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Collection DescriptionThe 'Adelaide Institution & Protestant Hospital' opened as a voluntary hospital on 11 March 1839, at 43 (later renumbered 39) Bride Street, Dublin. Staff members had to be Protestant (initially only Anglican), and while the hospital was intended initially to meet the needs of the Protestant poor in the slum area around St Patrick's Cathedral, Catholic outpatients were also treated. Primarily founded by the Walsh family, Dundrum Castle, in particular Dr Albert Walsh; it was named after Adelaide, Queen Dowager. Money difficulties and cramped conditions in Bride Street led to closure in 1847; the Adelaide reopened at 24 and 25 Peter Street on 18 October 1858 after a financial appeal to the Protestant gentry. The Adelaide was a teaching hospital from 1858, and had links to the nearby Ledwich School of Medicine until 1889. Female students were admitted from 1887, but were refused residency until 1913. The School of Nursing opened in 1859, with students trained by the Matron; from 2002, this became part of the School of Nursing & Midwifery at Trinity College, Dublin, where a nursing degree was introduced. The hospital received a Royal Charter in 1920; this enshrined the Adelaide Hospital Society, which in 1994 became a charitable body sharing in the governance of the new hospital at Tallaght. The Adelaide remained a voluntary hospital until 1960, when it accepted state funding. After a federation process that began in 1957, the Adelaide joined two other former voluntary hospitals in 1996 to form the Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Dublin incorporating the National Children's Hospital, and moved to Tallaght in 1998. [Trinity College Dublin]
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CommentThe records of the Adelaide Hospital were deposited in Trinity College Dublin's Department of Manuscripts and Archives in the early 2000s. A full catalogue listing is available online.

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