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Collection DescriptionComprising material relating to the National Gay Federation, the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network, Lesbians Organising Together, Out Magazine, Gay Games, Gay Health Action, Alternative Miss Ireland, the Women's Education Resource and Research Centre, the Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and papers of Charles Kerrigan
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The archives contain over 200,000 press cuttings from 1976 onwards, a library of over 150 international titles, a complete set of every lesbian/gay title (periodicals and single titles, numbering 25 in total) published since 1975 on the island of Ireland. There is also a large collection of audio and video, photographs and slides, flyers, posters, badges and other ephemera.

The material is generally stored in box files. The contents of a number of such files were examined and listed.

Box marked Lesbian and gay youth/Irish/reports/papers/ documentation includes pamphlets on Childline; pamphlet on 'Speakout, International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organisation; various press releases; typescript interviews with parents of gay children; 'Shocking Pink', issue 9 [a juvenile magazine for young women]; a document entitled 'If your child is gay or lesbian', produced by Parents ' Support Group; report National Gay Federation discussion document 'A youth group for gay adolescents', September 1979; Report on the 2nd International Gay Youth Congress 7-12 July 1985.

Box marked Gay groups abroad/foreign press includes: fax relating to a piece in the Guardian 8 February 1994 entitled 'Shamrock Pink'; Irish Gays in London, newsletter, summer 1982; 'Amach Linn! Irish Lesbians and Gay Men in London', newsletter, September 1996.

Box marked Queer Organisations/promotional tours includes: circular letter on 'The Lesbian Avengers Civil Rights Organising Project' [New York]; various leaflets about the National Gay Federation; leaflets about the Cork Gay Collective and Manifesto; press release for 'Out for Ourselves: The Lives of Irish Lesbians and Gay Men'; annual reports for 'Cara-Friend 1989-1990, 1992-1993; typescript, the Irish Gay Rights Movement, Constitution, 1975; report on the National Gay Conference, 1981; 'Gays in the Eighties, Which Way Forward?; National Gay Conference, TCD, Dublin, report; report on 'The future of the Lesbian and gay Community', 1986; letter regarding LEN[Lesbian equality Network], 1993; flyer, 8 Irish Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Cork 1998; flyer on an All Ireland Lesbian and Gay Men Conference, 1983; flyer, National Gay Federation incorporating the Irish Gay Rights Movement, 1974-1978; 'Lesbian Women'; annual report Gay Switchboard and Lesbian Line, Limerick, 31 March 1994.

Box marked LOT [Lesbians Organise Together] includes: LOT annual reports 1993, 1994, 1995; 'In Focus' June/July 1998 National Women's Council of Ireland; pamphlet, 'Lesbian Education Aware 1996/1997 annual report.

Box marked Women's Campaigns/non-specific/queer includes: 'Making Europe Meaningful: The Treaty of Amsterdam Implications for Women', produced by the National Women's Council of Ireland; 'Wimmiz'Zine', newsletter March 1995; pamphlet/booklist Cork women's poetry Circle 1996, with inserts; European Women's Lobby newsletter, 1988; various posters elating to WERRC conferences; 'Women, waste and planet safety. Report on the seminar organised by banlucht and the Irish Women's Environmental Network, July 1992; pamphlet, International Day of Action for Women's Health, 28 May 1997; DAG [Divorce Action Group], 'A first brief on the dissolution of marriage presented by Divorce Action Group'.

Box marked Women's health/excluding AIDS includes: submission from LEA?NOW [in response to the government green paper' Supporting Voluntary Activity, The Community and Voluntary Sector and its Relationship with the State', 1998; 'Department of Health: Developing a Policy for Women's Health, A Discussion Document, 1995'; Equality Employment Agency annual report, 1994; IMPACT working for Equality, document pack; Discussion document on 'Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men', November 1993; Irish Family Planning Association, annual reports, 1986, 1991; leaflet; The Dublin Abortion Information Campaign; Press release Women's Aid, 1995, regarding the 'zero tolerance' campaign; Leaflet Irish Women's Abortion Support Group; Irish Family Planning Association Pregnancy Counselling Service: Profile Report: The First 100 Clients, October 1992-December 1992.

Box marked Women's Campaigns [non-specific, queer] includes: Women's Day posters from the Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre; the Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre annual report for 1995-1996; Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre newsletter, 1998 and list of events; Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre, 'Feminism, Politics, Community', edited by Ailbhe Smyth; flyer, Irish Council for Civil Liberties conference on women's rights, Dublin 1997; 'Status Journal' produced by the Council for the Status of Women, 1992; various flyers and leaflets relating to women's events.

Box marked feminism includes: various newscuttings on general issues relating to women for 1998-1999.

There are 3 boxes which contain cuttings, leaflets, etc. on 'Film Festival Ireland'.

One box marked 'Pride Ireland'.

Box marked Original, MSS, Theses, Literature includes: pamphlet 'Irrepressible - gay liberation in Ireland' by John F Grundy, 1985; a number of posters; copy of a radio play [incomplete?] 'Trespass' by Emma Donoghue, typescript, 33 pages.

Box file containing magazines includes: 'Everywoman', 'Feminist Art News', 'Harpers and Queens', 'Body Politic', 'Bitch', 'MsChief', 'Irish Women's News', 'Modern Woman' [newspaper], 'Frontline: Journal of the TCD Labour Party', 'The Bar', 'Wasp', 'Journalist'. There are no full runs, just odd issues of these publications.

Box file containing issues of 'Lola Press', a magazine, 1995-1997.

Box file containing copies of the magazine 'MsChief', 1992-1997, with exceptions.

Box file containing issues of 'Out' 1984/1985-1988 (published in Dublin).

Box file containing issues of 'In Touch: Journal of the National Gay Federation', 1979-1981.

Box file containing issues of 'In Touch: The Newsletter of the Irish Gay Rights Movement', October 1977 (?)-January 1978, also contains the annual report of the Irish Gay Rights Movement, 1980.

Box file containing various newsletters dating from the 1970s to the 1990s includes Newsletter [Mullingar]; 'The Pink Pages' [Cork], 'Dublin Guyz' [Dublin], 'Sapphire' [Cork], 'Gaysock' [Cork]', 'Centrescene' [Dublin], 'Just Out' [Dublin], 'Outpost' [Galway], 'Irish gay News/Quare Times' [Dublin], 'Inside Out' [Cork].

Box file containing copies of the magazine 'Women's News' 1986-1999, with exceptions.

Box file containing issues of 'Identity: A Quarterly Review Issue', 1982-1983, with exceptions.

Box file containing issues of 'Innuendo' [Dublin], 1997-1998.

Box file containing issues of 'Mna Mna' [rural Lesbian Irish newsletter], 'Lotsa Lip', newsletter, 1996, 1997.

Box file containing issues of 'Harlot' [Dublin] 1995(?), 'Muffmonsters on Prozac'..

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