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These records have been copied from Clogher Roman Catholic Diocesan Archive. The following is a selection of some of the material which is available:
DIO(RC)1/1/33 Letter in French from Matignon, Boston to G. Delahogue, Maynooth giving news of the religious orders of Ursulines and Trappists, 19 January 1813.

DIO(RC)1/1/47 Letter in French from Monsieur Moreau, Paris to Abbe Louis Delahogue, Paris giving family news, mainly concerning the illness of Delahogue's sister, 27 March 1827.

DIO(RC)1/1/54 Letter from Eliza Gifford to Mr Anglade, Maynooth, giving personal news including her admission to the Christian Church, 29 January, 1834.

DIO(RC)1/2/18 40 page notebook in French by Abbe Delahogue, Maynooth concerning canon law, mostly with regards to marriage, c.1800.

DIO(RC)1/2/19 3 page extract in French by Abbe Delahogue, Maynooth about mixed marriage, including a ruling by Benedict XIV, c.1800.

DIO(RC)1/2/20 2 page extract in French by Abbe Delahogue, Maynooth of common law about domicile in marriage cases, c.1800.

DIO(RC)1/2/21 12 page notebook in French by Abbe Delahogue, Maynooth about valid marriages, c.1800.

DIO(RC)1/2/22 3 pages of notes in French by Abbe Delahogue, Maynooth about the role of conscience in marriage cases, c.1800.

DIO(RC)1/2/30 32 page notebook in French by Abbe Delahogue, Maynooth giving an analysis of homicide, abortion and duels, c.1800.

DIO(RC)1/2/4A/17 Rescript in Latin from Pope Pius VII, Rome to Doctor Murphy granting him faculties for dispensing from the impediment of 3rd degree consanguinity in the marriage of James Conlon and Catherine McCahy, both of Errigle Truagh, 4 June 1820.

DIO(RC)1/4B/13 Copy of a [?final] draft of Michael Maginn's appeal to Pope Pius VII, Rome against a suspension imposed by the Bishop and referring to accusations made by women, 'Among them was a sly woman, well known as a harlot, a mistress and a perjurer from her youth who would swear to anything and she said that she had borne the priest a son, ten years previously. This very bad woman, who was notorious from her youth and from a family with a bad reputation, came to the bishop with her friends and chatted favourably with him. She dug up unbelievable stories of the most abominable filth with no evidence and told the bishop other shameful and disgusting things. ...The female brain is vivid, subtle, very versatile, a blob of wax capable of taking on any shape. A woman is by nature gullible and arouses suspicion', 19 May 1814.

DIO(RC)1/4B/35 54 page report lifting suspension from John Goodwin and giving a detailed account of his case, including the evidence from the widow of Hugh Harron who 'verbally harmed her PP, John Goodwin, because her husband had died without the sacraments', early 1815.

DIO(RC)1/5A/5 Letter from Hugh [O'] Reilly, Bishop of Clogher to Michael Mannin, Clontibret, granting marriage dispensations for James McKernan and Mary Duffy, 17 December 1790.

DIO(RC)1/5A/7A-C Signed statement, contemporary copy and modern typescript copy by Roman Catholics of Errigal Truagh [in Counties Monaghan and Tyrone], alleging gross immorality on the part of Revd. Thomas Campbell, with details of his conduct towards various named women, 1809.

DIO(RC)1/5A/8A-B Statement and modern handwritten extract of accusations against Revd. Campbell by Roman Catholic parishioners of immorality and treachery, c.30 June 1809.

DIO(RC)1/5A/22 Letter from Edward Kernan, Carrickmacross to Charles McDermott, Emyvale, granting a dispensation in a marriage case, 4 February 1826.

DIO(RC)1/5A/33 Letter from John Corley, barrister, Dublin to Charles McDermott advising him that a case of alleged rape by a Barony Constable will be investigated and asking McDermott to gather as much information as possible from witnesses, the girl involved and 'the opinions of medical gentlemen', 6 December 1834.

DIO(RC)1/5C/6 Letter in French from Cardinal Weld to Christopher Boylan, Irish College, Rome about a query from Saint Joseph's Convent of the Assumption, Ranelagh, Dublin on the number of feast days to be observed per annum, 5 January 1832.

DIO(RC)1/6/1 Letter from 2nd Lord Rossmore, Cortolvin Hill, Monaghan to Revd. Charles McDermott, Parish Priest, Truagh, County Monaghan discussing the problems which would arise if the Rossmores were to use their influence to get a woman who was an 'outside' case admitted to Monaghan infirmary, no date but paper marked 1817.

DIO(RC)1/6/4 Letter from the Honourable Richard Westenra, Monaghan to Mrs Woodright urging her to use her influence, knowing her 'mild and charitable disposition' to prevent Mr Woodright from taking reprisals against those of his tenants who voted against his wishes at the late election, 21 December 1827.

DIO(RC)1/6/52 Letter from Edward Lucas of Castleshane, County Monaghan, Under Secretary for Ireland, Dublin Castle to Revd. Charles McDermott, Emyvale referring to McDermott's complaints against Mary McClusky, who, it appears, is a lunatic, 8 October 1942.

DIO(RC)1/6/53 Letter from Edward Lucas of Castleshane, County Monaghan, Under Secretary for Ireland, Dublin Castle to Revd. Charles McDermott, Emyvale referring to McDermott's complaints against Mary McClusky, who, it appears, is a lunatic, 14 October 1842.

DIO(RC)1/6/54 Letter from Edward Lucas of Castleshane, County Monaghan, Under Secretary for Ireland, Dublin Castle to Revd. Charles McDermott, Emyvale referring to McDermott's complaints against Mary McClusky, who, it appears, is a lunatic, 31 October 1842.

DIO(RC)1/7/20 Letter from Alexander O'Rourke, Belfast, to Charles McNally, Bishop of Clogher, requesting assistance in providing a reform school for Catholic girls in Monaghan, including drawing of the proposed institution, 22 August 1859.

DIO(RC)1/7/21 and DIO(RC)1/7/37 Architects' drawing and plan, probably for St Louis' Convent, Monaghan, c.1860; c.1900.

DIO(RC)1/8/7 Memoranda of agreement to protect the interests of the children of widow Larkin who was to marry James Duffy, August 1804.

DIO(RC)1/8/27 Letters of administration, with the will annexed, of Catherine Lennon, 22 January 1829.

DIO(RC)1/8/57 Extract of the will of Miss Jane Croker leaving the Bishop of Clogher £100 for 'the poor of Carrickmacross', 31 July 1866.

DIO(RC)1/8/64 Notebook used as a domestic petty cash book by 'Kitty', possibly the Bishop of Clogher's housekeeper, to pay a labourer, 16 December 1893.

DIO(RC)1/10B/53 Copy of a letter from John McHale, Tuam to Charles McNally. Clogher regarding the visit of Queen Victoria, 18 August 1853.

DIO(RC)1/10B/54 Letter from Doctor Joseph Dixon, Termon, County Tyrone to Charles McNally, Clogher stating that Queen Victoria will be visiting Ireland and proposing that the Catholic Bishops address her, 21 August 1853.

DIO(RC)1/10B/55 Draft of an address presented to Queen Victoria on the occasion of her visit to Ireland by the Catholic Bishops, c.1853.

DIO(RC)1/10D/1 Letter from James Duffy, Monaghan to Mrs Hope, referring her to his brother, Charles [?Gavan] Duffy in the Registry Office, Dublin in her search for copies of marriage certificates, 5 June 1843.

DIO(RC)1/10D/7 Letter from James Duffy, Tedavnet to Revd. Doctor Charles McNally, Maynooth informing him that he has to attend his niece's funeral in Dundalk, 14 July 1843.

DIO(RC)1/10D/33 Letter from James Duffy, Lakelands to Mrs Bird enclosing a receipt for £2, 5 March 1854.

DIO(RC)1/10D/38 Letter from James Duffy to Charles McNally, Clogher regarding the ill health of Mrs Kelly, County Monaghan and stating that her considerable land will pass to the Bishop when she dies, 23 November 1854.

DIO(RC)1/10D/47 Letter from James Duffy to Margaret Mallon, England recounting the funeral of a 1848 insurrectionist, 8 July 1854.

DIO(RC)1/10D/50 Letter from James Duffy to Charles [Gavan Duffy] making travel arrangements for Margaret Mallon who was to visit him, 9 September 1855.

DIO(RC)1/10D/52 Letter from James Duffy to Doctor Irwin, Dundalk asking him to visit Margaret Mallon who had a 'great hoarseness and a sprained ankle', 12 October 1855.

DIO(RC)1/10D/56 Letter from James Duffy to Cardinal Cullen enclosing a money order for £10 for Catherine McElearna, a Clontibret parishioner, 4 November 1855.

DIO(RC)1/10D/61 Letter from James Duffy to Anne McCarron apologising for not visiting her, 6 December 1855.

DIO(RC)1/10D/63 Letter from James Duffy to Anne McCarron stating that he could not visit her before Christmas, 20 December 1855.

DIO(RC)1/14/7 Rules of County of Monaghan Infirmary, including refusal to admit 'pregnant women near time', 1785.

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