.

Flyer entitled 'Aims of Women Together', no date, early 1970s.

Leaflet entitled 'Planning your programme' relating to organising a local Women Together group, 1971

Leaflet entitled 'How to form a group', 1971.

Flyer entitled 'What is women Together?' which states that the organisation 'brings together in their own areas women who want something better than violence and intimidation', 1971.

Campaign report on 'Peace for Christmas', including the cost of the December 1971 Women Together Christmas campaign, plans for 1972, progress of the organisation and lists of officers for 1972, dated 1971.

Flyer advertising 'A meeting of dedication to peace' sponsored by Women Together, 26 November, no year noted.

Flyer entitled 'Aims of Women Together, stating 'WOMEN TOGETHER consists of small groups of women from various parts of the city who are dedicated to working for peace and a better life in their own area and to supporting each other in this cause', no date.

Poster and leaflet stating 'We are women...We want peace...We want it now...'. The leaflet includes a prayer for peace and notes on the origins, aims and activities of Women Together, no date, c.1990s.

Leaflet advertising a 'Festival of Peace', 23-29 April 1990, including a programme of events, a circular letter and a flyer advertising the 'Light a candle on Christmas Eve' campaign of Women Together to be held on 21 December 1995.

Circular letter advertising one minute's silence to be held on 29 May 1996 which the letter describes as 'our silent scream for peace', 20 May 1996.

Flyer advertising a mass vigil for peace to be held in Belfast, 11 October 1996 organised by Women Together , 9 October 1996 and a flyer given out at this event entitled 'What can I do now?', 1996.

Circular letter and poster advertising the Women Together 'Light a candle on Christmas Eve' campaign, 6 December 1996.

Poster advertising the Northern Ireland Peace Quilt Project, co-ordinated by Women Together, 1996.

Circular letter advertising a Women Together fund-raising event, 21 November 1997.

4 page typescript 'Draft Policy Statement' by Una O'Malley calling for votes as an independent candidate in a Dail election, stating 'I urge you to consider the value of electing an Independent Deputy at this time. The present alignment of the two main parties is unrealistic since there are now few serious differences between them. In this situation parties are stagnating and it is important that the Dail be injected with some free and independent thinking and, I believe also, with more thinking from women', no date, c.1970s.

Collection of c.186 posters on women and sexual politics, 1977-c.1997. At the time of going to press the poster collection was uncatalogued, but was being put on CD-ROM. This was expected to be completed by 2000. The following are some examples of the range of material that is available:

Black and white poster, 'Protest!! Turf Lodge Women Want British Troops Out', 1977.

Black and white poster, 'Women against the cuts' rally and march organised by Northern Ireland Women's Rights Movement to celebrate International Women's Day, 8 March 1980.

Black and white poster, 'Have you ever used a contraceptive that didn't work', Northern Ireland Abortion Centre, 7 February.

Black and white poster, 'Violence Against Women Rally', Belfast, organised by Northern Ireland Women's Rights Movement, 6 March 1982.

Colour poster, 'Extend the 1961 Abortion Act, Stop Exporting the Problem', Northern Ireland Abortion Law Reform Association, 1986.

Colour poster, 'Defend the Women's Clinic', Fall's Women's Centre, 5 April 1987.

Black and white poster advertising International Women's Day, Dublin, 'Stop the Right Wing Backlash Stop S.P.U.C. [Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child] Defend the Women Only Clinics. Women Only', 9 March 1987.

Black and white poster advertising Professor Angela Davis' visit to Belfast, organised by Northern Ireland Women's Rights Movement, 29-31 March 1989.

Colour poster, 'Women Against Violence Against Women Reclaim The Night! March and Rally', 4 July 1990.

Colour poster, 'Festival of Peace. Knocking Down Walls', Women Together, 23-29 April 1990.

Colour poster, 'Wave Goodbye to the Dinosaurs', election poster of Northern Ireland Women's Coalition, May 1996.

Black and white poster, 'Women Demand an Equal Deal from Local Councils', Women into Politics Project, 11 March c.1996-1997.

Colour poster, 'Check Out All Your Options', Equal Opportunities Commission for Northern Ireland, c.1980s.

Colour poster, 'Silent night...Violent night', Northern Ireland Women's Aid, no date.

Colour poster, 'After the Abortion Referendum...Where to now?', Women's Right to Choose Campaign, no date.

Colour poster, 'No one ever deserves to be raped', Northern Ireland Rape and Incest Line, no date.

Northern Ireland Office biographical press cutting files, 5 volumes of cuttings on Bernadette Devlin, 1969-1972:
Volume 1 1 October 1969-23 December 1969
Volume 2 3 November 1969-14 August 1970
Volume 3 22 August 1969-3 May 1971
Volume 4 27 April 1969-31 January 1971
Volume 5 6 February 1971-30 August 1972

Northern Ireland Office biographical press cutting files, 2 volumes on Marie Drumm, 1971-1981:
Volume 1 12 July 1971-14 November 1976
Volume 2 18 December 1976-28 October 1981

Northern Ireland Office biographical press cutting file, 1 volume on Doctor Bridget Rose Dugdale, 1974-1976:
25 February 1974-31 May 1976

Northern Ireland Office biographical press cutting file, 1 volume on Rhonda Paisley, 1987-1989:
21 February 1987-22 April 1989

Northern Ireland Office biographical press cutting files, 5 volumes on Women Together and the Peace People:
Volume 1 27 November 1970-29 May 1975
This volume includes cuttings from the Irish press on the activities of Women Together from its establishment in 1970, including rallies and their 1975 petition for peace; moves to have the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act extended to Northern Ireland, 1975 and to enforce employers to implement the 1970 Equal Pay Act (Northern Ireland), 1975 and events held to mark International Women's Year in Northern Ireland, 1975. Newsletters and typescript speeches are also included. For example:
'Women Together Newsheet', Issue 1, December 1971.

'Women Together Newsheet', Issue 4, no date.

Article on Saidie Patterson, the new chair of Women Together in which she states, Today we don't need a gun in our hand: what we need is an idea in our head and an answer in our hearts', 'Irish Times', 17 March 1973.

Article of the election of Ruth Agnew as the first president of Women Together in which she states, 'I believe that the women of Ulster will create a society in which ignorance, fear and hate shall give place to liberty, justice and peace', 'Belfast News-letter', 16 March 1973.

Advertisement for Women Together from the 'Sunday News', 19 November 1972.

Typescript of a speech by Doctor Grace Thornton, Secretary of the Women's National Commission, given at a meeting with representatives of women's groups from Northern Ireland, with a 3 page list of representatives at this meeting, 3 January 1975.

Advertisement for Women Together from the 'Belfast News-letter', 16 September 1972.

Article entitled 'This year women will lead the way' by Anne Montgomery from the 'Ballymena Guardian', 16 January 1975.

Volume 2 8 June 1975-31 August 1976
This volume includes letters to the press from members of Women Together; press cuttings on peace demonstrations, marches and rallies held in Dublin and across Northern Ireland by the Peace People and the campaigns conducted by the Northern Ireland Women's Rights Movement on the lack of nursery provision in Northern Ireland, 1975 and the implementation of the Sex Discrimination Act in Northern Ireland, 1976.

Volume 3 1 September 1976-30 September 1976
This volume includes cuttings on the activities of Women Together and the Peace People including press comment on the peace movement, especially on its leaders, Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan. The volume also includes, for example:

10 page typescript text of a translated article by Franz Brunner entitled, 'Northern Ireland's Women Tired of Terror' from 'Tages-Anzeiger', 8 September 1976.

Extract from 'Fortnight' magazine on the peace movement entitled, 'The New Rules', 10 September 1976.

Volume 4 1 October-31 October 1976
In addition to cuttings mainly on the Peace People, but also on Women Together, this volume includes, for example:

Two 10 page transcripts from 2 television programmes on which Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan were interviewed on 2 consecutive nights, entitled 'Women' by Public Television WNED, Buffalo, New York, United States, 23 October 1976. For instance, Corrigan states, 'We have a vision for Northern Ireland and we would like to share it with the American people...that the people of northern Ireland will come out of the violence that they have suffered for seven years, and say they want peace.'

A 9 page Television Radio Report for the British Information Service for News Centre giving a broadcast excerpt of an interview with Betty Williams in which she discusses clashes between the Peace People and Irish Republican Army supporters in West Belfast, 'We just walked right through all the stones, all the bottles and whatever they threw,. We have won a major victory', 23 October 1976.

Typescript of Betty Williams' contribution by telephone to the Sherrye Henry Show, United States, 14 October 1976.

'Peace by Peace' 'the magazine of the people of the peace movement', volume 1, number 2, 29 October 1976.

Volume 5 1 November-30 November 1976
This volume of press cuttings relates mainly to the Peace People, but at the time of going to press, this volume may be missing.

Northern Ireland Office biographical press cutting file, 2 volumes on Irish Republican Army women, 1971-1983:
Volume 1 15 January 1971-30 November 1975
Volume 2 1 December 1975-19 February 1983
These volumes include press cuttings from the British and Irish press on the treatment of female Irish Republican Army prisoners in Armagh Jail, including strip searching, hungerstriking and their calls for political prisoner status; the segregation of republican and loyalist prisoners; in memoriam notices of female Irish Republican Army activists and the arrest of women on terrorist charges. For instance, in an interview with Irish Republican Army women volunteers, one woman stated, 'The home, marriage and children although very important to me are all incidental to my commitment to the struggle. When I first joined the Movement I was in Cumann na mBan but I wasn't content with the limited contribution which I thought it offered me I wanted to fully participate in operations', 'An Phoblacht', 20 May 1982.

Photocopy of an article by Gail Sheehy, 'The fighting women of Ireland', New York, no date, c.1972-1973.

Notes on Dolours Price, an Irish Republican Army prisoner released from Armagh Jail due to illness, 20 April 1981, no date, with 4 pages of extracts from press interviews, March 1972-15 November 1973.

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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists prepared by Dr Eoin Magennis and we are grateful for his assistance. Where partial or no lists were available staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually. Many of the items held by the Linen Hall have been digitised and are available online through the Extraordinary Women NI Project.