Collection: Alice Stopford Green Papers

Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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15 Results

2416National Library of IrelandMs10465(1-7)1901A diary, letters, photographs and press-clippings re...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2436National Library of IrelandMs104601921Material relating to the controversy between Alice S...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2479National Library of IrelandMss10428-10441Notes and texts for various published and unpublishe...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2500National Library of IrelandMss10443-104481900Essays by Alice Stopford Green on various Irish topi...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2667National Library of IrelandMs151041911-1917Twelve letters from AE to Alice Stopford Green, 1911...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2690National Library of IrelandMs151131901-1912Five letters to Alice Stopford Green from Jack B Yea...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2696National Library of IrelandMs10427An unpublished verse by Alice Stopford Green.Alice Stopford Green Papers
2697National Library of IrelandMss10455-10456Notes and material by Alice Stopford Green on histor...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2698National Library of IrelandMs104571903-1928One hundred and sixty letters to Alice Stopford Gree...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2699National Library of IrelandMs10461Letters, mainly to Alice Stopford Green, relating to...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2700National Library of IrelandMs10462Correspondence relating to the conferring of a docto...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2701National Library of IrelandMs104631929Letters etc., relating to the death and funeral of A...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2702National Library of IrelandMs104641904-1916Eighty one letters of Roger Casement to Alice Stopfo...Alice Stopford Green Papers
3463National Library of IrelandMs10422Notes and text by Alice Stopford Green and F J Bigge...Alice Stopford Green Papers
2703National Library of IrelandMss15069-15137Letters of and material relating to Alice Stopford G...Alice Stopford Green Papers