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11661Abbey Theatre ArchiveBoxO/ATC/FIN/51925-1932Bound volume recording receipts from plays and autho...
11662Abbey Theatre ArchiveBoxO/ATC/Fin/61920-1925Bound volume recording receipts from plays and autho...
13694Armagh County Museum1973/531925-1931Washing books, City Steam Laundry, Armagh. 4 volume...
14638Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland1925-1931A file of letters to and from Mr R.S. and Mrs E.E. H...Irish Baptist Home and Foreign Mission
14599Belfast Central Library1925-1926Correspondence about Sarah Siddons, actress (1755-18...Francis Joseph Bigger Archive
23871Brother Allen ArchiveBox 1761889
Folder of Photographs and Mementoes:Postcard to Miss...Brother Allen Archival Collection
24441Brother Allen ArchiveBox 198 - File A1925Letter from A.S. Green to Sean Gael, 15 March 1925.Brother Allen Archival Collection
16784Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1925-1953Cashel and Emly, Pass Book, c1925-1953, 1 volume.Bolton Library Archive
16812Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1925-1927Lismore Estate?[Creditors' ledger? Drapery?], 19...Bolton Library Archive
16899Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1872-1925Church of Ireland Vestry Minute Book, Ballysheehan, ...Bolton Library Archive
14413Cavan County ArchivesRDC1899-1925Includes Minute Books and associated records for Bai...Cavan Rural District Councils
16459Central Catholic Library1922-1924
Central Catholic Library, Minute Book of the Ladies ...
6062Clare County Archives1924-1925Minutes of Clare County Board of Health, 24 Septembe...County Clare Board of Health
6063Clare County Archives1925-1927Minutes of Clare County Board of Health, Housing Com...County Clare Board of Health
6065Clare County Archives1925-1926Minutes of Clare County Board of Health, Home Assist...County Clare Board of Health
6102Clare County Archives1921-1925Volume of letters from the Department of Local Gover...Clare County Council
6103Clare County Archives1921-1925Volume of Letters from Local Government to Ennis Uni...Clare County Council
16950Clare County Archives1919-1925MInute Books:May 1919 - May 1920June 1921 - March 19...Scariff Rural District Council
16951Clare County Archives1922-1925Minute Books:December 1922 - July 1923August 1922 - ...Killadysert Rural District Council
16952Clare County Archives1899-1925Minute Books:July 1899 - February 1900February 1900 ...Tulla Rural District Council
16953Clare County Archives1899-1925Minute Books:April 1899 - November 1899December 1901...Corofin Rural District Council
16969Clare County Archives1899-1908
Minutes:October 1899 - April 1900 April 1900 - ...Ennistymon Rural District Council
16975Clare County Archives1866-1921
Minute Books:August 1899 - July 1900July 1900 - July...Kilrush Rural District Council
13693Cork City and County ArchivesU171825-1936
Extracts from the Annals of Bandon Presentation Conv...
14432Cork City and County Archives1899-1925Rural District Councils: Bandon Rural District Coun...Cork Rural District Councils
14442Cork City and County ArchivesIE 627/U1921921-1925Photograph Album of the Clonmult/Midleton district c...Hallahan 'Clonmult' Photographic Album (Digitised)
23838Cork City and County Archives1925Tuberculosis Committee Minutes, 1925-35Cork County Council Records - Miscellaneous
24020Cork City and County Archives1925-1973Home Assistance Application and Report Books: Record...Cork Boards of Public Assistance and Health
20768Cork Public MuseumAQNOL1970:44/1925-192620 Routine business, paginated 1-176, containing lis...
22915Delany Archive Box Bp/19 File PF/1925/192525: 10 March 1925 Brother J.C. Craven, Dublin to Bis...Papers of Dr Patrick Foley, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin
3392Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/A/1847-1925Miscellaneous County Donegal Poor Law Union Records:...Donegal Poor Law Union Records
3421Donegal County ArchivesCH/BG/4/11900-1925Miscellaneous records, relating to County Donegal Po...
3435Donegal County Archives1915-1925Minute Books (Digitised): Ballyshannon RDC Minu...Ballyshannon Rural District Council Records
3440Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/9/6/1925-1963Miscellaneous Records:815. Correspondence, Fanad Hea...
11757Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/7/61923-1925Inishowen Rural District Council Minute Book, 12 Feb...Inishowen Rural District Council
11787Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/8/4/6331893-1925[Inishowen?] Poor Law Union Ledger, 2 January 1893-3...Donegal Poor Law Union Records
11737Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/7/3; CH/BV/8/61899-1925Records (Digitised):[There are no surviving Str...Stranorlar Rural District Council
11745Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/7/41914-1925Minute Books (Digitised):Donegal RDC Minutes, 1914 -...Donegal Rural District Council Records
11779Donegal County ArchivesCH/BV/8/1899-1925Letterkenny Rural District Council Minute Books (Dig...Letterkenny Rural District Council
14455Donegal County ArchivesCH/BG/6/; CH/BV/1906-1925Minutes (Digitised):Milford RDC Minutes 1915 - 1916M...Milford Rural District Council
18495Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB7/lay organisations 41925Request for donation for the Jubilee Nurses of Irela...Byrne Papers
18528Dublin Diocesan Archives (RC)AB 7/Lay organisations 21925-1939Correspondence about the Association of the Propagat...Byrne Papers
3113Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA1/211923-1925Minutes of the Blackrock Town Commissioners and Urba...Blackrock
3114Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA1/221925-1927Minutes of the Blackrock Town Commissioners and Urba...Blackrock
3186Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA2/161894-1925Minutes of meetings of the school Attendance Committ...Dalkey
3195Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA2/591903-1925Press cuttings, 23 April 1903-24 October 1925, past...Dalkey
1404Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/1-DCC/L/51925-1965DCC/L/1 1925-1927 Correspondence: Dublin County Coun...Dublin County Council
1408Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/11- DCC/L/161925-1960DCC/L/11 1925-1954 Correspondence: County Librarian ...Dublin County Council
1415Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/39- DCC/L/421906-1925DCC/L/39 20 April 1922 Extract from minutes of meeti...Dublin County Council
1454Fingal County Archive92/C/1a- 95/C/21925-199392/C/1a Blind Person's Act 1920 Registers (2 vol...Dublin County Council
1463Fingal County ArchiveNC/16/-NC/331925-1937
Records of Dublin County Council Town Planning Commi...Dublin County Council
1655Fingal County ArchiveRDC79/BA-RDC/137/A/21901-1925Dublin South Rural District Council:RDC79/BA/1 Inwar...South Dublin Rural District Council
5401Galway County Council ArchivesGPL/21839-1925Minute Books:October 1839-[?] 1843November 1843-June...Loughrea Poor Law Union Records
20481Galway County Council Archives1904-1925Minute Books:16 January 1904-10 October 192527 Augus...Galway Rural District Council
20459Galway County Council Archives1901-1925Minute Books:1901-1902June 1903-October 1904October ...Loughrea Rural District Council
20461Galway County Council Archives1900-1925Minute Books:July 1900-September 1901September 1901-...Portumna Rural District Council
23182Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland1925-1962Visiting Minutes, 1925-1962Masonic Female Orphan School
23183Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland1925-1962Ladies, 1925-1962, these mainly relate to matters of...Masonic Female Orphan School
5573Irish Labour History Museum1925-1938Administrative Records. Files, 1925-1938 including:...Transferred Officers Protection Association
5575Irish Labour History MuseumMss10/WN1925-1952Documents and correspondence received in capacity as...William Norton Papers
12359Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1925-1991The collection contains the following published jour...Irish Nurses' Organisation
2035Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentKBH/A/1/1925-1942Kerry Board of Health minute books: (Enclosure Poor...Kerry Board of Health Records
2055Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentRDC/48/A/1900-1925Minute Books:1. January 1900 - March 19022. March 19...Caherciveen Rural District Council
2057Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentRDC/73/A/1913-1925Minute Books:20. October 1913 - March 191421. March ...Dingle Rural District Council
2061Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentRDC/104/A/1919-1925Minute Books:20. Year Ended 31 March 191921. Year En...Killarney Rural District Council
2065Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentRDC/112/A/1901-1925Minute Books:1. August 1901 - July 19022. July 1902 ...Listowel Rural District Council
2066Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentRDC/154/A/1901-1925Minute Books:1. September 1900 - October 19012. Nove...Tralee Rural District Council
2067Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1900-1925Quarterly Minute Books:RDC/154/AQ/1 July 1900 - July...Tralee Rural District Council
12041Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentS1/2/321810-1925Correspondence and Legal Documents. Quill Estate.Mau...Creagh & Byrne (Matthew Byrne & Co.) Papers
21871Kerry Local Studies and Archives Department1925County Kerry Board of Health, Minute Book, October 1...Kerry County Council
21881Kerry Local Studies and Archives DepartmentRDC/104/AQ1899-1925Quarterly Minute Books: 1. July 1899 - July 1905 2...Killarney Rural District Council
20872Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1925-1989Manager's Orders:June 1946-March 1949April 1950-...Naas Urban District Council
20876Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1925-1961Old Age Pension Committee Minute Book, January 1925-...Naas Poor Law Union
20905Kildare Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives Department1925-1941Paying Patient Maintenance Account Book, March 1925 ...Kildare County Council
3340Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC49/BB/1441914-1925Callan Rural District Council Miscellaneous Minute B...Callan Rural District Council
3354Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57/AA/11921-1925Rough Minute Book:September 1921-November 1925Castlecomer Rural District Council
3356Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC57/AE/11919-1925Financial Minute Book, July 1919-June 1925.Castlecomer Rural District Council
3378Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC53/A/11921-1925Minute Book:December 1921-June 1925Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council
3344Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentBG49/B1858-1925Outward Letter Books:1. December 1858-February 18662...Callan Poor Law Union
3346Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC49/BB/1481904-1925Callan Rural District Council, Inward and Outward Le...Callan Rural District Council
3368Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC101A1899-1925Minute Books:1. October 1899-December 19012. January...Kilkenny Rural District Council
3384Kilkenny Local Studies DepartmentRDC159/A1899-1925Minute Books:1. July 1899-June 19002. July 1900-June...Urlingford Rural District Council
13692Kilmainham Gaol Museum21MT-1C11-231925Angela Doyle, September 1925, mortuary card.History General
13892Kilmainham Gaol Museum21LG-1B55-07c.1925The Constitution of Cumann na mBan, c.1925.
20797Kilmore Diocesan Archives (RC)1923-1925
Holy Rosary Convent, Killeshandra:25: Correspondence...Kilmore Diocesan Archives
21177King's Hospital School237-257A1925-1949246 Agenda Book, 1925 - 1949.Morgan's School
5700Laois Local StudiesB2/M/1925-1960Rate Book, Mountmellick:207. 1925-1926208. 1934-1935...Laois Local Authority Records
21593Laois Local Studies1923-1925Athy, 1923-1925: 15a. Labourers Cottages General Ren...Laois Local Authority Records
21598Laois Local StudiesB/192542. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Books, ...Laois County Council
21599Laois Local StudiesB/1925-1927General Consolidated Account Book: 43. 1925 44. 1926...Laois County Council
21620Laois Local StudiesC/1925-192677. Financial Statement and Expenditure Book, consol...Laois County Council
21648Laois Local Studies192512. Consolidated Account Book, Abbeyleix Rural Distr...Laois Local Authority Records
21650Laois Local Studies1923-192514. Labourers Cottage Rent Book, Abbeyleix Rural Dis...Laois Local Authority Records
21651Laois Local Studies273-2811925-1929273. County Board of Assistance General Receipt Book...Laois Local Authority Records
21676Laois Local Studies192535. Consolidated Account Book, 1925.Slievemargy Rural District Council
21705Laois Local Studies1900-1925Minute Book, Queen's County Council, 1900-1925.Laois Local Authority Records
21706Laois Local Studies1915-1925Minute Book, Queen's County Tuberculosis Committ...Laois Local Authority Records
1828Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentBG52/AA/1843-1925Rough Minute Books:1 - July 1854 - January 1855 2 -...Carrick-on-Shannon Poor Law Union
14461Leitrim Local Studies Department1902-1925Minutes, Public Health and Miscellaneous:1. December...Kinlough Rural District Council
22282Leitrim Local Studies Department1901-1925Minutes of Quarterly Meetings:January 1901 - March 1...Kinlough Rural District Council
22287Leitrim Local Studies Department1901-1925Minutes of Quarterly Meetings:January 1901 - April 1...Mohill Rural District Council
22320Leitrim Local Studies Department1919-1925Misc. 20. Ballyconnell, Sessions Book, June 1919 - J...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22322Leitrim Local Studies Department1925-1955Misc. 22. Cavan Circuit Court, Sessions Book, 3 Febr...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22340Leitrim Local Studies Department1919-1925Misc. 40. Estate Rental Book, Mrs Emily Upperton, 19...Miscellaneous Records, Leitrim
22281Leitrim Local Studies Department1902-1925Minutes, Public Health and Miscellaneous:1. December...Kinlough Rural District Council
22289Leitrim Local Studies Department1899-1925Public Health and miscellaneous:August 1899 - Januar...Manorhamilton Rural District Council
439Longford Archives and Local Studies1855-1925Minute Books:19 July 1855 - 29 December 185522 Novem...Granard Poor Law Union
14469Longford Archives and Local Studies1900-1925Minute Books:15 March 1900 - 7 June 190818 April 190...Ballymahon Rural District Council
1781Louth County Archives222-2341888-1925222 Dundalk Union Labourers' Act Rent Book, 1888 - ...Local Authority Records
14515Mayo Local History Department1917-1925Executive Sanitary Officers Record and Report Book, ...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14519Mayo Local History Department1907-1925Ledgers, 13 volumes, 1907-1925Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14523Mayo Local History Department1925-1928Area Proposal/Tender Committee Minutes, 13 July 1925...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
14545Mayo Local History Department1925-1930
Expenditure Books, 11 volumes:1925-19301936-1963Ballina Urban District Council
14546Mayo Local History Department1925-1955General Ledgers recording details of revenue and loa...Ballina Urban District Council
14509Mayo Local History Department1903-1904
Minute Books:13 June 1903-25 July 190427 May 1912-20...Ballinrobe Rural District Council
1019Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentLAM4/1/1899-1925Minute Books:1 August 1899 - February 19002 February...Dunshaughlin Rural District Council
5767Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentLAM2/1/1899-1925Minute Books:1 29 July 1899 - 20 October 19002 3 Nov...Kells Rural District Council
5769Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentLAM3/1/1899-1925Minute Books:1 1 November 1899 - 6 February 19012 6 ...Navan Rural District Council
5779Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/A/1925-1949Rough Minutes and Working Papers, 57 bundles of agen...Navan Urban District Council
5800Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/E/1925-1947Rate Books, Water Rates:43 Half years ending 30 Sept...Navan Urban District Council
20281Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1868-1925Wool Book, May 1868-June 1925.F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20271Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentFJC1919-1925
Account Book:July 1963-February 1964February 1919-De...F. and J. Clayton Company Records
20317Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/D/1922-1925
Combined Receipts and Expenditure: 12 Year ending; 3...Navan Urban District Council
20336Meath Local Studies and Family History Department1925-1941Assistance Officer's Receipt and Expenditure Books S...Meath County Board of Health
21257Meath Local Studies and Family History DepartmentUDC/I/K/1908
General Works and Services, Road and Streets. Files&...Navan Urban District Council
12370Military ArchivesLot2161925Harold McBrine (McBrien?) Ballintogher, County Sligo...Captured Documents
13688Military ArchivesLot2121924
Patrick Sharry, Brownstown House, County Westmeath, ...Captured Documents
13689Military ArchivesLot2141925Mrs Gordon (later Mrs Austin Stack) papers, captured...Captured Documents
13690Military ArchivesLot2191924-1925Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants' Fund docu...Captured Documents
13691Military ArchivesLot2211925Michael Seery, Corr, Ballymore, County Westmeath ...Captured Documents
13891Military ArchivesLot233c.1925Documents relating to various republican organisatio...Captured Documents
1847Monaghan County Library Genealogy and Local History Department1847-1925Minute Books:November 1847 - January 1848January 184...Carrickmacross Poor Law Union
13696Monaghan County Library Genealogy and Local History Department1925-1960Castleblaney Urban District Council Financial Statem...
21561Monaghan County Museum1900-1925Moutray (North Monaghan), 1900-25 (275 items)
629National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1901-1925Quarterly Returns of Births, Deaths and Marriages:KB...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
643National Archives of IrelandBG/137/1903-1925Rathdown Rural District number 2 Outward Letter Book...Rathdown Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
3746National Archives of IrelandL2583-19391925
File on Miss Hannah Bowen, County Cork relating to t...Department of Agriculture
3843National Archives of IrelandH78/211922-1925Department of Justice. H78-Prisons: H78/21 Cork Fema...Department of Justice
3845National Archives of IrelandH89/331924-1925Department of Justice. H89 Juries and Jurors: H89/33...Department of Justice
3848National Archives of IrelandH287/141925Department of Justice. H287 Civil Service Regulation...Department of Justice
4088National Archives of IrelandDE12/1922-1925Correspondence files of the Ministry of Home Affairs...Dáil Éireann Courts (Winding Up) Commission
4670National Archives of Ireland325/6/361925-1954Ratification of Irish Labour Organisation Convention...Department of Foreign Affairs
4707National Archives of IrelandED8/31925ED8/3 File relating to disciplinary action against ...Department of Education/Commissioners of National Education
8958National Archives of Ireland1889-1925Circuit Court Records, County Mayo, Land Law (Irelan...Circuit Court
3338National Archives of IrelandBG11/RN/1911-1925Rate Books, Electoral Districts: A: Ballyhane, Bally...Lismore Rural District Council
4783National Archives of IrelandCCA1925/191924-1925Court of Criminal Appeal: File relating to appeal on...Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal
5274National Archives of Ireland1908
Committee on Evil Literature, Department of Posts an...Department of Justice
11327National Archives of Ireland325/6/361925-1954Ratfication Irish Labour Organisation. Convention nu...Department of Foreign Affairs
11442National Archives of IrelandF4511925File containing copies of the Widows', Orphans&#...Governor General
11500National Archives of Ireland1189/20/51917-1925Includes: Letters to John Woulfe Flanagan from his d...Woulfe Flanagan
13695National Archives of IrelandE14702/19331925-1933County Limerick Committee of Agriculture regarding p...Department of Agriculture
14106National Archives of Ireland1190/41924-1925Two letters from Sister Marie Remy, 1924-1925.Sweetman Correspondence
15215National Archives of Ireland 98/521925-1995National School records for Scoil Bhríde, Mou...National Schools, Private Accessions
15244National Archives of Ireland 2001/66/41895-1925National School records for St Mary's, Dublin.National Schools, Private Accessions
15258National Archives of Ireland 2002/301925-1940National School records for Synge Street, Dublin.National Schools, Private Accessions
11998National Archives of Ireland72/94A1925-1948File relating to prostitution, 1946-1948, includes: ...Department of Justice
12064National Archives of Ireland98/5/1/I-X1925-1970Correspondence files 98/5/1/I 1925-1933 Cuttings fr...Irish Girl Guides
23972National Archives of IrelandDJUS/H10044/275 1925Annie Walsh In August 1925 Walsh and her nephew were...Department of Justice
23973National Archives of IrelandCourt of Criminal Appeal 17/241924-1925Mary Moynihan, 1924-25. Moynihan, a domestic servant...Department of Justice
23974National Archives of IrelandCourt of Criminal Appeal 19/251925Hannah O’Leary, 1925. O’Leary, convicted with h...Department of Justice
2461National Library of IrelandMs84831922-1925Lists, with duplicates, of Irish political prisoners...
2538National Library of IrelandMs81291924-1925Correspondence relating to the opera 'Sruth na Maoil...
2675National Library of IrelandMss5000-50011925Draft and revised copies of `The Big House of Inver'...
2676National Library of IrelandMs86001925-1937Letters to Stephen Gwynn from a number of correspond...Stephen Gwynn Papers
2833National Library of IrelandMs241161925Letters to Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, 1925, relating ...Sheehy-Skeffington Papers
2835National Library of IrelandMs241181925Letters to Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, 1925, relating ...Sheehy-Skeffington Papers
2890National Library of IrelandMs84831922-1925Lists relating to Irish political prisoners in Engli...
9057National Library of IrelandMs139411901-1925Letters from Thomas O'Brien to his relatives, includ...William O'Brien Papers
9405National Library of IrelandMs 242741925-1936Letters from Nora Robertson to Manning Robertson, mo...Robertson Papers
2810National Library of IrelandMs240921925Letters to Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, 1925, mainly re...Sheehy-Skeffington Papers
2812National Library of IrelandMs240941925Letters to Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and associated c...Sheehy-Skeffington Papers
2834National Library of IrelandMs241171925Letters to Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, 1925, relating ...Sheehy-Skeffington Papers
9480National Library of IrelandMss25284-25,291c1900-1925Albums of photographs taken at home and abroad of me...
9759National Library of IrelandMs174791925-1926Six letters from Katherine Enright to Liam Pedlar wi...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10026National Library of IrelandMs17433c1916-1925Letters to Joseph McGarrity and other letters, c1916...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10109National Library of IrelandMs162281924-1925Minute Book of the Irish Workers' League, 27 April 1...
10694National Library of IrelandMs170761924-1925Diaries of Austin Stack, April 1924-June 1925, inclu...Austin Stack Papers
10797National Library of IrelandMs207031925-1929Letters to Earnan de Blaghd [Ernest Blythe] relating...Earnán de Blaghd Papers
10798National Library of IrelandMs207051925Includes letters from Lady Gregory and George O'...Earnán de Blaghd Papers
10820National Library of IrelandMs18820c1925-1965Drafts of broadcast scripts and articles by Mrs Czir...Mrs Sydney Czira Papers
10955National Library of IrelandMs21714c1925Two manuscript notebooks and six typescript pages wi...
11023National Library of IrelandMs17492c1925-1939Correspondence of Ella Young and McGarrity, some cop...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11024National Library of IrelandMs175281924-1925Miscellaneous documents, includes copy of an appeal ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11025National Library of IrelandMs175281924-1925Miscellaneous documents, includes copy of an appeal ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11038National Library of IrelandMs17659July 1925Memorandum from Cumann na mBan to its auxiliary orga...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11088National Library of IrelandMss19472-194731925-1934Household Accounts of Mary Esmond (nee Mansfield, Mo...Mansfield Papers
9461National Library of IrelandMs24565c1900-1925Photographs relating to the Ball family, c1900-1925,...
89National Maternity HospitalH/21909-1925House Committee, Minute Book, January 1909-May 1925....
95National Maternity HospitalNMH/21925-1935Linen Guild Executive Committee, January 1925-Decemb...
96National Maternity HospitalNMH/31925-1928Linen Guild Executive Committee, January 1925-Decemb...
467National Maternity HospitalNMH/731925-1939Impersonal Ledger containing details of Capital Acco...
472National Maternity HospitalNR/41925-1934Midwives Training Register, December 1925-January 19...
488National Maternity HospitalNMH/851925-1952Nurses' Pension Committee, Minute Book, May 1925-May...
4822Newtown School, WaterfordArchive Room Safe1925-1952Committee Minutes, 1925-1952.
5442Newtown School, WaterfordAB/311925-1939A Marsh, 'Some Principles', 1925-1939.
5466Newtown School, WaterfordCB/911925International Hockey, 1925.
18843Offaly ArchivesOCL BRDC10/5/21915-1925RDC No. 1 - 1 Ledger:October 1915 - March 1925, Labo...Records of Birr Rural District Council
18912Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/11925-1939Offaly County Libraries Committee - 1 Minute Book -...Records of Offaly County Council
18921Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/6/1-41925-19764 Expenditure books:1: 1925 - 19362: 1937 - 19463: 1...Records of Offaly County Council
18922Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/7/11925-19451 Petty cash account book: 1925 - 1945Records of Offaly County Council
18923Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/7/2/1-21925-19512 Receipt books:1: 1925 - 19462: 1937 - 1951Records of Offaly County Council
18924Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/8/8/1925-19837 Postage books:1: 1925 - 19372: 1937 - 19453: 1949 ...Records of Offaly County Council
18931Offaly ArchivesOCL PTC40/41879-19251 Accounts Book - PTC40/4: 1879 - 1925Records of Parsonstown Town Commissioners
18964Offaly ArchivesOCL TRDC36/9/1-21924-1925RDC No. 1:2 Minute Books:1: January 1924 - December ...Records of Tullamore Rural District Council
21387OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre (OMARC)Box 46-691879-1906
Box containing family correspondence, c.133 letters ...Airfield Archive
21350Our Lady's Hospital, Ennis1874-1925Letterbooks:26 December 1874-29 November 187615 Marc...
21462Police Museum (PSNI)1925-19421 file, regarding the appointment and wages paid to ...
7426Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40031925-1967Minutes of the Board of Governors of Richmond Lodge ...
7920Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/12201783-1925Copy of genealogical table of the Black family of Lu...
8698Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/834/11596-1925Copy pedigree of the Seaver family of various counti...
6371Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1777/3c1925Copy of an emigrant letter from Annie McKeown, Miami...
6593Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16921776-1925c150 documents relating to the Whalley/McKelvey fami...
6598Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/16991880-19256 volumes of cash books and ledgers of Messrs Acheso...
6716Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/19641916-1925This collection includes c.35 photographs of the Fle...
6754Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/21211842-1925These papers include miscellaneous rental books, mai...
7032Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/26061925-1940This miscellaneous collection includes: A history of...
7177Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/30201925-1964Records of Arellian Nursery School, 122 Utility Stre...
7328Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/37201888-1925Nursing certificates of Miss Emma Craig, 1913-1916. ...
7334Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/37351925This collection includes a file of correspondence, m...Clanmorris Estate Papers
7386Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/38861925-1980This collection of papers of J F Burns, the editor o...
7456Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40901925-1982Business records of the Ulster Weaving Company Limit...
7721Public Record Office of Northern IrelandLA/72/1925-1967Local Authority records are closed for 30 years from...Whitehead Urban District Council Records
7957Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/1327/11560-1925Pedigree of the Stewart family, Ballintoy, County An...
8381Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/25711850-1925Copies of personal correspondence relating to the Ri...
8457Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/2733/1925-1961T/2733/1 Typed copy of a history of the Dinsmore fam...
8504Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/28971831-1925Copies of miscellaneous papers and correspondence re...
8616Public Record Office of Northern IrelandT/536/11700-1925Brief account of the Malcolmson family and their ass...
13319Queen's University Belfast Special Collections and ArchivesMS171910-1925Manuscripts essays on Irish and suffragette affairs ...Somerville and Ross Collection
21470Queen's University Belfast Special Collections and ArchivesMS741925-1926
Mss1/110-113 Northern Ireland, Ministry of Home Affa...QUB Miscellaneous Manuscripts
870Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryAlbums 1-401870-1871
Albums 2-3 Commissioners of the Friends War Victims...Photographic Collections
6189Religious Society of Friends, Waterford7 (parcel)1816-19251 1816. Account book for Friends Library Waterford...Waterford Monthly Meeting Documents
23708Representative Church Body Library1867-1925Lists of individual files, 1867-1925, files consisti...Mrs Smyly's Homes
23709Representative Church Body Library1873-1925Individual files relating to the children:Box 1 1873...Mrs Smyly's Homes
23748Representative Church Body LibraryMs 891925-1955Minute book 1925-1955: 'The Committee received with ...Irish Guild of Witness
70Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1883-1925Minute Books (Digitised):AA-06-01. Boyle RDC Minute ...Boyle Local Authority Records
71Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1883-1925Rural District Council Minutes and Poor Law Union Mi...Boyle Local Authority Records
72Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1852-1925Rural District Council Minutes and Dispensary Distri...Boyle Rural District Council
77Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1902-1925Minute Books:4 January 1902 - 11 July 190315 August ...Castlerea Local Authority Records
21950Roscommon Local Studies and Archives1905-1925RDC Records (Digitised):Castlerea Rural District Cou...Castlerea Local Authority Records
24922Royal Irish Academy of Music 1922-192526: 8 March 1922 - 23 December 1925, on provisional ...
24938Royal Irish Academy of Music 1925-192620: 9 December 1925-6 October 1926, routine business...
22500Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast1923-1925Bound volume of Special Committee Minutes, relating ...
13344Sligo Archives Service1914-1925Sligo County Council Sanatorium Committee Minute Boo...Sligo County Council
13687Sligo Archives Service1924-1925Dromore West Rural District Council, Minute Book, 19...Local Authority Records
14459Sligo Archives Service1838-1925Sligo Union Workhouse Register:Volume 1: https://iss...Sligo Workhouse Registers
7632South Eastern Education and Library Board Local History CollectionIR792.0941611925Printed pamphlet by Francis Joseph Bigger entitled, ...Local Studies Collection
22059St Dympna's Hospital, CarlowIE DA SDH1892-1925Inspector's Letter Book:September 1892-5 Februar...St Dympna's Psychiatric Hospital, Carlow
24282Stranmillis University College, Belfast1925-1930c.7 large formal photographs of women students at St...
24325Tipperary County Archives1858-1925Envelope entitled 'Wills, Assignments, Declarati...Clonmel Corporation
1679Tipperary Studies1899-1925Borrisokane Rural District Council Minute Books:1 Ju...Borrisokane Rural District Council
1680Tipperary Studies1899-1925Borrisokane Poor Law Union Treasurers Receipt and Pa...Borrisokane Poor Law Union
1682Tipperary Studies1900-1925Clogheen Rural District Council Minute Books:1 April...Clogheen Rural District Council
1683Tipperary Studies1899-1925Tipperary Number 2 Rural District Council Minute Boo...Tipperary Number 2 Rural District Council
1685Tipperary Studies1899-1925Slieveardagh Rural District Council Minute Books:1 A...Slieveardagh Rural District Council
1686Tipperary Studies1900-1925Nenagh Rural District Council Minute Books:1 Septemb...Nenagh Rural District Council
19785Tipperary Studies1899-1925Treasurer's Receipts and Payment Books:Loan Acco...Borrisokane Local Authority Records
19811Tipperary Studies1919-1925Thurles Rural District Council Rate Books:1919-19201...Thurles Rural District Council
19830Tipperary Studies1909-1925Slieverardagh Rural District Council, Register of Te...Slieveardagh Rural District Council
19829Tipperary Studies1902-1925Slieveardagh Rural District Council Quarterly Minute...Slieveardagh Rural District Council
11147Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs50451925Diary of Florence Vere O'Brien, 1925.O'Brien Family
11207Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentV/1501925-1927Rental of Clonmore Estate, 1925-1927.Courtown Papers
6429Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs92691914-1925`The True Story of a Revolution' by Emily Ussher, an...
6467Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss70801924-1925Letters from E Oe Somerville, Drishane House, Skibbe...
10275Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs4052/21914
Speech by Nelly O'Brien [Gaelic League, ecumenist], ...
10315Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs45051925-1926Copy Book of Estella Solomons containing a list of n...O'Sullivan/Solomons Collection
10321Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMss4509-45311923-1925
23 Sketchbooks of Estella Frances Solomons, mostly u...O'Sullivan/Solomons Collection
10344Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs109451925Photograph album of a lawn tennis tournament held at...
9955UCC College ArchivesSecO/file202/Box3/21925-1954File of National University of Ireland general corre...Secretary's Office
6873UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/7251925Letter to Stephen Grehan from Barbara Wright, Intern...Grehan Estate Collection
9810UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/8751925Letter to Magda Grehan from [Dorothy] Gaisford St La...Grehan Estate Collection
9807UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/871-8731925-19323 letters to Magda Grehan from her sister in law, Ce...Grehan Estate Collection
9844UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/12931925-1946File containing correspondence relating to the Greha...
9850UCC Special Collections & ArchivesBL/EP/G/13651925-1932Small leather file kept by Cecily Grehan containing ...
2350UCD ArchivesP631925-1932Irish Federation of University Women Papers, include...Bridget Stafford
24407UCD ArchivesP241925-1969Material on Gaeltacht: Irish language and education:...Ernest Blythe Papers
8772Ulster Museum, BelfastZgc1865-c1925Collection of c1950 cards, mostly Christmas cards, 1...Ephemera
18423University of Galway ArchivesP201911-1925Notebooks, Accounts and Correspondence relating to t...Claremorris Congested Districts Board
23579University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP2/1925310. Birth Certificate, Caroline Daly, 'Carrie', iss...The Daly Papers
23423University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP2/192589. Letter from Briain Ó hUiginn, Glasnevin, 11 Mar...The Daly Papers
23438University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP2/1925114. Letter from Mrs Kathleen Clarke, 1 June 1925, d...The Daly Papers
23638University of Limerick Special Collections and ArchivesP2/1925403. Letter from Mary Bowles, Clogheen, Blarney Road...The Daly Papers
1039Waterford City ArchivesLA1/19/A/11925-1940Records of the Library Committee, Minute Books: 7 O...Records of the Library Committee
5947Waterford City ArchivesFin 7/9/1925-1944Custom House and Centre Ward Combined:1: 1925 - 1926...Records of the Finance Department
5951Waterford City ArchivesEST8/9/1905-1925Rental Account Books:19: September 1905 - September ...Record of the Estate Office
9923Waterford County ArchivesRDC/YGHL1889-1925Volumes of Minutes detailing the proceedings of the ...Youghal Rural District Council
9926Waterford County ArchivesRDC/YGHL/201899-1925Labourers Acts Rent Collection Book, Youghal Rural D...Youghal Rural District Council
9927Waterford County ArchivesRDC/CLON1899-1925Clonmel Rural District Council Minute Books, Clonmel...Clonmel Rural District Council
9939Waterford County ArchivesRDC/Dungn1899-1925Dungarvan Rural District Council Minutes: 1 4 July ...Dungarvan Rural District Council
9937Waterford County ArchivesRDC/Kilthom/1899-1925Kilmacthomas Rural District Council Minutes: 1 29 Au...
9941Waterford County ArchivesRDC/CAOS/1918-1925Carrick-on Suir Rural District Council, 1918-1925. 1...Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council
9938Waterford County ArchivesRDC/LISM1899-1925Lismore Rural District Council Minutes: 1 16 Augus...Lismore Rural District Council
9940Waterford County ArchivesRDC/WTFD1899-1925Volumes of Labourers' Acts Ledgers detailing the...Waterford Rural District Council
6026Westmeath County Archives Department1900-1925Ballymore Rural District Council Minute Books:8 Marc...Ballymore Rural District Council
6027Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1925Coole Rural District Council Minute Books:September ...Coole Rural District Council
6028Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1925Athlone Rural District Council Minute Books:October ...Athlone Rural District Council
19221Westmeath County Archives Department1925-1950Westmeath County Council, General Expenditure Books:...Westmeath County Council
19255Westmeath County Archives Department1922-1925Westmeath County Home Minute Books, Finance meetings...Westmeath County Council
19277Westmeath County Archives Department1924-1925Mullingar Rural District Council Quarterly Minute Bo...Mullingar Rural District Council
19278Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1925Mullingar Rural District Council General Ledgers:189...Mullingar Rural District Council
19280Westmeath County Archives Department1907-1925Mullingar Rural District Council Personal Ledger:3 O...Mullingar Rural District Council
19281Westmeath County Archives Department1924-1925Mullingar Rural District Council Quarterly Minute Bo...Mullingar Rural District Council
19283Westmeath County Archives Department1919-1925Coole Rural District General Ledgers:1919-1925 &nbs...Coole Rural District Council
19290Westmeath County Archives Department1905-1925Ballymore Rural District Council General Ledgers:190...Ballymore Rural District Council
19293Westmeath County Archives Department1915-1925Athlone No 1 Rural District Council General Ledgers:...Athlone Rural District Council
19355Westmeath County Archives Department1925336 Charles Brinsley Marlay, Anna Maria Tottenham, ...Howard Bury Papers
19361Westmeath County Archives Department1923-1925Delvin Rural District Council General Ledger:1923-19...Delvin Rural District Council
1472Wexford County Archive1899-1925New Ross Rural District Council Reports: 10 April 18...Local Authority Records
1474Wexford County Archive1905-1925County Wexford T B Management Committee Minute Book:...Local Authority Records
19938Wexford County Archive1914-1925Enniscorthy Rural District Council Contracts Ledger ...Enniscorthy Rural District Council
19932Wexford County Archive1900-1925Minute Books:1. 27 January 1900 - 13 July 19012. 27 ...Gorey Rural District Council
5874Wicklow Library and Archives1899-1925Rathdown Rural District Council Minute Books:October...Rathdown Rural District Council