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Collection DescriptionPapers of the Irish journalist and author, Maeve Binchy.
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Archive box containing documents relating to the plays of Maeve Binchy:

Album of newspaper cuttings regarding the play 'End of Term', 1977.

Folder containing typescript of play 'Ireland of the Welcomes A play for television by Maeve Binchy'.

Folder containing typescript of play 'End of Term'.

Folder containing typescript of play 'End of Term', newspaper cuttings and correspondence between Maeve Binchy and the Abbey Theatre, 1970's.

Folder containing typescript of play 'Deeply Regretted By'.

Folder containing typscripts of play 'Half Promised Land' and other miscellaneous newspaper cuttings.

Folder containing correspondence, newspaper cuttings, etc., regarding the staging by the School Hill Playhouse of 'Half Promised Land'.

Folder containing typescript of play 'Ireland of the Welcomes', and miscellaneous extracts from the play.

Archive box containing:
Envelope with three folders,
a. Correspondence with 'Working Title' who were producing 'Echoes' for Channel 4 mini-series, 1980's

b. Documents relating to travel to Rome for the production of 'Echoes', 1987

c. Folder containing newspaper cuttings relating to the productions of 'Echoes' for Channel 4

Typescript of 'Central Line' by Meave Binchy

Folder entitled 'Victoria Line' containing typescript

Folder entitled 'Lilac Bus' containing typescript of novel.

Archive box containing:
Two packets of unsorted correspondence, typescripts etc., relating to the work of Maeve Binchy.The second package would appear to contain the proofs of the novel 'Echoes'.

Firefly Summer
Archive box containing:
Folder containing typescript of 'Firefly Summer'
Packet containing two sets of proofs of 'Firefly Summer' and letter from publishers to Maeve Binchy, 16 December 1987.

Small box containing various typescripts of chapters of 'Firefly Summer'.

Firefly Summer
Archive box containing:
Two bundles of manuscript copies of 'Firefly Summer'
Folder containing manuscript copy of 'The Fort'
Small box containing old notes and manuscript copies of 'Firefly Summer'.

Firefly Summer
Archive box containing:
Folder containing newspaper cuttings, typescript, correspondence, relating to Maeve Binchy's play for television 'Deeply Regretted By', 1970s and 1980s
Folder containing manuscript copy of 'Circle of Friends'
Folder containing extracts, newspapers cuttings, correspondence, relating to the play 'The Half Promised Land'
Package containing manuscript copy of 'Circle of Friends'.

Light a Penny Candle:
Archive box containing five envelopes regarding Maeve Binchy's novel 'Light a Penny Candle'. Includes correspondence concerning interviews with Maeve Binchy and journalists, typscripts of sections of the book, newspapers cuttings of reviews of the novel, promotion material and letters with editors' of novel, 1980s .

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Century20th, 21st

31 boxes. Donated to UCD Special Collections by the author.

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