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5370County Museum, DundalkPrinted Matter 105 FFITwo copies of motifs used by the Cork Total Abstinen...
7578Down County MuseumDB81912-1913Printed booklet of the Catch My Pal Protestant Total...
3134Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLA1/1867-1877Petitions, Resolutions:(1) 3 April 1867, Circular co...Blackrock
22126Irish Jesuit ArchivesJ27/1902
26 A file of letters from A. Brownrigg, Bishop of Os...Papers of Fr Matthew Russell, SJ (1834 - 1912)
22873Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1866-1909Tullamore and Athlone Methodist Circuit: Names and a...
3853National Archives of Ireland96/1/14 ILC8Department of Justice. Commission on Intoxicating Li...Department of Justice
3854National Archives of Ireland96/1/33 ILC28Department of Justice. Commission on Intoxicating Li...Department of Justice
11377National Archives of IrelandED9/2211877Ballymackney School, County Louth, Roll No. 5501, cl...Department of Education/Commissioners of National Education
2800National Library of IrelandMs24527c1890Leaflet on 'The temperance question and women's suff...Amy Mander Papers
6521Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/1386/1889-c.1927This collection includes an Irish Women's Temper...Strabane Young Men's Christian Association Papers
6816Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2375/1776-1950D/2375/10/1-87 Correspondence between John Richardso...Richardson Papers
7049Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/2648c.1840-1970c.100 volumes and 450 documents relating to the Ulst...
7059Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/26631863-194086 volumes relating to the Irish Temperance League, ...Irish Temperance League Papers
7290Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/36061861-19676 volumes and 3 documents relating to Victoria Volun...
1321Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryTemperance: Bond of Hope Medal, Gertude Webb, no dat...Museum Collection
1338Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1840Temperance: Pledge, Father Matthew, signed by Cather...Museum Collection
1339Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical Library1887Temperance: Webb Commonplace Book, containing notice...Museum Collection
22766Tower Museum, Derry-Londonderry1948Printed ticket advertising a meeting of Londonderry ...
22785Tower Museum, Derry-Londonderry1958Printed flyer advertising a public meeting of London...
24394UCD ArchivesP1451885-1922Correspondence and publications concerning the found...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24395UCD ArchivesP1451914-1942Minute books of the Central Council, 1914–87. Addr...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24396UCD ArchivesP1451948
Newspaper cuttings, notes, and correspondence relati...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24397UCD ArchivesP1451924-1985Correspondence from Pioneer Centres, and application...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24398UCD ArchivesP1451956-1984Minute book of the St Francis Xavier’s Ladies Cent...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24399UCD ArchivesP1451947-1959Correspondence, minutes, newsletters concerning inte...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24401UCD ArchivesP1451889-1948Pioneer Page published in the Irish Messenger, 188...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24402UCD ArchivesP1451902
Annual reports Father Matthew Union, 1902–38; 1977...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)
24403UCD ArchivesP1451876Membership cards, leaflets, pledge cards, handbooks,...Pioneer Total Abstinence Association (PTAA)