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16287Armagh Diocesan Archive (RC)1959Material relating to Telefís Éireann a...Cardinal John D'Alton Archive
6212British Broadcasting Corporation, Northern Ireland (BBC NI)1930-1999c. 2000 reel films with recordings of the British Br...
16508British Broadcasting Corporation, Northern Ireland (BBC NI)1960-1990Contains over 13,000 clips depicting life in Norther...BBC Rewind
11290National Archives of Ireland362/37/31955File on television interview between Mrs de Valera a...Department of Foreign Affairs
12230National Archives of Ireland98/17/5/11941-1992Irish Housewives Association Correspondence General ...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
11869OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre (OMARC)Box 941903-1991Motoring: Austin, Peugeot, Volvo, Rover, 20-Ghost Cl...Airfield Archive
24566RTÉ Archive (Television)Time of the Suffragettes.Television Programme Archive
24567RTÉ Archive (Television)19647 October 1964, 'Newsbeat': Comedy Piece on Washing ...Television Programme Archive
24568RTÉ Archive (Television)196822 March 1968, 'Visnews': Half Century of Women's Ri...Television Programme Archive
24569RTÉ Archive (Television)197022 April 1970, 'Wednesday Report': The Status of Wom...Television Programme Archive
24570RTÉ Archive (Television)19745 March 1974, 'Tangents': Neill McCafferty A Profile...Television Programme Archive
24571RTÉ Archive (Television)197410 November 1974, News: Women's Lib Movement Critici...Television Programme Archive
24572RTÉ Archive (Television)19752 April 1975, News: Feminists object to remarks by p...Television Programme Archive
24573RTÉ Archive (Television)19752 April 1975, 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly': Women's Lib...Television Programme Archive
24574RTÉ Archive (Television)19806 January 1980, 'Suil Thart': Women in the Seventies...Television Programme Archive
24575RTÉ Archive (Television)19804 December 1980, 'Ireland's Eye': Nurse of the Year.Television Programme Archive
24576RTÉ Archive (Television)198431 January 1984, 'Folio': Fay Weldon on She Devil.Television Programme Archive
24577RTÉ Archive (Television)198515 February 1985, News: ICTU on Women's Rights.Television Programme Archive
24578RTÉ Archive (Television)198516 February 1985, News: ICTU Women's Conference.Television Programme Archive
24580RTÉ Archive (Television)198730 May 1987, 'Let the House Decide' 'That Feminism e...Television Programme Archive
24581RTÉ Archive (Television)19876 July 1987, News Bulletin Women's Conference in Dub...Television Programme Archive
24582RTÉ Archive (Television)19879 July 1987, 'Today Tonight' Women's Worlds Congress...Television Programme Archive
24583RTÉ Archive (Television)198714 October 1987, 'Radharc': Up to the Synod Adam's d...Television Programme Archive
24584RTÉ Archive (Television)198816 June 1988, 'Hanly's People': Nell MacCafferty.Television Programme Archive
24585RTÉ Archive (Television)19878 December 1987, 'Borderline': Vox Pops Women in Pol...Television Programme Archive
24586RTÉ Archive (Television)19884 February 1988 Visnews: 70th Anniversary UK Vote fo...Television Programme Archive
24587RTÉ Archive (Television)198826 March 1988 News Bulletin: Council for the Status ...Television Programme Archive
24588RTÉ Archive (Television)198818 May 1988 Visnews: Raisa Gorbachev.Television Programme Archive
24589RTÉ Archive (Television)198820 May 1988 Visnew: USSR Cultural Changes.Television Programme Archive
24590RTÉ Archive (Television)198827 July 1988 News Bulletin: Survey by Committee on W...Television Programme Archive
24591RTÉ Archive (Television)19881 August 1988 News Bulletin: Lambeth vote on women b...Television Programme Archive
24592RTÉ Archive (Television)198830 September 1988 News Bulletin: Report on women's m...Television Programme Archive
24593RTÉ Archive (Television)1988
12 November 1988 News Bulletin: Women's Conference o...Television Programme Archive
24594RTÉ Archive (Television)199218 February 1992 News: Abortion Injunction European ...Television Programme Archive
24595RTÉ Archive (Television)19927 May 1992 'Today Tonight': Inside Patriarchy.Television Programme Archive
24596RTÉ Archive (Television)199229 May 1992 News: Rape Victim meets Minister for Jus...Television Programme Archive
24597RTÉ Archive (Television)19936 July 1993 News: President Robinson Attends ICTU Co...Television Programme Archive
24598RTÉ Archive (Television)199421 March 1994 'Over to You' Feminism.Television Programme Archive
24599RTÉ Archive (Television)199414 August 1994 Reuters/Visnews World News Feed. Bang...Television Programme Archive
24600RTÉ Archive (Television)199414 December 1994 'Off the Record' Series 2 Programme...Television Programme Archive
24601RTÉ Archive (Television)199518 January 1995 'Would You Believe' Series 7 Prog. 1...Television Programme Archive
24602RTÉ Archive (Television)199525 January 1995 'Family Matter' Series 3 Prog. 18 Ch...Television Programme Archive
24603RTÉ Archive (Television)19955 December 1995 'Primetime' Programme 191 Ferns Chil...Television Programme Archive
24604RTÉ Archive (Television)19955 December 1995 'Primetime Programme' 191 Ferns Chil...Television Programme Archive
24605RTÉ Archive (Television)199825 March 1998 'Later on 2' No 40: Feminism.Television Programme Archive
24606RTÉ Archive (Television)19421942 'Waters of Providence' 1942 Documentary on Foxf...Television Programme Archive
24607RTÉ Archive (Television)19411941 National Library 1941 Women and children harves...Television Programme Archive
24608RTÉ Archive (Television)19351935 Puck Fair at Killorglin, showing women in tradi...Television Programme Archive
24609RTÉ Archive (Television)19221922 Michael Collins Election, showing women in trad...Television Programme Archive
24610RTÉ Archive (Television)'Folio' Eileen Gray, artist.Television Programme Archive
24611RTÉ Archive (Television)19561956 Gael Linn Magazine 4 Bantracht Na Tuaithe.Television Programme Archive
24612RTÉ Archive (Television)19561956 'Power for Progress'.Television Programme Archive
24613RTÉ Archive (Television)19601960 Gael Linn No. 43 Irish Countrywomen's Associati...Television Programme Archive
24614RTÉ Archive (Television)196212 March 1962 News Dublin, Novena of Grace in St. Fr...Television Programme Archive
24615RTÉ Archive (Television)196220 March 1962 Louise Gavan Duffy, self portrait.Television Programme Archive
24616RTÉ Archive (Television)19626 April 1962 News: Draw for Corporation Houses.Television Programme Archive
24617RTÉ Archive (Television)196216 April 1962 News Dublin Smallpox vaccination.Television Programme Archive
24618RTÉ Archive (Television)196224 April 1962 News Bulletin New Plant for Potato Fla...Television Programme Archive
24619RTÉ Archive (Television)196227 October 1962 News Wedding of woman member of corp...Television Programme Archive
24620RTÉ Archive (Television)196315 May 1963 Gael Linn Miss Fontana, 1963.Television Programme Archive
24621RTÉ Archive (Television)196317 July 1963 News Baltimore Woman Appointed Harbour ...Television Programme Archive
24622RTÉ Archive (Television)196320 August 1963 News Bulletin Hazel Mullen Murder.Television Programme Archive
24623RTÉ Archive (Television)196320 August 1963 News Preparations for Rose of Tralee ...Television Programme Archive
24624RTÉ Archive (Television)196318 September 1963 KINO Mai Zetterling interview.Television Programme Archive
24625RTÉ Archive (Television)196329 September 1963 'Radharc', churching ceremony for ...Television Programme Archive
24626RTÉ Archive (Television)196321 November 1963 News housewives march in protest ag...Television Programme Archive
24627RTÉ Archive (Television)19639 December 1963 News Dublin Women on hunger strike r...Television Programme Archive
24628RTÉ Archive (Television)196425 January 1964 News Model Olive White Marries at Ad...Television Programme Archive
24629RTÉ Archive (Television)19642 April 1964 News Dublin Irish Countrywomen's Associ...Television Programme Archive
24630RTÉ Archive (Television)196421 April 1964 'Discovery' Irish Export Fashion Fair.Television Programme Archive
24631RTÉ Archive (Television)19646 August 1964 News Dublin Ladies Day at the Horse Sh...Television Programme Archive
24632RTÉ Archive (Television)Newsbeat, Comedy piece on washing socks.Television Programme Archive
24633RTÉ Archive (Television)19647 October 1964 'Newsbeat' Comedy piece on washing so...Television Programme Archive
24634RTÉ Archive (Television)19651965 'Changing face of Ireland', Mrs Tom Dillon.Television Programme Archive
24635RTÉ Archive (Television)19654 February 1965 'Guth Na Gaeilge' Connemara Emigrant...Television Programme Archive
24636RTÉ Archive (Television)19659 March 1965 'Changing face of Ireland' Wheels of Fo...Television Programme Archive
24637RTÉ Archive (Television)19651 May 1965 News, Rosemary Smith Home After Winning R...Television Programme Archive
24638RTÉ Archive (Television)19655 August 1965, News Dublin, Ladies Day at the Horse ...Television Programme Archive
24639RTÉ Archive (Television)19651 September 1965, News the First Woman Elected Macra...Television Programme Archive
24640RTÉ Archive (Television)19655 September 1965, 'On the Land' Women Farmers.Television Programme Archive
24641RTÉ Archive (Television)196515 September 1965, News Bulletin Countrywomen's conf...Television Programme Archive
24642RTÉ Archive (Television)196527 September 1965, News Countrywomen of the world as...Television Programme Archive
24643RTÉ Archive (Television)196526 January 1965, Stock Shot Dublin Fashion Models.Television Programme Archive
24644RTÉ Archive (Television)19658 March 1965, 'Newsbeat' Lady Detective.Television Programme Archive
24645RTÉ Archive (Television)196528 April 1965, News Bulletin Lemass addressed Irish ...Television Programme Archive
24646RTÉ Archive (Television)196610 November 1966, News Mrs Maureen Lynch on being wi...Television Programme Archive
24647RTÉ Archive (Television)196625 December 1966 'Bells and Blue Berets', UN soldier...Television Programme Archive
24648RTÉ Archive (Television)196719 April 1967 Ladies Soccer Team in Waterford.Television Programme Archive
24649RTÉ Archive (Television)196725 April 1967 Jayne Mansfied in Tralee, protest rega...Television Programme Archive
24650RTÉ Archive (Television)19671 May 1967 'Newsbeat' Eviction.Television Programme Archive
24651RTÉ Archive (Television)196717 May 1967 News Ireland Women protest against impri...Television Programme Archive
24652RTÉ Archive (Television)19671 June 1967 News Women Supporters of NFA Protest in ...Television Programme Archive
24653RTÉ Archive (Television)19677 June 1967 'Newsbeat' Interview regarding Kate O'Br...Television Programme Archive
24654RTÉ Archive (Television)19671 July 1967 News Jacqueline Kennedy at Curragh Derby...Television Programme Archive
24655RTÉ Archive (Television)19674 August 1967 News Dublin Senator Margaret Pearse is...Television Programme Archive
24656RTÉ Archive (Television)196720 August 1967 News Cork Woman Gets Job Driving Bus.Television Programme Archive
24657RTÉ Archive (Television)196725 September 1967 'Newsbeat' Rose of Tralee Festival...Television Programme Archive
24658RTÉ Archive (Television)19679 October 1967, News Sheila Scott Aviator Delayed.Television Programme Archive
24659RTÉ Archive (Television)196729 November 1967 News, Making of a Model Girl.Television Programme Archive
24660RTÉ Archive (Television)19689 March 1968 'Newsbeat', Listowel Shortage of Women.Television Programme Archive
24661RTÉ Archive (Television)196830 April 1968 Visnews, Half century of Women's Right...Television Programme Archive
24662RTÉ Archive (Television)19682 May 1968 News, County Kerry Scarcity of Marriage L...Television Programme Archive
24663RTÉ Archive (Television)196812 August 1968, News Dublin Women and Children march...Television Programme Archive
24664RTÉ Archive (Television)196811 September 1968 News, County Cork 1st Woman to tea...Television Programme Archive
24665RTÉ Archive (Television)196815 September 1968 'Sports Final' Camogie.Television Programme Archive
24666RTÉ Archive (Television)196819 November 1968 'Writer in Profile' Mary Lavin.Television Programme Archive
24667RTÉ Archive (Television)196915 January 1969 News, Dublin Women at Trinity Colleg...Television Programme Archive
24669RTÉ Archive (Television)196925 April 1969 'Newsbeat' Womens Rights.Television Programme Archive
24670RTÉ Archive (Television)196930 April 1969 'Horizon' Am I my Brother's Keeper.Television Programme Archive
24672RTÉ Archive (Television)19694 May 1969 'Feach' Maynooth College and Students.Television Programme Archive
24673RTÉ Archive (Television)19697 May 1969 'On the Land' Irish Countrywomen's Associ...Television Programme Archive
24674RTÉ Archive (Television)196924 July 1969 'Sport in Action', Irish International ...Television Programme Archive
24675RTÉ Archive (Television)196913 August 1969 Upitn, Derry Battle of the Bogside.Television Programme Archive
24676RTÉ Archive (Television)19693 September 1969 News, New Rose of Tralee Chosen.Television Programme Archive
24677RTÉ Archive (Television)19699 September 1969 News, Cork Bernadette Devlin on Vis...Television Programme Archive
24678RTÉ Archive (Television)19699 September 1969 'Sports Final' Soccer Camogie.Television Programme Archive
24679RTÉ Archive (Television)19697 October 1969 News, Derry B. Devlin before Scarman ...Television Programme Archive
24680RTÉ Archive (Television)196929 October 1969 News, Dublin Equity Award for Mauree...Television Programme Archive
24682RTÉ Archive (Television)196922 December 1969 'Seven Days' Housing Mountpleasant ...Television Programme Archive
24683RTÉ Archive (Television)196923 December 1969 'Seventies Scene' Irish Countrywome...Television Programme Archive
24684RTÉ Archive (Television)19701 January 1970 'Wednesday Report' Divorce Reform.Television Programme Archive
24685RTÉ Archive (Television)197025 March 1970 'Writer in Profile', Edna O'Brien.Television Programme Archive
24686RTÉ Archive (Television)19708 April 1970 'Writer in Profile', Marie Mac An Tsaoi...Television Programme Archive
24687RTÉ Archive (Television)197016 April 1970 'Newsbeat', 102 year old woman.Television Programme Archive
24688RTÉ Archive (Television)197022 April 1970 'Wednesday Report', The Status of Wome...Television Programme Archive
24689RTÉ Archive (Television)19704 May 1970 'Seventies Scene', The Rag Trade.Television Programme Archive
24690RTÉ Archive (Television)197015 May 1970 'Seven Days' West, Donegal Resource Surv...Television Programme Archive
24691RTÉ Archive (Television)197024 May 1970 News, Dublin Old IRA Commemoration, incl...Television Programme Archive
24694RTÉ Archive (Television)197029 June 1970 News, B Devlin in Armagh Jail.Television Programme Archive
24697RTÉ Archive (Television)197030 June 1970 Upitn, USA B Devlin in Prison.Television Programme Archive
24699RTÉ Archive (Television)19705 July 1970 Visnews, Women Defy Curfew to bring food...Television Programme Archive
24700RTÉ Archive (Television)19706 July 1970 News, Northern Ireland Women March throu...Television Programme Archive
24701RTÉ Archive (Television)19702 August 1970 News, Women Clash with British Troops.Television Programme Archive
24702RTÉ Archive (Television)197025 September 1970 No Tea for soldiers 'Radharc'.Television Programme Archive
24703RTÉ Archive (Television)197025 October 1970 News, Northern Ireland B Devlin Addr...Television Programme Archive
24704RTÉ Archive (Television)197119 January 1971 News, Wedding of Former Miss World.Television Programme Archive
24705RTÉ Archive (Television)197119 January 1971 Visnews, Women Attack army in Northe...Television Programme Archive
24706RTÉ Archive (Television)197119 January 1971 News Are Nuns Human 'Radharc'.Television Programme Archive
24707RTÉ Archive (Television)197126 January 1971 Convent Walls are falling down 'Radh...Television Programme Archive
24708RTÉ Archive (Television)19714 February 1971News Belfast Army Search After Night ...Television Programme Archive
24709RTÉ Archive (Television)19715 March 1971 News NI Women Demonstration Outside Cou...Television Programme Archive
24710RTÉ Archive (Television)19716 March 1971 UPITN Women's Lib demonstration in Lond...Television Programme Archive
24711RTÉ Archive (Television)197113 August 1971 'Seven Days' Protest over Internment.Television Programme Archive
24712RTÉ Archive (Television)19718 September 1971 News Derry Funeral of Annette McGav...Television Programme Archive
24713RTÉ Archive (Television)197113 September 1971 'Gaelic Report' Camogie Final Win ...Television Programme Archive
24714RTÉ Archive (Television)197218 January 1972 News NI Troops Search Markets area f...Television Programme Archive
24715RTÉ Archive (Television)197210 March 1972 'Seven Days' Jean Moore Belfast Unioni...Television Programme Archive
24716RTÉ Archive (Television)19723 August 1972 News Northern Ireland, Women Supporter...Television Programme Archive
24717RTÉ Archive (Television)19724 August 1972 News Northern Ireland, Belfast Woman o...Television Programme Archive
24718RTÉ Archive (Television)197215 August 1972 News, Women Protest outside Crumlin R...Television Programme Archive
24719RTÉ Archive (Television)19724 May 1972 'That's Entertainment', The Rose of Trale...Television Programme Archive
24720RTÉ Archive (Television)19728 May 1972 'Feach', Free Derry and South Armagh.Television Programme Archive
24721RTÉ Archive (Television)197225 May 1972 Visnews, Irish Republican Army meet Derr...Television Programme Archive
24722RTÉ Archive (Television)19739 May 1973 News Ireland Reaction to Status of Women ...Television Programme Archive
24723RTÉ Archive (Television)19733 April 1973 News Maxi Leaves Dublin for Eurovision ...Television Programme Archive
24724RTÉ Archive (Television)197321 March 1973 'Tangents' Women's Rugby.Television Programme Archive
24725RTÉ Archive (Television)197310 February 1973 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly', sketch o...Television Programme Archive
24727RTÉ Archive (Television)197311 January 1973 News Northern Ireland Wives of Long ...Television Programme Archive
24728RTÉ Archive (Television)19733 January 1973 News Northern Ireland Andersontown Wo...Television Programme Archive
24729RTÉ Archive (Television)19728 September 1972 News Bulletin, Mary Peters Welcome ...Television Programme Archive
24730RTÉ Archive (Television)19727 October 1972 News, Special Race for Lady Jockeys a...Television Programme Archive
24731RTÉ Archive (Television)19724 November 1972 'Aillio' Mary Lavin.Television Programme Archive
24732RTÉ Archive (Television)12 November 972 News Au Pair Girls Seminar.Television Programme Archive
24733RTÉ Archive (Television)19725 December 1972 'Tangents' Interview with Moira Shea...Television Programme Archive
24734RTÉ Archive (Television)1992-1998X -Case:17 February 1992, News: Rape Victim High Cou...Television Programme Archive
24736RTÉ Archive (Television)1990'Woman of Substance': A film portrait of the late Ph...Television Programme Archive
24737RTÉ Archive (Television)1986'More Plain Tales': 10 September 1986, No 2 Clare O'...Television Programme Archive
24738RTÉ Archive (Television)1985'Plain Tales': 8 July 1985, No 1 Josie Allen 15 July...Television Programme Archive
24739RTÉ Archive (Television)1996'Dear Daughter': Christine Buckley's account of her ...Television Programme Archive
24740RTÉ Archive (Television)1982'Women Talking': 13 May 1982, Work.Television Programme Archive
24741RTÉ Archive (Television)1920-1990
'Hoodwinked': 23 April 1997 Programme 1 Irish Women,...Television Programme Archive
24742RTÉ Archive (Television)1916
'Women of 1916': 27 March 1997, Countess Markievicz ...Television Programme Archive
24743RTÉ Archive (Television)197314 May 1973 'Enterprise' Equal Pay for Women.Television Programme Archive
24744RTÉ Archive (Television)197323 May 1973 Economic and Social Institute Survey Sug...Television Programme Archive
24745RTÉ Archive (Television)197324 October 1973 'Tangents', Helen O'Malley Roelofs.Television Programme Archive
24746RTÉ Archive (Television)197316 November 1973 'Seven Days', Ballymun High Rise Fl...Television Programme Archive
24747RTÉ Archive (Television)197321 November 1973 Mother of the Kennedy's 'Radharc'.Television Programme Archive
24748RTÉ Archive (Television)197325 November 1973 'This Day', Anglican Sisters.Television Programme Archive
24749RTÉ Archive (Television)19732 December 1973 'Sunday Sports Review' Women's Rugby...Television Programme Archive
24750RTÉ Archive (Television)197319 December 1973 'Tangents', Cosmopolitan.Television Programme Archive
24751RTÉ Archive (Television)197321 January 1973 News, Dublin Girl Signed Up as A Pro...Television Programme Archive
24752RTÉ Archive (Television)197329 January 1973 'Tangents', Itinerants Sligo.Television Programme Archive
24753RTÉ Archive (Television)19742 April 1974 'Tangents', Cancer Tests for Women.Television Programme Archive
24754RTÉ Archive (Television)197418 April 1974 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly' 104 year old...Television Programme Archive
24755RTÉ Archive (Television)197411 May 1974 News Dublin Women's Aid News ConferenceTelevision Programme Archive
24756RTÉ Archive (Television)197417 June 1974 News Ireland Institute Report on Desert...Television Programme Archive
24757RTÉ Archive (Television)197417 July 1974 News Defeat of Bill to Legalise Sale of...Television Programme Archive
24758RTÉ Archive (Television)197420 July 1974 News Women Invade the '40 Foot'.Television Programme Archive
24759RTÉ Archive (Television)197425 July 1974 News Rose of Tralee Preparations.Television Programme Archive
24760RTÉ Archive (Television)19748 August 1974 News Ladies Day at the Dublin Horse Sh...Television Programme Archive
24761RTÉ Archive (Television)19744 September 1974 News Rose of Tralee Winner.Television Programme Archive
24762RTÉ Archive (Television)197415 September 1974 Mother Teresa Talks to Nodlaig McC...Television Programme Archive
24763RTÉ Archive (Television)197415 September 1974 'Sunday Sports Show' All Ireland C...Television Programme Archive
24764RTÉ Archive (Television)197417 October 1974News Loyalist Women take over Ulster ...Television Programme Archive
24765RTÉ Archive (Television)197417 October 1974 News Governor of Armagh Jail held ho...Television Programme Archive
24766RTÉ Archive (Television)197417 October 1974 News Dublin Housewives campaign agai...Television Programme Archive
24767RTÉ Archive (Television)197418 October 1974 'Personal Account', A Sense of Outra...Television Programme Archive
24768RTÉ Archive (Television)197425 October 1974 'Cope' Housewife and Factory...Television Programme Archive
24769RTÉ Archive (Television)197425 October 1974 News Bulletin, Single Mother's Confe...Television Programme Archive
24770RTÉ Archive (Television)197426October 1974 News, Belfast Loyalist women take ove...Television Programme Archive
24771RTÉ Archive (Television)19745 November 1974 News, Housewives protest at rising f...Television Programme Archive
24772RTÉ Archive (Television)19749 November 1974 News, Women's Lib movement criticise...Television Programme Archive
24773RTÉ Archive (Television)19749 November 1974 News, Feminists object to remarks by...Television Programme Archive
24774RTÉ Archive (Television)197410 November 1974 News, Arklow Housewives march again...Television Programme Archive
24775RTÉ Archive (Television)197415 November 1974 News, Newtownards Mary Peters Parac...Television Programme Archive
24777RTÉ Archive (Television)197523 January 1975 News, Rita Childers Presents Housewi...Television Programme Archive
24778RTÉ Archive (Television)197524 January 1975 'Seven Days', Life Styles of Three w...Television Programme Archive
24779RTÉ Archive (Television)197531 January 1975 'Biddy Early Wise Woman or Witch'.Television Programme Archive
24780RTÉ Archive (Television)19758 February 1975 Visnews, New Tory Leader Margaret Th...Television Programme Archive
24781RTÉ Archive (Television)197510 February 1975 Upitn, New Tory Leader Thatcher.Television Programme Archive
24782RTÉ Archive (Television)197516 February 1975 News, European Women's Study Group ...Television Programme Archive
24783RTÉ Archive (Television)197518 February 1975 News, Co. Sligo Women's Carpentry C...Television Programme Archive
24784RTÉ Archive (Television)19753 March 1975 News, Dublin ITGWU Seminar on Discrimin...Television Programme Archive
24785RTÉ Archive (Television)19758 March 1975 News, Galway 1975 Women's Day of Prayer...Television Programme Archive
24786RTÉ Archive (Television)197511 March 1975 News, NI Women Killed in Explosion at ...Television Programme Archive
24787RTÉ Archive (Television)19752 April 1975 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly', Women's Lib ...Television Programme Archive
24788RTÉ Archive (Television)19753 April 1975 News, Ireland Bishops consider Preventi...Television Programme Archive
24789RTÉ Archive (Television)197527 April 1975 Dear Angela 'Radharc'.Television Programme Archive
24790RTÉ Archive (Television)197528 April 1975 News Cork Seminar Organised by Women's...Television Programme Archive
24791RTÉ Archive (Television)19752 May 1975 News County Galway Girl Evicted from Cott...Television Programme Archive
24792RTÉ Archive (Television)19752 May 1975 'Beside the Point' Hilary Boyle.Television Programme Archive
24793RTÉ Archive (Television)197523 May 1975 'Sports Stadium' Only Lady Sports Editor...Television Programme Archive
24794RTÉ Archive (Television)197513 June 1975 'Seven Days' Women's Rights.Television Programme Archive
24795RTÉ Archive (Television)197511 July 1975 News Galway Rose Queen Competition.Television Programme Archive
24796RTÉ Archive (Television)19755 August 1975 News Rose of Tralee Finalists Visit Le...Television Programme Archive
24797RTÉ Archive (Television)197528 August 1975 Rose of Tralee Contestants visit Cork...Television Programme Archive
24798RTÉ Archive (Television)197531 August 1975 News Rose of Tralee Selected at Festi...Television Programme Archive
24799RTÉ Archive (Television)19753 September 1975 News Rose of Tralee Festival Select...Television Programme Archive
24800RTÉ Archive (Television)197525 September 1975 'Irish Men and Irish Women Peg' Wo...Television Programme Archive
24801RTÉ Archive (Television)19758 October 1975 News Galway The Heart of Galway Girl ...Television Programme Archive
24802RTÉ Archive (Television)197516 October 1975 'Landmark' Women and Farming.Television Programme Archive
24803RTÉ Archive (Television)197520 October 1975 'Feach' Maire Geoghegan Quinn profil...Television Programme Archive
24804RTÉ Archive (Television)197524 October 1975 News Dublin final of Miss Ireland co...Television Programme Archive
24805RTÉ Archive (Television)197530 October 1975 'Irish Men and Irish Women' Sarah Pu...Television Programme Archive
24806RTÉ Archive (Television)197513 November 1975 News New Plan to Improve Clothing I...Television Programme Archive
24807RTÉ Archive (Television)197513 November 1975 Row over contraceptives at Universi...Television Programme Archive
24808RTÉ Archive (Television)19755 December 1975 News Dublin Irish Countrywomen's Ass...Television Programme Archive
24809RTÉ Archive (Television)197511 December 1975 'First House' Women in Politics.Television Programme Archive
24810RTÉ Archive (Television)19764 January 1976 News Fine Gael Trade Unionists on Equ...Television Programme Archive
24811RTÉ Archive (Television)197619 January 1976 News Women Meet Labour Minister on E...Television Programme Archive
24812RTÉ Archive (Television)197620 January 1976 News Cabinet Discusses Equal Pay.Television Programme Archive
24813RTÉ Archive (Television)197621 January 1976 News Women Demo For Equal Pay Implem...Television Programme Archive
24814RTÉ Archive (Television)197615 February 1976 'Writer in Profile' Jennifer Johnst...Television Programme Archive
24816RTÉ Archive (Television)19775 March 1977 News Galway International Women's Day o...Television Programme Archive
24817RTÉ Archive (Television)197711 March 1977 News Women Telephonists in Internation...Television Programme Archive
24818RTÉ Archive (Television)19773 April 1977 'Sports Scene' Women's Hockey.Television Programme Archive
24819RTÉ Archive (Television)197711 May 1977 'Next Stop' Country Girls.Television Programme Archive
24820RTÉ Archive (Television)19775 June 1977 News General Election Una O'Higgins.Television Programme Archive
24821RTÉ Archive (Television)197730 June 1977 News Employment Equality Agency is set ...Television Programme Archive
24822RTÉ Archive (Television)197718 July 1977 News Irelands First Girl Apprentice Too...Television Programme Archive
24823RTÉ Archive (Television)197731 August 1977 News Women's Aid Occupy Harcourt St B...Television Programme Archive
24824RTÉ Archive (Television)19772 September 1977 News Re-opening of Shoe Factory in ...Television Programme Archive
24825RTÉ Archive (Television)197726 September 1977 'Irish Men and Irish Women' Elizab...Television Programme Archive
24826RTÉ Archive (Television)19774 October 1977 'Feach' Women's Aid Refuge Centre.Television Programme Archive
24827RTÉ Archive (Television)19774 October 1977 News Inaugural Meeting of Employment ...Television Programme Archive
24828RTÉ Archive (Television)197710 October 1977 'Report' Rape.Television Programme Archive
24829RTÉ Archive (Television)197710 October 1977 'Report' Rape.Television Programme Archive
24830RTÉ Archive (Television)197731 October 1977 'Irish Men and Irish Women' Harriet ...Television Programme Archive
24831RTÉ Archive (Television)197826 May 1978 News Bulletin Bishop Casey on housing fo...Television Programme Archive
24832RTÉ Archive (Television)19787 June 1978 News Pretty Girls at Cailin Gaelach Fest...Television Programme Archive
24833RTÉ Archive (Television)197821 June1978 News 22 New Ban Garda among Recruits Beg...Television Programme Archive
24834RTÉ Archive (Television)19786 August 1978 News Woman Shot Dead in the Ardoyne Ar...Television Programme Archive
24835RTÉ Archive (Television)197921 January 1979 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly'...Television Programme Archive
24836RTÉ Archive (Television)19796 February 1979 'Feach' Lil Nic Dhonnchada .Television Programme Archive
24837RTÉ Archive (Television)23 March 79 Visnews UK General Election Thatcher.Television Programme Archive
24838RTÉ Archive (Television)197912 June 1979 News Wives of Prison Officers Workers U...Television Programme Archive
24839RTÉ Archive (Television)197915 June 1979 News Grainne Cronin Aer Lingus First Wo...Television Programme Archive
24840RTÉ Archive (Television)197914 July 1979 'Sports Stadium' Hurling Ladies Golf.Television Programme Archive
24841RTÉ Archive (Television)197918 July 1979 News Cork Ireland's First CIE Women Bus...Television Programme Archive
24842RTÉ Archive (Television)197910 August 1979 News Limerick's First Post Lady Start...Television Programme Archive
24843RTÉ Archive (Television)19792 October 1979 'Insight' Lady Gregory.Television Programme Archive
24844RTÉ Archive (Television)198015 August 1980 'Tell Me' Gloria Steinem, Editor, Mis...Television Programme Archive
24845RTÉ Archive (Television)19802 September 1980 New Residents of Clondalkin picket ...Television Programme Archive
24846RTÉ Archive (Television)19809 September 1980 News Woman's Body Found in Kildare.Television Programme Archive
24847RTÉ Archive (Television)198011 September 1980 News Bulletin Deborah Robinson Mur...Television Programme Archive
24848RTÉ Archive (Television)19806 October 1980 News Dublin Mella Carroll 1st Woman H...Television Programme Archive
24849RTÉ Archive (Television)19802 November 1980 'Radharc' Foundation of Mercy.Television Programme Archive
24850RTÉ Archive (Television)198015 November 1980 'Late Late Show' Women.Television Programme Archive
24851RTÉ Archive (Television)198018 November 1980 'Ireland's Eye' Royal Dublin Societ...Television Programme Archive
24852RTÉ Archive (Television)19804 December 1980 Nurse of the Year.Television Programme Archive
24853RTÉ Archive (Television)198012 December 1980 News AIB Appoint First Woman Branch...Television Programme Archive
24854RTÉ Archive (Television)198113 January 1981 'What's Cooking' No. 7 With Monica C...Television Programme Archive
24855RTÉ Archive (Television)198115 January 1981 'Today Tonight' Lady Lucy Faulkner.Television Programme Archive
24856RTÉ Archive (Television)198118 January 1981 'Suil Thart' Maire Bhui Ui Laoghaire...Television Programme Archive
24857RTÉ Archive (Television)198124 February 1981 News Beresford Clothes Company Prov...Television Programme Archive
24858RTÉ Archive (Television)198115 April 1981 News Report on women in Broadcasting.Television Programme Archive
24859RTÉ Archive (Television)198116 April 1981 'Suil Thart' Woman Skipper .Television Programme Archive
24860RTÉ Archive (Television)198127 April 1981 News First Women Commissioned by Army ...Television Programme Archive
24861RTÉ Archive (Television)19817 May 1981 News Ladies Day at Spring Show.Television Programme Archive
24863RTÉ Archive (Television)198111 June 1981 News Bulletin Galway Home for Battered ...Television Programme Archive
24864RTÉ Archive (Television)19816 July 1981 Women in Rome 'Radharc'.Television Programme Archive
24865RTÉ Archive (Television)198110 August 1981 'Off the Wall' Army Women.Television Programme Archive
24866RTÉ Archive (Television)198113 January 1981 'Failte' Mildred Anne Butler.Television Programme Archive
24867RTÉ Archive (Television)198129 October 1981 News First Women Recruits to Army Pa...Television Programme Archive
24868RTÉ Archive (Television)198115 November 1981 News Scheme to Pay Wives who Stay a...Television Programme Archive
24869RTÉ Archive (Television)198116 November 1981 'Youngline' Woman Jockey.Television Programme Archive
24870RTÉ Archive (Television)198230 April 1982 Feach Women in Politics.Television Programme Archive
24871RTÉ Archive (Television)198217 May 1982 Sister Suffragette 'Radharc'.Television Programme Archive
24872RTÉ Archive (Television)198114 October 1981 'Folio' Molly Keane Anita Leslie.Television Programme Archive
24873RTÉ Archive (Television)198220 June 1982 News Bulletin Tribute to Nora Barnacle.Television Programme Archive
24874RTÉ Archive (Television)198220 July 1982 'Women Talking' Marriage.Television Programme Archive
24875RTÉ Archive (Television)19823 August 1982 'Women Talking' Mothering.Television Programme Archive
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24885RTÉ Archive (Television)198328 April 1983 'Today Tonight' Equality in Education.Television Programme Archive
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6411Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCDMs10548/8/1Untitled television play by Michael Campbell, assist...Dorothy Kay Papers
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6215UTV Archivec.1910-1999The majority of Ulster Television [UTV] programmes f...