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Collection DescriptionGeorge Murray of Broughton, in South West Scotland was one of a group of Scotsmen who received much of the land in the South west of the county. By 1618, however, these were forfeit, and the Baronies of Banagh and Boylagh were granted to a relation of his, John Murray from Cockpool, created Earl of Annandale in 1624. The Murrays of Broughton got the land back in the 1660s, after a long running and complex legal dispute. The Murrays of Broughton or Murray Stewart Estate, between Donegal, Ardara and Killybegs covered large parts of the parishes of Killaghtee, Killymard, Killybegs, Kilcar and Inishkeel, and totalled about 65,000 statute acres. The Murray Broughtons owned the land around Killybegs/Kilcar in south Donegal from the plantation era (1609 -). Horatio Granville Murray Stewart who took over the estates apparently did not do this until 1845 when Alexander Murray who was childless and the last of the Murrays of Broughton died. According to an article in the Donegal Annual journal, Granville Stewart was in 1845 'a boy of nine who was not even a descendant of the Murrays of Brougton.....the great-grandnephew of Alexander Murray's mother.' [From Donegal County Archives website]
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