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2640National Library of IrelandMs17538(i-iv)1933Letters mainly to Joseph McGarrity on personal, busi...Joseph McGarrity Papers
2641National Library of IrelandMs175391934Fifteen letters to Joseph McGarrity,1934, including ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
2642National Library of IrelandMs17630c1933Copy by Alice Milligan of her poem, 'The ash-tree of...Joseph McGarrity Papers
9504National Library of IrelandMs267531941Letters [to McGarrity?] from Ada Young, 1941.Joseph McGarrity Papers
9759National Library of IrelandMs174791925-1926Six letters from Katherine Enright to Liam Pedlar wi...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10023National Library of IrelandMs174241918-1928Letters of Harry Boland and other documents. These i...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10024National Library of IrelandMs17425[c1930]Letter to Joseph McGarrity from Teresa Brayton with ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10025National Library of IrelandMs174301914-1923Includes notes by Casement's sister, Mrs Agnes Newma...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10026National Library of IrelandMs17433c1916-1925Letters to Joseph McGarrity and other letters, c1916...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10027National Library of IrelandMs174481870-1930Material relating to Luke Dillon, 1870-1930, includi...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10029National Library of IrelandMs17451c1916-1938Items relating to Lady Esmonde which includes letter...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10030National Library of IrelandMs17454c1923-1939Twenty five letters to Joseph McGarrity from nuns in...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11014National Library of IrelandMs174561902-1938Letters of members of the McBride family including 5...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11015National Library of IrelandMs174611921-1926Letters of Mary MacSwiney to McGarrity with some ass...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11016National Library of IrelandMs174621920-1926Includes text of broadcast by Maud Gonne MacBride on...Joseph McGarrity Papers
10031National Library of IrelandMs174701921-1936Letters of Katherine O'Doherty to McGarrity with...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11017National Library of IrelandMs17463c1917-1922Letters of Countess Markievicz to McGarrity. Articl...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11018National Library of IrelandMs174711922Report by Katherine O'Doherty to Clan-na-Gael on her...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11019National Library of IrelandMs174721919-1939Includes a letter of Katherine O'Doherty mostly rela...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11022National Library of IrelandMs174841938-1939Items relating to the Plunkett family, includes: Sta...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11023National Library of IrelandMs17492c1925-1939Correspondence of Ella Young and McGarrity, some cop...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11024National Library of IrelandMs175281924-1925Miscellaneous documents, includes copy of an appeal ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11025National Library of IrelandMs175281924-1925Miscellaneous documents, includes copy of an appeal ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11026National Library of IrelandMs17537Letters to McGarrity, mainly personal correspondents...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11027National Library of IrelandMs175471940Letters to McGarrity, 1940, with other documents, co...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11028National Library of IrelandMs175941923-c1933Biographical notes on Roger Casement by his sister, ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11029National Library of IrelandMs175971916-1923Letters of Michael F. Doyle to McGarrity and an asso...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11030National Library of IrelandMs175991915-1924Letters between McGarrity and Agnes Newman, some cop...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11031National Library of IrelandMs176021915-1931Letters to Maloney from the relatives and associates...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11032National Library of IrelandMs176191922-1923Copy of letter from McKelvey on the morning of his e...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11033National Library of IrelandMs176271920-1922Two letters from Countess Markievicz to McGarrity, c...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11034National Library of IrelandMs17638c1917-1919Five letters of Hanna Sheehy Skeffington to McGarrit...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11035National Library of IrelandMs176441908-1912Letters to McGarrity and other documents, includes a...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11036National Library of IrelandMs176451913Ten letters to McGarrity, includes letters relating ...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11037National Library of IrelandMs176541922Letters to McGarrity and other documents, 1922, corr...Joseph McGarrity Papers
11038National Library of IrelandMs17659July 1925Memorandum from Cumann na mBan to its auxiliary orga...Joseph McGarrity Papers