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16239Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1884-1988R/2: 3 formal documents to Sir Charles and Lady Pars...The Rosse Papers
16243Birr Castle ArchivesA-W1982-1988W/6: Letters and papers of 7th Earl of Rosse, includ...The Rosse Papers
16796Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1871-1988Cashel Select Vestry Minute Book, 1871-1988, with in...Bolton Library Archive
16849Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Diocesan Archive (CoI)1870-1988Ballintemple Register of Vestrymen, 1870-1988, 1 vol...Bolton Library Archive
20686Clare County Archives1907-1988Ledgers, annual accounts, 1907-1988, 2 volumes. ...Kilrush Urban District Council
16707Clogher Diocesan Archives (RC)Box 511988Cutting from The Northern Standard, about the St Lou...Clogher Diocesan Records (RC)
13247Cork City and County ArchivesAcquisition 90/21894-1988Records of the Cork Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital rec...Cork Eye Ear and Throat Hospital
14423Cork City and County Archives1835-1988Bandon Town Commissioners, 1835-1918Bantry Town Comm...Cork County Town Councils
1456Fingal County Archive94/P/30-97/C/21859-1988Small Collections, Box No 394/P/30 A.C. Tynan Record...Small Collections
8792Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/4-I1975-1988Material relating to committee meetings, Minute Book...Fingal Local Authority Records
1588Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/35-97/LA/1/471862-1988Income and Expenditure:97/LA/1/35 1862-190497/LA/1/3...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
1589Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/48-97/LA/1/581927-1988Cash Books:Cash Book, 1927-1953 - 97/LA/1/48Petty Ca...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners.
20467Galway County Council Archives1957-1988UDC Periodic Payments Register:April 1957-December 1...Ballinasloe Urban District Council & Town Commissioners
298Irish Film ArchiveReefer and the Model1988'Reefer and the Model': Production Company:...
360Irish Film ArchiveAlison1988'Alison': A short atmospheric, film noir thriller s...
24541Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation1988-1992Folder, minutes of the Annual Delegate Conference, 1...Irish Nurses' Organisation
1833Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentReel No 31840-19881. Parish: Oughteragh, School: Ballinamore Boys, 193...School Registers
13825Leitrim Local Studies DepartmentFile 2001988File of newscuttings relating to Mairéad Farr...
13826Limerick MuseumAQNO(1996.1227)1988Poster, 'Island Theatre Company in association w...
13815Linen Hall Library1980-1988Archival box 1 Northern Ireland Women's Rights M...Ephemera
14497Mayo Local History Department1941-1988Register of Electors, c.55 volumes, 1941-1988 with g...Mayo County Council
12630Mercy Congregational Archives1869-1988The major collections within the archives include th...
22877Methodist Historical Society of Ireland1958-1988Upper Erne Methodist Circuit:Membership registers fo...
21591Monaghan County Museum1987-1988There is also some correspondence between Susan Butl...Moorehead Letters
12229National Archives of Ireland98/17/41943-1988Irish Housewives Association, Financial Records: [?1...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
12247National Archives of Ireland98/17/12/21958-1988Women's Representative Council Reports 1 Governm...Irish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
16486National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL)NIVAL KDW1963-198823 series containing 2682 files. Approximately 2500 ...Kilkenny Design Workshop
14790National Women's Council of Ireland1988Council for the Status of Women, Annual Report 1988....
14864National Women's Council of Ireland1988'Women and Poverty: A Review of the Statistics on Lo...
14867National Women's Council of Ireland1987-1988'Network, Women in Business Directory, 1987-1988' (D...
14895National Women's Council of Ireland1988-1990
'Ministry of Culture: The Institute of Women: Eq...
18897Offaly ArchivesOCL OFCC10/3/1-71983-19887 Authorised and Approved Officer's Orders - OFCC...Records of Offaly County Council
1134Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/3875/4/1988-19891: The Girl Guides' Association Province of Ulst...Girl Guides' Minute Books
6247Public Record Office of Northern Ireland1751-1988The following is a selection of some of the Council ...Belfast Corporation Records
7480Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/41441988-199621 documents relating to the West Belfast Community ...
7458Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40951988-19948 volumes of records of Dunlewey Substance Advice Ce...
7461Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/40991988-1994c.2,000 documents, c.50 volumes of records of Brownl...
7471Public Record Office of Northern IrelandD/41261927-c.1988c.130 volumes and c.400 documents of the historian J...
16514Queen's University Belfast Special Collections and ArchivesMS531923-1988Contains publications, including some on crystallogr...Megaw Collection
1238Religious Society of Friends in Ireland Historical LibraryP9741988Conferences and Youth Meetings: Dublin Millennium Qu...Photographic Collections
23716Representative Church Body Library1905-1988One cardboard box containing:1 volume, minute book o...Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
22400Royal College of Physicians of Ireland1860-1988Abstract of Accounts, Royal College of Physicians:Oc...Kings and Queens College of Physicians
22599RTÉ Archive (Sound)198818 July 1988, Pat Kenny Show: Fay Weldon, Author.Sound Archive
22600RTÉ Archive (Sound)198822 July 1988, Pat Kenny Show: Maureen Dean.Sound Archive
22601RTÉ Archive (Sound)198817 August 1988, Andy O'Mahony Show: Bronwyn Conroy.Sound Archive
22602RTÉ Archive (Sound)19885 September 1988, Andy O'Mahony Show: Catherine Byrn...Sound Archive
22603RTÉ Archive (Sound)19886 November 1988, Dialogue: Lynn Segal.Sound Archive
22604RTÉ Archive (Sound)198829 November 1988, Not Proper for a Woman: Ethna Tinn...Sound Archive
22605RTÉ Archive (Sound)198829 May 1988, Moments in Time: Maire Brugha.Sound Archive
24584RTÉ Archive (Television)198816 June 1988, 'Hanly's People': Nell MacCafferty.Television Programme Archive
24586RTÉ Archive (Television)19884 February 1988 Visnews: 70th Anniversary UK Vote fo...Television Programme Archive
24587RTÉ Archive (Television)198826 March 1988 News Bulletin: Council for the Status ...Television Programme Archive
24588RTÉ Archive (Television)198818 May 1988 Visnews: Raisa Gorbachev.Television Programme Archive
24589RTÉ Archive (Television)198820 May 1988 Visnew: USSR Cultural Changes.Television Programme Archive
24590RTÉ Archive (Television)198827 July 1988 News Bulletin: Survey by Committee on W...Television Programme Archive
24591RTÉ Archive (Television)19881 August 1988 News Bulletin: Lambeth vote on women b...Television Programme Archive
24592RTÉ Archive (Television)198830 September 1988 News Bulletin: Report on women's m...Television Programme Archive
24593RTÉ Archive (Television)1988
12 November 1988 News Bulletin: Women's Conference o...Television Programme Archive
4437St Otteran's Hospital, Waterford1874 - 1988Admission/ Committal Forms: Three archive boxes of c...
24215Sunbeam HouseBox no. 1031941-1988Correspondence 1941 to 1973Correspondence 1957 to 19...
18804Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives DepartmentTCD MS 103041736-1988Includes a separate section of correspondence betwee...Papers of Hubert Butler and Peggy Butler
2343UCD ArchivesP106c.1841-1988The papers of Ellen Humphreys and Annie O'Rahill...Sighle Humphreys Papers
2093UCD ArchivesP102 (1-653)1833-1988Contains material relating to Nannie O'Rahilly (...The O'Rahilly Papers
24154Union Theological College1988-1999Copies of Wider World, the successor of Women's Work...
18450University of Galway ArchivesT201922-1988The collection contains material relating to the lif...Siobhán McKenna Papers
9948Waterford County ArchivesTG/Dungn1900-1988Committee of Agriculture Minute Books, 28 December 1...
19428Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1988Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee Minutes:1...Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee
19430Westmeath County Archives Department1945-1988Longford/Westmeath Joint Library Committee, Manager&...Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee
19432Westmeath County Archives Department1962-1988Financial Statement Receipt Books:1962-1988Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee