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14289Alexandra College1901-1933File relating to the Teacher Training Department, 19...
13704Armagh County Museum1991/381928, 1933, 1936Servants' reference papers, 1928, 1933, 1936. Writt...
16339Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1933Material relating to the Irish National Teachers Org...Cardinal MacRory Archive
14634Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1932-1933A file of letters to and from Mr and Mrs Helen C. Cr...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
14635Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1933A file of letters to and from Mr and Mrs Helen C. Cr...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
14636Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1933A file of letters to and from Mr and Mrs Helen C. Cr...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
15005Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland1933-1934Day-Book Ledger, November 1933-June 1934.
16459Central Catholic Library1922-1924
Central Catholic Library, Minute Book of the Ladies ...
6088Clare County Archives1930-1933Clare County Council Minute Book, 20 February 1930 -...Clare County Council
6089Clare County Archives1933-1938Clare County Council Minute Book, 10 April 1933 - 17...Clare County Council
6117Clare County Archives1933Finance Committee Minute Book, 10 April 1933 - 19 Se...Clare County Council
6118Clare County Archives1933-1938Finance Committee Minute Book, 10 April 1933 - 19 Se...Clare County Council
6136Clare County Archives1933-1948Clare County Council Rent Collection Books, 1933-194...Clare County Council
6042Clare County Archives1933-1935Minutes of Clare County Board of Health, Public Heal...County Clare Board of Health
6163Clare County Archives1933-1945Financial Statement Loans Accounts, 1933-1945.Clare County Council
16977Clare County Archives1928-1933Board of Health, Clare County Home Assistance Regist...County Clare Board of Health
16978Clare County Archives1933-1936Board of Health, Clare County Home Assistance Regist...County Clare Board of Health
22958Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1933-194313: Scrapbook, costs and programmes of Opera House p...J.T. Horne Collection
22959Cork City and County ArchivesU201/1924-193312: Scrapbook, costs and programmes of Opera House p...J.T. Horne Collection
13724Cork Public MuseumAQNO1994:6491933Irish Free State passport issued to Joan Philpott, i...
20763Cork Public MuseumAQNOL1996:1431933Letter to Nora from Cathal, 15 May 1933.Nora Wallace Collection
20769Cork Public MuseumAQNOL1970:44/1931-193324 Routine matters, partially typed, contains agenda...
11766Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/8/1906-1933Minute Books (Digitised):Glenties RDC Minutes 1913 -...Glenties Rural District Council
7588Down and Connor Diocesan Archive (RC)E.5/1/131933-1934Folder including 9 letters on the relationship of th...
16523Dublin City Library and Archive1933-29The Communist Party of Ireland donated their papers ...Communist Party of Ireland
18510Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB 7/Lay Organisations 31933-1935Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland, correspondence 1934...Byrne Papers
18524Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB 7/Charitable, lay orgs1933Correspondence from The Irish Nurses' Union sign...Byrne Papers
18530Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB 7/Lay organisations 21931-1933Correspondence from Francis Waters about 'The Kn...Byrne Papers
3092Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA1/11863-1933Proceedings of fortnightly, and special meetings of ...Blackrock
3116Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA1/241930-1933Minutes of the Blackrock Town Commissioners and Urba...Blackrock
3221Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA4/1872-1933Abstracts of meetings of the Kingstown Commission an...Kingstown/Dún Laoghaire
3261Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA5/1931-1933Registers of water charges for non domestic purposes...Dún Laoghaire Borough
19911Erasmus Smith Schools Archives1880-1933Papers regarding the Irish Land Commission and the e...Erasmus Smith Archives
23138Fermanagh County Museum, Enniskillen CastleFCM-1987-0701933A letter from Kingsley Porter to Lady Dorothy Lowry-...Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry Papers
23142Fermanagh County Museum, Enniskillen CastleFCM-1983-053A1933A letter from A. Kingsley Porter thanking Lady Dorot...Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry Papers
1459Fingal County Archive96/P/1/3-96/P/1/181816-1933Grand Jury Presentments - photocopy?1. Contain repor...County of Dublin Grand Jury
20024Fingal County Archive1816-1933Papers of the Cuffe Family 1816-193396/P/1/3 June 18...Papers of the Cuffe Family
21789Kerry Diocesan Archives (RC)O'B/49 1933-1936Convent of Mercy Tralee, 1933-1936.Michael O'Brien, 1927-1952
12018Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentSL/B/271930-1933Solicitors' correspondence in connection with th...Chute Papers
21868Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1933-1942Kerry Board of Health, Agenda Book, 1933-1942.Kerry County Council
21891Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1932
Deeds, Kerry Estate: No 51 16 December 1932. Counter...Listowel Papers
20850Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1931-1933County Home, Athy:Coal Issue Book:12 August 1931 - 2...Kildare Board of Health Records
11708Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/191927-1933Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 7 March 1927-19 Ju...Kilkenny Corporation
11709Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentCR/D/201933-1941Kilkenny Corporation Minute Book, 20 June 1933-24 Ju...Kilkenny Corporation
13723Kilmainham Gaol Museuma7PO-1A24-171933Photograph of Miss Emily Elliott in Cumann na mBan u...Easter Week
13726Kilmainham Gaol Museum21MS-1B55-131933A lecture by Eithne Coyle entitled 'Heroic women in ...
20796Kilmore Diocesan Archives (RC)1933-1939
Presentation Sisters, Virginia and Bailieborough:23:...Kilmore Diocesan Archives
21073King's Hospital School145-1601933-1934156 Wages Book, 1933 - 1934.King's Hospital Records
4867King's Inns LibraryG/3/2-61931-1933Purchase of Head Rent of Mrs Cooke - correspondence ...Records of the Honorable Society of King's Inns
5696Laois Local StudiesB2/I/1933-1952Rate Book, Clonaslee:165. 1933-1934166. 1934-1935167...Laois Local Authority Records
21603Laois Local StudiesB/193358. General Consolidated Account, 1933.Laois County Council
21607Laois Local StudiesB/1933-193966. Consolidated Abstract of Revenue Account Book, 1...Laois County Council
21608Laois Local StudiesB/1933-193967. Half-Yearly Consolidated Account Book, 1933 -193...Laois County Council
21621Laois Local StudiesC/1931-193378. Expenditure on Road by Direct Labour 1931-1933.Laois County Council
21630Laois Local StudiesC/1927-193388. Direct Labour Record, 1927-1933.Laois County Council
21652Laois Local Studies273-2811933-1951274. Consolidated Account Book, Assistance Officers ...Laois Local Authority Records
21681Laois Local Studies323-3311933-1934
General Expenditure Book: 324. 1933-1934 325. 1936-1...Laois County Council
22312Leitrim Local Studies Department1933-1938Misc. 11. Shop Day Book, (Mohill area), Hardware, Ma...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22370Leitrim Local Studies Department1914-1933Martha J. Palmer, 'Selwel House', Main Stree...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22305Leitrim Local Studies Department1923-1933Misc. 4. Solicitor's Ledger and lists of transaction...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22345Leitrim Local Studies Department1904-1933Misc. 45. Irish National Foresters Benefit Branch. A...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
13725Limerick MuseumAQNO(1984.018)1933Letter, Bishop of Limerick, The See House, Pery Squa...
14119Louth County Archives1929-1933Ledger of Premier Utility Society, 1929-1933.
14496Mayo Local History Department1933-1984Register of Interments, 17 volumes, 1933-c.1984, som...Mayo County Council
14506Mayo Local History Department1933-1953Board of Health and Public Assistance for County of ...Mayo Board of Health
14526Mayo Local History Department1896-1933Deeds and Conveyances, 1896-c.1933Castlebar Urban District Council
5778Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUCD/I/A/1896-1933Sub-Committee Minute Books:12 June 1896 - October 19...Navan Urban District Council
20447Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/G/1933-1936Inspection Demolition Orders:133 September 1933 - Ap...Navan Urban District Council
21234Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1933-1940Waterworks Sewerage, Extension of System, Works Reco...Navan Urban District Council
21242Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/J/1933Waterworks Sewerage, Extension of System, Works Reco...Navan Urban District Council
21250Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/K/1933-1944General Works and Services, Fire Brigade: 6 November...Navan Urban District Council
21253Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/K/1933-1941General Works and Services, Electricity and Public L...Navan Urban District Council
21259Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/K/1933-1945General Works and Services, Buildings and Extensions...Navan Urban District Council
21288Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/K/1933-1942General Works and Services, Fire Brigade: 6 November...Navan Urban District Council
21313Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/L/1933-1949Benefit Services, Relief of Unemployment Schemes, Fi...Navan Urban District Council
21325Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/L/1933-1948Benefit Services, Free Milk Scheme: Three registers ...Navan Urban District Council
6948Military ArchivesA/01051916
The Casement Brigade. Item 25, extract from the Iris...
12796Military ArchivesA/00311933A/0031 Irish Volunteer Movement, item 4 Letters to t...
13752Military ArchivesA/0117A1938
Accounts of Military Operations 1916 Dublin Area Ite...
1848Monaghan County Library Genealogy and Local History Department1894-1933Carrickmacross Rural Districtt Council Quarterly Mi...Carrickmacross Rural District Council
21510Monaghan County Museum1897-19331984:151A Labourer's Acts Ledger Castleblayney 1897-...County Monaghan Local Authority Records
21511Monaghan County Museum1905-19331984:152A Labourer's Acts Ledger Clones 1905-1933.County Monaghan Local Authority Records
21552Monaghan County Museum1896-1933Kelly Estate, (Monaghan), 1896-1933 (222 items)
3788National Archives of IrelandL2361/19331933-1934Cases concerning dirty milk, 12 June 1933 - 1 Octobe...Department of Agriculture
3789National Archives of IrelandL2773/19331932-1933Offaly County Council Salaries, 25 October 1932-25 J...Department of Agriculture
3790National Archives of IrelandL4650/19331933-1934Regarding Ellen O'Malley, County Galway, keeping...Department of Agriculture
3793National Archives of IrelandG1594/19331933Department of Local Government and Public Health, va...Department of Agriculture
3794National Archives of IrelandG2062/19331933Women's National Health Association, Ely Place, ...Department of Agriculture
3795National Archives of IrelandG5161/19331933-1941Miss A.K. MacNevin, County Meath Library Committee, ...Department of Agriculture
3796National Archives of IrelandG6056/19331933-1945Application from Mrs Mary A. Rogers, Ballymote, Coun...Department of Agriculture
3811National Archives of IrelandG3078/19361933
Names, etc., of persons entitled to compensation und...Department of Agriculture
3847National Archives of IrelandH302/3301933Department of Justice. H302 Arms, Ammuniciation, Exp...Department of Justice
4887National Archives of IrelandS027/0002/321933A Department of Lands and Fisheries File relating to...Department of Finance
4891National Archives of IrelandF014/0242/33closing date 1933T.J. Liston, Solicitor, Attorney General versus Marg...Department of Finance
4911National Archives of IrelandJus8/7051933Files relating to Women Prisoners' Defence Leagu...Department of Justice
4912National Archives of IrelandJus8/7171933Files relating to Cumann na mBan, 1933.Department of Justice
5263National Archives of Irelands59981930-1933Criminal Law Amendment Bill, Committee of Inquiry, 1...Department of An Taoiseach
5173National Archives of IrelandH247/41E1933-1934File relating to the Criminal Law Amendment Act (no ...Department of Justice
5265National Archives of Ireland8/20/11933-1979Criminal Law Amendment Act, Correspondence. File con...Department of Justice
5267National Archives of IrelandH247/41B1932-1933Criminal Law Amendment Committee Contains copy of re...Department of Justice
5616National Archives of Irelands3406H/1/811933Reinstatement of Miss Eilis Eady: Memorandum for the...Department of An Taoiseach
8966National Archives of IrelandID/36/1811933-1934Circuit Court Records, County Cavan, Coroners' Inque...Circuit Court
11311National Archives of Ireland131/231933-1934Local Government Files: Marriage, divorce and recogn...Department of Foreign Affairs
11502National Archives of Ireland1849-1933Letters to Mrs Byrne and Mr Edward A. Byrne, Rosemou...Byrne Papers
11985National Archives of IrelandH247/41D1933File on the Criminal Law Amendment Committee, 1933, ...Department of Justice
11986National Archives of IrelandH247/41B1932-1933File on the Criminal Law Amendment Committee, 1932-1...Department of Justice
13285National Archives of IrelandG6400/19321902-1933Government Departments (Ireland) returns of names, a...Department of Agriculture
13695National Archives of IrelandE14702/19331925-1933County Limerick Committee of Agriculture regarding p...Department of Agriculture
13716National Archives of IrelandG3121/19321932-1933Appeal for assistance from farming women to tide the...Department of Agriculture
13727National Archives of IrelandE14751/19331933-1944Donnchadh O'Briain, TD regarding a course of tra...Department of Agriculture
15171National Archives of Ireland11471608-1933W.J. Shannon & Co. solicitors. Miscellaneous family ...Selection of Private Accessions, 1980-2002
25090National Archives of Ireland1D/33/641933Case of infanticide from Co. Kildare, 1933. Usual de...Central Criminal Court
1503National Library of IrelandMss2037-91903-1933Hunting albums, including photographs, of Minnie Fit...
1532National Library of IrelandMs26451898-1933Letters from George Moore to Mrs Virginia M Crawford...
2491National Library of IrelandMss2037-20391903-1933Hunting album, including photographs, of Minnie Fitz...
2625National Library of IrelandMs10561c1905-1933A large collection of c800 letters to Colonel Moore ...Colonel Maurice Moore Papers
2640National Library of IrelandMs17538(i-iv)1933Letters mainly to Joseph McGarrity on personal, busi...Joseph McGarrity Papers
2642National Library of IrelandMs17630c1933Copy by Alice Milligan of her poem, 'The ash-tree of...Joseph McGarrity Papers
2838National Library of IrelandMs241211933-1934Letters to Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and [? drafts of...Sheehy-Skeffington Papers
9723National Library of IrelandMs181661928-1933A miscellaneous collection, includes a pass book of ...Edgeworth Papers
10869National Library of IrelandMs21440[1933]Typescripts of `Bluebeard', a ballet poem by Mary Da...Abbey Theatre Papers
11028National Library of IrelandMs175941923-c1933Biographical notes on Roger Casement by his sister, ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
13722National Library of IrelandMs314681933Newsclipping of Dorothy Macardle's, 'The great story...Florence O'Donoghue Papers
92National Maternity HospitalNMH/331926-1933New Hospital Building, correspondence file, April 19...
1762National Maternity HospitalH/41929-1933House Committee Minute Book, June 1929-December 1933...
18914Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/2/1933-1958Other files:4: 1933 - 1945 (Birr Library).5: 1937 - ...Records of Offaly County Council
18810Offaly ArchivesOCL P291921-1924
The autograph book originally belonged to John Lenno...Autograph Book of John Lennon/Maggie B. Corcoran
18820Offaly ArchivesOCL P151904-1933Book of transference certificates from the Presbyter...Book of transference certificates, Presbyterian Church, Birr
16562Presentation Sisters Congregational ArchivesDON1/731933Five sepia photographs of novices in the grounds of ...Presentation Sisters South West Province - St Joseph's Convent, Doneraile
6659Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/18501862-1933c.30 volumes and c.200 documents relating to Greenha...
7790Public Record Office of Northern IrelandMIC/5691933-1992Microfilmed copies of the papers of Newcastle Women'...
8556Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/32541933-1935Copy of an autobiographical memoir of Sarah Allgood,...
8642Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/619/11681-1933Copy of the pedigree of the Jackson family, Tartargh...
6688Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/19171933-1964This collection of c.70 documents includes: Letters ...Eva Whitla Papers
7079Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/27211933Letter from Mrs P. McNally, Massachusetts, United St...
7298Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3622c.1905-1933Photographs of visiting royalty and members of the a...
7978Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1393/11700-1933Pedigree of the Bryson, Robb and Finlay families, Ba...
8692Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/816/11766-1933Copy pedigree of the Shaw family of Glastry, County ...
8193Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2032/17-25c.1933-c.1960sCopies of letters from Doctor Helen Waddell, writer ...
8288Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2307/1933-1955T/2307/3-4 Copies of 2 letters from Joseph Devlin, M...
8323Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2424/1-31933Copies of 2 letters from Joseph Devlin, Capri and Be...
8513Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2921/1/101843-1933Copies of the correspondence of the Workman family, ...
13715Queen's University Belfast Special Collections and ArchivesMS171932-1933'The smile and the tear', manucripts draft o...Somerville and Ross Collection
2280RCSI Heritage Collections1824-1933c.40 boxes of letters and papers, Royal College of S...Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
477Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryPortfolio 5B1674-1933Philanthropy: 1 Miss Wright - Account of Meath Stre...Handlists/Portfolio
867Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP978a1932-1933Folder Shelf 42C Dublin Badminton Club, 1932-1933.Photographic Collections
1242Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP5001932-1933Schools: Friends School, Lisburn, 1932-1933, Pupils ...Photographic Collections
3888Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryMss Box 711933-1978Friends Service Council, Irish Section, c1933-1978, ...Handlists: Mss Boxes, Pamphlets Boxes, etc.
22375Religious Society of Friends, Cork1814-1933Grand Burial Registers of Cork Meeting: 1814-1876 18...
2206Representative Church Body LibraryMs5291933-1937Dean Carmody 's correspondence includes some letters...Letters to William Patrick Carmody, Dean of Down 1923-38
23509Representative Church Body LibraryRCBL MS 7491933-1934An envelope containing printed pages, relating to 'A...Mothers' Union Collection
22427Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1919-1933Accounts of the Venereal Hospital, 1919-1933.Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital
24984Royal Irish Academy1933Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Ac...
24985Royal Irish Academy1933Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Ac...
24986Royal Irish Academy1933 Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish A...
24939Royal Irish Academy of Music 1931-193324: 2 December 1931-20 December 1933, routine matter...
24961Royal Irish Academy of Music 1921-19336/4 27 September 1921 - 26 April 1933, pagination 1 ...
22660Services Industrial Professional Technical Union (SIPTU)1943-1962
No 6/8 Branch:Minute Books no 6 branch committee, 19...Irish Transport and General Workers Union
11888Sligo Archives ServiceShelf L1842-1933Ledgers of Sligo Corporation:1842-18711842-18781879-...
22734Tower Museum, Derry-Londonderry1831-1933Records of Gwyn's Charitable Institute (for boys...
10158Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs7894ac1933Life of R E Childers by Eileen Magran (?afterwards M...Erskine Childers Papers
10166Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs7829/1-441922-1933Papers concerning the trial, death and burial of Ers...Erskine Childers Papers
10393Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10066/1981933Diary of Eileen Hennessy describing, among other mat...Denis Johnston Papers
10406Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs109591928
Extracts from the diary of the composer, Ina Boyle, ...Ina Boyle Papers
10562Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs8265/68-691933Letter to M Pearse from Maire Ni Driain, County Dubl...Pearse Family
11141Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs50381909-1933Account Book of Florence Vere O'Brien relating to he...O'Brien Family
11142Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs5038a1895-1933Correspondence and informal accounts relating to the...O'Brien Family
9815UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/8821933Letter to Aileen Ryan at Clonmeen from her brother S...Grehan Estate Collection
5585UCD ArchivesTU301933-1958Minute Books: Executive and finance committee, 1955-...Teachers' Union of Ireland
1881UCD Special CollectionsKav/A/151933-1939Personal Letters: Letters to Cecilia Kavanagh, 1933-...Kavanagh Collection
23573University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP2/1933301. Circular: Mná na Poblachta Women of the Republ...The Daly Papers
19369Westmeath County Archives Department1933-1978Athlone Urban District Council Financial Statement E...Athlone Local Authority Records
19384Westmeath County Archives Department1933-1943Athlone Urban District Council Drain Repair Ledger, ...Athlone Local Authority Records
19403Westmeath County Archives Department1933-1937Athlone Urban District Council Housing Repairs Ledge...Athlone Local Authority Records