Collection: Mayo County Council

Repository: Mayo Local History Department

Repository NameMayo Local History Department
AddressMayo County Library John Moore Road Castlebar County Mayo
Telephone(094) 904-7953
Web Address
CommentThe information listed from this repository, which was gathered in the late 1990s, has been extracted from tentative administrative lists available in the archives. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

24 Results

14482Mayo Local History Department1899-1989Minute Books, 52 volumes, 1899-1989Mayo County Council
14483Mayo Local History Department1942-1990Manager's Orders, 53 volumes, 1942-1990Mayo County Council
14484Mayo Local History Department1948Registers of Established Officers and Servants (supp...Mayo County Council
14485Mayo Local History Department1901-1932Quarterly Statement Books, 42 volumes, 1901-1932Mayo County Council
14486Mayo Local History Department1919-1927Temporary Staff Account Book, 1919-1927Mayo County Council
14487Mayo Local History Department1918Workmen's Wages Account Book, 1918Mayo County Council
14488Mayo Local History Department1936-1959Diseases of Animals Act, Tuberculosis Record Book, 1...Mayo County Council
14489Mayo Local History Department1943-1972Financial Statement Book, Expenditure Loans, 1943-19...Mayo County Council
14490Mayo Local History Department1943-1969Register of Lands, 1943-1969Mayo County Council
14491Mayo Local History Department1940-1967Scrap Book containing advertisements, 1940-1967Mayo County Council
14492Mayo Local History Department1930-1979Sheep Dip Register, 3 volumes, 1930-1979Mayo County Council
14493Mayo Local History Department1937-1982Register of Dairymen, 1937-1982Mayo County Council
14494Mayo Local History Department1948-1966Register of Insurances, 1948-1966Mayo County Council
14495Mayo Local History Department1962-1966
Register of Licences granted under the Pharmacy and ...Mayo County Council
14496Mayo Local History Department1933-1984Register of Interments, 17 volumes, 1933-c.1984, som...Mayo County Council
14497Mayo Local History Department1941-1988Register of Electors, c.55 volumes, 1941-1988 with g...Mayo County Council
14498Mayo Local History Department1927-1942Minute Book, Library Committee, 1927-1942.Mayo County Council
14499Mayo Local History Department1935-1980Services Files, for example, files relating to water...Mayo County Council
14500Mayo Local History Department1949-1965Housing Department, general files, c.1949-1965.Mayo County Council
14501Mayo Local History Department1945-1980General Purpose, general files, c.1945-1980s, includ...Mayo County Council
14502Mayo Local History Department1965-1980Roads Department, files on various road schemes, con...Mayo County Council
14503Mayo Local History Department1904-1965Motor Tax Section, Registers of Registration and Lic...Mayo County Council
14504Mayo Local History Department1904-1921Motor Tax Section, Register of Motor Licences, 1904-...Mayo County Council
14505Mayo Local History Department1943-1982Financial Records, 1943-1982, these include:Seed &am...Mayo County Council