4833National Archives of Ireland1190/4/1895-1936Loose unsorted correspondence to Agnes [Mrs John] Sw...Sweetman Correspondence
14094National Archives of Ireland1190/4Loose unsorted correspondence to Agnes [Mrs John] Sw...Sweetman Correspondence
14095National Archives of Ireland1190/41895-1921Sixteen letters from her father John P Hanly, 1895-1...Sweetman Correspondence
14096National Archives of Ireland1190/41895-1899Two letters from her cousin Alice Mary Hanly, 1895-1...Sweetman Correspondence
14097National Archives of Ireland1190/41897-1901Eight letters from her brother Jim, 1897-1901.Sweetman Correspondence
14098National Archives of Ireland1190/41897-1923Twenty-three letters from her sister Madeleine, 1897...Sweetman Correspondence
14099National Archives of Ireland1190/41898-1900Four letters from her sister Tina, 1898-1900.Sweetman Correspondence
14100National Archives of Ireland1190/41899-1900Five letters from her cousin Nan Coppinger, 1899-190...Sweetman Correspondence
14101National Archives of Ireland1190/41900Two letters from Kitty, 1900 and no date.Sweetman Correspondence
14102National Archives of Ireland1190/41901Two letters from her brother Joseph, 1901 and no dat...Sweetman Correspondence
14103National Archives of Ireland1190/41911-1915Seven letters from Agnes Curtain, 1911-1915.Sweetman Correspondence
14104National Archives of Ireland1190/41917Letter from her brother Jack, 3 January 1917.Sweetman Correspondence
14105National Archives of Ireland1190/41919-1936Two letters from her daughter Honoria, 1919-1936.Sweetman Correspondence
14106National Archives of Ireland1190/41924-1925Two letters from Sister Marie Remy, 1924-1925.Sweetman Correspondence
14107National Archives of Ireland1190/41936Three letters from her son John [Walter], 1936.Sweetman Correspondence
14108National Archives of Ireland1190/41936Two letters from her daugter Alicia, 1936.Sweetman Correspondence
14109National Archives of Ireland1190/4Letter from her aunt Leontine Hanly, no date.Sweetman Correspondence
14110National Archives of Ireland1190/4Letter from her son Patrick, no date.Sweetman Correspondence
14111National Archives of Ireland1190/41903-1936Miscellaneous single items of correspondence, 1903-1...Sweetman Correspondence