DescriptionCollection of c5000 postcards. The following is a selection of some of the material which is available:
Zp1 Postcard, view of Antrim Castle to Miss L McCullough with the message 'Dear L Arrived here yesterday. A met me at the station, Will you come down on Saturday week with M. This is a lovely cottage[.] Your lov[.] sister Nell', postmark 30 May 1918.

Zp5 Postcard, view of Antrim Castle to Mrs Malcolm with the message 'We are both quite well and having a good holiday. The weather is dry but cool, and the day's are getting short. Love from Jeanie', postmark 26 September 1914.

Zp15 Postcard, view of river, Moylana, County Antrim to Mrs Hamill with the message 'Having a good day in Antrim Maggie', no date.

Zp16 Postcard, view of the Great Fort of Antrim, Massereene Park, Antrim to Miss Mary Brown with the message 'Down here stopping for a while the weather is not so bad[,] Lillie', postmark 18 July [?].

Zp18 Postcard, view of Carrick-a-rede, County Antrim to Miss Henderson with the message 'Great Day! Sun now arrived! Rain gone!!!', from [TWHTP], 12 [?June] 1916.

Zp26 Postcard, view of Carrick-a-rede Bridge, County Antrim to Miss Jeanie Stewart with the message 'Jeanie, Hope you are nothing the worse of Portrush[.] Thanks for your kind invitation[.] Annie will let you know when we think about going to your place[.] Don't you wish we were all back again at Portrush!! I do hope this finds you A1[,] From Annie', postmark 30 June 1916.

Zp28 Postcard, view of the Rope Bridge, Carrick-a-rede to Mrs E Lewthwaite with the message 'Many thanks for [yr?] cards from Scotland. I am glad you have had such a good holiday. We are over enjoying the North of Ireland. It is very Charming. We have been at Portrush since Sat. go to Belfast on Thur[.], Cross from Stranraer to Larne. Love from S. A. D.', 26 September 1909.

Zp30 Postcard, view of the Rope Bridge, Carrick-a-rede to Mr G D Frankland with the message 'Portballintrae. Thursday July 16th. We are so very sorry the salmon cannot be sent, as the catch is very poor only one been caught to-day weighing 17 lbs. The Sun-Set to-night was the very finest the fisherman remembers and he is middle aged and lived here all his life. Best love OLIVE[.] We saw this on Tuesday', no date.

Zp31 Postcard, view of Kenbane Head and Castle, Ballycastle, County Antrim to Miss Maggie Holbrook with the message 'I am at the fair and it has rained all day until now. Sarah', postmark 1 September 1909.

Zp33 Postcard, view of Carrick-a-Rede to Mrs T Ford with the message '15-9-06 Portrush Ireland Dear Morther and Father Arrived safe, it is a beautiful country and worth a visit[.] Hope to see you next Saturday or Sunday, Tom', postmark 16 September 1906.

Zp37 Postcard, view of Carrick-a-Rede to Mrs Curley with the message '21 Causeway St[.] Saturday We are having a lovely time, a shower or two to day, but very bright. Hope you are well. Mary & M send their love. We are very comfortable here. Had a p.c. from A to-day. Do not work too much. With love S.H.', postmark 3 September 1904.

Zp41 Postcard, view of [the Rope Bridge, Carrick-a-rede?] to Mrs E Canning with the message 'Dear Mrs C. Regret to say pains very troublesome yet. Hoping to see you's all on Sunday. Kind Regards Bob', postmark 22 October 1906.

Zp42 Postcard, view of the Rope Bridge, Carrick-a-rede to Mrs Leland with the message 'Littlegrange July 21 S. feeling well and is looking much better and was in the Hay field yesterday. Glad Mrs. M getting on so nicely[.] Hope you are all keeping well, With love from all. L.', postmark 21 July 1903.

Zp44 Postcard, view of Glenoe Falls, Larne, County Antrim to Mrs Curley with the message 'August 19th 1905 I hope that you and Mr. Curley are keeping well. [M?] A. W.', postmark 19 August 1905.

Zp47 Postcard, view of Glenoe Waterfall, Larne to Mrs Curley with the message '6th July, 1905. Love and best wishes. Sarah. Kind regards to Mr. Curley and remember me to Mary. S. R.', no date.

Zp51 Postcard, view of Castle Street, Ballymena to Miss Annie K Howden with the message 'I got your P.C. alright[,] glad that Babs and you got safely home she never wrote to me yet, we are all the usual P.S. write a little letter next time and give the Address in full please[.] P.S. do write soon again I remain yours sincerely Lizzie Madden', postmark 1 August 1914.

Zp54 Postcard, view of Ballymena Castle, County Antrim to Miss Annie Sharpe with the message 'Dear Aunt Received P.C. glad to hear you got home safely. Sorry I did not get seeing you at station[sic]. Remember me to your Mother and B. With Love From Ruth', postmark 9 May 1910.

Zp57 Postcard, view of Broughshane Street, Ballymena to Mrs Robinson with the message 'Dear Mother[,] Just a P.C. to let you know Bob and Eva landed safe and sound and I was at the train at 10 past 4 and it was in at 5 past 5 so I had'nt [sic] a minute to waste and we expect to be up by the 10 to 8 train leaving there on Tuesday night D. V.[,] Love to all from all Mia', postmark 12 July 1915.

Zp58 Postcard, view of Braidwater Spinning Mills, Ballymena to Mrs Robinson with the message 'Dear Mother Just a P.C. hoping you are all well and to let you know Charlie got word to day and he has to start work to-morrow and Mollie was all pleased with her shoes and she is'nt getting any quieter but more stirring hoping to hear from your soon[,] Love from all to all I have nothing strange to write about', from [Mia?], postmark 15 September 1915.

Zp59 Postcard, view of the Pentagon, Ballymena to Miss M McQuitty with the message 'Hoping Aunt Margaret and yourself are quite well. I will write you a long letter some of these days[,] Love from Ruth', postmark 1 March 1913.

Zp61 Postcard, view of Portcoon Cave, Giant's Causeway to Miss Ida Shaw from George Nelson, no date.

Zp67 Postcard, view of the Stookans from Grand Causeway, Giant's Causeway to Mr and Mrs H Broadbent with the message 'Dear All, Same as what it says on Grandma's card. Everything O K. if only the weather doesn't break. Love Madge and John', postmark 12 August 1959.

Zp69 Postcard, view of the Stookans and Causeway, Giant's Causeway, Portrush to Miss O U Henderson with the message 'Portrush. Having a ripping time here and weather good, so far! Some -not very many!- interesting people here. Wish you were here too!! Hope B. K. is still going strong. Love, B. McC.', postmark 9 July 1927.

Zp70 Postcard, view of the Steucans to Miss F Cochrane with the message 'Will write soon. E. [L?]', postmark 19 August 1904.

Zp73 Postcard, view of Donegore Church and Moat to Mrs L Hamill with the message 'Dear Cousin Will be up on Saturday on the quarter to 3 train leaving Dunadry from your Cousin [Gi-?] [Branagh?]', postmark 31 November 1916.

Zp76 Postcard, view of the Black Cave Tunnel, Antrim Coast Road to Miss Maggie Munce with the message '23/1/04 Dear Auntie I am going On Monday to the Knock for a fortnight. Papa got your card alright, I have it amongst my [collecting?]. J. A. Conolly', postmark 24 January 1904.

Zp77 Postcard of Wellington Street, Ballymena to Miss T Davies with the message 'Dear Miss Davies I am sure your Poor ears were warm last night, for Miss Innis and I were talking about you in Bed[,] Love from A Grim', postmark 4 December 1924.

Zp83 Postcard, view of Carnlough, County Antrim to Miss J Stewart with the 'Dear Jeannie I quite forgot to give you my address.but of course I will be down at the Station. Even if you do not send a P.C. I have a letter from [Muna?] My Mother is keeping better Hoping the good weather will continue[,] Cassie', postmark 15 August 1905.

Zp87 Postcard, view of the White Rocks, Ballycastle to Miss Dorothy Leigh with the message 'Ballycastle. I am having a splendid holiday doing absolutely nothing. There is plenty to do if I wanted it, but I am being luxuriously lazy. Have a good time in Belgium[,] Olive', postmark 9 July 1932.

Zp88 Postcard, view of the Park, Ballymena to Willie Allen with the message 'Dear Willie, so sorry that Lily and I cant go this weekend, but will some time later on I am going with mother on Saturday not sure what Buss we will go by I hope your mother is keeping better, please don[']t let her put herself to much trouble for us. Hope to see you soon. Xxx', postmark 28 August 1930.

Zp89 Postcard, view of the Masonic Hall, Ballymena to Miss Porter with the message 'Here I am again. am having a very nice time here I might be back on Thursday. Is Samy Patterson ever up now? This is all. Robert', postmark 11 July 1921.

Zp90 Postcard, view of Memorial Park, Ballymena to Mrs Allen with the message 'Dear Jane, Now as the weather is fine I'm thinking of coming down a run on Sunday to see you's all trusting you are well[,] Lily',
postmark 19 August 1936.

Zp91 Postcard, view of Whitehall, near Ballymena to Mrs Curley with the message 'got down safely quite well. If fine morning I am going to Toome tomorrow hope you are fairly well. Mary', postmark 6 September 193[5?].

Zp93 Postcard, view of Main Street, Ballymoney to Mrs Tom Davis with a message in Welsh from Tom, postmark 26 June 1906.

Zp96 Postcard, view of the Black Cave Tunnel, Larne to [Mr] McPollard, Leek, Staffordshire with the message 'It has been a lovely day father, and we have been for a walk and I have got some cigarette cards[,] Love from Irene xxx', postmark 21 October 1916.

Zp97 Postcard, view of the Giant's Causeway Ladies' Wishing Rock to Revd. C W McDowell with the message 'Dear Sir[,] Thanks for Card this Morning wishing all a Happy Xmas Mary', postmark 23 December 1905.

Zp98 Postcard, view of the Giant's Causeway, Ladies' Wishing Rock to Miss H Lockhard with the message : so sorry I cant be with you on Saturday evening as I have a bad cold, and there is a late Dinner as well hope to see you later on yours with love [T. T.?]', postmark 19 August 1905.

Zp99 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle, Portrush to Miss Conboy with the message 'Saturday - Cregagh Just received your dear letter[,] very many thanks - will write early next week. The weather here lovely the last three days - we appreciate it after the fast. So nice of you to call at the Mornington. Yours S', postmark 16 May [19--?].

Zp103 Postcard, view of Wishing Arch, Portrush, County Antrim to Miss Smith with the message 'Dear M - Arrived here on Monday night. How did things go on after we left you. I do hope you did not kill too many hearts. We went to Causeway yesterday. M. T.', postmark 16 April 1906.

Zp105 Postcard, view of Ladies' Bathing Place, Portrush to Miss Henderson with the message 'Dear Val Thanks for P C. the weather is very bad here but we are not ready to go home yet. Love from Helen', postmark 24 September 1927.

Zp108 Postcard, view of the Wishing Arch, Portrush, County Antrim to Miss English with the message : With love to all[.] Comfortable lodgings quiet place', 20 May 1907.

Zp109 Postcard, view of the Wishing Arch, White Rocks, Portrush to Miss M Bowie with the message 'Do you recognize photo on the other side. J. W. C.', postmark 6 August 1909.

Zp110 Postcard, view of the Ladies' Bathing Place and Promenade, Portrush to Mrs Brown with the message 'Dear Mother We arrived here 1/4 past 11 o[,]c and I am enjoying myself don[']t be thinking long so I remain your daughter[,] Mary', postmark 13 July 1913.

Zp112 Postcard, view of the Black Cave Tunnel and Devils Churn, Larne with the message 'Hope you are very well[.] What do think of the view on the other side[.] Do you mind a young lady dropping her fur about the arch and lifting it with an umbrella...Kindest Regards R. S.', postmark 25 February 1907.

Zp116 Postcard, view of the Giant's Head, White Rocks, Portrush to Miss V Henderson with the message 'Simply glorious day. Having a ripping time. Perriots are on the rocks just below my room. Hope you have'nt this card. Betty', postmark unclear.

Zp117 Postcard, view of the Giant's Head, White Rocks, Portrush to Mrs Curley with the message 'Brown's Bay, Larne Harbour - Poor Mr. McC is very helpless and suffering great pain This is a lovely spot, but little accomodation. I hope this may reach you in time to convey my wish that you may be spared to see many a happy Birthday Love to Cath Annie Moore', postmark 23 August 1912.

Zp120 Postcard, view of the Gaint's Head, Giant's Causeway to Mrs Lamb, postmark unclear.

Zp121 Postcard, view of the Giant's Head, Giant's Causeway to Miss J Newland with the message 'Friday This is the Giant's Head, which is on the way from Portrush to the Causeway, & is seen from the Electric Car. It is remarkably like the shape of a face when seen at close quarters', postmark 14 July 1911.

Zp122 Postcard, view of the Northern Counties Hotel, Portrush, County Antrimto Mrs Teasey with the message 'I just came home yesterday. Mrs Teasey I will require 10 yds material 29 ins wide I can do both costumes for you as you desire. K shall arrange to fit [Miss?] Teasey when she is here[,] E. Gray', postmark 28 September 1910.

Zp123 Postcard, view of the (Railway) Station, Portrush to Miss Annie Satchwell with the message 'Dromona[,] Dear Annie, Hope you are enjoying your holiday[.] Has not the weather been awful? I heard from Peggie and the Grants they all seem to be having a lovely time. How are Georgie and May enjoying themselves, Love from Jemma', postmark 7 May 1906.

Zp124 Postcard, view of the Sands and White Rocks, Portrush to Mrs Henderson with the message : The Causeway July 24 I hope you have been gaining strength since I saw you, & that Val is keeping well. We have had good weather on the whole for our holiday but the last 2 days have been very wet. Wednesday was a glorious day here. Yours ever J. B.Woodh[em?]', postmark 24 July 1936.

Zp125 Postcard, view of the Harbour, Portrush to Mrs A Curley with the message '25 July Arrived all right. Are at 21 Causeway St until Monday when we change to 29. Weather nice all day no rain. Harry met us at the Station. Having good time Frank We had better square with this lady on Monday', no date.

Zp127 Postcard, view of the Ladies Wishing Rock, Giant's Causeway with the message 'Dear M Will be in on Friday evening about 6:30 hoping your cold is better I have a little present for you will leave news till I see you from your fond [Little?] Annie', postmark 16 February 1912.

Zp128 Postcard, view of the Ladies' Wishing Rock, Portrush to postmark Miss D Leigh with the message 'Dear Dora This is where I am staying for the week end[.] Having a tip top time I will write when I get home. I hope you are still behaving yourself. With love Nora', postmark 6 April 1931.

Zp130 Postcard, view of the Ladies' Wishing Rock, Giant's Causeway to Miss M Doghetry with the message 'Dear M got your letter alright great storm of snow here B. will be going to Antrim some of Thursdays[,] Yours Lizzie', postmark 29 December 190[3?].

Zp131 Postcard, view of Elephants' Legs, White Rocks, Portrush to Miss Val Henderson with the message 'We are having a lovely time here, Nellie and the baby are with us & will be home with us afterwards. It won[']t be long till we all see each other again. Love from Margaret & all. Hettie', postmark 14 August 191[3?].

Zp134 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle, Portrush, County Londonderry to Miss Kate McTeggart with the message 'Dear cissy just a few lines to let you know we are all well and glad to hear you had a pleasant voyage.[Michel?]', no date.

Zp135 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle, Portrush to Mrs Curley with the message '25th July 1904 Dear Aunt I Many thanks for letter yesterday morning Sarah got her money to-day, she means now to gohome to-morrow. (Tuesday) Nellie did not know S at first; when she went to see her Sunday in the hospital she is in a bad way I am afraid. I hope Uncle will get down. No rain since we came. Annie', postmark 26 July1904.

Zp137 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle, Portrush to Miss Lockhart with the message 'My Dear Hettie, I hope you found all well I had a letter from Mrs Croizur saying the House had been broken into and ransacked. and I am sure they have taken what they could. Yours [Sister?] Imian Stram[ric?]', postmark 7 August 1907.

Zp140 Postcard, view of Carnlough Bay to Miss Wood with the message 'Received your letter this morning you will be able to see our house in this view today is very warm [N?]. S. H.', postmark 19 July 1916.

Zp146 Postcard, view of Langford Lodge Entrance, Crumlin to Mrs Daley with the message 'I suppose you have heard our news. One in each arm. Am having a nice time. Was for a long ride in the motor yesterday it was glorious[.] Love to Daisy Mr D. Sam Lewis and best to self Alice', postmark 7 August 1909.

Zp147 Postcard, view of the Bay, Carnlough, County Antrim to Miss H Wood with the message 'Arrived here at six, in time for tea. It was a great surprise to Florie. But had to come on the car after all. I. W.', postmark 5 July 1916.

Zp148 Postcard, view of diving at the Blue Pool, Portrush to Miss H Wood with the message 'Having a good time here and bathing every day. Love, Val', postmark 10 September 1926.

Zp149 Postcard, view of Lansdowne Crescent, Portrush to Mrs Pearson with the message 'Having a nice time[,] sorry I have not longer. Was delighted to get your P.C. Weather here very good. I am out all the time nearly. Yours sincerely D. W.', postmark 5 July 1923.

Zp150 Postcard, view of the Harbour, Portrush to Miss M Brown with the message : Dear Mary just a P.C. to say I arrived here quite safe[.] It is lovely down here. I am enjoying it alright. Wish you were. Hope your cold is quite better now Please write soon What is Jordan's address (Sarah)', postmark 7 July 1921.

Zp151 Postcard, view of the White Rocks and Arches, Portrush to Miss O V Henderson with the message 'Thanks awfully for your letter, you were a dear to write again. I am having a topping time and glorious weather. I bathed twice yesterday and am going in now in a few minutes I can swim a little by myself now. I'll be home on Mon. (worse luck) and I'm not going to Cookstown until Thursday So I'll see you and tell you all I'll be round on Tuesday night if you are not going out. Love Betty', postmark 5 July 19[07?].

Zp152 Postcard, view of the Wishing Arch, Portrush to Mrs Henderson with the message 'Got here all right & like it very much will write soon[,] I. W.', postmark 2 June 1923.

Zp154 Postcard, view of the Diamond, Ballycastle to Mrs T Humphreys with the message 'having a grand time here. Belle', postmark unclear.

Zp159 Postcard, view of Giant's Head Rock, Portrush, County Antrim to Miss Bell with the message 'Staying at Portrush just now and fairly enjoying myself. yours J. C. Bell', postmark 1 July 1903.

Zp160 Postcard, views White Rocks from Mrs J Thompson with the message 'I will be home to-morrow night Hope you are all good children in your Mother's absence. Did any friends call since I left', postmark unclear.

Zp161 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle, County Antrim to Mr Francis Curley with the message 'Miss Barclay has been in about her Grey check Donegal Ulster she leaves here early on Monday morning 9/30 - must have it before leaving here', postmark 25 August 1906.

Zp162 Postcard, view of Portrush to Mrs Robinson with the message 'This is a good Place for a Holiday for any one who is in the form for holiday, Weather has been very bad, Hope you and all are well[.] Kind regards. C Jones', postmark 8 August 1932.

Zp165 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle to Mrs Brown with the message 'we are here for a Holyady if all bees well we will be in Belfast on Friday we will give you a call we will be in Belfast about 6/30 o[']clock yours triull[y? sic] Hugh McCord', postmark 19 July19[12?].

Zp166 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle to Robert Reilly with the message 'Dear Bob just a P C in answer to yours which I received allright and is glad to know you's are getting on well and having good times I am sure there will be plenty of sport over there it is as dead here as ever only we have got a dance started up and it helps to pass the time a bit I am at home now finished up at the Picture House[.] Matsie has been ill all this week she will write to you soon hoping to hear from you soon again with kind regards from Molly. write soon', postmark unclear.

Zp172 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle, Portrush, County Londonderry to Miss Cusack with the message 'How are you emjoying the weather, very wet here and wild rain from morn the night and as for mud, worse than Lim[eric]k I suppose you to the Hunts write. Will go home on Mon. Best love J T Erskine', no date.

Zp175 Postcard, view of Dunluce Castle to Mrs C King with the message 'Hello A - C I am having a dandy time here. the weather is all that could be disired so are the other things bathing is a big item[.] Best regards to all xxxx for May address Golf Terrace[,] Hugh P.S. Will leave here Sunday', postmark unclear.

Zp177 Postcard, view of the Wishing Chair, Giant's Causeway to Miss Maggie Munce from Bertie, postmark : 13 August 1904.

Zp180 Postcard, view of the Honeycomb, Giant's Causeway to Miss A Connell with the message 'Just leaving A', postmark 12 September 1904.

Zp265 Postcard, view of Cushendall, County Antrim to Miss M Smyth with the 'Since [Poussin?] scenes are in demand, by all means we must have them, and I think this is not a bad specimen - an ideal one rather. What a charming spot for a picnic or excursion! Will suggest if ever again there is word of such. Surely pc's like this are useful - aesthetic feeliongs etc are developed by such a view Maria is well - had not the pleasure of a chat though am not so deep. S. [R.]', postmark 6 Febrauary1907.

Zp303 Postcard, view of the Amphitheatre, Giant's Causeway to Mrs H Stewart with the message 'We have had a most glorious time[.] Plenty of boys and fun and we are now sorry it is so near an end You should see our four sunburnt faces[.] The skin has been actually peeling off my nose, as for appetites we could stuff all the time[.] Hope you and cousin Hugh are keeping well yours, A. Rea[.] We were round this place yesterday', postmark 15 June 1916.

Zp368 Postcard, view of Fair Head and Scotland from Broombeg, Ballycastle to Mrs F Lewis with the message 'Dear Mrs Lewis I am having a happy time here, we only went one trip last week because of the Convention but hope to see more of Ireland this week[.] We had five meetings with Rev Gerry Duncan Rev Guthrie Clark, Rev Alexander of Scotland Major Ian Thomas of Capernivray Hall and Edwin Orr Prof: Blaiklock of New Zealand[.] The food is very good here but not for slimming nice homemade brown and white bread and scones[.] I had to miss our Church Flower Show this year I had a smooth passage but the tablets against sea sickness made me very sleepy[.] I went away on the Sunday and did not phone or call in to say goodbye so had to go off from empty house, asking neighbours to water greenhouse till Tuesday - now has not answered my letters only forwarded papers, so do not know what isto happen - Love from Norah', postmark 29 June 1959.

Zp425 Postcard, view of the Bridge and Waterfall, Glenariff Glen to Miss M Smyth with the message 'I have been looking out anxiously for a letter But alas! Why dont you write[.] Both Fr Roche and T. Collier were enquiring for you and hope to see you before the mission is over[.] It closes this week so hurry up[.] I am seldom in the house these times. This has been the greatest mission yet in Belfast[.] Did you see Mary since[?] Now don[']t forget to write at once and come up before the mission is over[,] Love from all Maggie', postmark 17 October 1905.

Zp879 Postcard view of Good Luck from Coleraine with views of Boat House, Coleraine and The Diamond, Coleraine with the message 'Dear Husband and P.G, to let you know we are well and Mary is enjoying herself. I am not so content, for I am thinking to much about you I would like just to be at home again, I feel as if I had done wrong to have left you at all, I would have wrote yesterday only I had to many out and in to see Mr J Couldish, in time for post time, so I will write to you again, and tell you all, I want this in for tonight, so has not time to say more, was out, and are asked out again for tea, now Dearest don[']t neglect to make yourself as comfortable as you can and if you have any time you might write me a line to say how you are and how you have been since I came away, your loving Maggie[,] Love from Mary', no date.

Zp754 Postcard, view of Tollymore Park, Newcastle, County Down to Miss M Smyth with the message 'Dear M, I feel downright ashamed of myself not answering your kind letter, but now as I have made a good lot of resolutions and promised to give up bad habits, you may expect to get a long letter after the mission I won[']t say anything about them [(the misowners)] you will soon know what they are like we have got fear put in us, Hoping this will find you all well, With love and best wishes from, Brigit', postmark 18 May 1907.

Zp887 Postcard view of Salmon Leap, Coleraine to Mrs D Allen with the message 'Do you think you could manage baby till Thursday morn[in]g. I am feeling a good deal better and Aunt Sara thinks if I had a day or two in town, it would be another change. If you feel it too much, I shall come earlier if you let me know. Kindest regards to all[,] Aggie', postmark 5 August1910.

Zp885 Postcard view of River Bann form Ardbana, Coleranie to Mrs Brown with the message 'Dear Mother, The train leave 5 past 4 oclock we will be in Belfast about 6 oc d,v, I hope, da and you is all right by this time, Dear Mother it is raining to-day, dont be fretty about me for I just buy what I like, my toothache is all right but the swelling is not down yet from your loving Daughter, Mary', postmark 10 April 1915.

Zp1662 Postcard view of Royal Avenue, Belfast to Miss Johnston with the message 'Friday[.] I was quite surprised at seeing you so far along the road. I tell you, you can drive. no fear of being late with you I suppose you were home and had a half a days work done before I got this length[,] Love from Min', postmark 3 February 1905.

Zp1116 Postcard, view of Portrush to Miss F Stanley with the message 'Dear Freda I expect you think I am very wicked not writing to you before but you know how I love writing you must forgive me Well dear I am so glad that you are enjoying yourself and having a fine time.glad it is keeping fine dear for you and I hope it will continue to do so[.] Well dear I here you are getting quite brave can ride a bicycle but you musn't get [coming] home with you head under your arm or else we shall have to meet you half way to help you carry it[,] this is all I can get in this time[,] with Love From Nellie', postmark 10 August 1910.

Zp1384 Postcard, view of St. Mary's Training College, Belfast to Miss M Smyth with the message 'What is the reason of your silence? I have a kind of a guess - is it that you are giving 'tit for tat! Hoping to have even [a] card from you soon I am with love[,] Yours Mary', postmark 3 July 1905.

Zp2055 Postcard, view of the Palace Pierrots, Bangor, 1917 to Mrs Pearson with a message 'Dear Mrs Pearson I am going to say Minnie is not up yet the Doctor was here last night and he says Eva and Minnie are doing well but he won[']t allow them to sit up in bed even I wish they were on their feet again for I am tired of acting nurse hoping you and the girls are quite well Yours sincerely A. Anderson', postmark 27 June 1918.

Zp2057 Postcard, [group photograph of clergymen] with the message 'Dear Mrs Cuthbertson, I see that our Harvest Fesival at Kell falls on the day of your meeting[.] We have arranged an evening service at Kell, as is usual on special occasions I hardly know what arrangement would be best for Townagh, and would be glad to be guided by you[.] We could either drop the service for one month, or send a local, or hold it on another Sunday[.] If you think it better to drop the service for once I would like to go out on the Friday and visit as usual[.] Wm Owens has asked me to baptize baby[,] Kindest regards to all [T]. J. M. T', postmark 2 October 191[5].

Zp2137 Pictorial postcard of a mother with girl and baby, no date.

Zp2144 Pictorial postcard of a female portrait, no date.

Zp2148 Pictorial postcard of a woman with a tennis racquet, no date.

Zp2150 Pictorial postcard showing a page on horseback speaking to a female harvester, postmark 17 February1910.

Zp2151 Pictorial postcard showin a women with a bicycle, no date.

Zp2196 Pictorial postcard showing two women and a girl in front of a small Irish thatched cottage, no date.

Zp2198 Pictorial postcard showing a man seated at the door of an Irish thatched cottage watching a woman spinning wool, no date.

Zp2217 Pictorial postcard with a portrait of a woman dressed in a Japanese kimona, holding an open parasol, postmark 3 November 1904..

Zp2218 Pictorial postcard with ahead and shoulders portrait of a woman with flowers in her hair, postmark 13 April 1904.

Zp2221 Pictorial postcard showing a girl playing hockey, no date.

Zp2222 Pictorial postcard ladies playing hockey, postmark 12 April 1904.

Zp3993 Postcard, view of Convent School, Kilkeel, County Down, no date.

Zp4317 Postcard, view of The Convent Of Our Lady Of Apostles, Rostrevor, County Down, no date.

Zp4428 Postcard, view of Roman Catholic Church, Convent and Ladies' School, Cookstown, no date.

Zp5191 Postcard, view of the Convent and Castle Rock, Portstewart, no date.

Zp5379 Postcard, view of Scrabo Tower, Newtownards, with woman and small boy in the foreground, no date.

Zp5503 Postcard, view of the grotto at the Convent, Enniskillen, no date.

Zp5634 Postcard, view of flower sellers at City Hall, Belfast, no date.

Zp5877 Postcard, view of potato gathering on a Northern Ireland farm, no date.

Zp5883 Postcard, view of mending the fishing nets on the Shores of Lough Neagh with a printed inscription, `They tell the tale in silence. ''A Catch'' some got away and still keep dancing darting in lovely old Lough Neagh' by Jenny Carney, no date.

Zp5897 Postcard, view of an Irish jaunting car with 2 men and women, no date.

Zp5902 Postcard, view of a wayside cottage in Ireland showing a woman standing in the doorway of a cottage, with man and a woman driving sheep along the road, no date.

Zp5910 Postcard from an original watercolour by Brian Gerald of a view of an Irish home in the hills showing a postman handing a letter to a woman outside one of two cottages, with mountains in the background, whilst another woman sits at a spinning wheel nearby with the printed inscription ' In an Irish home, a welcome kind is one thing you're always sure to find' by Eva Brennan, no date.

Zp5912 Postcard from an original watercolour by Brian Gerald of a view of an Irish village showing a group of cottages with a mountain in the background, with a woman sit
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