CollectionPapers of Fr Matthew Russell, SJ (1834 - 1912)

26 A file of letters from A. Brownrigg, Bishop of Ossory, Kilkenny, to Fr Russell concerning various matters. Sympathises with Fr Russell over the death of his sister Sarah Russell, [Sister Mary Emmanuel], 16 March 1902. Praises Fr Russell's work with the 'Irish Monthly' and encourages Fr Russell to publish one of his sermons delivered at Maynooth, 25 January 1905. Remarks that he is preparing an appendix to the Diocesan Catechism and enquires if Fr Russell or another contributor to the 'Irish Monthly' could compose a hymn suitable for children praising Temperance 'I think a very useful advance would be made in developing the great movement that almost unconsciously seems to have seized on the Irish mind in favour of Temperance, 14 November 1906, 6 March 1902 -30 January 1911.

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Date1902; 1905; 1906; 1911

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