Collection: De Vere Papers

Repository: Limerick Archives

Repository NameLimerick Archives
AddressLimerick City and County Council Merchant’s Quay Limerick City
EircodeV94 EH90
Telephone(061) 557-293
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Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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14 Results

1017National Library of IrelandMs13134Copies of poems by various authors of sentimental an...De Vere Papers
1585National Library of IrelandMs37481852-1854Reflections or passing thoughts (of Lady Charlotte O...De Vere Papers
3606National Library of IrelandMs131081836-1856Correspondence of Aubrey de Vere and his father and ...De Vere Papers
3607National Library of IrelandMs131101863-1872Nine letters of Aubrey de Vere to Lady Pollock, 1863...De Vere Papers
3608National Library of IrelandMs131121840-1845Thirty letters from Aubrey de Vere to Harriet Thomp...De Vere Papers
3609National Library of IrelandMs131131845-1886Fifty six letters by Aubrey de Vere to Mrs Edward Vi...De Vere Papers
3610National Library of IrelandMs131141835-1872Ninty two letters from Aubrey de Vere to his sister ...De Vere Papers
3611National Library of IrelandMs131151846-1851Thirty letters by Aubrey de Vere to Sara Coleridge, ...De Vere Papers
3613National Library of IrelandMs131181845-1856Forty letters by Aubrey de Vere to Miss I Fenwick, 1...De Vere Papers
3614National Library of IrelandMs131191844-1853Ten letters by Miss I Fenwick to Aubrey de Vere, 184...De Vere Papers
3615National Library of IrelandMs131251840-1901Letters to Aubrey de Vere in alphabetical order of c...De Vere Papers
3616National Library of IrelandMs131271840-1901Letters to Aubrey de Vere in alphabetical order of s...De Vere Papers
3617National Library of IrelandMs131361849Nine miscellaneous documents relating to William S O...De Vere Papers