The are c.170 items relating to women and politics in the 'p' series (books, pamphlets, reports and manifestos) these are catalogued and can be searched through the computer.
The following are some examples of the range of material available;

'Women in Ireland in the 1990s', workshop facilitator Hazel Gordon (Belfast, 1990).

Lily Fitzsimons, 'Women in Ireland: the unsung heroes of conflict in Ireland's six north-east counties' (Belfast: Sinn Fein, 1996)

'Women in Public Life in Europe' (Speeches to the conference Women in Public Life in Europe) (Belfast: SDLP, 1995).

Shankill Women's Centre, 'Strategic business development plan' (Belfast: Shankill Women's Centre, 1995).

Clar na mBan, 'Women's agenda for Peace: conference report' (Belfast: Clar na mBan, 1994).

Joan O'Connor, 'Building a New Ireland' (Dublin: Sinn Féin, 1994).

Clare Daly, 'Women in Ireland' (Dublin: Militant Socialist, 1993).

'Ours is the Culture of Change: Report of the Women's Delegation to the North' (Washington D C, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, 1993).

Ulster Unionist Party, 'Ulster Unionist Party Policy Statement on Women's Issues' (Belfast: Ulster Unionist Party, 1993).

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis (87th, Dublin 1992), 'Women in Ireland: Sinn Féin Women's Policy document' (Dublin: Sinn Fein, 1992).

Liz Fawcett, 'The Recruitment of women to local politics in Ireland: a case study' (Dublin: Political Studies Association of Ireland, 1992).

Mary Kathryn Bolster, 'Women on the march: women in the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland', (Dublin: the author, 1991).

Ardoyne's Women's Research Project, 'Unheard Voices: women's needs in Ardoyne, a report' (Belfast: Ardoyne Women's Research Project, 1991).

Chrissie McAuley (ed.), 'Women in a War Zone: twenty years of resistance' (Dublin: Sinn Féin Book Bureau, Republican Publications, 1989).

'Unfinished Revolution: Essays on the Irish Women's Movement' (Belfast: Meabh Publications, 1989).
Chrissie McAuley, 'Nationalist Women and the RUC' (Belfast: Sinn Féin Women's Department, 1988).

Alison Rocks, 'Women in the Upper Shankill' (Belfast: Upper Shankill BAT and Women's Education Project, 1988).

Alison Rocks, 'Women in Andersontown' (Belfast: Milltown BAT and Women's Education Project, 1988).

'The Women's Movement at the Crossroads' (Dublin: People's Democracy, 1987).

Pamela Montgomery, 'Police response to wife assault: a Northern Ireland Study' (Northern Ireland Women's Aid Federation, 1986).

'Council for the status of Women, Submission to the tribunal on strip searching' (Dublin: The Council, 1985).

'A Woman's Place is on the Barricades' (Belfast: People's Democracy, 1984).

'Images from the Armagh Picket' (London: Women in Ireland Group, 1982).

Communist Party of Ireland, 'National Women's Committee, Portrait of a Communist Woman, Lily Anderson' (Belfast, National Women's Committee, CPI, 1982).

'No More Chains! Why you should oppose the constitutional ban on abortion' (Dublin: People's Democracy, 1982).

'Hiding Behind Petticoats and Pinafores: the forgotten history of the ladies' (Belfast Anarchist Collective, 1988).

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 'First Report' (Dublin: Rape Crisis Centre, 1979).

Belinda Loftus, 'Family Circle: a study of traditional Male and Female Imagery in Northern Ireland' (The Author, 1977).

'Information sheet on Women Internees' (Belfast: Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, 1973).

AccessWhile generally access to material is open to researchers there may be restrictions on some collections.
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists prepared by Dr Eoin Magennis and we are grateful for his assistance. Where partial or no lists were available staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually. Many of the items held by the Linen Hall have been digitised and are available online through the Extraordinary Women NI Project.